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Coca-Cola is one of the leading manufacturers of carbonated drinks all over the world. Over the past decades, Coca-Cola remained on top of the industry. The company was able to withstand the World War II, and even took it as a business opportunity rather than a liability. It was able to surpass the Asian Financial Crisis and even gained better access in markets that it was not able to fully enter. Coca-Cola exhibited the efficient change management as part of the strategic management process. Change management is the process in which it manages the change in the side of people. There individual change management and organizational change management are the theories of change management. Aside from the theories there are also four strategies of change management which are the Empirical-rational, normative-reductive, power-coercive and environmental-adaptive, which the company has successfully adopted but it is now facing major jolts in its business operations and its competitors are gaining advantage out of the same.

Based on the above case-let, analyze the position of the company with respect to:

i) Coca-Cola Corporation Management Strategies with respect to its technological advancement in 21st century.

ii) Change in Information System due to changes in the world -wide market structures.

Answer -


The coca-cola is the one of the largest carbonated drinks industry all over the world. The company has so much potential that they have faced even the financial crisis and also the world war second and take these situations as the opportunity for expanding the business. The management has adopted the change management process in which they have adopted various techniques like normative, empirical-rational and many other techniques are used to expand their business. But in the today's scenario they are facing major problems because of their competitors.

Fact analysis

The coca-cola is one of the largest manufacturers of the carbonated drinks.

They have also faced the world war second and the financial crises and take as it as a opportunity for the future.

They have also adopted the processes like the change management and its techniques to expand the business.

i) Coca-Cola Corporation Management Strategies with respect to its technological advancement in 21st century.


The coca-cola is that company which operates on a local scale. The company has created a global reach worldwide because of the strength of the coca-cola. The company has operated in the local channels and the company sells the syrups, beverages to the bottling operations. The bottling manufacture creates package, merchandise and distributes the final branded goods to the customers.

The coca-cola has introduced the technology in the variety of ways as discussed below:

Greener bottles

It has used this packaging in the year 2009, producing the more of the products with the less petroleum. The strategy has been so much relevance that the other companies use this technology like Heinz Company has used this technology. The coca-cola packaging is used to grow which helps in increasing globally the business of the coca-cola….

Social networking

The coca-cola has maintained the good image on the twitter, face book. Coca-cola has harnessed the power of the social networking to spread the world concerning the new world. The use of the social networking technology helps the brand to stay young, familiar and attractive to the customers.

Freestyle dispensers

Coca-cola has introduced the freestyle dispensers in the late 2010 and 2011. The use of this strategy allows you to create from your own beverage choosing from the number of 100 drinks which is available in the different combinations. The freestyle dispenser consumes the information regarding consumer choices and then sends the data back to the coca-cola in the form of the marketing research. This helps to get the valuable and the transparent data of the customers.

Online Advertising

Coca-cola uses the effective online shopping advertising to make the customer feel that they like the customer's products. Coca-cola makes the customer addicted towards the product because their advertisements are so much informative that they make the customer a long-term customer. When you are searching for the local beaches or when you searching for the restaurants or the food items coca-cola advertisements always appear on the internet. It acts as refreshment with the food products.

ii) Change in Information System due to changes in the world -wide market structures.


The information technology has played the major role in changing the market structure:

As the coca-cola has taken into consideration the health factors because of this they have developed the products like the diet coke, coca-cola zero and other variants of the coke which do not harm the heath of the person that means the coca-cola has adopted the role of the innovation and the technology.

Coca-cola is the company that uses the process of the change management which gives the positive results and this can be proved by taking into consideration that the dominance of the coca-cola is not only in the local markets but also in the case of the global markets.

There is awareness in the company for the need for the change. As the customers today are well informed so it can be communicated to the employees and the stakeholders to bring the change.

The coca-cola must have adequate knowledge regarding the changes that must take place within the company; an example is in the case of Daft in which he had knowledge on changes that must be done in order to counter the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997.

The coca-cola basically have the long history of doing the relevant changes by using the various information system which is beneficial for the company and it is due to the fact that the company do the reinforcement of the changes in the company.

In the recent years the information system have significantly have seen the dawn of the friction-free market. The structural changes like the disintermediation occur due the impact of the e-commerce. The companies can basically design the information system according to their requirement so that it is beneficial for the company to support their decisions and helps in achieving the objectives of the organization effectively and efficiently.

SWOT analysis of coca-cola


It has the wide customer base because their product offering has increased up to the wide customer base.

The role of the good distribution network has led to ensure the steady flow for the business of the company.


The insignificant growth in the profit margins has led to the reduction in the company flexibility.


The expansion of the product folio and the market share is increased as the company makes the tie ups with the top selling brands.

The role of the strategic transaction with the coca-cola has led to the improvement company's operating scale.


As the sales of the carbonated soft drinks are decreasing that would lead to the financial losses to the company.

The role of the increased competition will mainly leads to the inflate of the company's cost structure and also leads to the decreased profit margins.

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