The characteristics of being a good and efficient leader

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Leaders are individuals who have the capacity and ability to influence others to carry out a task successfully training them and guiding through all the process of accomplishing the task. Some leaders have managerial authority, these leaders are positioned as supervisors, managers and executives in organizations but it doesn't mean all managerial authority role people are leaders. A manager is a person who needs to attain the leadership due to the hierarchy and position he have been given by the organization.

Leadership is a special characteristic that's owned intrinsically in mankind as we say leaders are born and not made or formed. Not all managerial positioned individuals are good leaders as leaders can also be a normal employee who has knowledge and skills to lead and achieve a job responsibility as a group. A leader is a team play maker who sets the process and follows it strictly to achieve the visions. They handle different situations in organization.

Commonly, leaders are individuals who lead and delegate job responsibility and task, however it is best to define leader as individual who influence someone to perform the way he/she wants them to perform. Leaders have the capability to enable people to think the leader is right with the decisions made. Leader is a special personality trait that few people possess.


The role of a leader is full of responsibility and commitments as leaders need to set themselves as good role model in the organization who do strictly respects the organization rules and regulations as well as aims to achieve the organization goal. A leader interprets the organizations vision, mission and goal as what is very much in need to be achieved for the growth and development of the organization as leaders are loyal and honest towards their roles and responsibility. As for leaders, the growth of the organization is as equal as the prosperity of their life.

A good leader is an individual who can balance all the environment they face daily successfully without neglecting any responsibility from any side either family, friends, society, country, or work. Leader's plays very important role in teamwork or group projects as their commitments and sincerity towards the project will influences the other group members to fully participate in accomplishing the project successfully. Hereby, leaders plays role of teaching and guiding the group, sharing knowledge on the project that are possessed by the leader as well as consider and appreciate his/her group members suggestions and ideas. A leader being on their own does not accomplish the projects successfully as his/her team of people also pays important roles and support to successfully complete the project. Thus, leader is still important in the group as a leader has the ability to influence the group to carry out task to complete the project.

Besides leading and delegating job responsibilities, a leader should be a good decision maker who can handle different situations through either controlling the event occurrence or arranging a proper process or strategy to be followed to avoid the problems that arise. However, a good leader must be forward-looking where, any applied or implemented strategies or process need to be well analyzed ensuring there are no major issues that may arise in future as such, leaders must be able to outlook the overall process that are included in a project and prevent regular problem approaches.


Leaders are not formed or made, most leaders are either born as leaders to lead or are forced to be leaders due to the managerial position in organizations or departments. However, a good leader needs to possess five very important characteristics within themselves which are in relation to their role of leading, guiding and being a role model to others. Leaders come from many areas which can be either as a single leader for the state, country or group of people they are related to in carrying out a project. The term leader itself carries the meaning of a formation of any group who are influenced by an individual who has the capability, skills and knowledge to lead the rest. Following are the 4 major characteristics that a good and efficient leader should possess:


Adaptability is a characteristic where an individual is capable of easily adapting the environment they are involved into to carry out their duty and responsibility. Good and efficient leaders are those who are capable of adapting the environment easily although it has different culture and work processes. Despite, a good and efficient leader is individuals who can adapt new strategies quickly as they have high adaptability on any source of their job responsibility. For example, Mr. Along teaches and guides his group members on the new machine used in production the second day of the launch of the machine.


The characteristic of discernment relates to the leader being able to identify the real issue of a problem meaning figuring out the core source of the arising problem or issues. A good and efficient leader must be able to identify the factors that have lead to the problem where as such he/she would be able to understand the real issue and how it would have happen and what caused it to happen. As such, leaders must be very experimental and analyst when issues arise. For example, analyzing what would have caused for a manufacturing machine to reduce its productivity from producing 2000 units per day to 1500 units per day. Here, a good and efficient leader would experiment and analysis what have caused the decrease in production and makes decision according to his findings on the issue.


The characteristic of perspective describes leader as a forecast individual who see's beyond their own vantage point. A good and efficient leader is those who can predict 99% accurately on possibilities of issues arising or success in a project. Every actions carried out are able to be predicted on the outcome of the action whether it will be beneficial or not beneficial as well as to determine the benefits for a long term basis or short term basis.


Communication is a very important element in every human life as it is part of most daily routine. Communication is described as an element of interaction between two or more parties. A good and efficient leader must be an effective communicator who is able to communicate to all the links of different level in an organization. Despite, he/she should also be able to brief his members on a job task accurately ensure they understands what he is trying to deliver. A leader needs to be responsible in reporting to the higher authority or management on the process and outcomes with accurate information on the outcome of a project as an example.


Good and efficient leaders are always good communicators, but that means much more than just being a good talker. When leaders listen to followers and use what they hear to make an improvement that benefits those who speak up and the organization, then followers put their trust in those leaders. When a leader does the opposite, they fail to listen to their follower which would damage the leader's relationship with his/her follower as at least putting an effort of encouraging his/her follower by lending an ear hearing their suggestion and ideas which can be put into consideration. It is very important for leaders to listen to their group members because if followers are no longer in believe that their leaders are listening to them, then they would start looking for someone who will.


Good leader will take the initiatives rather than waiting for someone else from the organization to take the lead. They don't wait to be asked to volunteer. Instead of waiting for opportunity to knock, they find the door and kick it open. They don't wait until the time is right, that is when they have all the necessary resources, time, information, authority, talent, and support from above. They make things happen in spite the odds. Leaders should have guts to approach things in a real time manner. Innovative leader know they must have a sense of urgency, a tolerance for turbulence, and a bias for action. Self-awareness plays an integral role in the strategic deployment of the leader's time and talents. Leaders also need to be the keepers of the faith. They must have the courage to protect the company's basic values when others are tempted to compromise the company's integrity. Leader should be willing to learn, to experiment, and to make mistakes and recover the mistakes with a lesson learned and a problem solved.


It's obvious that you can't have a winning team without teamwork. However, not every leader takes steps to help team members work together. If you communicate to all the players how all the people fit together and what strengths they bring for their role, then teammates will value and respects one another. The more that people know how they fit on a team, the more they will desire to properly make the most of their fit and maximize their contribution. Here, a good and efficient leader needs the characteristic of being a good team leading leader who can successfully manage and fit his team members in areas they desire properly in order to gain maximum strength and good outcomes.


Good and efficient leaders are concern on the objectives that are been set to be completed by them with their group. Before implementation of any strategies or actions, leader's states down the vision, mission and goal of the specific project together with his group or well understand the vision, mission and goal of a project delegated to a leader by the organization to work on with his/her group. Leaders strongly hold onto the vision, mission and goal of any events or projects and ensure they achieve the stated objectives with punctuality. One of the pitfalls that can stop potential leaders is the desire to focus on vision to the detriment of facing reality. But good leaders are both visionary and realistic. Reality is the foundation for positive change. If you don't face reality, then you will not be able to make necessary changes.


Good leader's help others find their strength zones and empower them to work accordingly maximizing their strength usage. In fact, the best leaders are characteristics by the ability to recognize the special abilities and limitations of others, and the capacity to fit their people into the jobs where they will do best and perform well. Good and efficient leaders empower others in his/her team by providing trainings to better knowledge their skills and talents as well as work knowledge. Despite, leaders also empower others by motivating them in performing their best for the organization to hit the target and goals of the organization to be able to gain rewards or appreciations from the board of the organization. Leaders will always highly responsible in empowering others as most leaders are competitive and like to win competition and lead as a good example. As such, empowerment takes place to defeat competition which would result in higher productivity for the organization.


Leaders have great responsibility in ensuring their reputation and name is well maintained among people surrounding them. With great responsibility comes great power of influencing others in carrying out action as their wants which has the element of trust and faith. An example of a great leader in Malaysia who is very efficient would be Tun Doctor Mahathir Mohammad as the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia in office since 1981 to 2003 holding the post for 22 years. He became one of the most famous Prime Minister of Malaysia as he contributed many things to the country changing the country to a well established worldwide known country. His contribution in developing the country from rural areas to town areas changed the life style of Malaysian to a higher standard of living. His characteristics of being a good and efficient leader enabled the nation to follow his footsteps in developing the country.

Besides, another good example of a leader would be Barrack Hussein Obama who is the 44th Prime Minister of United States. Being the first African American to hold the office, he is public elected Prime Minister for his possessions of a good and efficient leader characteristic. Barrack Hussein Obama contributed to the world economy and the country greatly to extend of equally distributing the rights of every citizen. Being the first African American Prime Minister in United States, he demolished the racial arguments that existed in the country of having different level of benefits and respects between the white and black people. Being a leader to the country, Barrack Hussein Obama holds most characteristics of being a leader and has high capability in influencing the world towards an era.

As conclusion, leader is an individual who possess high respect with equal commitments where a leader need to sustain earning good reputation and name from the society. A good and efficient leader will always consider several factors before making decisions where although decisions are made constantly with no much time wasted, the problem or issues are well analyzed and experiment before implementation of decisions are carried out. It is best to conclude that leaders are never made or formed as leaders characteristics are needed to be within an individual from birth.