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In order to secure growth, customer satisfaction and loyalty, a common standard and service style we need to focus on Contact Center service and development. In order to tackle this, Tamkeen Consultancy have developed Contact Center training and coaching concept. We can help you achieve the results you are looking for. Our consultants and coaches have exceptional experience in their field - and all have a strong outlook. Our competences rest on having trained and coached many people over the years,

2.  Scope: Overview of the training and coaching:

We know that many call/contact centre organizations have a small number of peak performers carrying the main responsibility for customer and service targets. Peak performering call centre agents/employees, can be made and they can be modelled, and their skills, attitudes, and habits mentored to better cope with the many different call/contact center challenges they are confronted with. These call center agents/employees know that certain things they should do in a better way, but too often they don't know how - or do not get it done in reality. We all work against some barriers that somehow keep us from doing what is the best. These outlines training and coaching programs will help them better understand and exploit their potential in all the different customer areas they work

Usual training is great, but unfortunately much of the investment in such seminars and programs is lost due to the one-shot nature of the training or the missing applicability to the call center agents/employees daily work. With our training and coaching programs the call center employees will have practical usable tools and exercises, where there is a chance to practice and absorb the lessons learned (see more under point 3. How we work). For outstanding call center/service center performance is the result of practicing the lessons learned on a regular basis. Our program offers the call center employees the opportunity to stimulate and strengthen excellent habits and personal growth in the following areas:

  1. Increase Customer Retention & Loyalty
  2. Resolving Customer Issues
  3. skills to maintain control of the conversation
  4. skills to handle difficult customers
  5. Handling Complaints - the ability to identify personality type and act upon
  6. Delivering Excellence Service

It is aimed at helping the call center employees considerably improve the competencies concerning all major aspects of their customer service concept. It is designed to provide the contact center employees with a comprehensive call center concept approach for improved success.


The Value Based Service Concept program is unique with its blend of service concept and lectures and coaching conducted in 5 modules, split over 5 days x 4 hours daily, giving time for individual performance improvement to help each participant to turn new knowledge into competencies.

Intended for call center employees with a wish to: 

  • Release their hidden potential - to catapult their business performance and personal growth.
  • Know what needs and value expectations are on the customers mind - and how to address those expectations.
  • Fine tune their handling skills, and improve their interaction with different personality types.
  • Create and strengthen excellent communication habits.
  • Develop better procedures for managing conflicts.
  • Build and develop a better sales and service concept
  • Develop the skill to control the conversation in a professional manner.
  • Improve their social skills.

The training and coaching program will raise the participants known strengths - even unknown - identify the participant's weaknesses and provide help to grow as a person.

The call center employees will:

  • get to know their own personality and service profile better and get advice and coaching, be pushed and challenged - all to demand more from them, with the intention to help them to grow beyond where they are today.
  • learn how to fine-tune their communication to improve your interaction with different personality types - and practice it to better absorb what they learn.
  • do intensive exercises throughout the training to create and reinforce excellent value based communication techniques and service concept habits and personal growth patterns - creating a repeatable model for consistent peak performance in the customer contact center.
  • get to know their “hidden” potential, not yet exploited - and be pushed out of your comfort zone - to help them reach more of their goals.

Main results/ learning points throughout the session will be to:

  • Go through the different service profile/type.
  • self motivation and activation
  • Know how to take advantage of your emotional intelligence in Value Based Service concept.
  • Make up a practical and powerful plan for personal development.
  • Help them build a personal development plan for each customer contact center employee.
  • Review/increase your communication strategies/approaches.
  • Practicing personality adoption
  • Review/increase their communication techniques
  • Alignment of their personality type with different customer types.
  • Coaching concerning communication.

Furthermore in detail:

Increase Customer Retention & Loyalty

  • Service mindset
  • Always approachable & friendly
  • Identify the explicit need of the customer (value expectation).
  • Understand how to impacts the value expectation of the customer
  • Understand the customers' value mindset
  • Learn how to control the telephone conversation
  • Being Solution & Value Provider
  • Introduce Loyalty Prog. With Services

Resolving Customer Issues

  • Better overcome different types of customer issues.
  • Customer needs and wants verses service center employee needs and wants
  • Understand the concern handling and decision making process.
  • What should a value based sales and service concept include (e.g. apologize even If It Is not your fault).
  • Lead the conversation 
  • Understand concern-handling techniques as a part of customer service.
  • Build an exceptional basis for your professional as well as your personal growth.

Handling Difficult Customers & Other Types

  • Understand how to handle a conflict
  • Better overcome different types of objections and conflicts.
  • Learn how to lead the conversation- without talking the most
  • Give full attention & listen
  • Learn how to use your social intelligence - complaints are opportunities for improvements and customer satisfaction
  • Show understanding & control reaction (Be Calm)

Delivering Excellence Service

  • Quick service
  • Reassuring customers
  • Use advanced methods for value-based communication.
  • Review and refine your communication approach.
  • Understand the value based service receiver/giver process better.
  • Understand different types of customer behavior and how you can adapt to them.
  • Learn how to identify the different personality type of the customer
  • Practice the ability to adapt to the different personality type of the customer
  • Showing  self confident

3. How we Work

We understand that in the Telecommunication Industry good call center training and coaching is the foundation upon which long-term development is built. Unfortunately, many courses offer the contact center agents little than just listening to someone telling them what they should be doing and perhaps showing them how the instructor would do it.

The key to good training and coaching is to provide more than just what-to-do training. It must also show the participants why to do it along with providing the knowledge of how to do it and then the opportunity to sharpen your skills by actually doing it. We believe that for training to be truly effective, it needs to be a process and not an event. No one ever learned to swim or ride a bicycle by simply reading a book on the subject or having someone tell them all about it. They learn to swim or to ride a bicycle by doing it and that is how we have structured these courses we have outlined here.

Firstly, someone must explain what they should do and how they should do it. Which we always start on the courses - giving the basics. Then they need more instruction and help as they start to practice it. For without the practice, they will not learn it. The more they practise, the better they get. The same type of process is what we take the participants through - to make certain that they pick up the type of skills and competencies that they need in order to grow, change and become a peak performers for the company.

3. Tamkeen Consultancy Team Commitment- we are committed to:

  • Develop as well as deliver the contact center agent training/coaching with a quality level that exceeds Customer expectations.
  • Fully understand company's main value propositions and goals.
  • Establish a profound knowledge about the services and with that, the sales challenges the sales force has- as a base for the training.
  • Provide trainers with outstanding sales, communication competencies, and the ability to deliver material, which is crisp, and to the point in the telecommunication industry.

We believe that excellence is made, not born. That's why we are dedicated to helping people grow. Your growth is our business!

Bottom line:

by leveraging our Telecommunication knowledge and experience concerning training and coaching will save you time and money - and you will benefit from the quality standards that we have consistently proven. Fixed price and timely delivery has always been attractive elements in dealing with us.