The Business Ethics Of Various Entrepreneurs Business Essay

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The following essay will describe business ethics which as Mallor, Barnes, Bowers, and Langvardt (2010) state "Many large corporations and several industries have adopted codes of ethics or codes of conduct to guide executives and other employees" (p. 99). Also, this essay will describe the previous work experience with an agency that did not respect the ethics of business and the employees. This particular company unfortunately involved favoritism and nepotism as well.

Ethics with in a business relates to how an organization incorporates their core values.  These core values include honesty, trust, respect, and fairness.  Companies want to integrate these core values into their policies, practices and decision making strategies.  Ethical codes are organizations codes of conduct that originate from ethical values.  An example of this would be honesty is important because it governs behavior in the form of the beliefs, do not lie, do not cheat and do not steal.  Organizations must strive for employees to meet their core values.

The definitive objective of a business is to achieve maximum profits.  The factors that relate to this endeavor that an organization strives for are finance, technology, labor and workflow.  These factors help a company to maintain superiority and development of a business.  To achieve these goals team leads must master a wide variety of business skills and abilities such as guidance, creating weekly goals and providing the organization with different strategies to compete with the continuously changing environment.

Organizations have the ability to spend an immense amount of cash.  Businesses have the capability to develop a situation that an ordinary person may not.  The decisions made by an organization affect many different people, companies and communities. An organization has obligations that must be upheld.  They must be conscientious about the decisions that are made and carry out their business in a way that does not damaging so that their decisions affect as many people positively they are capable of while benefitting themselves.  Even though this is much easier said than done, there will always be a conflict of interest with in different groups of people.

Whenever a business makes any decisions they must be aware of the precise state of affairs and then practice accordingly with in regards to business ethics.  Business ethics are the same as normal ethics, which is the ability to identify what is right and wrong.  This also requires individuals to learn what is right or wrong with in an organization.  In the business world doing the right thing may not be defined as basic as one would think.  Business ethics requires an individual or a group to implement critical thinking and exemplify good moral values to how their decisions will have an effect on large groups of people.

In movies you may have heard once or twice that "ethics have no place in business".  The implications of a proclamation such as this provide a difficult issue with in larger corporations.  Ethical decisions are not as advantageous for organizations and they elude ethical factors.   The end factor is that in the business world it brings about the mindset that "ethical behaviors have no place in business." 

To consider the previous statement, an organization must be able to recognize the ethical decision making process.  Decisions made by large organizations reflect on the fiscal, operational and organizational consequences if unethical choices may have been made.  As part of this assessment of business ethics, an organization must be able to rise above what many have done and the decisions they made which resulted in the demise of their organizations. One Company that was truly out to enrich their selves was Enron. Many of the unethical decisions they made cost many people their jobs, retirements and livelihoods.

The Enron scandal brought about many questions about the strength of our economy. Many investors have started questioning the practices of many other organizations. The financial markets have had a significant drop. There have been substantial negative financial penalties within the stock market, economy and delayed resurgence for business progression. The fall of Enron was only the beginning of the economic downfall.

The United States has experienced a dramatic decrease in our economy. Government intervention has now stepped in passing new laws and regulations which will hold many companies accountable for the unethical decisions they made in the past to increase their wealth. With the help of how upper management and the accounts, Enron was able to hide 4 billion dollars in the form of revenue. An increase in skepticism resulted from the Enron incident forcing multinational companies to defend their practices and financial statements. Another result in the downfall of Enron was the loss of confidence for investors. The new regulations that the government is implementing requires the CEO and CFO to be accountable for their actions (Balasudram, Maniam, Teetz, 2005).

The current ethical practices in America have recently become heavily scrutinized. The Government has been offering assistance to many companies and investigating many others. The ethical decisions made by many organizations have resulted in the downfall of many organizations. The end result of these downfalls has placed our great country in a recession. The unemployment rate is sky rocketing, with more and more people losing their job every day. The unethical practices of large organizations are now starting to take a toll on many of the lower and middle class people.

The company I previously worked for did not exhibit the characteristics of a business in an industry where good tactical management is the key to long-term success.  There is no doubt that the backbone of every company relies within the company's staff and employees.   The employees make up the vital parts of an organization which can help a company be successful or contribute to its failure.  The best method to which a business or organization can reach its goals is through employee centered motivational strategies.  The company I recently employed for did not offer incentives for extra work or picking up weekends and on call days.  The company did not possess any motivational tools or techniques to motivate employees.

The goals of motivation programs are to encourage employees to maximize their potential with a company.  There are three basic targeted stimuli which they should focus on, which are morale, satisfaction, and rewards.  These factors would be represented as positive feedback.  This would create an atmosphere to which employees would want to help the team by working more and potentially bringing on more surgeons to use our service.   This however is not the case. 

There are certain reasons which pertain to the lack of motivation with my previous company.  The hours are long, and when you work extra no rewards are given.  You are expected to be at work the next day regardless of what time you were there the night before.  Also, there are not programs which feedback is given on any level.  We were expected to do our job with no complaints because they believed they were doing the employees a service by letting them work for their company. 

The employees were de-motivated because of the poor communication skills offered by their superiors.  They also lack motivation because they work long hours which are determined by the length of the surgeries. In the state of Pennsylvania at this time employees were allowed to work 24hr shifts with out hospitals being reprimanded.  The neuromonitoring is a complex field but at the same time may become repetitive and boring.  There is no such thing as a shift; technologists are at the mercy of the surgeons.  Also there are many hospitals which the technologists drive to that are a few hours away and are not compensated for accordingly.

Many of the situations that were explained were very unethical in the eyes of all the employees involved with the company. The situation since then with working 24hrs in a row and also working more then 40hrs a week has been resolved by the state. This however did not stop my previous company. They still require employees to work over 40hrs a week, take call, and also work as many hours as needed to complete the job. Many legalities in the field of Neuromonitoring go undetected by states since this is still a new field.

Ethical issues in business are a common placed every day occurrence that will never cease to exist. In today's global society, a Code of Ethics guidelines is used to make established, acceptable behaviors among that industry's business associates, potential investors, and the corporation's executive officers and employees, and most important, the consumer (Ethics Resource Center, 2009). In an attempt to endorse an increased efficiency and productivity potential level, among employees and prospective clients, a corporation's standard Code of Ethics should direct its members toward a more in depth assessment of their personal moral actions, and how these actions involve the people or acquaintances they come upon. A company should utilize this strategy as a model for the professional behaviors and responsibilities of its constituents, and proves the occupational advancement of that business. Ethics are vital in every level of a company, but particularly in the day to day actions of its employees, and the picture the company broadcasts to its associates is essential in building an unwavering business foundation.