The British Association Of Women Entrepreneurs

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BAWE stands for the British Association of Women Entrepreneurs. BAWE is a UK-based organization which focuses on the female entrepreneurs that the United Kingdom offers. The organization has been set up by women for women. The BAWE organization is affiliated to the FCEM World Association of Women Entrepreneurs. This association has active and dynamic members in over 60 countries. BAWE offers worldwide connections and a lot of opportunities for international trade.

BAWE helps (young) women who wants to start their own business. The people of BAWE and other successful women of the association understand that being at the top of a business is not always easy. On the website women can create business connections, partnerships and read and learn about difficult aspects of setting up or having your own business. The aim of BAWE is to help woman where they need help. The people of BAWE have a lot experience in the business world and can help with the difficulties of setting up your business.

BAWE is linked through its members to all Chambers of Commerce. The members of BAWE represent the British Woman Business Owners at conferences all over the world and participate in training programs in the third world.

BAWE exist now 50 years and has established itself as a recognized source of information on entrepreneurship and British women business owners.


At the beginning of the 21st century women became more important in the business world. Women made career and stand at top of some organizations. Therefore more women started an own association for women. In 1946 Madame Yvonne Edmont Foinant started an association in France under the name of 'Femmes Chefs d'Entreprisis'. She owned a steel factory. Later similar groups of active women business owners started more associations in other countries. In 1949 more associations were organized in Belgium and Holland, their presidents signed the statutes of the European Association of Women Entrepreneurs in Brussels, on January 15the in 1950.

So, more women made a career and became more important in the business world. For that reason Madame Tinou Dutry, founder of BAWE started her own website for business woman in 1953 and formed an association in the United Kingdom, BAWE.

What can BAWE do for you?

BAWE can help you for starting your own business! Starting an own business is difficult and a lot of aspects are playing an important role. On the website of BAWE tools are provided to get started with your own business. The website gives you information on how to create a well structured business plan. It also provides important information about marketing, financial aspects and any law issues that may occur.

BAWE offers you tips and tricks about different aspects. On the website you can read successful stories of business women and if you want, you can contact them. When you finally started your own company, you have to deal with employees. Information about this aspect can you find on the website as well. At least you can create partnerships and business connections with other business women.

The goal of this website is to help you on your way to become one of the most successful business women.

So if you are looking for…

Mentoring and Training

Partnership Opportunities


International Trade Opportunities

A place to share your success story

A place to lobby

Business connections


… Then sign up with us and let your journey begin!

 When you become a member there are a lot of advances, e.g.:

Exclusive access to the private member online community where you can build your own business networks, create discussions, create groups, look for strategic business partners and voice opinions and gain feedback from a network of people with a shared vision.

Automatic membership to the FCEM World Association of Women Entrepreneurs (, where you will find over 60 countries represented with an active and dynamic membership

A network focused on optimizing your business opportunities including international trade opportunities

A place to promote your business success, business opportunities

Regional, national and international conferences

Training and Development programmes via BAWE's 'Aspiration' Programme

Success stories

Chantal Gifford, head of OneWayCoaching.


My name is Chantal Gifford and I studied at the University of Birmingham for 5 years. In 1999 I graduated for the master Finance at the university. After my graduation I worked as a personal assistant for a designer. After 2 years I stopped because I wanted to do more with my education. I started in the business client service and research positions in the financial industry. 2 years ago I decided to start my own business. I wanted more freedom, more flexibility and the opportunity to be independent. I decided to use my skills and my business knowledge to go on my own.

I knew already what kind of business I wanted to start, namely a business for providing business coaching and personal coaching for managers and personal assistants. The name of the company called I OneWayCoaching.

To start my own business was not easy. I was scared to ask help from others, because I thought that was a sign of weakness. But now I know that asking for help is not a shame! Most of the people are willing to help you and support you in the way they can. So, ask for help! That's not a crime. So I asked help from my old colleges and friends. My old colleges helped me with several aspects. The most difficult part was to find clients. Nobody knew my name and I was unknown for the people. The company where I worked for several years decided that I could coach employees there who needed it. After one year people began to know my name and the first contact were there, finally!

The last two years I have noticed that there is so much to learn! You have to get everything done on the right time and the right place. Sometimes you make mistakes, but from mistakes you learn!

Your own business means your own rules. You can do what you want and that is the best part of being entrepreneur! You can follow your own dreams and passions.

Nowadays, I offer workshops, mastermind groups, guest speaker event and personal coaching. Think of consulting and coaching for personal assistants and managers. My services include strategies & implementation, event planning and management, business management, financial management and administrative assistance and strategic partnership consulting. Also I offer personal coaching and workshops.

At least I want to give some tips for women who want to start their own business.

Don't be afraid to go on yourself. Of course it's difficult, but have faith in yourself.

Make connections with other people.

Know yourself and know what you can. Work with clients that have the same ideas like you.

Know your limitations and do not take too much risk.

Ask for help when you need it.

Take care of yourself; do not get a burn out.

Yours sincerely,


Laurie Bell, head of Worldagency.

Hello everybody,

My name is Laurie Bell, 34 years old and I live in London together with my husband and two children. 12 years ago in 1998 I graduated for my master hospitality management at the University of London.

After my graduation I decided to search for a job in the hotel branch. My first job was in one of the Hiltons Hotel in London. I worked there at the department Communication and Marketing. My job was searching for new business relations and maintained existing relations. After 2 years I found another job as a travel agent at the company Global Travel International. The job was exactly what I dreamed for! I worked there 3, 5 years when I became pregnant. I decided to stop with my job, because I choose for my child. In my opinion working and raising a child at the same moment don't match very well. Going to work each day and having my child in daycare, was not what I wanted. So, I had to find a solution where I could work and raise my baby at the same time. After a lot of reading I found the perfect solution. I wanted to start my own travel agency from home.

I did a lot of research and realized there was a good opportunity for starting my own company. More companies were operating worldwide and needed a travel agency. I wrote application letters to companies but that worked not very well. My business connections became bigger after a few months, but it was not enough to take care of my family. The first two years was terrible! I did had clients but it was not enough. After 2 years I decided to contact everyone who I knew to see if they needed a travel agent. Also, I build my own website.

After my new plan, companies approach me to work for them as their travel agent. Not in the company, but for the company. I could work from home as freelance bases. From that time it went fast. Three years later my company counted 20 people. I hired a nice office in the neighborhood. Now, eight years later my agency has grown into a rather large agency. More than 200 people working for me. We have all kind of employees and the atmosphere is informal.

Paula Bucket, CEO of Bucket Communications.


My name is Paula Bucket and I am president of Bucket communications, a full service public relations company and branding firm for the fashion and beauty industries. We offer online and offline PR, publicity plans, press releases, television commercials, radio commercials, marketing plans, web copy, branding plans, e-books and annual reports.

I worked very hard for where I am standing now, but it was worth it! I will tell you about how I started in the public relations and marketing field and the opportunities and the challenges I faced.

Paula Bucket

I graduated for my master International business communication. After my graduation my first job was working as the head of marketing for a telephone firm. I worked very hard and made long hours with limited vacation time. These 3 years were exhausting! I get up every morning around 5.30, then going to work till 19.00 o'clock. After 3 years I decided to go out on my own and started my own company.

At the university I had specialized myself in marketing and public relations, because that area of the business interested me the most. So, the choice for my own company was easy: marketing and public relations. But there was still question; on what kind of business will I focus?

When I was in my early twenties I was a fashion model and the fashion and beauty industries attract me. So I choose to focuses on the fashion and beauty industry. Because of my work as a model I learned a lot about fashion, make up, accessory and beauty brands. And I knew there were a lot of events in this world.

So, I knew already what kind of business I wanted, but still I encountered all sorts of problems. Marketing, administration and communication were not a problem, but the legal aspects were. Contracts, agreements, joint ventures I never studied this so I didn't knew anything! I couldn't hire people for this, because I didn't have enough funds. So I decided to barter. Bartering can be very effective if done properly.

I was in doubt or I had to hire an office or work from home. I decided to work from home, because it safes a lot of money. Nowadays I work still from home with a staff of freelancers and virtual assistants. Running the business from home is not always easy. You don't see your employees each day and give orders without seeing them. Also another difficulty is the distractions in the house, the television, family, man, telephone etc. But it has been working for me!

Starting up your own company is not easy, but one thing is very important for the business public relations; create a simple publicity plan. You have to network with journalists and reporters and join different groups and get involved in conversations. That is the only way to get high publicity and that the people get involve in your business. Also, use the internet! Join forums, message boards, social networking sites. Start your own blog and link it to other websites. It takes time to build a name, but I will help you a lot.

In the beginning of your own company you will make long days and night, so be prepared. It may take sleepless nights, but be patience! Once you get it though you know that everything was worth it.

At least I want to give you some advice for starting up your own business.

Create a marketing plan and budget. Also find a way to market your business cost-effectively through sponsorships. Write articles and read also articles and books from professionals. Because when you learn from the best you can become the best in your industry!