The benefits of networking

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This report was developed from an assessment made by Central Institute of Technology lecturers. This was created to help us learn the benefits of networking to make new contacts.  The aim was to create new contacts with people who share similar interest and goals as you.

A contact list was developed with the people who were contacted, to gather information for this report. The people who I contacted were human resources officers from hospitals from across the metropolitan area. When speaking to them I asked them to email me a copy of a job description for a ward clerk position.

The information provided by my new contacts, shows that networking is very beneficial to making business relationships work.


This report is based on what sort of work I would like to be doing in the future. At the moment I am currently studying Certificate IV in Business Administration. I hope to go on and study the Diploma of Business Administration. This report is based on our ability to establish networks and to gain new contacts.

To gain the required information for the report, the network had to be established. The decision was made, that I would ring around all of the local hospitals and speaks to their human resources officer. When speaking to the human resources officers I asked them, if they could email me a copy of a job description for a ward clerk position. This gave me a rough idea of the skills that would be required for that particular position.

I was previously studying nursing at Central Institute of Technology, but due to allergies I could not continue. My dream was always to be a nurse, after caring for my sick grandmother before she passed away in 2007. At least this way I don't lose all the knowledge that has been gained by personal experiences in the hospital environment. My current long term goal is obtain a Diploma of Business Administration by July 2012. I hope to gain a job as a ward clerk or an admissions and discharge's clerk.

Medical Administration Officer

A ward clerk helps to keep the ward running as smooth as possible. This enables doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and pathology worker to find things easily. (Health and Community Services 2008)

Roles and Duties

  • Adhering to requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Legislation and infection control guidelines.
  • Answer telephone and desk enquiries using a pleasant, courteous and professional approach, and assist where possible or refer the enquirer to the appropriate caregiver.
  • Welcome patients on admission and provide room orientation as appropriate.
  • Complete all relevant admitting and discharge procedures (including boarders) and complete documentation
  • Maintain responsibility for the management of all patient health records associated with patient admissions, transfers and discharges for the ward or area.
  • Ensure Patient Administration system data is updated accurately and continuously.
  • Arrange follow up appointments for patients with medical practitioner's rooms and/or other allied health professionals.
  • Update caregiver rosters on rostering system database on a daily basis or as requested.
  • Communicate and liaise with nursing and medical caregivers on ward information including emails, new policies and procedures
  • Liaise with nursing and medical caregivers regarding enquiries, appointments etc
  • Enter nurse pagers into the Nurse Paging System.
  • Order and maintain stationery supplies.
  • Assist with word-processing as required by the Nurse Manager/ward.

(Seek 2010) (Jobs WA 2008)

Main support networks that are effective for this role

The main support networks that are effective for this role is my nursing friends and human resources officers from hospitals. My nursing friends have now finished their qualification and they are now finding their first jobs in a hospital environment. My nursing friends (especially Odette and Max) may be beneficial to me finding a way to a medical administration position.

My friends put me in contact with the human resources officer's at the hospitals that they are currently working at. This gave me some direction in making my new contacts. I contacted these human resource officers and they were very supportive and willing to help. They emailed me a couple of different administration job roles within the hospital environment.  These job roles were for: ward clerk, admission and discharge clerk, medical administration officer and a booking clerk positions.

I developed my friendship with my nursing friends back in June 2009 on enrolment day. To keep my friendship and network with my nursing friends, we have regular get togethers; go to the movies as a group. We do this mainly to catch up once or twice a month to mainly stay in contact. It is fairly hard to remain in contact with my nursing friends, when they are working shift work. This makes it challenging for us to stay in regular contact and for all of us to be available to meet up at the same time. We sometimes maintain contact using MSN instant messaging, but not very often. I prefer face to face conversations, phone calls and emails. 

Networking Definitions

To me networking means using the process of building a relationship, using your existing contacts to make new contacts who share similar interests. (Dwyer 2009, p. 580) As the saying goes “it's not what you know, but who you know.”

Networking could also mean building relationships with people who have similar interests and wanted to or have achieved a similar goal. Once you have built a strong network, you can ask people for helpful information advice and support. You can return the same favour to them later on when they require help. I see networking as a way to develop communication skills, knowledge and a source of information available within the community. Networks provide access to resources, contacts, support and advice. (Cole 2005, p.201)


To conclude this report, friendships are very valuable in maintain a network and making new contacts.