The Ambulatory Healthcare Services Responsibilities Business Essay

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The current paper examines all of the various HR systems in Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) Company. Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) is a SEHA Health System Facility. AHS was formed in Abu Dhabi to operate clinics. The healthcare provision across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to common people is one of the main aim of this organization.

On 29 December 2007, the Health Services Company of Abu Dhabi was launched under Emiri Decree No. (10) Of 2007 and the Government of Abu Dhabi was the major stakeholder in it (Armstrong, 2006). Abu Dhabi Health Services Company is the full name of the company and it is more commonly known as SEHA.

SEHA is health in Arabic. The Abu Dhabi Health Services Company - whose corporate identity is SEHA - provides services like operation and curating public service health hospitals in the Emirates region of Abu Dhabi while simultaneously being an independent and joint stock company. SEHA is one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in the Middle East with 16,500 doctors, nurses, ancillary care and administrative personnel in its employ (Bloom & Reenen, 2010).

At present, AHS as an organization includes more than 30 Ambulatory Care Centers, 4 Disease Prevention & Screening Centers (DPSCs), School Health Services (SHS) at 298 primary and secondary educational institutions, and 3 Mobile Clinic Solutions in the Emirate. AHS aims to fill the void between comprehensive healthcare facilities provided by Government hospitals and the personalized care and attention given by the private sector (Bratton, 2004).

Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS) Responsibilities:

Provision of access to healthcare and a choice of providers to all Abu Dhabi residents with, To respond to international, regional and local market needs based on objective and informed decision-making, To prepare facilities for privatization and to participate in private sector healthcare, and To develop, empower and retain skilled staff (Rose, 2007).

Services offered at SEHA Ambulatory Health Services include:

Family Medicine Services, Dental Healthcare Services, Maternal and Child Healthcare Services, Urgent Care, Occupational Health and Screening Services, Comprehensive Laboratory Test, X-ray and Ultrasound Services, Breast Examination and Mammography Services, Electrocardiogram (ECG) , Treadmill Stress Test , Physical Therapy, Minor Surgical Procedures, and Home Health Care.

SEHA-AHS (Vision): Caring with Passion..Serving with Pride

SEHA-AHS (Mission): leaders of unique and dynamic Ambulatory Healthcare Services committed to healthier and better lives for our Community in Abu Dhabi.

SEHA-AHS (Values): Professionalism, Respect, Innovation, Dedication, and Excellence.


The research study was conducted to the HR staff from SEHA-AHS Company.

Data collection

In a research study, data collection method is another crucial element. It is a specialized method to collect the information from the source of information. The methods vary from questionnaire to observation. For a particular market study, an appropriate field worker is critical. This indirectly affects the quality of the information collected for the study. Data are classified into primary data and secondary. All the data that are collected at first time are included under the primary data collection method (Strandberg, 2009). Three approaches or methods are comprised under the primary data collection method such as observation method, in-depth interview and survey through questionnaire Secondary data are assessed from the references, journals and other related sources.

In this paper, we will gather the information through conducting interview (Personal Interview, and

Telephone Interview), as well as documentation review, articles, projects, etc. In addition to AHS web-site.

Major Human Resource Objective and Strategy

Human resource is considered the core strength of any organization since without the concept of managed and systematic work-ship would just evaporate. Human resource has certain objectives and targets that must be met in order to accomplish the strategic goals of a particular organization (Armstrong, 2006). These objectives include the most basic of tasks in order to build a platform for the advanced ones and also the most major and radical responsibilities that the organize wishes to achieve.

The first major objective of human resource is to manage the employees in the most cost effective way in an organization to save some unwanted expenses. The second objective of human resource is to effectively use the workforce potential of an organization to achieve targets and goals in the most efficient way. The third objective is to match the responsibilities and work behavior of the work force to the business needs (Bloom & Reenen, 2010). This means that the employees must work unilaterally keeping in view the organization principles and business ethics. The final objective of human resource is to maintain cordial relations with the employees and their managers so that the work can be done in the organization in the most effective manner.

The above mentioned objectives seem to be in consistent with the Ambulatory Health Services (AHS) mission because the organization incorporates both the sense of leadership and community in their mission statement. The mission statement talks about how the organization wants its leaders and managers to provide the best health services in the Abu Dhabi community by integrating the best health principles (Bratton, 2004). The organization can only achieve this if it follows afore mentioned human resource objectives strictly and this is what the organization is actually doing. By molding their mission statement into this concept of progressiveness, it can be said with confidence that the objectives of human resource form the principle operating procedures in AHS.

SEHA-AHS belief and value systems centers on the provision of best health services in the Abu Dhabi region. One of the key values of AHS organization is "responsibility" that includes other activities which usually revolve around this concept (Rose, 2007). The corporate structure of this organization is really simple in essence and by judging the performance of the company, it can be safely said that the objectives are being communicated smoothly in the organization. This can only happen if the top most level of management agrees with the objective.

The senior management in AHS highly values the role of HR in their organization and it is one of their top most priorities in the functioning of this organization. This is evident from the corporate structure of this company as the management layout is done in such a way that communication gap and barriers are non-existent (Strandberg, 2009). This makes the whole Human Resource functioning smoother and lag free in the organization.

Another evidence for this exists in the form of belief system at the AHS Corporation. AHS believes in professionalism, respect, innovation, dedication and excellence. The combination of these values gives a strong sense of HR justice to the organization.

In the top management level, the HR manager is responsible for the recruitment of potential employees to the company. Recruitment of fresh blood into the organization is a very sensitive matter and hence requires a professional attitude and approach which can only be achieved through a good HR manager (Armstrong, 2006). At the top most level, the HR manager is also responsible for major chunk of organizational planning which involves dealing with day to day activates and the monthly reports.


The current business environment is very unpredictable and it is becoming hard for organizations like AHS to operate more efficiently. In these times, the best bet for any organization is to focus on its internal policies and only devise those strategies that contain a strong positive outlook. There are numerous challenges that currently pose a threat to the AHS organization and most of them are related to the HR aspect (Bloom & Reenen, 2010). These challenges include finding the rightly educated employees, development of compensation plans in regard with the latest unstable economic environment and the implementation of training & internship programs.

As mentioned before, the AHS has some strong values and corporate structure that implements robust HR ethics. Regarding their preparation in the face of these challenges, AHS has implemented some contingent policies like expanding the control of HR manager, running an effective recruitment process and devising an effective HR policy (Bratton, 2004). All of these measures have helped the organization so far in its growth and they are successfully dealing with these challenges.

HR Function

In AHS, the HR department has performed classical HR functions that are usually associated with this aspect. These functions include Hiring, Promotions, Reassignments, Salary Determination, Performance appraisal, Consultation and Advisory to the employees, Worker's compensation and policy development. All of these functions come under the umbrella of Human Resource and AHS categorized it as the major function of HR in their organization (Rose, 2007). Hiring and promotion is the most basic function of HR and the AHS organization has been performing it since its inception. The HR department of AHS is also involved in conducting marketing surveys and analysis to determine the best possible wages and salaries for their employees so that they can remain motivated and contribute positively towards the growth of the company. Another important function of HR that was seen in the running of the company was the development of work place policy in order to encompass all the employees there. The top managers at AHS cite this function as one of the most important of them all.

AHS has a proper separate and formal Human Resource department in the organization because it believes in the apt implementation of business ethics in its organizational structure. Like any other department in AHS, Human Resource has specialized managers and employees that are responsible for carrying out HR related work in the organization and make sure that the work force of the organization remains motivated.

Since the inception of the corporation in 2007, the HR department was also formed and organized in the company. The HR department was one of the first departments in the company that started functioning because managing Human Resource is one of the core aspects of a proper functioning company (Rose, 2007). It is always important to communicate the objectives of an organization to the employees because they are the ones who are shouldering the responsibility of the whole organization. AHS Corporation developed a system of effective communication network by simplifying the functional layout of the company. This is done in order to reduce the communication gaps and barriers and to make the process of communicating organization objectives smoother.

There are no definite numbers of employees that are associated with the Human Resource department in AHS. It is one of the organization ethics that every employee holds some amount of responsibility to the HR department because they are indirectly linked towards it. The HR managers in AHS are the one that are directly responsible for the functioning of HR department. The existing HR system was developed by the founders of the AHS organization and it also involved board members from the SEHA which is in essence its parent company (Strandberg, 2009). The whole HR policy was devised at the formation of the company because in order to be efficient, AHS needed a strong HR policy at the start.


The basic HR requirements in an organization like AHS incorporate HR planning, job analysis and recruitment and selection. HR planning means the formation of policies that govern the workforce of an organization. Like many other companies AHS also sticks to the definition of job analysis as finding the right person for the right job. AHS implements the most basic and straight forward recruitment and selection process in which vacancies are posted online or in the newspaper (Armstrong, 2006). HR policy commands an important following in the organizational strategic goals. This is the reason HR management is integrated into strategic management because if the human resource of AHS is properly organized and managed it can contribute positively to the strategic goals.

AHS forms HR policies keeping in with the trends of business environment and the workplace environment. Usually in AHS the HR planning is done by the HR managers with important inputs from both the employees and the top management (Bloom & Reenen, 2010). AHS particularly puts emphasis on job analysis and job description for each position in the organization because they strongly believe in the concept of proper placement in a proper department or position. Whenever there is a vacancy for a specific job or position in AHS the HR management updates its job requirements and specifications.

AHS provides its employees with career planning and career counseling because worker compensation and counseling is included in their HR policy. The career counseling for employees is provided by HR specialist in the organization so that the employees can contribute positively in the organization (Bratton, 2004). By looking at the popularity and success of AHS in the community it can be safely assumed that this type of counseling has proven to be effective. Mostly job vacancies are posted on the internet and in the newspaper so that the potential candidates can get the updates about the vacant positions in AHS. The potential candidates are evaluated on the basis of their education and experience in the medical field. Employee recruitment through social network sites like Facebook or twitter and through the internet is very effective in these times because everybody gets their updates and information through the internet at present.

Employee recruitment is generally aided by the established policies and practices of the organization because these policies help in the expansion of scope in organization like AHS. Evaluation and selection procedures in a nutshell are restricted by the employment laws because these laws are made limit certain policies or activities (Rose, 2007). The top management positions in AHS are usually filled through inters hiring and lower management positions are preferred in external hiring. This policy maintains the excellent workforce environment in AHS by specializing and integrating right persons for the right job.


Training is usually offered inside the organization because it is the policy of AHS to offer specialist on the job training. Employee training and development is evaluated on the basis of the employee performance and feedback procedure. In AHS the performance of an employee is a major factor in determining the aptitude and capability of him or her (Strandberg, 2009). Promotions and transfers are mostly based upon this factor. Employees are offered on the job training and informational seminars to increase their workplace knowledge and aptitude. These programs have helped in attaining a good and motivated workforce in an organization. Due to these strong HR policies and the strong emphasis on the employee training and development the organization has not faced any problems up to date.


A three month performance review is done on an employee's performance to determine his or her effectiveness. Inputs are extracted from the departmental heads on the employee's performance. Judging on the results obtained the employee is either shortlisted for promotion or salary increase. Psychological appraisals and grading and checklist methods are the most commonly used employee performance appraising tools (Armstrong, 2006). Employee performance appraisal system actually reflects the true performance of an employee because the appraisal system gets input not only from the employee but also from his co -workers and his seniors. The most important outside factor that influence employee performance appraisal is the social skills. This is because a socially adapt person has much more chances to gain positive appraisals from his working environment.


AHS conducts quarterly external wage surveys to determine the wage rate going on in the business market. This helps them to maintain and attract an effective workforce ion the organization because increased salary or wage rate is the main source of attraction for maximum number of employees. By looking at the different salaries and wage rates of the employees it can easily be assumed that their skill levels are different. Also another important part of an HR policy in AHS is the reward and bonus system that is targeted towards work proficient employees (Strandberg, 2009). In accordance with the psychological evaluations and major studies it has been made clear that bonus or merit pay positively contribute to the performance of an employee.

An employee is psychologically wired to perform efficiently if he is offered some kind of compensation or benefit. AHS organization provides its executives with extensive benefits and compensations based on their individual and organizational performance. These bonuses are determined by their work input and their contribution towards the achievement of short term organizational goals. AHS provides its employees with health insurance coverage based on the seniority and their experience in organization. Increase input increase contribution in the workforce and company's performance also determines the level of provision of these health insurance coverage (Armstrong, 2006). Employees who work more than five years in the organization are offered retirement benefits and pension plans which are usually based on the current economic environment.

To maintain employee morale and job satisfaction in AHS workers are continuously complemented and praised on their performance. The work environment in AHS also lacks in terms of strictness and rigorousness.


In AHS a three month feedback form is given to an employee to determine if he or she has any complaints. Due to the excellent working environment and ethics of AHS the number of complaints received is usually very low. By continuously improvising the work conditions at AHS the complaint rate has been sharply declining (Bloom & Reenen, 2010). AHS employee's strict work ethics in the organization which reduces the case of employee discipline problems. There are certain outlined procedures that encompass strong work ethics. Employees workplace behavior is governed by the strong work ethics so organizational problems like employee turnover absenteeism and tardiness have not been much of a concern.

There are always some exceptions but AHS successfully deals with them. AHS always prefer a healthy and motivating work environment. Employee's free speech and activities like surfing the internet are not limited or stupefied at AHS. Unhealthy behavior like smoking or drug use is strongly discouraged on job and employees are also made aware of its harmful consequences of job (Rose, 2007). To make employee grievances to be less and improving the employee relations climate the working environment should be structured on the basis of best workplace ethics that contribute positively to the working motivation of an employee.


HRM in AHS faced some HR problems in the start like recruitment and selection of capable employees. This problem was solved by the division of string HR policies. The only problem that AHS is facing currently in the organization in terms of HR is the provision of proper working environment that increases the effectiveness of employee's performance.

HR functions in AHS are positively contributing to its strategic goals as evident by the recent company's performance. AHS also review and evaluate its HR policies on quarterly basis. Feedback forms and company's performance is the major source of evaluation in the case of HR that is employed by AHS. The main mission of AHS is to provide excellent community service and its HR policies are aligned to its mission (Bloom & Reenen, 2010). The popularity of AHS in Abu Dhabi region determines the fact that it has been quite successful since the day of its inception. With the recent changing business trends the only recommendation is to continuously improvise its HR policies.