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Two processes that were found in the Macfarlane Company case study were explored by the strategy in action and development process which is a typical mixture of intender and emergent strategies. In this case study, it shows that the organization went a long way through its life cycle where timing and planning are important thru out the operations period. Both strategic were chosen because it encapsulates the core of the organization needs. This includes the organization aim, customer market, suppliers, and other stakeholder in an effort to survive and prosper in the organization Strategy in action is one of an element where it concerns the working environment practices.

In addition of the strategy concept, organization also must be aware of the environment and to make decisions such as development process which is explicit or implicit. Based on the Macfarlane Company case study, practical involvement was in the observation of strategic development that involved the organizations such as a research on the customer, competitors and other stakeholder process and strategy. It's stated that the process was planned and emerging was taken into consideration. According to Eden and Ackermann, this case study includes in the understanding of the organization and the environment which reflect on the top management which can lead to a change. It's noted that the organization has bring in consultant where the advised were ignored at the end of the project. Other than that human characters were being observed indicating a very important part of the case study and high management level view, different background, disciplines and different qualification were being monitored

Scenario planning was involved as the process of building the strategic plan. This process was long being implemented by Bill requirement. This method is most preferred by the military intelligence because it makes the organization to plan flexible long-terms plans. It's a form of step-by steps where procedure to develop and coordinate in an organization strategy. In the Macfarlane solution case study it's found that the following stages were being implementing:

An initial guideline was being set up by Bill where guidelines and assumption on the external environment has been set up in the organization. Those would be the price level of the oil and the supply and demand.

Bill as the higher management has set the overall vision of the organization making him as a strategic leader with a vision. He helps to creates a shared belief within the group allowing the team to create a shape in the strategic development

Corporate level planning and financial targets is mostly a result from the business plan. Its monitors the basic performance of the business and the strategy of the plan.

From the above mention strategy, its notice that the knowledge is expanding where the customer required information, business models , opportunities/ threats and technology is being develop in the life cycle making. The strategic development stated that it's a continuing and development process rather than focusing on the content Porter also stated that strategy is a less structured manner in the related "strategic positioning' where is mostly named as 'sustainable competitive advantages'.

Regner noted that strategic development process also creates awareness of the social-cultural, co-evolution, social interaction and multiple choices of strategist which is all contributed to the strategy organization. On the other side of the case study, its being notice that the organization pays a little attention on the process and more focuses in strategizing which is being more on people activities and interaction.. It creates thinking in a complex ways where its sometimes surprising the futures means which helps to create better decision and increase the speed of confidence on the decision making process. The planner must have at least four possible to discuss which the reason two possible end states that would lead to thinking in the terms of negative versus positive futures This matrix below explains the sustainability of the case study.

The test of an effective organization lies on the above figure. Figure 1.0 shows the four organizational types in the term of success. The bull on the upper right quadrant shows the Macfarlane Company that is well in dynamic, nimble and has a highly adaptive strategy, which combines with the high value of the customer and stakeholders. In this scenario approach, manager is given a certain circumstances to develop competition in the industry and determine the best particular scenario that is suitable. The idea it to get managers to start to think about the strategic and generate options that might be used in certain scenario.

One of the reason sometimes strategic planning may fail in the organization because it's due to the organization enthusiasm for planning techniques which sometimes forgets that the future is unpredictable Even a best plan can fall apart if unforeseen incident happened. Those issues would be when the managers get confused with the strategy with the plan. Managers thought they are actually managing the strategy but it's actually going through the process of planning. Strategy definition is a long term direction of the business. Lack of ownership might happen where teams mostly get lost in the plan with the strategic. There is always a team player who just tends to contribute just to be the part of it and not understating the whole progress. On top of that, companies may adapt a poor strategic system in their decision making process which were vulnerable to other group think and bias by outside decision

Direction of the case study were clear that the Macfarlane Company does have a clear sense of direction and purpose represented with the business model and mission statement of the company. The major goals were to maximize the stakeholder where strategies are being implemented to pursue the high result of profitability and growth. This show the Macfarlane Solution organization represent the desired direction as per stated in the Mintzberg et al and Warren It's provides a most powerful driving force which professed by most of the people in the organization

Consultant term often know as a highly paid business from a large firm which were bring in by senior management when issues of the organization cannot be solved. Consultant can be in a form a large or small organization which brings in their expertise from their experience to value the organization based on a perspective variables.

It is sometimes easy to understand that the role of the consultant is a temporary advisor who helps to influences the management to adapt to certain issues and then leave the organization. Other words describe can be "being a professional involves taking care the client best interests" However the influence of the consultant creates different requirement, advantages and challenges for the organization

The consultant and client relationship in this case found that they were not in a good terms of agreement. Linda and Pirrotta stated that "two issues that are responsible to the failure of the consultant depend on the interruption during the internal politics of the consultation process and the failure to establish a targeted goal. Reason this happened because the consultant were unable to identify the real problem, unable to specify his role as a consultant and the consultant were unable to update the stakeholder the objectives. A good consultant should display elements of consistency, competence and caring

In this case study, it is actually noticeable that Dr Jane has left out Bill which he is the main stakeholder of the organization. Dr Jane action had made Bill got angry because Dr Jane bypass him and implement methods of approach that was not being consulted from his approval. Bill first objective of the program is to be a part of the operation where it will be involving the company change and he want to be informed of any methods that are going to be implemented

Dr Jane had adapted the theory of scenario planning which is to think outside the box. Those methods are to think for the future, upgrading the current methods of strategy and last methods is to examine the current strategies and the different possible futures. It is believe that this will help to create knowledge that will contribute to success in implementation the staff so that they can contribute to the organization and learn from the system which was being created by consultant However, Dawson stated that knowledge sharing is not necessarily in competency transfer because when the knowledge is transfer, it changes a person view to understand the knowledge and it may be different from another point of view from a person perspective. Due to the nature of MacFarlane Solution, this method was turn down due to Bill had originally leaded the organization with his theory of laissez-faire leadership style Bill felt that this leadership style leads suits the organization better because this leadership will just follow his order without him being question. This method work best when the team is has being motivated with skills; staffs are trustworthy with high experience, and staff that have pride in the work making them a standalone teams which can success on their own result. Bill prefers to get his work done without any question being asked from the team members.

Lack of communication from Dr Jane is one of the most basic elements of the social domain which it represent reputation from the client side and the consultant point of view from the social system In view of the above situation, more attention is needed to set a frontier relationship between the client and the consulting This can be achieved by setting up meetings to involved certain group members from a certain period of time. Figure 2.0 shows a chart for achieving client success in an organization. This model shows the process of the formal contractual requirement as well as the psychological contractual as a presentable ways to present and satisfy the client needs and eventually lead the consultant to be in favor in future jobs.

To wrap up the consulting approach which is was being prepared by Dr Jane, in order to archive a consulting relationship with the client, first of all Dr Jane need to adapt this three different systems .Those three systems are client company system, the consulting firm system and the contact system which all of them can analyze the logic in the communication process. Any process of changes which is done by outside and implementation by others towards client product may be considering a threat