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Many people utilize the Cape Breton regional library. It offers a wide range of quality services. It has a variety of reading resources to people with diverse needs. Like any organization, it does well in some areas and needs improvement in others. This paper is a SWOT analysis of the library.


Cape Breton library has strengths and weaknesses. It has taken advantage of technology in order to make the quality of services it offers be of high standards. People do not have to go to the library physically. One can access the library via Internet from anywhere in the entire world. The Internet has offered the library a chance to add value and improve its services. The Internet provides people with an easy way to access information in the library. For example, one can locate contacts, sitemap, and other information that can help contact the library, either physically or by mail. People have an opportunity to find information, books, and other publications through the internet. This way, it attracts as many people to access its services and this contributes to the buildup of its publicity, not only in Breton, but also in other parts of the world (Cape Breton Regional Library).

The second strength that the library has involves is that it offers a diverse bulk of services other than library service. It provides recreational, educational, and technological services in response to the needs of its various groups of customers. By offering an assortment of services, the library attracts customers of different ages, interests, needs, and tastes. This means that it caters for the needs and interests of many people. This has been a positive force to the growth of the library (Cape Breton Regional Library).

The third strength that the library has involves the fact that it has a working staff that specializes in different areas and services that the library offers. It has staff responsible for online services, another one concerned with scanning and printing of materials, another one that specializes in the diverse areas that include recreational, educational, and technological services, in the library. The staffs that the library has employed, posse’s relevant qualifications that help them offer quality services, to customers. This helps the library become better, as years move. These staff also provides advice to the library, on how it can prosper.

Fourth, the library provides computer services to its customers. Customers who come to the library without the knowledge of computers do not have to worry. The library offers a computer class, to customers who do not have any knowledge on how to use computers. The people who have computer skills sign up for digital download sessions that the library offers depending on the resources and the needs of the customers. The computers services help people explore new skills and techniques they did not know. The computer services provided by the library enables people get access to the materials, in the library, such as e-books.

The fifth strength of the library involves the fact that the library produces newsletters that inform the public of the services that the library offers and the current issues going on, in the library and outside. The newsletters provide information on recreational, technological, and educational advancements. These help the library the people who need information from the library get news on how they can locate latest information that they require (Cape Breton Regional Library).

Cape Breton regional library has certain weaknesses too. First, the library operates with limited timelines. For instance, the library operates from 1:30 in the afternoon, to nine o’clock at night. The rest of the days, the library operates from ten o’clock, in the morning to varied hours that range from five in the evening to nine o’clock at night. People like to access the services of libraries early in the morning before they start their daily activities or late in the evening, when they have finished their difficulties. Therefore, the library does not offer the best timelines for people to access information. This limits the services offered by the library. Secondly, the library requires that everyone possesses a library card. This limits people who want to have an access to a single material from the library.

Getting a library card for such people may seem cumbersome and expensive. This does not work properly with children. Children may misplace their library cards and get difficulty, in accessing the services of the library. This happens especially when children go to the library without their parents escort. Thirdly, the library offers a wide range of services but with a limited resource base. For instance, it has only five public computers that people can use to scan and print materials that they require, whether print or online materials. Being a regional library, it should have enough resources that would prevent congestion. Lastly, the library has not specified specific places for finding out materials for a certain topical area, for instance recreational or educational resource. This happens especially in the website of the library. It offers a generalized search of documents and materials that one might need. Therefore, this might seem cumbersome for someone still new to the website of the library. One may become confused regarding the right place where he or she can get a certain resource.

Just like all organizations, Cape Breton library has threat and opportunities. First, the library operates through the support of well-wishers. In case the library lacks people who can support it out of goodwill, the library faces a threat of offering poor services because of lack of enough funds. Therefore, there is an opportunity to seek for more financial backing from other sources. Secondly, the library depends on the availability of customers. Therefore, if the people who seek the services of the library get services from other libraries that prove quality than the services of the library, it may fail. The adoption of information technology and a good public relation will improve this.

Thirdly, the library has a threat of losing resources to dishonest people. People may steal important resources from the library. This may impair the services that the library offers. Together with this, one employee may decide to leak significant information about the operations of the library. This may help other libraries get this information and use it, to build on their own. This may lead to the failure of library. These threats pose a significant risk to the existence of the library; nevertheless, with them come opportunities (Cape Breton Regional Library).


Cape Breton regional library has strengths, weaknesses, and threats just like any other organizations. The strengths offer an advantage to the operation of the library. Resources provide a good operating background for the library. The library provides educational, technological, and recreational services to a variety of people that range from children, youths, and adults. It has used technological advances, for instance, the Internet to make its services better. However, the library has certain weaknesses that impair some of its services that it offers to the public. An analysis of the library indicates that the library has achieved milestones, in ensuring that the public gets quality services. It also operates through the support from well-wishers.

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