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Know the dimensions of the room, so that you can get a better idea of just how much space you will need to plan for. Take into consideration any architectural features that cannot be changed such as the window or a built-in closet.

How much do you want to spend? Don't forget to make a budget; it will compel you to focus on priorities and help you to reach your goal.

Create a list of the bedroom furnishings you want to include. Instead of buying each piece separately, you might want to consider purchasing a bedroom set, which consists of basic groupings like a bed with matching night stand and dresser or armoire.

Do you want a full/double bed, a queen bed or a king bed? Keep in mind that the size of the room should dictate the size of the bed. A bed that is either too small or too large will spoil the general look of the bedroom.

The width of the headboard determines the overall size of the bed, for example, single, full or queen. If you are buying just the headboard, make sure that it will match your existing bed frame.

If you do want a larger bed in a small space, choose one with a simple design, like a platform bed. This will lessen the visual impact of the bed, preventing its size from overpowering the room, while allowing you a little more floor space to work with.

We tend to think of most bedroom furnishings as being neutral, but selecting the wrong color of furniture can clash with your existing color scheme. To avoid having to repaint your room or buy new curtains, make sure that your new bedroom suite will blend in with the colors currently in the room.

Proper lighting is important to the atmosphere of any bedroom. When deciding on the placement of your furniture, take full advantage of natural light, and ensure nightstands or dressers designated to hold task lighting are close to power sources.

If you want to purchase a traditional style bed, such as a sleigh bed, in metal rather than wood, choose warmer finishes that are more closely associated with traditional furnishings, like textured black, bronze, and antique white.




Internet research on

manufactures of bedroom furniture





Review of task one





A work plan for the assignment





Review of task two





A SWOT analysis considering the strengths and weaknesses together with the major threats and business opportunities of PBF





Review of task Three





Drawing of an organizational chart for the company reflecting major conclusions answering out of the SWOT analysis





Review of task four





Power point presentation of premium bedroom furniture





Review of task five





Four reasons why staff might resist changes as a result the SWOT analysis





Review of task six





A list of ten ways in which a decision support system could enable the management of PBC to run the day-to-day operations effectively





Review of task seven




Review of the task 1-7



Final submission of the assignment

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business venture. It involves specifying the objective of the business venture or project and identifying the internal and external factors that are favorable and unfavorable to achieve that objective. The technique is credited to Albert Humphrey, who led a convention at Stanford University in the 1960s and 1970s using data from Fortune 500 companies


Below are four hundred words summary of my conclusion on PBF.

Business strength of PBF: Their most successful products in terms of revenue generated are as follows (with the percentage of the total revenue of the company that each product is responsible for being indicated in brackets):

• Wooden bed frames (31%);

• Bedside cabinets (21%);

• Wardrobes (15%);

These figures above represents their strength in terms of their product being sorted out by percentage terms by their customers in the market, identifying these strength and putting in practicable measures to maximize their market share of the product will increase each of the above to at least 10% or above to mean that wooden bed frame will be 41%, bed side cabinets 31% and the rest in that order. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis


Weaknesses of PBF

• Failure to adopt new working practices, which has meant that the costs of PBF's products have become more expensive than its competitors, with the result that sales and market share are decreasing in the home market. It has also resulted in conflict between the management and trade union.

• All three manufacturing sites are old and require significant investment to bring them up to the standards required by health and safety laws. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis


The opportunities that exist to develop their current product lines or exploit new business opportunities (in particular the possibility of growing their market share in the commercial market place

Although the company's products sell primarily into the home market, they have recently agreed contracts with two hotel groups to supply wooden bed frames and bedside cabinets to all of their hotels in the region. These contracts have had a major impact on the sales of these two products, with the result that they are now the company's best selling items. The sales to these hotel groups currently represent 8% of the overall company revenue. In addition a further three hotel groups are also expressing an interest in setting up similar agreements. These three additional hotels will help increase their revenue to a further upward margin showing their marginal revenue greater than marginal cost hence the equation will look like this MR>MC

NCC Organizational and business structures Module DB 104 pages 1-245 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWOT_analysis


The major threats of PBF

The management of the company has made a number of poor decisions both in terms of the Day-to-day operation of the company and the associated planning activities. It has become clear that this is largely due to the fact they do not have access to timely and accurate management information upon which to base their management and operational decisions hence I recommend a database management system software and the over staffed in the various sites be given ICT training by a renowned ICT institution like IPMC to be able to help in their decision making at both management and senior levels.

NCC Organizational and business structures Module DB 104 pages 1-245



The major conclusion arising out of the swot analysis I carried on PBF has the following restructuring to place them in a very competitive edged to serve their customers well and also increase their profit margin.

Site B has high revenue generating opportunity than the other sites. This is as a result of their products doing well in both the home or foreign market wooden bed frames and bedside cabinet have revenue generations as follows 31% and 21% respectively. Because of this, I recommend management to make some changes in their production and office staff. Increased the production staff from 35 to 45 and office staff from 10 to 12 since site Bs products are doing well in the market I believe there should be more staff members who will see to the production of more of their products be made available at the market for customers due to their ever demanding quantities

Site A, will as a matter of strategic advantage retain production staff of 40 and 5 office staff. This is because automation of the office with modern decision support systems as well as the training given to them as the head of management station they will be able to provide timely and well as fast and reliable information to management at a beacon call.

Also Site C should have their staff level in production reduce to 10 and the five send to increase or augment the various increases in production or office staff in the other sites and the 5 be maintain since their revenue generation is minimal as compare to the other sites but could be increase in future as a result of the major changes.

Resistance is an inevitable response to any major change. Individuals naturally rush to defend the status quo if they feel their security or status are threatened. Folger & Skarlicki (1999) claim that "organizational change can generate skepticism and resistance in employees, making it sometimes difficult or impossible to implement organizational improvements


1, Fear of losing positions/jobs in PBF:

There are many employees as well as middle level employees of PBF who will natural feel the reorganization is meant to withdraw their services from the company especially staff from site c who in recent times have got their sales target reduce drastically to 4% for stools,4% for dressing table and 6% for desk


Trust and empower front-line managers to be the primary gatekeepers of important decisions. Inform supervisors of the decision in advance and provide opportunities for them to discuss the implications before it filters down to their employees. Nothing erodes managers' credibility like giving them only a piece of the message, or letting them know last, forcing them to make up their own stories as employees. Frontline managers usually have far more credibility than C-level managers when it comes to delivering "the real story." Equip managers with the content and tools they need to relay a compelling and truthful message

2, Adoption of good working practices

PBF's products have become more expensive than its competitors, with the result that sales and market share are decreasing in the home market. It has also resulted in conflict between the management and the trade union. The above problems are as a result of poor working practices. Employees may see new working practices such as lock out equipment by removing the ignition key and by disconnecting the battery cable, disable the electrical system by disconnecting a battery cable or remove fuses for a circuit when working on the electrical system, use jacks and hoists to move and handle heavy components, use solvents with a flash point above 60⁰c where possible to reduce risk of fire, dispose or recycle waste materials in accordance to government regulation and many others as burdensome and this may result in resistance from workers by failing to adopt new working practices.


Employees should be educated about new working practices and as a matter of policy be provided and ask to wear approved safety glasses, face shield, headwear when doing work such as grinding,hammering,cutting,welding and working with batteries. All three manufacturing sites are told and require significant investment to bring them up to the standards required by health and safety laws.


3, Conscientious Objection or Differing Perceptions

People may sincerely believe that you are wrong. They may view the situation form a different viewpoint, or may have aspirations for themselves or the organization that are fundamentally opposed to yours


It is worth trying to understand their position, however once you have done so and formed an opinion, do what you think is right. Remember that different people in different jobs will have different perceptions of a situation: a sales manager will almost inevitably have a different view of the right level of commission payments to salesmen from the view of a finance director!


4, Lack of competence to change:

Change in an organization enhances change in skills and some people feel they won't be able to make the change or transition very well. In many cases, moving people towards change expects you to be an effective motivator


However, a successful change campaign includes effective new training programs typically staged from abroad to be specific. With this, initial events should be town-hall information events, presenting the reasons for the change, specifying the next steps, outlining future communication channels for questions etc...Then, training programs must be implemented and evaluated over time. In this case you can minimize or reduce the initial fear of a lack of personal competence for change by showing how people will be brought to competence throughout the change process hence in-services software training at IPMC College of technology

Below is a list of ten ways in which a decision support system help management of the company to operate, plan and allocate resource's tasks more effectively and efficiently.

1. Time savings

For all categories of decision support systems, research has demonstrated and substantiated reduced decision cycle time, increased employee productivity and more computerized decision support are often substantial.

2. Enhance effectiveness

A second category of advantage that has been widely discussed and examined is improved decision making effectiveness and better decisions. Decision quality and decision making effectiveness are however hard to document and measure. Most research has examined soft measures like perceived decision quality rather than objective measures. For example, Hogue and Watson (1983) reported the most important reason managers cited for using a DSS was to obtain accurate information. Studies of model-driven DSS have examined this outcome more than research on other types of DSS (cf., Sharda, Barr, and McDonnell, 1988). Advocates of building data warehouses identify the possibility of more and better analyses that can improve decision making.

3. Improving interpersonal communication

DSS can improve communication and collaboration among decision makers. In appropriate circumstances, communications-driven and group DSS have had this impact. Model-driven DSS provide a means for sharing facts and assumptions. Data-driven DSS make 'one version of the truth' about company operations available to managers and hence can encourage fact-based decision making. Improved data accessibility is often a major motivation for building a data-driven DSS. This advantage has not been adequately demonstrated for most types of DSS.

4. Competitive advantage

Vendors frequently cite this advantage for business intelligence systems, performance management systems, and web-based DSS. Although it is possible to gain a competitive advantage from computerized decision support, this is not a likely outcome. Vendors routinely sell the same product to competitors and even help with the installation. Organizations are most likely to gain this advantage from novel, high risk, enterprise-wide, inward facing decision support systems.

5. Cost reduction

Some research and especially case studies have documented DSS cost saving from labor savings in making decisions and from lower infrastructure or technology costs.

6. Increase decision maker satisfaction

The novelty of using computers has and may continue to confound analysis of this outcome. DSS may reduce frustrations of decision makers, create perceptions that better information is being used and/or create perceptions that the individual is a 'better' decision maker. Satisfaction is a complex measure and often researchers measure satisfaction with the DSS rather than satisfaction with using a DSS in decision making.

7. Promote learning

Learning can occur as a by-product of initial and ongoing use of a DSS. Two types of learning seem to occur: learning of new concepts and the development of a better factual understanding of the business and decision making environment. Some DSS serve as 'de facto' training tools for new employees.

8. Transfer of power.

An advantage of a DSS is that it has the potential to transfer power . Building DSS, especially knowledge-driven DSS, may be perceived as transferring absolute decision authority to a software program. However, a built computerized decision support systems will only help improve decision making in organization while keeping a human decision maker in the decision circle, and not necessarily replacing the human decision makers. It is important that organization value the need for human discretion and innovation in the decision making process. This is a sure way having an effective utilization of DSS while maintaining the human decision makers.

9 Enhance effectiveness.

Another advantage of Decision Support System ( DSS) is that, this advanced information technology has an improved decision making effectiveness and efficiency despite that decision quality and decision making effectiveness of management are however hard to document and measure. Considering that, all relevant decisions of an organization are readily available and accessible to all levels of management and employees, it will enhance the operation's effectiveness and also make planning, resource allocation tasks more efficient. When there is a comprehensive DSS in place, management and employees will be able to use to attain organizational goals and objectives. This has been confirmed by Hogue and Watson ( 1983), who reported that the most important reason managers are fond of using a DSS was to obtain accurate information needed for the attainment of organizational goals. It is also in this light that individuals have advocated for a building of a data warehouses. They reason that, this will help identify the possibility of a more and better analyses that can improve decision making of organization. ( Sharda, Bar, and McDonnell, 1988)

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