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With the development of economic globalization and information technology, sustainable development is the constant attention of the most important strategy for major industry. The influence of environment plays a critical role in the transport sector. Especially in such a large international context, if the logistics industry wants to survive and develop well and make a convenient, speedy and efficient development mode for the state, enterprises and individuals, they can not neglect to form the sustainable development strategy. This paper discusses the new understanding of sustainability especially for the formulation of sustainable development strategies for developing transport industry. Moreover this article further illustrates the effect of sustainable development to transport industry to make strategies. Finally, it pay attention that the most important strategy is the use of new technologies for the development of the logistics industry.

How to understand the term of sustainability? Lester, director of the U.S. World watches Institute. r. Professor Brown believes that "sustainable development is a concept with the economic implications of Ecology ... ... a sustained economic and social system of social structure, natural resources and life should be sustained to maintain the structure of the system." The Core of sustainable development idea is to develop a healthy economy. And this model should be established on the premise the development of eco-economy. Green marketing can be seen that the development of the logistics industry has played a significant role in promoting. In recent years, with the considerable development of logistics industry, it is essential for enterprise to engage in ecological economy in order to make it fast, efficient, sustainable development. It is bound to influence the logistics of developing strategies and decision-making for new era of global economy and global information. In the premise and the background of sustainable development, a new understanding of sustainability is also of course, essential. In fact there is nothing more than for the understanding of the sustainability of the environment and sustainable development of enterprises. With the current sustained economic development, it led the rapid development of logistics. However, the rapid development of logistics also plays a negative impact. This negative effect is manifested in the increasing influence of the environment. It makes companies to increase the cost of the elimination of pollution. Waste pollution, resource waste, solid waste increase brings the negative impact of social environment. From the perspective of sustainable development of society, it must change the traditional logistics into green logistics (Browne, Michael and Allen, Julian and Woodburn, Allan G. and Piotrowska, Marzena, 2007) which will become the new trend of logistics development. Green logistics on the sustainable development of environment and enterprises play a crucial role. Therefore, the development of green logistics is the major road of business survival.

The effect of sustainable development is to make a strategy for the transport industry.

Among Fortune 500 companies, 60% to 70% of the company established a third-party logistics-based information network system, the Chinese logistics enterprises in general and the level of foreign companies in e-commerce is still in a big gap. Currently China has more than eight million SMEs, accounting for 99% of the total number of Chinese companies, these SMEs played an important role in stimulating private investment, ease employment pressure, and promote market competition, optimize the economic structure, promote technological innovation, to ensure steady growth of national economy, etc.. The logistics cost in China in the proportion of GDP is estimated 16.7% by the World Bank's (Prafulla Agnihotri, Hemalatha Santhanam, 2003). This shows that the speed of development of logistics has a direct impact on the economic development.

First, the process of product transportation logistics cause waste pollution to the environment. In order to carry out environmental sustainability, logistics companies need to manage this process. For example, the introduction of technology, personnel training, investment in pollution equipment, and so many ways are good for develop.

Fig.2 Material flows diagram of unit process

The following 6 shares of the logistics meet the balance of the quality of the final product

Relationship: Gi−1 +αi + β j,i = Gi +γ i + β i,m (m<i<j) (Liu Liru, Lu Zhongwu, Zhang Hongfu, 2009)

Figure Material flows diagram of unit process shows the flow of physical product. However, every detail of this process can not be ignored because this process will produce waste pollution. At the same time, companies had to increase the input costs to eliminate pollution. Second, it is of great help for the enterprise to establish a good reputation. Corporate reputation is intangible capital. the higher reputation is the magic weapon for enterprises to base on the market developing and gaining competitive advantage. It is helpful for enterprises to reduce financing costs, standardize business risks, improve management, increase social awareness and expand market share. So it is very useful for every enterprise to pay attention and focus on solving problems of creating a good corporate reputation. In the start-up period of Haier Group, the Group CEO Zhang resolutely decided that 76 refrigerators with uncertain quality are smashed by the responsible person using a sledgehammer, he said, we do not only shatter the products in question. The key is to shatter problem awareness and establish new product awareness. The incident caused great shock to workers and improves workers the qualitative sense. This example shows that the corporate reputation is essential for the life and death of business. The effective ways to establish a corporate reputation (Edmund R. Gray and John M.T. Balmer, 1998) are Ecological and sustainable economic development, development of green logistics, reduce pollution and so on.

Next, consider the application of New Technology. Strategy is strategy of guiding a company to move forward well. However, the new high technology is essential for guiding the logistics enterprises to develop vastly. Comrade Deng Xiaoping once said that science and technology are primary productive forces. So the effective weapon to promote the rapid development of enterprises is technology and advanced technology can be used to enhance productivity and competitiveness of enterprises. In the context of the global information technology, logistics, information technology has played a significant role in promoting development. As the Internet used in the logistics industry, it is nothing more than the internet take unprecedented role in promoting the development of logistics industry. Information on the Internet narrow the distance between the exchanges of enterprise information. There are many logistics companies in Shenzhen, Holford Company is one of the logistics company. It receives IBM, Japan's Minolta, and so many of foreign trade company in the security delivered of electronic materials transportation within 24 hours. This is a very excellent company in the information age.

Basing on the application diagram of the technology in logistics management system shows that the application of advanced technologies plays a role for the logistics and transport. From the above chart it shows that the logistics from purchase to final delivery stringent checks are required and the process of supply chain management is particularly important.

As basing on the understanding of sustainable development this paper clarifies that the effect of sustainable development to the logistics industry, and then explain that the enterprise should take full account of sustainable development when making development strategies. In fact, the environment and sustainable development as well as their sustainable development should be considered. Companies also do a good job in improving their corporate reputation when making Green logistics. In the era of globalization and information, new technology has brought great changes which will undoubtedly advance the development of the logistics industry. This article aims to promote that the logistics industry can take full account of sustainability to improve profits and economic development under the premise of this feature. It should be all environmental and their own development of sustainability.