Supporting Objectives through Strategic Human Resource Planning

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Human resource planning is the process for ensuring that the human resource requirements of an organization are identified and plans are made for satisfying those requirements. It is the practice for making certain that the human resource necessities of a company are recognized and tactics are ready for fulfilling those necessities or in other words it is an approach for the attainment, deployment, development and maintenance of a company's human resources and is a procedure of forecasting the range and composition for upcoming work force.

The purpose of this assignment is to take a comprehensive look at human resource planning. I have preferred "Dell" as an organization for my assignment. This assignment will focus on different ways through which HR planning can help Dell's strategic goals. Dell is currently having a remarkable growth in all aspects of its business and it requires a proper effective Human Resource Planning, which can help its business units to continue this progress more successfully and efficiently. The functions which are performed by Dell HR department are more strategic based, due to many reasons, first due to HR department structure; here the Dell HR department is separated in two main parts "operations" and "management". Dell HR Operations have following duties to perform, employees gains, pay compensation and maintaining relation with employees, through a service center. In Dell HR, the staff member can report directly to upper level management without coming in contact with other business units. Where as in second part of Dell HR department contains Dell University which helps to provide training, education and operations of a company. And this part of HR looks at staffing procedure and contains HR generalist who can report both the vice president of business unit and the vice president of HR. Here the management has to deal with strategic issues rather than operational issues.

The main purpose of these two divisions in HR department of Dell is to proficiently manage two different types of customers they are dealing with. The operational division deals with employees, where as management division purpose is to support overall Dell's business activities.

In this assignment we are going to study the wholistic strategic importance, its related procedures and conclusion of our HR planning one by one in the following

1. Support of objectives through HR planning

Following are the Dell's strategy potential e.g. the capability of the Dell to accomplish long term objectives;

The strategic importance of current, future and anticipated HR requirements

Present HR needs and its significance e.g. The kind and numbers of employees required to meet the organizational goal.

Upcoming and expected requirements and its value e.g. number and type of employees necessary to accomplish upcoming goals

Resources capacity i.e. monetary assets, material and human capital.

Dell's vision, standards, illustration as a company.

Dell's Human capital i.e. Employees abilities and proficiency as a major strategic potential.

Formulation of Dell's HR Strategy:

The significance and capacity of a company approach e.g. the main purpose of business strategy is to get an advantage over your rivals.

Strategic combination/placement/fit, i.e. Dell's HR has to make strategy which support its business, so HR strategy must match business strategy, cutting cost is business strategy and employees termination is HR strategy, both meets same goal.

Impact of Human Resource Planning on Strategic Plans of Dell:

Every Company's HR department makes a method of increasing the efficiency level of their employees by continuously checking employee's performance, and pointing out their mistakes. Dell's HR department constantly comes through problems, in selecting and making their employees efficient so they can maintain the relation with customers as well as maintaining company's ethnicity.

Dell's HR management team assists in the segmentation planning process by handling HR issues, such as recognize personnel needs, working out lines of reporting and organizational charts and defining training needs. HR strategically consults with the business unit but also works out the nuts and bolts of putting people where they need to be, with the necessary skills and training.

HR department also have a strategy of supporting the segmentation planning process by effectively handling HR matters, in which the following things come across, determine the employees individual needs, effectively making company reports and charts and identifying the training requirements. HR department also make plans to puts the right person on right job. HR strategy at Dell is made by a high level team whose work is to see all the aspects of strategy formation and then finally come out with the final key strategies for up coming year, which are commonly very quantitative and quantifiable.

HR Planning Process:

Review the given set of information for the following purposes, plans for HR policies, estimating demand, estimating supply, monitoring the internal appointments, planning for successive strategy.

Stages of HR Planning:

Business and its formation planning, human capital deployment planning, knowledge and growth planning, efficiency management and inspiration planning, worker preservation plans and communication plans.

Influence of HR planning on Strategic Plan:

In what way Dell's strategic plan is affected by HR plan e.g. if HR plan is sensible and efficiently prepared it helps the business to accomplish its long term ambition.

Legal and organisational frameworks for the employment of staff

The Influence of Current Legal Requirements on HRP:

The department of HR has additionally placed itself to supply strategic services by using the web-based technology in order to save extra paperwork. Where price says all employees' pays are on web based system which reduces the paper cost. The company is shifting the authority - rights - and some responsibilities to executives. This web-based Organizational Human Resource Planning (OHRP) process of Dell helps executive to do their own planning for succession, important job reorganization, capability planning and worker progress.

Justice in employment and choosing of Employees

Illicit discrimination, for example in writing job descriptions and personal qualifications, publicity, work out an submission form, selection, interview, testing and final assortment.

Justice and security during Service

Worker rights, for example, motherhood rights, right adoption, parental holiday, fatherhood leave and compensation, urgent situation leave, right to demand elastic working etc.

Exiting the Company

Reason and motive for removal from office

Discharge and sensibleness

Constructive removal from office

Process for recruitment and selection of new staff at Dell:

Dell usually recruits employees for whom change is not an issue. "In reality, the majority of employees grow here." Koster thinks that after few years HR department will have to sluggish down there procedure to see whether everything is working as it should be.

Choosing the Right Personnel:

When organization is growing in a high pace one must start hiring employees faster and rightly, because only thing which can stop the pace of growth is the failure of hiring people. However recruiting promptly is not sufficient, because in fast expansion, cost tip out can cause association to give up excellence for amount. There is always a danger of not hiring the right people if the company doesn't have the accurate procedure.

Process of Staffing

Preparation to hunt & choose applicants

Defining the need of HR

Developing Job descriptions and individual credentials

Placing ad of opportunity

Evaluating the results of staffing

Process of Selection

Sort out through request

Short listing the applicants

Assortment, interview process and final testing

Agreement of employment

Orientation of new staff

Act in Accordance with Legal Requirements:

Staffing actions are enclosed by a rising body of legislation and system of practice intended to keep out biasness and unjust conduct. These include: the Sex bias Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976, the Disability bias Act 1995, the service (Sexual Orientation 2002; the service (Religion or Belief) system 2003 and the CRE statutory Code of put into on fairness in service. Keep yourself up to time with the newest advancement to make sure that you go after high-quality practice and don't break the system.

The effect of the organisational environment on Employee

The Effect of Organizational Culture on Recruitment & Retention of Employees:

Culture of Organization

Shein (2004) tells culture of an organization "essential supposition and viewpoint that are pooled by member of an association, that function without thinking and describe in a necessary engaged for decided style."

Result of organizational culture on staffing of employees

Example authority culture in an organization will put in order the use of authority in staffing process

Organizational culture on preservation and it effect

For example employee culture may have an unfavourable outcome on the preservation of less advantaged group of employees

Culture of an organization can expose the detained attitude and practice of its employees. It includes the existing background of workers (education, personal experiences), work potential (work hours, openness), style of communication (face-to-face, electronic, meetings), level of pecking order, management style and general capability, approach toward authority, place of work design, and other more insubstantial characteristics.

Similarly company's culture also affects the recruitment and preservation process of employees. Take an example, if a company makes a mission to rehabilitate lawbreaker, it is important to promote a culture which supports this goal. If the mission is not carried out by the culture then good performers of the company will leave the job, because it would be impossible for them to maintain their performance to achieve company's goal, if the culture in which they belong is not supportive.

And due to high evacuation rate the existing employees will feel more stress and extra work load on to their shoulders and they also would like to leave the job, this would increase the company turnover rate. When this happens the status of a company falls in the market. Due to which it would be considered an organization where the workload is high but the remuneration are not matched generally leads to hiring problems afterwards. It will force company to hire workforce which is not fully capable of doing quality work. This tells us that if a company changes its culture to a poor one automatically qualified personnel will not enter to the company.

In order to change the effects of negative culture we should quickly change it with positive one. As per the experience of author there is no need to have just one massive culture for the whole organization, but every department must have their own culture according to their needs, requirements and goals. Companies should also on time to time basis re evaluate and recondition their culture according to the current environment.

Assessment of Work Life Balance & Changing Patterns of Work Practices

Now days the organizations are more focusing on improving relation between employee's work and their personal life, through this the company can profit their own business. Also improving recruitment process and making it easy will help persuade more job applicants. This can help company to have large amount of applicants from which they can choose more talented and experienced employees, if the employers can not have a proper and required amount of employees, then they must make changes in current job aspects, they can decrease time, or divide the work, to make a job more appealing to employees.

As the working condition of the current world is changing day by day due to the following aspects, improvement in technology, more appealing openings for jobs, new globalization forces affecting businesses, demand of women to work etc. To assure that our work promotes a healthy workforce for future, we should consider a proper and effective work-life balance for employees. Implementing this strategy can help organization and employees benefit equally. The talent and skills of people must be enhanced to promote businesses and government services. And due to the globalization the companies must relax and change traditional working days to fulfil customer requirements. It will also help employees to relax and improve their work life. This can also appeal more workforces.

The concept of Work-life balance is about pure common sense and excellent practice in management. What it wants from the Company is not altruism but also consider self importance, not bounty but forethought. The main purpose of this practice is to keep in balance profit of both employees and employers, so the working condition can compensate both workforce and organization. It would result in a more efficient and cost-effective company and can provide quality of life to employees. Many businesses have seen profit of using this practice. The purpose is to increase the profit for the company.

Grievance, Discipline & Dismissal Procedure at Dell

Grievance can be described as the reason of objection & displeasure. The grievance take place as employee believes that manager or supervisor is treating him badly. An employee sometimes even think that the manager is being prejudice by not liking the employee may be due to his/her race, sex, age or the way that employee works and the manager will unfairly do the appraisal. This thought can sometimes be real as well as imaginary, Whether it is imaginary or real it will have an effect on the productivity of a worker. There should be a process of listening or understanding the problems of employees. Grievance occurs when an employee's complaint is unheard and this gives dissatisfaction to the employee. So in order to prevent this situation firms should have strategy to tackle this issue. If the workforce is satisfied then they can efficiently work towards achieving the organizational goal. Usually big companies like Dell use good strategies to tackle these types of problems.

Complaint: Complaint usually rose when an individual is unhappy with the situation, environment or may be by the colleague's behavior. It is mostly brought to the notice of the manager/supervisor or the management. For example "I issued four pens from the reception and since morning two of them have been taken away from my table" this is an example of a complaint, which can be brought to the attention of the manager. Dell's human resource planning department is capable enough to handle employee's problems in doing so they have a proper procedure through which these problems can be solved.

Grievance: For many people grievance is a complaint which is mostly unnoticed and unheard. But if it is heard then it is usually in the form of writing which is presented to the manager or the concern person.

4.1. Process to be followed in a grievance situation

Employee informing about the injustice or grievance faced by him/her

In Dell the HRP department calls on to the employee for a discussion or meeting

Investigating about the cause of grievance

HRP department of Dell make sure that they come to a conclusion

Giving an employee a chance to appeal for his/her rights

As we know prevention is better than cure and it is even best to have early diagnosis about the grievances and solved as soon as possible. If it stays unsolved for sometimes then it becomes harder to resolve the issue. If the management of any company delays in solving grievance issue than the worker becomes annoyed. That is why Dell uses the right approach to solve the issue efficiently and accordingly to have better relation between the management and the employee.

There are many ways to deal with grievance and they are as follows:

If the manager or supervisor forces his opinion or decision on to the employee and take no notice of grievance then this way or this method will leave terror in his/her mind. It also leads to lack of confidence and inferior the moral shown by the employee. Employee later thinks that he/she should move to another company because no one here is hearing his/her voice. This type of employee usually moves within the rivalry and if they don't move them, then they just minimally hold the grievance to him/her-self. In using of this method an employee stays unsatisfied.

In Dell HRP department uses the system of doing analysis also uses the human relation approach this is another way of solving grievance. This practice creates value and self-belief which makes an employee or worker pleased or satisfied.

There is another approach called legal approach, in this way company strictly applies the policy and the rule of such company.

By the counteractive action of eliminating the cause of the injustice.

By the formal method of submitting the matter to the grievance procedure set by the company and the union, monitor the given steps.

In Dell the concern department monitors the given steps regarding the grievance procedure.

By presenting the grievance directly to deliberate adjudication.

When managing grievances at Dell managers check following points:

Obtaining the grievance correctly

Provide individual a good consideration

Inquire him/her to replicate the story

Reiterate basics in your own words

Promise him/her of a respond

Find out the facts

Make sure every viewpoint

Ensure the union conformity

Confirm company course of action

Inspect employee's record

Take action

Make alteration if Company is wrong

Sustain your position if your are right

Be able to communicate specifics with your manager/supervisor


To make sure whether the action was taken

Things should be sort out in order to prevent the grievance

Mark up grievance and action taken

Encourage employee to do well make him/her feel strong

4.2. Stages of a discipline issue that results in dismissal

Explaining dismissal

Employer redundant employees with for a meticulous reason

Examine the matter thoroughly

Letter should be sent to an employee for a meeting

Arranging a meeting

Making a decision including any sanctions- first written warning, final written warning and dismissal

Giving the right of appeal

According to Richard D. Calhoon, "Discipline is the force that makes individuals punctual by obeying set of laws, policies, and procedures considered needed for an organization." As per him discipline in any case is very important in our professional and personal life. Discipline means protecting steady performance in harmony with the conventional norms of actions. Dell is very strict about employee discipline every worker has to follow the policy, rules and regulation.

Essence of Discipline: The essence of discipline as per Megginson, the following three things involves discipline; one is self-discipline in which a person tries to manage his/her things accordingly and well managed with time. In this the person is determine to do well and to achieve personal as well as organizational goal. When an employee goes off track in his/her behavior, he/she has to be penalize for the same and the reappearance of it must be avoided. There are two types of discipline positive and negative, positive discipline can be accomplished through effectual management.

Causes for Dismissal, downgrading or postponement at Dell:

Any permanent or probationary employee may be dismissed, downgrade or suspended for the following causes:

Depraved conduct.

Unethical conduct.



Habit to the use of controlled materials.

Breakdown or reject to carry out the normal and reasonable duties of the position.

Certainty of a crime or conviction of any misbehavior involving ethical turpitude.

Deception in protecting slot.

Being drunk at work.

4.3. The Role of ACAS & Employment Tribunals in Dell

ACAS (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) is an agency that gives counseling and direction, arbitration, pacification etc. on employment issues.

Part of employment hearing in grievance, regulation and discharge process;

Employment hearings are self-governing legal bodies which resolve disagreement between employers and employees.

Position of other external agencies in grievance, discipline and dismissal process;

Parity and human rights commission that deals with all characteristics of parity and bias

Commissioner's office is the UK's is the self-sufficient authority which set up to endorse admission to official information and to defend individual information

There are executive for health and safety whose goal is to prevent passing away of humans, injury and illness in the UK.

This agency helps Dell to manage employee's issues accordingly. Through their helpful advice and services the companies are curing their issues. This agency also works closely with employees whose voice is not heard and their legal right is denied.


Although Human resource planning at Dell is a significant action of HR department that supports the strategic intention of the business, so far in the wake of worldwide economic, demographic, social, and technological changes there is a dreadful need to hammer some strategic changes in some of the discussed areas that form the foundation of HRP.