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The study will examine the existing supply chain management system and emphasizing on the possible changes which enhance productivity. The present financial crisis has become vital component after the great slump in economic conditions. The much expected GDP growth in the first quarter of 2010 did not go very well for UK, instead the economy drop further 0.4%. While the European counterparts have announced reasonable growth rates, we are still looking for positive indications. Each and every aspect, including the essential needs and house hold has been affected and the purchasing power has come down. This has become one of the core competences of many organizations researching to improve customer satisfaction levels, minimizing costs and maximize profitability. Renovating and restructuring have become quite basic fundamental with businesses investigating for synergies and novel initiatives. Furthermore, recent promotions in the McDonalds and procedures have created huge business opportunities by effectively managing customer satisfaction levels. This is really great opportunity and challenge that my work will be a great research on supply chain management in one of the areas to improve organizational efficiency.

Introduction :-

Background of the research study :-

The intention of research study is to establish new facts that will improve the performance of supply chain management and set up key control to minimise the cost of production. There are few significant factors which strives me to take up this project on supply chain management

To get better knowledge in supply chain management and which on of the core competences of business

To progress practical approach handling research methods

To comprehend real supply chain practices in a organisation like Mcdonalds.

To know the distinct features of supply chain system

Rationale of the research :-

Critical evaluation of existing supply chain management process using various

research methods and draw a conclusion to minimise the wastage and improve the performance. Supply chain has become very important aspect of the every business and in fact effective supply chain management system will fetch competitive advantage. McDonald's food business has been consistently growing and they are trying to stabilise their business in the long run. The McDonald's Corporation's business idea is slightly different from that of most other fast-food chains. In addition to ordinary franchise fees, supplies, and percentage of sales. Due to that they very keen act on their supply chain management which gives positive motivation work on the project. The study will be held in two ways qualitative and quantitative methods to gauze the performance and take necessary action according to the crisis situation.

Conceptual framework of the research  study:-

My research is concentrated on the Supply Chain factors present both the streams of the value chain. As such, I'm also interested in the supply side and the demand side towards suppliers and the end customers. My work will be done on three dimensions:

Examine the current Supply Chain procedures.

Impact of supply chain management on McDonald stock control-data collection ,analysis and research findings

Supply Chain impact on the Customer Service.

Issue statement:-

The research problem that I would like to address is the inefficiencies and progressing opportunities in the McDonald supply chain. I will be focusing on the organization of Supply Chain , identify possible opportunities and recommend changes to be made robust supply chain management system. As I mentioned will be concentrating on three dimensions: . Through my research, I aim to answer the following questions:

Systematic flow of Supply chain control at McDonalds?

A study of the ERP and related systems along with their impact on its value chain.

How does McDonald manage its Supplier relations?

How is the supply chain affecting customer satisfaction?

How does stock control system work in McDonald and waste management?

A numerical analysis based on customer responses to structured questionnaires.

What are the amendments can be done to improve?

Recommendations based on data collected m respondents.

Detailed analyses on the way change have to be implemented and also ensure minimal impact on the service delivery during the transition stage.

How will this improve business performance?


The objectives of my research work is diverse, primarily would be looking at studying and professionally documenting the supply chain management at McDonalds, which needs some improvement. The system is good, but lacks proper process flow which is causing to many minor problems in the chain. My study is aimed to improve performance . My Secondary Objectives is to analyze the existing systems in use and recommend few vital points to reduce the cost and also Supplier Relationship Management in place and an empirical study on how the value chain is improving customer satisfaction.

Development of hypothesis:-

The ultimate objective of the research is to reality of my recommendations based on the hypothesis whether they are applicable to the business or not-this can only be done through hypothesis test. It can be performed based on my research findings and apply the sensible changes to the business and work for improvements. There are few research techniques to develop the hypothesis and it is a narrative statement of deductive research for ex :- **Null Hypothesis*

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Literature Review

"Purpose - The field of supply chain management (SCM) has historically been informed by knowledge from narrow functional areas. While some effort towards producing a broader organizational perspective has been made, nonetheless, SCM continues to be largely eclectic with little consensus on its conceptualization and research methodological bases. This paper seeks to clarify aspects of this emerging perspective.

Kevin Burgess, (Queensland Rail, Brisbane, Australia), Prakash J. Singh, (Department of Management, The University of Melbourne, Australia), Rana Koroglu, (School of Management, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia)

Design/methodology/approach - A total of 100 randomly selected refereed journal articles were systematically analyzed.

Findings - A number of key findings emerged: the field is a relatively "new" one; several disciplines claim ownership of the field; consensus is lacking on the definition of the term; contextual focus is mostly on the manufacturing industry; predominantly "process" conceptual framing prevails; research methods employed are mostly analytical conceptual, empirical surveys or case studies; the positivist research paradigmatic stance is prevalent; and theories related to transaction cost economics and competitive advantage dominate.

Originality/value - This review identifies various conceptual and research methodological characteristics of SCM. From a philosophy of knowledge perspective, it is suggested that SCM be framed as a Lakatosian Research Program, for this has the best potential to assist in the development of SCM body of knowledge in a sustainable way into the future."

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