Summary Case study: Health Robotics and Tosho Inc.

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Summary Case study: Health Robotics and Tosho Inc. Extend Partnership for 15 more years

The most successful company in health care field is Health Robotics because they are able to capture about 90% of the Oncology Robots in worldwide market and 80% of the robots market. By exchanging the knowledge between Health Robotics and Tosho Inc they get a benefit which are they able access to new technology. Health Robotics and Tosho Inc will continue their partnership for 15 year in November, 2012. Tosho Inc will give more right to control the robotic hardware and software components.

Besides, recently there have an increasing numbers of hospitals are using robot to perform some task for example: robots help the hospitals to automate some easier tasks or provide a new ways for doctors interact with patients beyond the bedside. Healthcare providers stated that robots can provide a lot of benefit to hospitals. There have more than 300 top hospitals installed the Health Robotics system around the world. The new technology provide a lot of benefit to the hospitals such as reduce the need of labor or having the better control of the medication. All the hospital want to make thing easier and in cheaper way.

Tugs, made by Pittsburgh-based Aethon, had replace the role of deliveries because the robots is able to move from one floor to another floor to deliver the lab result, linens and drugs. But, when the Robots join to United States hospitals it tends to fail in packaging drugs and sent the lab results. Moreover, the adoption of the robots need have the scale, have the mobility to invest and it must have scale.

Lynn DeRose, an expert in GE Company stated that they want operating rooms run more competently by construct a smart solution. There also have a better promise outcome such as reduction in the medication systems. Furthermore, according Catherine Hirokawa, St. Mary Medical centers of director say that, there is the error that only can occur are human errors. The healthcare industry move slowly into human life. Nowadays, many providers founded that there have many ways help people to reduce expenses and improve efficiency.



There is a few strength that gain by Health Robotics. Firstly, Health Robotics able to capture greater market share. Health Robotics had gain about 90% of the Oncology Robots in worldwide market. Since Health Robotics is a successful company in worldwide so they are able to gain more market share in market because they have already installed more than 300 hundred of the robotics system in those top hospitals around the world.

Moreover, the robotics system help the Health Robotics to better control of the mediation system that need to apply to the patients. The system is able to produces accurate and safety products. By having the features from the robotics system many of the hospitals may want to adopt the system in their hospitals because it can provide benefit to the hospitals and even to the patients. Thus, it can help the Health Robotics to generate more sales and revenues.

Furthermore, as mention before in earlier part Health Robotics is a successful company. By being a successful company it can help the company to enhance their company reputation. Reputation is very important criteria for a company towards success. Because it may provide a lot of benefit to the company and it may let the company to do thing easier. As Health Robotics Company having a good reputation therefore many hospitals will trust them. Therefore, there are over 300 hospitals in worldwide have installed robotic systems from Health Robotics.

Lastly, the strength that can be acquired from Health Robotics is they have a knowledgeable vice presidents. The vice presidents is one of the main designers of Health Robotics’ Medical Devices and he have about 30 years’ experience in medical technology and software field. He have bring a lot of innovate products in North America market. Recently, he has involve a design of health robotics such as i.v. STATION ONCOLOGY. I.V. STATION ONCOLOGY is one of the design that help the company capture 90% of the market share.


Health Robotics Company will continue the partnership contract with Tosho Inc in end of 2012. The contents of the new contract provide a lot of benefit for Tosho Inc but Health Robotics will encounter losses. Because the contents of the contract is provide Tosho Inc the greater control over the robotic hardware and software components. Besides that, the Sterile Compounding Robot will be transfer their manufacturing to Japan. Tosho Inc will have the greater control rights over the company. Thus, Health Robotics may lose control in manage their company.

In addition, the company technology will be transfer to another country, so Health Robotics Company may lose of their management position. As the Sterile Compounding Robot move to Japan, Health Robotics expertise may lose their job or they need to migration to Japan for work. If the expertise cannot adapt the culture, working condition or climate in Japan, they will suffering because Italy cultural may have different if compare with Japan. As the result, they cannot perform adapt to the environment. Therefore, they cannot perform well to the company.


Partnership can provide potential opportunity for a company to expand or even growth. For example the opportunity can gain by Health Robotics when they partnership with Tosho Inc they will have complementary skills to access for the new products. Every company have their expert in innovate new products, by partnership with another company so it can provide greater pool of skills, knowledge and contacts for the company. Tosho Inc is a Japanese company so when Health Robotics Company combine with them it allow them to gain more of the creative or useful knowledge during brainstorming. Now Health Robotics Company have gather sufficient market expertise and technical to help they develop products. By combining two company expertise to develop new products it may satisfy the needs and wants to the Japanese customers. So, it help Health Robotics Company to create a new potential market in Japan. Therefore, it can be provide a better opportunity to Health Robotics Company open a new market in Japan.


Since Health Robotics is a successful company in healthcare robotics field they may encounter some threat such as threaten of imitation and threaten of takeover. As the Health Robotics sales increase from year to year there must have company wish to imitate the robotic systems. As George Foster (1972), stated that envy is human phenomena. When you do one thing better, people will tend to follow or imitate you. As Health Robotics had increase their installation from year to year that might have a competitors appear to imitate their products.

In addition, the threat encounter by Health Robotics is threaten of takeover. The reason of Health Robotics partnership with Tosho Inc is due to help Health Robotics fend off unwanted attempts to take over their company. As Health Robotics have a strong reputation and have the innovative products it attract unwanted attempts to take over. If the company encounter problems such as not enough money to turnover because technology company keep do research and innovate new things and it might need a lot of funds to support them. If the company failed to innovate it may lead the company take over by unwanted.

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