Study of strategic management at Tawam Hospital

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Strategic Management has played and has been playing an important role in development of any organization right from the World War II. It is an important and an integral part of any organization nowadays. It is a practice that involves dealing with major initiatives taken now and to be taken in future by the general managers of a firm. It includes proper utilization of the resources, enhancing the performance of the firm and competing with the external environment. It implicates designing the mission, vision and the objectives along with the plans and policies with regard to the projects and programs. The projects are designed in order with the goals and objectives of the firm and then proper amount of resources are allocated to execute the plans and projects. Then, finally a feedback mechanism is used to evaluate how effectively the program or project is able to achieve the organizations goals. Hence, strategic management can be defined as a systematic analysis of factors that are related to the external environment and the internal environment so that the organization can think about the current practices of management and any possible changes can be suggested.

Strategic management plans range over a long period of time may be even for 10 years. But, with today's rapidly changing environment, designing a plan for the next 10 years would prove unsuccessful. Strategic management helps the company to achieve its goals in a successful and resourceful way. It helps the company to formulate, communicate and evaluate the implementation of a strategy with the help of a system interlinked to the vision of the company.

Current Performance Of Tawam Hospital:

The present study, which aims at studying the different aspects related to strategies followed at Tawam Hospital, managed by John Hopkins International is a leading corporate in its field. It offers many health services, including online health service using Virtual programs. In order to evaluate these aspects of the firm, data has been collected with regard to various strategies and Initiatives taken up in the organization. The hospital has designed and adopted various numbers of strategies to attain its goals effectively.

The company, right from its inception before 30 years has been concentrating on providing valuable and best quality services to its patients along with improvement in the facilities for both its patients and employees. With this in mind, the firm has designed and implemented many good policies which resulted in an increased return on investment, more customer satisfaction. Not only did the firm tried to maintain its current position, but also it adopted many renovation plans and projects which helped the firm to increase the market share. The aim of the firm is said to be to maintain and engage in long term relationships beneficial for both the parties. With this, the firm is sure that it can improve its return on investment along with increasing productivity and delivering improved quality services to the customers. An example, to increase its ROI at a reduced cost, the firm has started Contractors Excellence Awards Scheme so that sound relationships are maintained with the suppliers. There are many such events organized and launched by the firm to gain advantage of the market.

This hospital, which is managed, owned and operated by the SEHA (Health Services Company of Abu-Dhabi) has launched its website in the native Arabic language which contributed to a large extent in increasing its market share. The authorities say that this move will improvise the health services by using the new technological solutions in its plan. With this idea, the hospital was able to serve to a greater number of audiences compared to earlier.

Along with this, the firm has implemented many projects and programs in different quarters of the year 2010 based on the needs and necessities of the patients. Every new project has a set of critical issues which should be addressed: Revenue Capture, Customer Services Infrastructure Management and Improvement of the Clinical Services continuously. Based on the nature of the project, these issues are added with more or are reduced.

Strategic Posture:

The company has always been trying to provide safe, quality and efficient health care services to the patients with a motto "Treat patients as you treat your family members". Every new project or program dealt by the firm has customer satisfaction as a basis. Maintaining proper relationships with suppliers and customers, providing services in a cost effective manner in every aspect have been other objectives of the firm. (tawam hospital)

The mission of the firm is to make available a varied quality of health services which can meet the requirements and expectations of people in UAE and in the surrounding areas of GCC countries. The objectives of the firm are to increasing the scope of services provided to the customers, providing quality, safe, affordable and efficient health services, improving the facilities provided to the customers and revenue capture. The strategies and policies implemented and adopted by the firm are in alignment with the objectives and the mission of the firm. By looking at the business plan of the firm, it can be said that the firm's main concentration has been in expanding the services to the customers, renovating and remodeling the facilities being provided to the patients, increasing its domain to new areas right from oncology to Pain management, later these parts are dealt clearly. The firm has also started programs for providing training and developing the key skills of its citizens through internship programs. Not only is the company striving to develop people from outside, but the firm also is dedicated to develop the skills of its own team which depicts the aim of the company to continuously improve and grow.

The company, being in one of the most profitable sectors nowadays (the health sector), has been striking a balance between its profit motive and also the services to be provided. Never did the company appeared to have compromised the comfort and safety of people for its benefits, which states that the mission, values forms a basis in whatever the company does. The firm is operating in health sector and by looking at the company's website; the mission of the company seems to be to give the customers with a wide variety of services to meet their expectations and requirements. (Juneja)

The Tawam hospital's corporate objectives are to increase the extent and renovate the existing facilities in order to survive in the market in future and in present. Along with this, the firm also aims at improving the standards of its own employees by imparting in them, new skills through Leadership and Knowledge expansion programs. The firm, in this aspect has also taken a step further to use the information technology to exchange knowledge between the hospital members and their colleagues in Hopkins. (tawam hospital)

The Business objectives of the firm include providing best quality services to their customers at an affordable price, treating the customers with equality and respect. The firm aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and also to continuously adapt to the changes happening in the outside and even inside the organization. These objectives can be seen as clearly matching with the mission, vision and the environmental needs of the firm.

The company aims at securing its position both in its short-term survival as well as in its long term survival. The company hence, appears to have used a mixture of different strategies where it has cared about all the entities related to the firm. Looking at the business plan for further analysis, in every project the company has taken up or is planning to take up, Customer Service, Infrastructure Management seems to have occupied a major portion in the issues the firm has planned to deal with. The company has used a mixture of Corporate, Business, Growth; both concentration and diversification strategies, Cooperative and E-business strategies. (what is strategic management)

The corporate strategy which deals with the plans of the organization in long-term seems to have been followed by the firm (planning up to year 2013). The company also follows the business strategy as it has developed short-term plans for itself and also it is evident that the firm has used functional strategy as it has concentrated on a few areas in which the hospital is lagging behind. Growth strategy which means expansion of the firm's current operations is clearly adopted by the company as it has many restructuring and renovation projects to serve the people better. The company possibly has expanded its existing business into new areas and also has developed the existing business related areas which shows that the firm used both types of growth strategies. The company signing up an agreement with the Hopkins in 2006 shows that the firm has used cooperative strategy and that too through strategic alliances policy to be particular.

Finally, the firm also uses E-business strategy as it can be seen from the business plan of the firm, the firm plans to start a new project under which the doctors and experts can exchange information with each other through online/virtual means. A look at the company's website shows that the company offers a wide range of online services including virtual nurse service; this can clearly show that the firm has adopted this strategy also along with the above mentioned ones. These strategies that are adopted by the firm certainly appear to be in consistence with the mission and objectives of the firm. This is because, all the strategies adopted by the firm and all the projects undertaken by the firm due to these strategies is to serve the customer better and to expand the area of service more, which is the main aim of the firm.

If it is seen whether the firm's strategies adopted till now match with the external or internal environment, they surely do align with them. It is because, the modernization of the hospital, providing online services to its customers, training the existing staff members all are needed to cope up with the external competition and also to increase the internal consistency and repute.

The firm has defined and laid down a clear cut path to attain its goals and objectives. The company in order to attain these goals has setup a wide ranging instruments with a well defined timeline for each of them. (Strategic Management, 2011)

The company, not only has planned to expand to new areas but also the main concentration of the company has been in areas that needs critical attention like the Hernia Centre. In fields like the dental services, education department, designing patient satisfaction measurement tools, implementing the employee engagement survey tool shows the objectives and goals of the firm clearly, even they being the smaller milestones in the company's journey. The hospital has given every importance needed to all the fields irrespective of the profit they generate; this shows the aim of the company to provide effective and efficient service to the people. The policies adopted by the company also include treating everyone (patients, employees and visitors) equally with respect and dignity following the UAE rules and respecting the patients' rights. This can be taken as a basis to conclude that the firm's policies are in complete line with the mission and also are consistent within themselves along with the objectives and strategies adopted by the company. The company's guidelines to respect every entity related or unrelated to the firm shows that the firm's policies are consistent with the internal environment. The firm, giving importance to all the fields related to its field of operation shows that the firm wants to play a vital role in today's market and also establish a good reputation in the future and also meet the changing needs of the customers which prove that the company has been in alignment with the changing external environment.

The company certainly has got its mission, objective and strategies that reflect its international operations which is evidential from the reputation it has (documented as Baby Friendly Hospital, JCI Accreditation as it met international requirements for the accreditation in health services).