Study Of Recruitment And Selection

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HR (Human resources) refers to the persons employed in an organization who are responsible to carry out the operations of that company, in accordance with the strategies and policies of that organization. It may also be defined as an organizational function which involves hiring, training, administration and the management of the workforce in a well organized and competent manner. Thus it indirectly describes the potential of the employees to achieve the organizational goals.

Recruitment and Selection: Recruitment is the sequence of actions which discover and find the suitable candidates for a particular job. It is the process of attracting the candidate (who can fulfill the demand/ objectives of the organization) for a particular post or position in the company.

Selection is choosing a required number of candidates from the pool of the candidates who have applied. This selection may be done on basis of the different parameters set by the recruiters or the HR manager of the company. The recruitment and selection are incomplete without each other.

Importance: Recruitment and selection are the basis of success for any organization. The success of a firm depends on the quality of human resources in that firm. This success cannot be credited to a particular individual; rather it is the collective effort of all the employees who have dedicatedly done the individual tasks and the team tasks that were assigned to them. Thus the selection of suitable candidate is vital for the organization, for instance selecting a very technically sound candidate for a staff managing post will do no good to the organization; whereas a candidate with average management skills may be more suitable for that work. Thus it becomes very important for the HR department to select candidates with proper skills, Knowledge, educational qualifications, achievements, strengths, and their role so as to work in a team. The organization having a planned and efficient recruitment and selection procedure is likely to outperform other rivals as they selected the best available workforce available. For example consider two organizations A and B which provide similar services and products. Suppose company A with a proper and functional HR department has 500 employees which were recruited through a competent recruitment and selection procedure and company B has 750 employees who were selected randomly without undergoing much competition and a good selection process. In this case the organization A despite of their less working strength is definitely expected to succeed far more than organization B because the quality of products/ services delivered will definitely be better than that of organization B. Also the better management inside the organization A will keep the employees motivated and their efficiency will be more than that of organization B. This complete task of recruiting to selecting to managing is the duty of the HR department. This whole process has a great impact on the accomplishment of the long term and short term visions of the organization. The selection process also reflects professionalism and the environment inside the organization to the prospective candidates and also to those who are already employed.

Emirates NBD:

Emirates NBD is a leading bank group that was formed on 16th October by the merger between Emirates Bank International (EBI) and National Bank of Dubai (NBD). It has operations in a many countries with more than 132 branches in nations like UAE, United Kingdom, Qatar, Jersey and representative offices in Iran, India, and Singapore. The total number of employees in Emirates NBD is around 8500, out of which about 18% i.e. 1500 are UAE nationals. The rest of the employees are of 60 different countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, India etc. Its vision is to be recognized as a leader of financial services and asset management products in Middle East. The main departments of bank include Credit Department, Credit Department, HR Department, Marketing Department and Note Teller's Department. The bank's main activities include Cash deposit/Withdraw, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Personal Loan, and Mortgage Loans. At the same time it aims at focusing on charity, education, environment and the preservation of the UAE culture. The organization works with their main focus on Team Building and with their motto as "The Whole Organization is a One Team"


HR department in Recruitment Process

The foremost important role of HR department is to recruit a required number of employees for an organization so that the functions/ operations of the organization can be carried out smoothly and productively. Its aim is to meet the requirements of the organization with the correct number of employees being involved. The role also accounts for attracting the best available candidates available for a particular and then selecting the required number from them based on certain defined parameters which can match with the company's core business and its mission.

This role is further extended to the proper management of the employees within the organization at different levels of management. This includes defining of a hierarchical system within the organization so as to ensure a smooth functioning of activities. HR department also motivates the employees time to time so that the desirable/ efficient employees always have their morale high and keep working loyally. Whenever there is an opening of a job in a particular department, the HR department collects all the requirements of that post so as to formulate a job description form to announce the complete requirements for that post.

Methods and steps for recruitment and selection

Although the exact method of recruitment and selection may vary with the specific organizations, mostly all the organizations follow a similar pattern. Sometimes it's just a simple written test followed by interview and sometimes there may be a series of written tests followed by group discussions and interviews, thus this process varies from post to post and organization to organization. Here is a generalized method of recruitment process.

Identifying job requirement: The department heads/ managers identify the need of more employees to be recruited. This need may be due to a number of factors like organization expansion, meeting deadlines, new projects and opportunities, increasing productivity etc.

Informing HR department: Now this information of the required number of new employees for particular type of jobs is being passed to the HR department. This includes complete job details that are being required by that department of the organization. The HR department takes all the job specifications to formulate the Job Description Form or document.

Formulation of panel for recruitment: Now next comes the panel formulation step in which HR manager decides the members of the panel keeping in consideration all the aspects related to that post. These aspects may be related to the experience of the members, whether members are familiar with the anti- discrimination legislation or not, the willingness of the members, whether the panel members are technical and familiar enough to judge the candidate and to decide to select or reject the candidate.

Formulation of the Job description form and the advertisement of vacancies: Now the panel after considering all the aspects and requirements of the job decides what desired skills and capabilities the candidate should have. Then they prepare an advertisement describing the post and job details and what qualifications and experience they expect from the candidates. Now this advertisement can be given on the website, newspapers, different agencies etc. so that this job information can be made available to the targeted and capable candidates. This is followed by sending of the resumes of the candidates to the particular address or email id before a deadline.

Internal/External Recruitment: When a post is open in an organization, it is available for all including internal employees and the external candidates. Generally this information will be posted on the company's website, cafeterias, break rooms, information boards, magazines etc. If any employee is interested in it he will have to go through a similar method as it is for external candidates. If after sending the resume they are qualified, then they will have an interview with HR manager. The internal recruitment may reduce the expenditures on advertisement but at the same time the skill pool is limited in this case. If the internal trainees/ employees are not able to satisfy or complete the requirements of the post then an external recruitment process is applied which may be in the form of Campus Drive, employment agencies, test at one of their centers being open for all or third-party recruitment which seeks out candidates.

Employee Referrals: This is also one of the ways to recruit where the existing employees suggest a suitable candidate in their knowledge. This is helpful over traditional recruitment methods as they are already familiar with the management structure and the working environment in the organization. This is also suitable for recruiting the potential candidates who are working for another organization and are not actively looking for the job, but may be enticed to change their job waiting for a suitable opportunity.

Short Listing: Now based on the certain judging parameters (like qualifications, percentage, experience, and other given details), the application is rejected or accepted. Here lies the responsibility of the panel members that the short listing should be free from any kind of discrimination. This short listing is a very initial stage of the process to differentiate the unsuitable candidates to the ones that may be given a chance to prove. The differentiation can be on a single or a combination of parameters. The HR panel may give some preference to the internal employees depending on the nature of job and the company's policies.

Written test and group discussions: The initial short listing may be now followed by a written selection test which can further evaluate a candidate. The design and pattern of the questions can judge the knowledge of a candidate efficiently. The time limit involved in such tests also is of great importance. The difficulty of the questions can vary for different posts i.e. according to the needs of the job. This further refines the list of earlier short- listed candidates. There may also be a group discussion to judge the communication skills of the candidate and his ability to work in the group (if the job demands team work). Most of the jobs nowadays require team work rather than individual skills. It has been observed that an extremely talented (skillful) candidate sometimes fail to work in a team.

Call for the Interview: Now the further short listed candidates after the written test will be called for the interview. The date, time place of the interview will be conveyed to the candidates. Also the list of the original documents is mentioned which the panel wants, so as to verify the credibility of the information provided by the candidate in the resume. Usually the candidates are required to send a confirmation if they are willing to appear for the interview.

Interview: The purpose of the interview is to appoint the best candidate who satisfies the entire requirements. This is done by asking a number of questions related to technical grounds, personal achievements, his expectations of the job. The panel may follow different interviewing techniques which can be a one-to-one interview, phone interview, group interview, mock interview etc. This helps the interviewer or the panel to judge the candidate's personality and his mental level by asking direct and indirect questions. This interview technique is really helpful in assessing a candidate. If any negotiations about the salary are to be made, they are also done at the time of interview.

Hiring Decision: Once the panel has judged the candidate on all the parameters they wanted to, they now take decision which candidate or candidates are suitable. Now after deciding the selected candidates the panel informs the selected candidates about all the formalities (if any) to be fulfilled by the candidates to confirm their selection.

Documentation: Now the panel sends this information to the concerned authorities of the organization informing them about all the selected candidates. This document contains information of all the aspects that were taken into consideration during the complete selection process.

Emirates NBD recruitment and selection process

Emirates NBD is a leading organizing which focuses on the customers and service excellence based on the innovation and integrity of its employees. It aims at team work and joint efforts for goal achievement. There are about 8500 employees at Emirates NBD out of which about only 18% of them are UAE nationals. The remaining employees belong to 60 other countries. Thus the HR department of Emirates NBD plays a vital role in recruiting new employees as well as managing the existing employees.

The recruitment process aims at providing equal opportunities to all the candidates to be selected for a particular position. The HR department follows a similar technique as mentioned in above recruitment and selection process (identifying posts, mentioning requirements, advertisement, short listing, written test, and interview). Emirates NBD has established a number of assessment centers in various countries like UAE, Singapore, India, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, UK etc. The recruitment procedure begins by simply filling up an application form online or in the Emirates' established centers. The candidates are required to pass a number of ability and psychometric tests at these centers to show their potential and abilities.

This is followed by a structured interview of the selected candidates. The candidates should prove their mettle on the ground of team work and co-operative keeping in mind the organization's vision of customer satisfaction.


As we know different organizations have difference in their vision and working objectives, thus their recruitment policy and procedure also varies. Some organizations aim at the quality products and quality service to all the clients while others may solely aim at profit making. Also the different jobs require different types of skills, thus the recruitment procedure of different organizations might vary slightly or may be completed different. These procedures are decided by the Human Resource department of the organization which tries to maximize the organization's benefits, sticking to the vision and goals of the organization at the same time

The better the recruitment procedure, the better will be the employees being selected and thus better the chances of success of the organization. Thus the appropriate recruitment procedure is vital for any organization. Not the number but structure of the steps that are involved in a selection procedure is important. Sometimes just a simple written test is sufficient for a post whereas sometimes a series of exhaustive tests and interviews may lead to a wrong or no selection. Thus every organization should be very careful while deciding the recruitment policy and hiring the candidates.

Suggestions and recommendations to Emirates NBD

Since the organization has always valued the teamwork and innovation of its employees for the achieving their customer focused goal of service excellence, thus its recruitment and selection procedure must give much importance on the techniques which can judge these qualities in a better and efficient manner. Though the current recruitment and selection takes into consideration all these things by testing candidate's abilities and then conducting interviews at the assessment centers established globally, this process may be benefitted by organizing group discussions at the later stages of recruitment after the initial rounds of short listing. Also, since the bank services include investment and finance management, these all require a sound knowledge of finance and assets management. Thus they should also focus on the level and structure of the questions at all stages of the recruitment and selection. Emirates NBD should also identify the leading colleges that deliver quality knowledge of finance and fund management so that they can select the best candidates from the available. Also the Emirates NBD should give preference to the candidates having qualified the certification exams related to fund and risk management (like FRM, CFA etc). This will help in initial short listing of the candidates. For assessing the team work capabilities, the recruiting panel may give some small projects to a group of appropriate number of candidates. This will definitely strengthen the current recruitment procedure.