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In the globalised market setup today there are increasing numbers of organization that are making ways in the market. The surprising state is that "very often we wonder as how these products, services and countless numbers of material things are produced." (Jones, 2009, p. 23)

This is one question that often excites us. But the fact is that the presence of organizations somewhat is possible as far as it can be perceived form a market economic perspective. Moreover, the demand of the market economy today also is one reason as we can see the lining up of organizations with different offers, products and services so as to serve the very needs and requirement of the society.

Emphasizing on these aspects as can be assumed, the objective of this paper also is to take an analysis on the subject matter that limits its study and interpretations on 'organizational theory'. It is practical that the proposal issue is also defined as can be describe in the following paragraph.

Proposal and Research Question in Consideration

The attempt of this work is to undertake an analysis on the subject matter encompassing 'organizational theory' and its designs overall. The purpose of this work also is to trace the practical implication of the subject matter arguments, which covers the following points.

The name of the organization, with a short account of the history of the company.

What does the organization do? What goods and services does it produce/provide and value chain it creates, as well as understanding organizational mission.

Challenges confronting the organization today- for example, in its efforts to attract customers, to lower costs, to increase operating efficiency? How does its organizational design relate to these problems?

Considering these questions we feel it would be prudent that the organization is also identified. It is clarified that the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority is the chosen organization, which we will discuss accordingly. The reason behind choosing this company is simple enough, given that the company is a well known name in UAE. Besides, it will also enhance our understanding of the subject matter argument and to trace the implication if any that relates to organizational behavior and unethical situations that may arise in organizational context.

Organization, Organizational Theory and its Meaning

To begin within this note often we wonder what defines organizations? To be precise, "organization is somewhat a tool that people use to coordinate their actions so as to obtain their desire or create values, and it comes also as a means to achieve an end, or simply goals achievements. (Jones, 2009, p. 24)

On the other hand, organizational theory is the discipline that constitutes the very essence and foundation of an organization and it structural processes. Let say for example the factor and components that combines the organization, group members, its structure and most importantly the organizational design and its working machinery.

In another word, "organizational theory can be understood as that branch of knowledge that combines the theoretical assimilation and its studies encompassing the components of an organization. It is in another word both the descriptive and perspective aspects of the discipline and its study. To make it simple, organizational theory to a greater extent describes how an organization works in theoretical premise from a broader view." (Robbins, 1990, p. 7)

Organization Overview: Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (ADWEC)

The following discussion in brief traces an overview of the overall feature encompassing ADWEA organizational structure, its designs, which we can simply limit to the subject matter that defines 'organizational theory' and its composition in practical understanding.

ADWEA Organizational Structure

The Abu Dhabi Water Electricity Authority is an organization based in Abu Dhabi, UAE founded "by virtue of the law No 2 in 1998. The organization is wholly public owned, which means that the managing aspects as well as the organizational structure and its design overall directly work in direct tandem with the state machinery," (ADWEA) and in consideration of national government regulations.

The structure of the company is somewhat based on the "structural reform to venture and capitalize from its operational expertise and to draw a name for itself in the Middle East region as a major power and water authority. In the days as early as 1995, the structural makeup of the organization is not wholly organized and disciplined, which creates major bottle neck for developmental projects." (ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure)

However, the case somewhat has gone for a change of guards in the current scenario and since 1998, "when major reform and upheaval was carried out to structure the company in a modern way, be it organizational designs and its structure overall. In the current scheme of things ADWEA organizational structure somewhat is "divided into 4 directorate, such as Planning and Development Directorate, Business Support Directorate, Privatization Directorate and Projects Directorate." (ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure)

Fig: 1. ADWEA Organizational Structure


Thus, we assume that the foundation of these structural framework since the years 1998 have fully transformed and made the ADWEA and its organization nourish the benefits of it, given that each directorate is wholly conversant with its specific activities, projects and process as an when it matter the most to foster organizational growth and its goals achievements.

ADWEA Organizational Purpose

ADWEA purpose is to serve the very constituent that form the realms of the power and water supply sector in UAE, where it undertakes an operational expertise to distribute "water and electricity supply in the UAE region through its regulatory machinery and subsidiary companies." (ADWEA)

In addition the ADWEA "is totally responsible for implementing many development projects in and around AUE, especially in the power and water supply sectors. Together with it, the ADWEA also administers the governmental policies of government in matter of power and electricity supply, its authorization and all features related to the administrative aspects of a working governmental organization." (ADWEA)

ADWEA Value Creation

The ADWEA as a public conglomerate is fully conversant with the latest norms, technology and all aspects encompassing the power and water supply industry and its operational expertise. From a general assimilation of ADWEA organizational background we feel that the purpose of it is more related to the development scheme of governmental policies and to administer the national resource in the most effective ways through regulations and its polices for the benefit of the nation, its people and its developmental projects that are related to the power and watery sector in UAE. This is one example of value creation of ADWEA.

From a historical perspective we feel that ADWEA has always been at the helm of its objective to create values. Together with it the ADWEA and its organizational design overall "is wholly conversant to governmental regulations, wherein the mission, vision and values of the organization are strategically defined." (ADWEA)

As can be summed up, "ADWEA mission is to bridge operational excellence as an organization. With a handful support of subsidiary companies, the ADWEA mission is to pioneers itself as the leading power and water authority in the Gulf region and beyond. Additionally, its mission is to produce, supply and transmit water and electricity in the most secure and feasible way through the integration of modern technology and operational expertise. Besides, it vision is also clearly ample to add values" (ADWEA) to its objectives and goals achievements.

Encountering Change: Challenges Facing ADWEA

Considering above points as can be emphasized, we feel that the ADWEA and its organizational formation is wholly defined. However, to some extent challenges also are facing the organization. Take for examples the case of 'Business Support Directorate within the organization structure that also heads the HR department, Administrative task as well as Supply and Finance." (ADWEA, ADWEA Organizational Structure)

In that context the major challenge facing ADWEA can be emphasized towards its Human Resource Directorate. As a point of contention, advancement in technology as well as new age engineering have made the organization look way beyond and to focus its attention of human resource needs, their training and development to de precise so as to enable its employees to be conversant with latest technologies and to strategically fosters training and development processes in the most feasible way.

To justify the same, the ADWEA Academy is one example. "Founded and established in 2009, the very objective of ADWEA Academy is to bring in line the best practices in training and development aspects for its employees. The need for the time is to go ahead of time. Hence, the purpose of ADWEA Academy is to serve the needs of its employees in matter to train, and impart latest skills for professional, personal and emotional growth that directly support the strategic goals of the organization and its tactical approaches" (ADWEA, ADWEA Academy ) in the most feasible way to cope with the challenges of the fast passed world.

Theoretical Interpretation of Organization Behavior

As we have detailed ad discuss earlier we can understand as to what composed the disciplinary study of organizational theory. It should also be understood that "organizational theory (OT) and organizational behavior (OB) are two different branches of studies, although interrelated to one another. Organizational theory (OT) to be precise takes an objective observation. Take for examples market analysis and all features of the micro and macro element that combines organizational environment. However, organizational behavior (OB) is more innate and is viewed from a micro perspective, such as that which emphasizes individual and groups behavior within an organization." (Robbins, 1990, p. 7)

Thus, from assimilating this point there is a direct connotation that confusion to the meaning of the term should be done away with. Hence, what we can understand from the abovementioned point is that the very essence of organizational behavior forms a part of the subject matter arguments. The following is some observation that we comprehend when it matter to unethical issue that arises.

a). Unethical Issues and its Reasons

To begin with from a scholastic point and our observation, we feel that issue encompassing "unethical practices in organizations continue to be troublesome for managers and employees as well." (Hellrieel, 2007, p. 474)

We can reason that issue arises mainly because of behavioral aspects of employee or ineffective work culture, or it can also be of reason and unknown. But the biggest element can be viewed in context of non feasible policies, which often given an opportunity for people or employee to act unethically.

b). Reason that Prompted Individual to behave Unethically

Unethical practice such as conflict of interest is a big question, given that it gives rise or prompt people to act in ways that is not considered ethical. Abuses and being forced at workplace are some reason. The reason and issue can be looked in respect of "the cultural complexity where the interaction of formal and informal system either supports ethical or unethical behavior." (Hellrieel, 2007, p. 474)

As we are aware "organization composed of stakeholders, managers and the workforce" (Jones, 2009, p. 50) and wrong working machinery and structural foundation can be the biggest trouble as far as unethical situation arises.

c). Decisional aspects of Unethical Issue

If organizations and its work culture are inflexible enough then issue are a common foreground, because an individual can behave in ways that are considered unethical.

Hence, ethics is always to be observed in all situations and at all circumstances. For that reason to contain ethics and its standards in organizations polices that contains employee behavior is one feasible measure overall that decision maker can undertake to bridge the gap in between.

d.) Outcome of Unethical Measures

Organizational behavior is a subset of work culture. Take for example the fact that "organizational culture and its authority always make ways where conflict of idea arises between work groups." (Hellrieel, 2007, p. 474) Thus policies formulation that gives the strictest outline of behavioral aspects can be sufficient to bring into argument an effective outcome that is in tune with polices and its values to be maintained.

Ethical Behavior in Context of ADWEA

As can be prioritize from the above theory, we feel that culture have a long way to structuralize the point of ethical consideration in context of organizational behavior. And when it matter to ADWEA, there have been no instance as such as can be read in the media reports and all.

Interestingly ADWEA ethics and organization culture is pleasant as can be assumed and can be justify to the measure undertaken by the organization "wherein the ADWEA corporate culture is one basis of it all to foster a healthy work environment within the organization that are feasible to bridge the way for coordination, cooperation and knowledge sharing amongst employees. (ADWEA, ADWEA Academy )

To top it all, from a cultural perspective of the ADWEA we feel that the foundation of ADWEA Academy itself is one good measure undertaken by the organization to foster a culture "wherein imparting behavioral skills sets and training in major fields of leadership and management have brought into the structural foundation of the organization work culture to be in the right track." (ADWEA, ADWEA Academy )

Thus, with such an emphasis that are strategically founded and established in the company, we feel that unethical situation in ADWEA is a rare case, given that the organization gives abundant scope for and opportunities for personal, profession and emotional growth of its employees, which is what we can conclude is one best feature of the ADWEA culture in context of organizational behavior and its arguments.


Going back to the overall discussion and from a theoretical outlook of the term 'organizational theory' it can be observed that in most situation the very objective and essence of its meaning also make its ways in and out in the organizational setup, as we have exemplified and extrapolated in context of ADWEA.

Moreover, in the societal makeup organizations and its theoretical assimilation and analysis in practical forms can be factored in many contexts and viewed from many realms and is very significant. Finally we can conclude that the importance attached to understanding organizational theory is numerous. One example of it can be emphasis in context of organizational practices, and its behavioral study as we detailed above concerning ADWEA in understanding the working machinery of organization and its approach in practicality.