Structure of the HR department

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Department Hierarchy

  • Director
  • General Manager
  • HR
  • Manager Recruitment
  • Manager Compensation & Benefits
  • Manager Career Planning
  • Manager Training & Development
  • Assist Manager
  • Assist Manager
  • Assist Manager
  • Assist Manager

Number of employees working under HR department

There are around thirty employees working under HR department with different titles.

Mention any Sub-Department if Exists under HR Department

Recruitment Department:

  • Manager Recruitment
  • Assist Manager
  • HR Officer
  • HR Officer
  • HR Officer
  • HR Officer

In this department all the hiring process is takes place. Manager recruitment takes orders to assist manager and then Assist manager leads the Recruitment department team which includes four HR officers. These HR officers have performed all the functions related to recruitment process. All the request are collected by this department and subsequently takes decisions e.g. new hiring, internal promotion etc. In case of hiring from out side the department can use different options including publishing ads in the newspapers, post jobs on recruitment websites and post jobs on group personal website. Internal employees are also welcome to apply for the vacant position. If the above said situation arises than a selection board is established to evaluate the case after conducting interview with the applicant. HR department has maintained a huge CVs database.

Compensation & Benefits Department:


Compensation & Benefits

Assist Manager

HR Officer

HR Officer

HR Officer

HR Officer

This is also sub department of HR department. The department plays a very crucial role. In this department all the decisions are taken regarding workers compensation and benefits programs. This section is responsible to decide the benefits packages for all employees. This department is very strong and makes his decisions indepedentlaly. Market research is conducted on routinely basis so that a balance in compensation programs should be implemented fairly. Similarly they have developed software which is used to maintain all the data. The manager compensation & benefits negotiates with the employees while deciding the compensation and other related benefits.

The HR officers handle all the questions and provide information to the employees. These are also responsible to manage appropriate and exact payments of the salaries and full and final settlements. Similarly all the record is maintain by the HR officers.

Training and Development Department:

Manager Training and Development

Assist Manager

HR Officer

HR Officer

HR Officer

HR Officer

This department is being responsible for all the training and development related issues. Training is normally conducted at the time of new hiring. Different training methodologies are used to provide the accurate information to the newcomers. Followings are some training methods which are used in Monnoo group of Industries.



Computer based training

On the job training

Group discussion

Career Planning Department:

Manager Career Planning

Assist Manager

HR Officer

HR Officer

HR Officer

HR Officer

Future planning regarding hiring or firing of workers is completed in this department. This department provides enthusiasm and consoling to the employees to build their career.

14. Functions of HR Department and Forecasting

Human Resource Planning and Forecasting

HRP Process

Human Resource Planning process is used to make analysis of future requirements of the business. Its means that by following this process HR department can makes decisions easily regarding future hiring. This process also provides the facility to hire right people for accurate places. HRP facilitates the group to anticipate the future requirements. The market is very competitive that's why employees have many options to select a job. In Human Resource Planning process both the current and future requirements are evaluated. So that the group's management can performs his functions smoothly.

The top management of the Monnoo group of industries now begins to pay attention to human resource planning process. Nowadays the group wants to build a strong computerize link within the entire group. Most of the units are working without proper communication with the head office. The group also wants to provide computer systems to the employees so that they can work efficiently instead of wasting their time in manual work. Sometimes it creates a lot of problems both for the management and business. Therefore a proper planning is already starts. Meetings are arranged according to requirements. All departmental heads are invited to participate in the discussions. After viewing all the proposals and recommendations, final decisions are made.

After implementing this strategy the group can get many benefits. Employees can get information easily. This system will also helpful to chat with customers and suppliers. Several problems will be finish after the implementation of this plan. Employees can perform their work without any difficulties with the help of networking. In the same way the quality of work and efficiency will be greater than before.

Forecasting HR Requirements

The group always looking for higher qualified and experience hand employees. The basic purpose of forecasting HR requirements is ensuring that the required numbers of employees are presented when they are needed. Similarly the HR department takes help from previous and current data to make the forecasting more efficient. In current scenario the workforce management is very difficult subject. Wok orders are also taking into consideration while making decisions about HR requirements. The HR department ensures that the demands are fulfilled according to requirements. The group is already facing surpluses of employees.

If the future requirements are predicted well than the group can get many benefits by in business. The world is changing day by day. Therefore the trends of people are changing continuously. The responsibilities of the management and especially the HR department are increased. To cope with this situation properly the HR department does use following method to forecast HR requirements.

Zero based forecasting

After take consideration of all above issues, finally management takes final decisions regarding future requirements of the organization.

Methods to Forecast HR Needs

The HR department of the Monnoo group of industries used following method for forecasting the HR requirements:

Zero based forecasting

Employee Recruitment and Selection

Sources of candidates

Different sources are use for the employee recruitment and selection process.

Internal sources

The management of Monnoo group of industries gives preference to internal hiring. This practice enhances the employee's morale and they work hard. HR department is used the internal sources of recruitment whenever possible. If a vacancy is vacant and the some internal employees are also interested to be sit on that position. HR department conducts interviews and take a final decision. Several meetings are held with the concerned departmental heads for getting accurate decisions. The candidate's education and job related experience are strongly matters to final selection.



Re employment of ex employees

External sources

Many vacant positions are filled through external sources. The concerned department head sends a request form to the HR department after getting approval from concerned director. The Head of department also mention that is it new vacancy or a replacement. HR department finally takes a decision to select a channel for recruitment. Usually following external sources used:

Advertising in newspapers

Unsolicited applicants

Websites e.g.

Employment agencies

Employment at factory gate


Educational institutions

Employment Selection Process

The mother of all Human Resource function, which encircles, Human Resource Department activities is Recruitment & Selection. The Human Resource Department at Monnoo Group of Industries follow in completes the process and procedures for Recruitment, selection and firing, the criterion and all concerned matters. The process flow Selection of employees is as follows:

Job Codes

Job Creation

Job Analysis

Job Description

Job Specification

Interview Form

Short Listing

Appointment Letter

Job Codes:

All the post except the Director level postings are enlisted in Job Code list and the same Job Code is posted on the personnel file and the job notation is done as per the given code.

Job Creation:

The Managing Director on the Directors created the specific job and informs Human Resource Manager of the needed and desired placement. The process of job creation is started with the filling of Job Creation Slip and pass on to the Human Resource Manager.

Job Analysis:

Every job is analyzed so that the recruitment can be completed in proper way the Human Resource Manager uses to collect the input from concerned person.

Job Description:

The Human Resource Manager in consultation with the concerned authority prepares the complete job profile as Job Description Form have it signed by concerned Director and review it accordingly before starting the external procedure.

Job Specification:

The Human Resource Manager prepares complete job specification with respect to the job demands of the employee who does it and the human skills that are required. The Human Resource Manager uses the concern format.

Intermediate Process:

The job is advertised on published though any reliable source and after sensitizing the collected Curriculum Vitae the said call letter is issued to the potential candidate.

Interview Conduction:

The potential candidates are interviewed via using interview format. The Human Recourse Manager along with concerned department manager interviews the candidates and shortlists them.

Short Listing:

The Human Resource Manager shortlists all the candidates on short listing Format.

Final Interview:

The short listing candidates are finally interviewed by HR manger and concerned department manager and final selection is made and approved drafted appointment letter is issued to the selection candidate.

Training and Development

Training need Assessment

Monnoo group of Industries keeps emphasize on training of its employees at all the levels. The company's philosophy for training revolves around the benefits of training to the organization, employee and to develop intra personal relations. Their training policy is that:


Organizational Context

Improves the job knowledge and skills at the levels of the organization

Improves the morale of the work force.

Helps people identify with organization goals.

Helps create a better corporate image.

Improves the relationship between boss & subordinate.

Helps prepare guideline for work.

Employee Context

Helps the individual making better decisions and effective problem solving.

Increases job satisfaction and recognition.

Helps a person handle stress, tension, frustration and conflict.

Develops a sense of growth in learning.

Helps eliminate fears in attempting new tasks.

Human Relation Context

Improves communication between groups and individuals

Improves inter personnel skills.

Build cohesiveness in group.

Provides good climate for being growth and coordination.

Employee Development

The Monnoo group pays attention to employee development programs. Many programs are initiated for employees training. HR department is responsible to arrange training programs on regularly basis. The head office building is used for training programs. Some employees are also sent on different institutions for getting training. The main focus of these programs is to develop the employee's skills so that they can perform their duties in a well manner. Many training programs are conducted to enhance the employee's personal characteristics. Similarly some other training programs are for gaining technical knowledge.

d. Performance Management

Setting Performance Standards & Expectations

Setting some performance standards is a good practice for the betterment of the employees and the employer. In Monnoo Group of Industries the management has set some performance standards for the motivation of the employees. Management has set some measures for promotions, increments and demotions. These Performance standards are used to measure the performance of individuals and teams. By implementing these performance standards the management is familiar with the accurate position of the objectives set by the top management. In Monnoo group, the management and employees are working together to mange these issues. Therefore they set specific goals and than make strategies to accomplish these goals.

Employees are get benefits if they perform well and similarly they have to explain the disappointing performance. In such cases management issues some warning letters to those particular employees who are not performing up to the mark. In Monnoo group all the letters are issued to those particular employees and also maintain the records. A copy of this record is also placed in the personal files of those employees.

The management also takes some initiatives to help employees to find helpful solutions. It is also convey to employees that what are expectations of the management.

How Performance Reports are Written

Different formats are used for performance reports. Following are some samples

Self Assessment Form

Work Interest & Aptitudes














Physical Work (fixing, building, using hands)


Written Work (writing, reading, using words)


Oral Work (talking, giving speeches, using words)


Quantitative Work (Calculating, Numbers, Accounting)


Visual Work (Watching, inspection, using eyes)


Interpersonal Work (Counseling interviewing)


Creative Work (inventing, designing, ideas)


Analytical Work (initiating, directing, Coordinating)


Clerical (Keeping Records)


Out door work (farming, traveling, athletics)


Mechanical (repairing, fixing)

Name: ____________________________


Department: ______________________


I hereby affirm that all the above ratings are true to my understanding of the relevant aptitude.


Signed by

Remarks by HR Manager:






Acknowledge by


Evaluation Sheet

Employees Name: ______________________ Department: ____________________

Roster's Name: ______________________ Date: _________________________

Length of Fences: ___________________ Last Rated Date: ______________











































Task Accomplishment


Target Achievement






Quality of Work






P.S. Employee will not be entitled for any appraisal if receives more then 20% in (E).

Remarks of the Rater:



Remarks of the HR Manager:



Appraisal in term of

 Monetary Rewards

 Salary Increment

 Appreciation Letter

 Plague of Honors

e. Employee Compensation and & Benefits

Type of compensation and benefits

Monnoo group of Industries follows a formula for compensation and salary administration of all employees and the objectives with this efficient system are to:

Acquire qualified personnel

Retain present employees

Ensure equity

Reward desired behavior

Control costs

Facilitate understanding

Pay good and get good

The HR department uses point system form, especially for recruitment and selection of new and old employees.

The HR Manager evaluates the job with the help of this form and suggests the concerned Director the respective salary range.

Following are the list of compensation and benefits which are provides to the employees.





Annual Leaves

Medical Insurance

Life Insurance

Petrol Allowances

Mobile Phone Facility

Marriage Grant

Death Grant

Education allowance

f. Organizational Career Management

Employee job changes

Job changes with the organization


At Monnoo group of Industries the concept of promotion is, "a promotion occurs when an employee is moved from one job to another that is higher in pay, responsibility and/or organization level.

Merit based promotion

Seniority based promotion


Employees are also transfer after fulfilling all the necessary requirements. The vacant vacancies are also filled through transfer. The HR department coordinates with the heads of departments to complete the process of transfer. Transfers are only take consider if employees are satisfying all the necessities set by the HR department.


This option is used occasionally. The need to use this option arises when some employees are not working up to the mark. Consequently they demote down from their current position for the purpose of punishment.



Layoff practice is not generally followed in the group. The management has the right to use the layoff option whenever they realized. Layoff means that reduction of employees through suspensions.


A permanent/confirmed employee's services may be terminated by his/her Manager for any reason other than misconduct by giving him/her one month's notice in writing or one month's salary in lieu thereof, also in writing. The concerned Manager must discuss the matter with the HR Manager before terminating an employee. In case a Manager believes that an employee may be exempted from serving the notice period then the concerned Manager shall seek such approval from the HR Manager, in writing before informing of the same to the employee.

The services of a temporary/part-time employee may be terminated without giving notice upon completion of the assignment(s) for which he was employed. A contract employee's services will be considered terminated upon the completion of the contract requirements or earlier in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in the contract.


A permanent/confirmed employee may resign from service by giving his/her Manager one month's notice in writing or by depositing one month's salary in lieu thereof. Similarly in Monnoo group of Industries a temporary/part-time employee may resign at any time without giving notice. Before payment of final dues to an employee leaving service, he shall be required to hand over charge in a proper manner and obtain the necessary clearances on the prescribed Employee Exit Clearance form (Full and final settlement) from all the relevant departments/personnel.

HR manager is the only authorized person who can issue termination / final clearance letters/ experience letters on behalf of Monnoo group of industries. .


By reaching at the age of 60 an employee can take the retirement option. Normally total gratuity and other benefits are paid fully to employees. Along these benefits, E.O.B.I pension is also included in compensation plan. HR department make coordination with EOBI department in this regard.

g. Labor Management Relations:

In Monnoo group of industries unions are not exists. Therefore whenever any conflict exists the admin & HR department deals it directly with the employees. But normally this happens occasionally. As I have described earlier that monnoo group is a well trusted name both for the customers and employees. The owners are very much keen to take note the problems of the employees. In the same way they always try their level best to solve it. The employees feel a self respect while working in group. The working environment is very flexible.

Management feels that employees are very much honest towards group. They are working very hard. They always appreciate the team work.

Whenever any conflict is arises the admin & HR department sit together with the other party which may be a single person or a department. Then management creates a task group to handle that which normally includes persons from Admin & HR department, one person from management. Then this task force meets the other party and asks employees to select some persons to whom they will negotiate. Then this group tries to diagnoses the issue. The nominated persons view the issue and evaluate it according to environment and then suggest some possible solutions. The employees nominated persons are also included in the process and now both the parties try to find a single solution. After this the task group presents their suggestion in written form to the competent authority. At this moment the authority issues instructions after viewing the recommendations from task group. Finally the issue is resolved peacefully.

In Labor management relations the role of admin & HR department is very crucial. They usually try their best to create a win win position. The role of both HR and line manger is very crucial in these cases. The HR manger has a purpose to understand workers need and demands and as well to satisfy employer. Therefore in most cases he fined a middle solution which will acceptable to both of the parties.

The Admin & HR department routinely visits different sites to know about the issues of the employees. By following this strategy they can know about the current issues of the employees. They also create a good relationship with the employees.

15. Critical analysis:

During my stay in Monnoo group of industries I have found following important points.

Twelve textile units and one sugar mill located all over the Pakistan.

Strong marketing trust

Very cheap and high quality products as compared to market

High qualified staff

Strong management team

The group is presently facing over staffed position.

HR department needs to be more effective and there is a lack from management support.

Training of employees is not according to group's requirements.

There is a need of management support for the HR department.

Old Policies needs to be revised instantaneously.

Unable to utilize the resources

Lack of using information technology

Still implementing old policies

Less focus on advertising side

16. SWOT Analysis


Excellent Credibility in the market

Monnoo group has a great credibility in the market. The group has a good name in the market for since its beginning. Both the buyers and suppliers are satisfied with group's performance and always show a huge interest to buy products. According to my opinion that's a big strength of the group. Generally speaking trust is considered main thing in any kind of business.

Strong Marketing Team

Groups have developed a strong marketing team. In fact this team is a mixture of experienced hand persons and the young educated employees. That ultimately brings strength for the group.

High Quality Products

Similarly group management is very much conscious about the quality of products. They are never ever compromising on quality of products. Therefore they have hired experts' people who are continuously worked to develop the quality of the products.

Over 65 years of Experience

Group has over 65 years of experience in its field. This is also a big advantage. People trust them and buy their products without any hesitation. They have earned a good name both in textile and sugar sectors.

Huge List of Buyers

A number of buyers are always interested to buy the products from Monnoo group of industries. These buyers are belongs to within the country and outside the country as well.

Healthy Environment

The environment is very good and relaxed. Working hours are very flexible. Employees can share their ideas interpedently. They are warm welcome by the management of the group.

Strong Relations Between Management and Employees

The working relationships are also very good in the group. Management is highly appreciating the good ideas from employees.

Low Cost

Group is continuously producing very low cost products. That's why market accepts groups manufactured products very early. A large number of buyers are always preferred to buy.

Qualified Staff

The staff is also very much experienced and well educated. That's also a big strength of the group.


No advertising and promotion

Group is not so much active in advertising and promotion of their products. They only take business through their reputation in the market. I consider this weakness of the group because nowadays the whole companies are getting customers through advertising campaign.

Weak IT department

There is a lack of modern equipments in IT department. Therefore group is not performing up to the mark.

Lack of Innovation

Group has not yet developed the research and development department. They just apply the old methods to produce new products. Therefore groups is currently suffering lack of innovate products.

Lack of Modern Machinery

The group is currently operating with old machinery. Therefore it pays a great impact on the production.


Incentive from Government

In the future, the group may get some sort of incentives from government. In current scenario the textile sector is facing a lot of problems due to energy crises and lack of facilities from government. Therefore there are strongly chances that government should provide some incentives to the textile sector.

Rapid increase in customer satisfaction

The group's customer's strength is increasing day by day. Customers are very much satisfied. Therefore this can be a best opportunity for the Monnoo group of industries.

Launch products to new areas

Group can introduce products to new areas. These new areas may be national and international markets. By applying this strategy group can surely get a huge profit and market share.


Foreign and Local Competitors

By viewing current scenario textile sector facing a lot of competition from foreign competitors. This is indeed a big theft for Monnoo group as well. They should adopt those strategies which not only enhance their productivity but also increase customer's base.

New Technologies

Technology is changing day by day. The group is still using old methods for production. The competitors are using new technology in their operations at the same time Monnoo group is not adopting new tends. That's why technology could be a threat for the group.

Lowest cost of competitors

The main competitors are producing products with very low or cheap cost especially international competitors. The group should also review the cost cutting methods. So that they can stay in the market.

Political Situation

Political instability in Pakistan is always a big question for the companies. This is also a threat for the Monnoo group of industries.

17. Conclusions:

It was a pleasure working here in Monnoo Group of Industries. The group is considering one of the biggest groups operating in Pakistan. Along this I also had a great experience working in HR department. Monnoo Group of Industries is a well trusted name in Pakistan. Currently group is producing textile and sugar goods on a large scale. Group has a strong market respect for their quality based products. Many international brands are currently working with Monnoo Group of Industries. The group has following a good compensation plan for his employees who are working all over the Pakistan. Management is paying very less attention to upgrade the old machinery. This is very important issue and management should take a brave decision.

Training sessions should be implemented with full devotion. A trained force can produce good results. In some units, the hiring system is not followed properly. Nepotism is very common. Management should take a bold step to eliminate this problem; otherwise in the longer run it may create many problems.

The Group may achieve many opportunities by overcoming their weaknesses. The group also has a big advantage of strengths which including good credibility in the market, strong marketing team, high quality products, over 65 years of experience and huge list of buyers etc. That's why management should try hard to cash these strengths. Hence we can say that overall performance of the group is very fine at the moment.

18. Recommendations:

Group is currently facing an over load situation. So management should introduce schemes e.g. golden hand shack and rightsizing. By implementing this strategy group's can enhance his financial and productive position.

Group should adopt the diversification strategy because nowadays textile sector is decreasing day by day.

Management should develop research department because currently group is suffering lack of innovation.

Group also needs to pay attention on advertising their products. Presently the management is not involved in marketing activities.

Group should formulate the policy which provides focus to appoint outside persons so that group can get advantage of latest technology and trends.

The IT side of the group is also need consideration.

HR department also needs to be more practical. There is a lack of top management support to this department.

The marketing and Sales departments are also not performing according to the requirements. This side also needs some actions from top management.

By following above assumed recommendations the group can get many benefits to run the entire business smoothly.

19. Reference and Sources

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