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I work permanently in an autistic care home for children. Children diagnose with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD) have unique needs in communication, social skills and other areas. They have mental retardation fine motor delays seizure disorders attention deficit hyperactive and learning disabilities.

The main purposes of the organisations are to identify system needs and to develop a strategic plan to meet the needs of this young people. The aim is to make lives of those who stay there as comfortable as possible. There are recreational activities like going to the shop, park and swimming pool. It provides consistent high standards of personal care all the time. There is monthly care plan involving families, social workers, keyworker, Middle Manager in order if there are any changes in the care. Planning is essential to ensure that those we care for benefit from the best possible care available. My work place is a democratic style where team members are involved in decision -making process. They encourage creativity and team members are often highly engaged in projects and decisions. This style help develops people skill and motivate people to work hard by than just a financial reward.

Frederick Herzberg (1923) believes that business should motivate employees by adopting a democratic approach to management. According to him promotion and recognition will only make a worker turn up to work.

Stakeholders are found in all organisations. Stakeholder engagement is the process by which an organisation involves people who may be affected by the decisions making. They have power to influence the business. Internal stakeholders include managers and employees and are those that are situated within the company and affect the 'day-to-day' running of the organisation. External stakeholders include the Government, neighbours, pressure groups, local councils and the surrounding community. Employees provide their thoughts on the company through meetings or supervisions. The information gathered through surveys helps management address issues that are important to employees, including safety, environmental preservation, and employee compensation and retention. The work for which I am currently been employed, we have regular contact with parents to keep them inform about their child's health or their behaviour and also getting information from them as well in order to work in the interest of the children. We also have contact with professional advice such as doctors, psychiatrist. The Ofsted come and check twice a year at my work place for the welfare and benefit of the children. We follow the government rules and regulations.

The aims the organisations are to offer the young people the opportunity to enhance their quality of life by providing a safe, comfortable homely environment. Everyone must follow the rules and policies at work all time. Respect children's privacy, give them choices, rights, dignity, promote their independence, and self-esteem.

Burn and Stalker (1961) concluded that if an organisation is to achieve maximum performance then its structure must fit with or match the rate of change in its environment. Structure enables managers to plan, direct, organise and control the activities of the organisations. Structure allows the responsibilities for different function and processes to be clearly allocated departments and employees.

Ream care

Organisation Structure






Maintenance Support worker Support worker support worker

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The role of management is basically helped in recording, planning, and control of activities which further aide in the decision making process. Line managers are responsible in managing and motivating people to achieve an organisation's objectives and goal.

Middle Manager act as role model, they communicate and track the different goals and policies ensuring information flows up as well as down. Middle Manager's responsibility is to monitor activities subordinates while reporting to upper management. She resolves any personal disagreements among employees to maintain positive working, motivate employees.

A team leader is someone who provides guidance, instruction, direction. He or she monitors the quantitative and qualitative result that is to be achieved. The leader works with the team membership.

I work as a support worker, my job description are assisting the children with their personal care, to be their advocacy and making sure their needs are met.

Managing the differences between individuals that impact on their work

Human behaviour is complex and every individual is different from another. They bring different and important perspectives to the work place that can help companies attain a competitive advantage. The ways they deal with the children are different. When I have to work with different leaders I have to adapt to the system they work otherwise I would not be able to work with them. Different opinions and views and some staffs used to work in certain way and they are not willing to change their style of working and this may create tension. Communication is vital in an organisation especially where teamwork is concerned. Do gossip, be spiteful towards colleagues can make enmity at work and that destroyed the relationships between colleague and this affect the performance at work.

At my work place we have regular staff meeting every week and supervision every months. So staff can raise any concerns and share their views and opinions. It also helps solve problem at work. Also the management make us aware of any changes or about new development in the company at the light house (Ream care).

Abraham Maslow (1908-1923) focused on the psychological needs to have fulfilled at work. Maslow put forward a theory that there are five levels of human needs which need to have fulfilled at work. A business should therefore offer different incentives to workers in order to help them fulfil each need in turn and progress up the hierarchy.

In Ream care co. the stakeholders are the children's diagnose with autistic, employees, employer community, government. The organisation's missions are to achieve its goals and ensure that the stakeholder's interest are continually analysed and met. My company is a democratic style .The manager allows the employees to take part in decision-making. The company provides good care and services for those children, understand their needs and wishes. The company train the employees that the work required and motivate them by increasing the wages, rewarding staff by promoting them and praise them whenever they did good job so that they deliver good performance. Recently I have taken a course on respond training which has been very useful for me and I have used it whenever it is required at work. There are some courses on line which the staff can do to increase their knowledge and their performance at work.

This style involves employees as well in the decision making process, therefore the company need to employ knowledgeable and skilful employees. It is a mutual benefit it allows them to become part of the team and allows you to make better decisions.

There is a difference ways leaders approach their employee. Positive leaders use rewards, such as education, independence, to motivate employee. While negative employers act domineering and superior with people, they give penalties, such as loss job, reprimanding employees in front of others. This of course leads to lower performance at work. People are stress and they do not feel like working in this kind of environment and as a result they leave the job.

Flexible working is probably the best way of the organisation at light house to offer work- life balance to its staff. That benefits both the organisation and the staff members. A recent survey highlighted work-life balance and flexibility as they try to balance their desire to participate fully at in their work and maintain a career while fulfilling their care responsibilities and looking after their wellbeing.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has started to become standard business practice for many organisations. CSR governs the practices and policies employed by organisations in addressing the ethical, environmental and social consequences of doing business.

With the rise in CSR, many organisations are now embracing ethical, environment, social business practices. This guidelines, developed to help companies to improve their performance. Encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, communities, stakeholders. ISO 26000 is the recognised international standard for CSR. R. Edward Freeman, strategic management: a stakeholder approach in 1984, proponents argue that corporations make more long term profits by operating with a perspective.

Task 2

Developing human resources

At light house the company always offered learning and development-training to all staff. Equipping people to adapt to change is a key challenge in learning and development. Its aim is the production of a plan for the organisation to ensure that there is sufficient capability to sustain business performance. Career development has huge benefits to the company and employees. Motivation's role influence workplace behaviour and performance such as promoting staff and increasing their wages and monthly employment. Those who has less absente during the month or who have been best role model get £20 extra on their usual wages.

Light house also support local communities, the company encourage the staff to participate in marathon in order to help London raises money to improve the lives of children affected by abuse, illness, disability, poverty, and homeless.

Education Act (IDEA), passed in 1974, and 2005. This act guaranties that children will have access to a free and appropriate public education, regardless of any disabilities they may suffer.

Communication and interpersonal skills are the foundation of effective management performance. Communication is a two way process passing and receiving. It can be verbal and non-verbal communication. It is vital within any business. Management is based on communication but being able to transfer that into drivers, performance, motivation and sustainability needs leadership and empowerment skills.

Children with non-verbal communication or speak different languages have a problem communicating with the help so the best way to communicate with them is using sign language or show them pictures. At work there is a child speak other language and don't understand too much English he has language barrier. Whenever staff cannot understand him, he got frustrate and he end up breaking things in the home. So using sign language and show him pictures, I was able to communicate with him and help him out.

If managers lack the needed interaction skills, may further reduce individual and team morals, decrease productivity and lead to employees disengage or leave. Managers who frequently offer constructive feedback and rewards to their employees improve overall productivity. In my work place the manager has poor communication to the employee; she talks to us only when she has to give orders. I do believe that she needs to have good communication with the employees so that the work will run smoothly. If any problem arises, people will be able to talk about the issues easily to the manager.

Development Opportunities

Lighthouse should hire qualify and experience people who would make a lot of different in Ream care company and would share and support the organization's mission and values and who are self- independent and confident. Also provide development opportunities that align with the organizational values and for the employees' developmental needs. Being able to identify the client's real needs, develop and have a quality assessment structure and good design /case administration structure is vital for success. Improving business performance, any business need to provide training in order to grow and develop the knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the work, as well as developing their work experience and on- going professional development .

Appraisal schemes and career development programmes benefit the employees and employers because they provide an opportunity to:

Review the progress to date, including the achievements and on-going challenges.

Offer constructive feedback on one's performance.

Identify gaps in skills and training needs..

The areas which I feel I needed improvement are to be able to understand those children diagnose with autistic. In 6 month times I would like to take course on special needs, sign language and managing behaviour in order to enhance my knowledge and skills and also to help these children to meet their needs.

Special needs and managing courses are a vital course to undertake when working with children challenging behaviour. There is a child at work who has behaviour problem, whenever he is nervous and upset, he will pinch, scratch and bit people. This course will benefit me a lot as to learn more about them, the sign they show before getting worse and how to communicate and calm them down. I will better equip myself as I will be able to manage children with those challenging behaviour.

By doing my assignment I have learned a lot about understanding the management role how an organisation need changes according to the environmental changes. Managers are compelled to have good interpersonal skills in order to facilitate and mentor teams and workers to be self-reliant and motivate in a competitive environment. Rewards and recognition can both be used as individual elements which is a powerful and effective tool for boosting company performance.

I have 5 years working with children, enjoy working in this field. I have NCFE level 3, good communication skills and work effectively in team, enthusiasm and patience. I consider myself as a pragmatist and reflector, I like to try new ideas and techniques to see if it works and also I learn by observing and listening to others view before making a decision. At my work place there are children diagnose with autism staffs required always new ideas and techniques when working with them as there is no such pattern that staff can work out with them when they are having behaviour problems. In this field team effort are vital. My strengths are; I have a positive attitude, good organiser, committed to my work, good listening. My weaknesses are; I am slow to make up a decision and I need to be more assertive. I would like to become a manager in the future.

My threat is again to slow to take decision and to have more confident in myself. My personal goal is to become a manager one day; I'm willing to undertake any course that required being a good manager. Currently I'm doing business management level 5 but I know it's not enough I need more experience in that field. In June 2012 I would like to do voluntary works as assisting manager in my own work place and then by next year 2013 I will first start looking for a job as deputy manager, when I acquire enough skills I would like to be a manager in other company.

My recommendation for my work place which is light house would be: Attend training courses is better than course online. As the staff get the chance to ask any questions or share their opinions or views. I felt that people would give more to an organization if they gained satisfaction from the jobs. Jobs should be created to be interesting and challenging to gain the commitment of workers. At Lighthouse there are no much incentives such as employees doing not get much appreciation for instants new employees get more paid than old employees and also the staffs do not get paid enough for the work they are doing. As a result good staffs are leaving the job, the company are making loses as they have to give more training to the new one and also taking time to adapt to the work place.

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According to simmon

hire people who share and support your organization's mission and values and who are self-sufficient and confident, and then provide development opportunities that align with your organizational values and your employees' developmental needs. Being able to identify the client's real needs, develop and engage a quality assessment framework and effective case plan/case management framework is vital for success.