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Everyone is under pressure of making their business profitable and effective not just to make the firm hold position to survive in the present but also for the advantages of opportunities in future.

Significant competition, shorter product and service life-cycles, good-educated and quality-conscious consumers, and the abilities to accept the new technology are all the increasing pressures on the operations function to improve productivity. With the unstable globalization of markets, firms are recognizing that the operations function can be used to strengthen their position in the market place. Customer's satisfaction is the key to achieve strong presence in international market.

Most of the businesses are undertaking cost reduction exercises, but they run the risk of causing detrimental effects on their operational effectiveness and quality. Our object is to reduce the risk by taking structural, holistic approach that focuses simultaneously on reducing costs and improving performance.

Strong bridge can work with customers to take cost out of your value chain and develop the processes which support in long-term and significant savings. First we estimate your entire cost base, scrutinize working capital and revenue optimization practices. Then we assess your core processes, your current risks and the controls you have in place, as well as the way key programs that are being managed. We then work with our clients to execute any necessary changes.

By reducing costs and improving performance, one can achieve significant benefits throughout the organization not only in the present scenario but also in future. It'll place in a good position to endure the slump in addition to that come out strongly is the first symbols of mending for the clients.

We help you in achieving great deal on efficiency and effectiveness of processes. Therefore, operations management often includes substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes.

Strong Bridge provides client servicing in following areas of expertise:


>Product development

>Project Management

>Purchase and supply management

>Service operations


1 Manufacturing

We counsel client organizations on all aspects of manufacturing strategy and work alongside all levels of the company in strategy implementation.

In the face of global competition and escalating customer expectations, some companies have chosen to outsource their manufacturing operations. This approach is tempting, yet companies that take this route may be missing strategic opportunities.

Although it has not always been the case, it is now generally accepted that the health of the manufacturing function in a company is at the heart of its success, and that having a manufacturing strategy which aligns with overall business strategy and other functional strategies in an organization is essential.

In the future, companies will need to adopt manufacturing strategies and production technologies (programmable automation, flexible robotics, etc.), which will allow increased manufacturing flexibility and the capability to respond quickly and cost effectively to demands for product variants or truly customized products.

1a Manufacturing challenges

Despite significant improvements in manufacturing efficiencies over the years, producing to near real-time demand is easier said than done - especially in a business environment where variability is continually increasing. Some of the drivers responsible for this increase in variability and thus challenging manufacturing to achieve adaptive capabilities are:

• Fragmented manufacturing facilities: Globally distributed manufacturing locations are increasing exponentially, demanding new manufacturing visibility and collaboration.

• Mass customization: The rapidly increasing cross-industry demand for product variety presents challenges in areas such as manufacturing capacity and resource planning.

• Shrinking life cycles: Product life cycles are rapidly shortening, and pose challenges in areas such as manufacturing cycle time, productivity, and inventory management.

• Response velocity: Customer empowerment is driving managers to target new levels of flexibility, leading to higher manufacturing capacity costs and labor deployment challenges.

• Zero defect quality: Product quality requirements are becoming increasingly stringent, causing manufacturers to focus on "Zero Defect" production capabilities.

The severity of these challenges is intensified because of specific technology challenges that impact visibility and collaboration, and hinder responsiveness.

1b Manufacturing strategy

Our manufacturing strategy is based on a set of co-ordinated goals and action programs applied to a firm's manufacturing function. This aims at securing medium and long term, sustainable advantage over that firm's competitors. The manufacturing function requires a stratagem to ensure a match, or congruence, between the company's markets as well as the existing and future abilities of the production system.

Strong Bridge manufacturing strategy helps in shaping the structure, infrastructure and capabilities of a firm's manufacturing function that ensures the success of a business. Our strategic approach is combined with a pragmatic approach for uninterrupted improvement at an operational level if a company is to produce products at the rate, quality and cost that ensure competitiveness in their chosen markets.

i>Low Cost Countries (LCCs)

A key part of a manufacturing strategy is the definition of whether products are to be manufactured at the traditional manufacturing sites of an organization or if the cost benefits offered make it beneficial to set up manufacturing in geographic areas with a low cost base. We can take full account of the practical and logistical complications and the full financial implications of setting up and operating facilities in low cost countries.

ii>Outsourcing manufacturing

We can help you identify the need for outsourcing your manufacturing function and can help in monitoring product cost and great care will to be taken to ensure that product quality issues are properly addressed in the outsourcing exercise and the requirement for active management and control of outsourced manufacture can be recognized.

iii>Mass customization

It is received wisdom that a route to achieving reduced costs and improving profitability in a company is to focus its activities on a limited range of technologies, volumes, products and markets. However, customers are not only becoming more demanding about the cost, quality and performance of the products but also expect more variety and product customization. We can help you in obtaining mass customization of your products truly optimized to your specified end use.

1c Strong Bridge Expertise

We constantly develop and codify our transformation approach to different sectors and client situations. This unique knowledge organization ensures our consultants are trained to a world-class standard as production systems designers.

Our teams bring a range of diverse professional experience, from multiple sectors and every operational environment, and from some of the most operationally-excellent companies in the world.

1c i>Automotive and Assembly

Many of our expert manufacturing consultants have backgrounds in leading change in assembly operations, including the automotive industry. While the benefits of lean manufacturing are widely recognized in this environment, many companies have yet to reap its full potential. Because they focus on the application of basic technical tools rather than a holistic system perspective. In addition, too great an emphasis is placed on technical change alone.

We diagnose areas of waste, variability, and inflexibility in the current production system and then design, and help implement, not only the correct management infrastructure, but also employee mindsets and behaviors to support it.

Typical improvements include designing new factory and workstation layouts, introducing new flexible manpower systems and team structures, and changing the way production orders are fed into the system and balanced across team members. Our clients experience significant improvements to quality, cost savings - through reduced labor, inventory, and waste - and customer delivery performance.

1c ii>Healthcare

Though traditionally considered an afterthought, pharmaceutical operations offer big opportunities for process improvement and cost reduction.

Strong Bridge takes a broad-based approach and provides a series of tools and techniques to lower cost, such as workload sharing, lean manufacturing, aggressive procurement programs, and setting new standards to build a culture of performance excellence and cost effectiveness.

Typically these efforts provide significant percent reductions in operational cost.

1c iii>Retail Banking

Retail banks face the dual challenge of increasing cost efficiency to stay in line with competitors and meeting the increasing demand of customers for quality service.

Strong Bridge supports retail banking clients through:

A deep understanding of the banking industry and the connections between operational and business strategies

A toolkit that combines problem-solving approaches from manufacturing (e.g., lean manufacturing, Six Sigma) with banking-specific best practices and value drivers.

These tools and approaches can reduce operating costs by considerable percent while improving quality of customer service and providing a platform for year-on-year improvement.

1c iv>Basic Material

Strong Bridge takes two approaches to productivity improvements in the basic industries sector:

For products that are undifferentiated in the market place, producers must relentlessly pursue lower operating costs and improved capital productivity.

For differentiated products, producers should identify market segments where they can become innovators or productivity partners with consumers.

Strong Bridge's analytic and process tools can deliver a tailor-made program that fits within a company's overarching productivity improvement program by driving down the time it takes to develop and deliver new products, dramatically reduce inventory and manufacturing time.

1d Strong Bridge Advantage

For large corporations we resolve issues often having widely different points of view within their organization. For start-ups we offer world-class expertise at a very affordable cost, to help them ramp-up their manufacturing smoothly and create best practice outsourcing programs. Our objective is to do work and make recommendations that result in important, long-term benefits for our clients.

Strong Bridge is able to advise companies on their manufacturing strategies as well as assisting in strategy development and implementation. In addition, companies can be kept informed of developments in manufacturing processes and technologies that may impact their businesses and require modification of strategic direction.

We help companies improve return on invested capital (ROIC) through reduced cost, increased efficiency, and enhanced growth opportunities available through plant configuration. We advise on decisions such as outsourcing or aggregating commodity manufacturing, moving productive capacity offshore, and forming strategic alliances and joint ventures.

Whether a company decides to make or buy, it must align all its processes throughout the supply chain. We help rationalize the supply chain by focusing on supplier selection, request for quote, supplier contracts, and supplier management. We also work with clients to develop internal capability and effective implementation and maintenance, as a part of determining whether to produce internally or to outsource.

Strong Bridge can help you increase your competitiveness by reducing throughput time, reducing lead times, reducing costs, increasing capacity, increasing flexibility, reducing inventory, and increasing quality, through selection and implementation of the right manufacturing strategy for your company.

We assist clients in developing and implementing manufacturing strategies with demonstrated, substantial results. Our services are seamless integration of the best technologies.

2 Product Development

Since about 75 percent of product costs are contributed by design stage, product development can be considered as long-term cost reduction lever.

Organizations without a high performing product development and commercialization organization are significantly disadvantaged.

The companies that thrive are the ones that define, produce and promote their products more effectively than the competition. Easier said than done, especially for organisations without the experience, process and techniques to help them do this.

We create outstanding value for manufacturing companies around the world by escalating R&D to overall business strategy level and focusing only on changes that deliver big impact.

Using our knowledge of best practices in the core processes of product development, we develop detailed roadmaps and action plans for improvement. We support clients in project development, planning, management and organization, and on the execution of quality gates.

We also offer quick and vigorous impact programs in response to specific problems such as product cost reduction ('design-to-cost'), quality improvement, and the identification and management of development risk.

2a >Challenges in Product development

In balancing organizational demands with available resources, many companies find it increasingly difficult to meet their product development time, cost, and quality objectives.

Spiraling R&D costs

Ad hoc product definition process

Facilitating teamwork between R&D and Marketing

Elicit insights into worldwide customer needs that are meaningful to multiple functions across the company.

Obtain consensus on global product requirements

Develop a long-term product road map.

Ensure market acceptance of products.

Incorporate best-in-class practices.

2b >Strong Bridge Expertise:

We work on three major topics in product development: process improvement, design-to-cost, and technology strategy. In technology strategy, finding the right solution might mean creating a new roadmap for a semiconductor company, or defining a strategy for developing hybrid engines.

In design-to-cost, where you have the clear aspiration of reducing cost by a certain percent, it means convincing technicians to apply different concepts or cheaper components. In process improvement, where our goal is to increase development efficiency and shorten time to market by at least 30 percent, there's the difficulty of convincing people to follow a more structured and parallelized approach.

Understanding the entire product creation process is important in product development work. We think through the whole problem, bringing in knowledge and best practices from other industries.

Our profound experience in the industry has helped us provide our clients with flexibility and reliability in the trading services. Our market analysts have the precise know-how of the market which enables them to provide immaculately accurate counseling.

We also hold expertise in meeting the operational demands of clients from various industries.

Our people bring not only the technical expertise, but also a thorough and fact-based way of thinking. Strong problem-solving capabilities are as important as experience in product design and development.

Using our collective expertise, we have introduced the Research and Development (R&D) System, a framework that connects client problems and improvement approaches. We start our approach by specifying the business problem the client has. This could be slow time to market, too expensive products, or lack of innovation.

According to the specific problem, we apply the appropriate set of improvement levers. Normally we implement the changes in a pilot project, i.e., we choose a critical development project, understand the challenges, and readjust the development approach together with the client.

Strong Bridge can help companies to create market-winning product portfolios using customer-centric innovation management. Strong Bridge services span the product development spectrum, from portfolio management and voice of the customer to product definition and metrics.

2c >Strong Bridge Strategy

Industry leaders integrate product development operations across the entire lifecycle - from customer needs analysis through to production and distribution. This comprehensive approach helps improve the overall effectiveness of product development while reducing time to market and other product-related costs.

Product development consulting from Strong Bridge can help your organization in improving your portfolio management capabilities. We can help you create a more effective product development operating environment through:

Requirements management-capturing and analyzing relevant customer needs and translating these findings into market-ready products.

Design excellence-applying Lean product development principles, effective design reviews, and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) tools to deliver high-quality, cost-effective products that meet defined customer needs.

Supplier and component management-reducing variations in product lifecycle costs and quality through the use of common components and approved vendor lists.

Product data and configuration management-ensuring that accurate product information is provided across the organization to aid in enterprise-wide decision-making.

Product change management-developing practices to quickly and accurately incorporate changes in project and product information into product development, supply chain, and customer management processes.

2c a>Enabling Growth Through Product Strategy

Through distinctive product strategies and deep consumer and technology insight, we help companies capture attractive markets, create strong brands and enjoy sustained competitive advantage, with superior product architectures and model lines over expertly managed lifecycles.

2c b>Improving Margins Through Process Optimization

Our clients can strive for the most ambitious product margins because we introduce consistency across the management of product design, supply chain and manufacturing processes. From design conception, through testing and validation, to production ramp-up, we help design quality into products and reduce their complexity across all variants, components and importantly, in their manufacture.

2c c>Building Value Through Efficiency in the Development Process

Our process improvement approaches enable the rapid development of products so our clients gain advantage over the competition, either as first-movers or very fast followers. We build lasting capabilities to introduce more new product capacity, on budget, on time and with minimum risk. We can also help adapt and improve R&D organizational structures for long term value creation.

2d >Strong Bridge Advantage

Strong Bridge can help companies change the way they operate to create strategic advantage and breakthrough results through innovation leadership. A robust operational strategy does more than provide strategic planning-it helps you achieve superior business results and a commanding lead in your marketplace.

Until recently, this critical component of corporate strategy was often either left out or left to chance.  Traditional functional definitions of operations led companies to focus solely on operational tactics-management processes, organizational structures, and implementation quality.  Little attention was given to the overarching operational strategies that directly impact financial performance and guide day-to-day execution priorities. 

Today, all that has changed. Our research and direct experience show that the big winners, industry after industry, have clear, well-defined operational strategies.

Strong Bridge offers a range of strategy services designed to create, execute, and enhance your operational strategy.

Ensure that products are aligned with market needs - by ensuring that market needs are researched and captured in a form that developers can understand.

Speed up product development - by creating a structured plan for development and ensuring that the plans are followed - not just by the developers but by all parts of the company that "touch" the product as it goes to the customer

Launch products to the market - including the creation of customer facing literature such as brochures, datasheets or whitepapers.

Create web "micro-sites" to support product marketing activity and/or write for blogs and on-line fora.

We can also help you develop and implement a New Product Development (NPD) process, assist you with industry analysis, product portfolio analysis, product pricing, business plans and strategy.

Strong Bridge Product Management Consulting service helps you define or clarify your company and product strategies, develop your overall marketing plans or put a Product Management process in place.

We can help your company build revenue momentum and buzz in the marketplace. We can also consult you on short or long-term projects such as strategy, pricing, competitive analysis, customer and market research, product strategy, market analysis or white papers.

3 Purchasing & Supply Management

Purchasing is recognized as a route to new growth opportunities through strategic and innovative partnerships with suppliers.

Strong Bridge works with clients to reduce costs and deliver immediate profitability improvement. We help purchasing professionals work across functions globally and to use 'total cost of ownership' as a driver for sourcing decisions rather than price.

3a Strong Bridge Expertise

We help clients meet challenges in industries as diverse as automotive and assembly, public sector, chemicals, consumer goods, retail trade, engineering and construction, and finance.

We provide specialist consultation services on purchasing and supply chain for releasing shareholder value and improving bottom-line performance. In addition we enable successful outsourcing and cost reduction programmes as well as supplying project management and interim management support.

3a i>Competitive Intelligence

An in depth knowledge of existing and potential competitors is critical to sound business and marketing planning. 

Most companies would expect their own sales and marketing department to evaluate competitor strengths and weaknesses relative to product quality, service, pricing, marketing strategies, selling effectiveness and customer attitudes. 

In fact, without this market and business intelligence it is difficult to predict their next moves, exploit their weaknesses and undermine their strengths.

Therefore, in an extremely competitive marketplace it is often imperative that a company benchmarks how its competitors' suppliers are performing relative to its own. 

Sometimes, these differences could be the key competitive advantage that a company needs to establish a winning position in the marketplace.

3b >Strong Bridge Strategy

We are very experienced in running the purchase and supply process on behalf of clients from potential service through final supplier selection and negotiation.

Strong Bridge aims at improving our client's profitability by optimization of our client's cost and improving the performance and functionality of your purchases.

3b i>Purchasing Strategy

Our specialist team of purchasing consultants assists companies with their business plans including the identification, selection and implementation of management change initiatives. 

In many instances it is imperative to position the purchasing and supply chain department or function at the centre of a business in order to maximize its contribution to company profitability, whilst at the same time, enabling the business to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

A company's purchasing strategy is often the cornerstone on which the deployment of strategic sourcing is built. 

Therefore it is important the function has an agreed mission; is an integral part of a company's overall strategic planning process; has the optimum organizational structure; and has the right people to implement its strategic sourcing objectives.

3b ii>Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing or strategic purchasing is the process of determining how a business develops its methods of approaching, interacting and managing the interface with its supply chain market.

Our team of purchasing consultants can help your business devise a coherent strategy to take account of not only the present day situation, but also how the market may change in the future. 

Without this market intelligence, companies may find themselves falling behind its competitors and having reduced leverage in the supply chain market.

We can also demonstrate how buyer behavior can determine, influence and change the supply-market within which they function.

3b iii>Cost Reduction

There are only two basic ways for a company to achieve better bottom-line performance: increase revenue or reduce total costs. In today's unpredictable marketplace, the clever money is on reducing costs.

A core element of our business is to provide both strategic and hands on assistance with cost reduction programmes. Our success in delivering annual cost savings is frequently many times greater than our fees, and provides our customers with real value for money.

As winning companies evolve from a tactical and transactional environment to a strategic interaction with their supply chain market, with emphasis on full value-chain management, the business can reduce costs and eliminate supply chain waste to rapidly establish a competitive advantage.

Whether the requirement is for a global sourcing initiative; a full life-cycle costing exercise; supplier negotiations; a facilities management review; a reduction in utility costs or a change in supply chain processes, our team of experts have proven track records of achieving substantial and sustainable cost savings that directly contribute to bottom line results.

3d >Strong Bridge Advantage

Applying Insights to Specific Situations

Each client situation is different and so we approach the challenge from a top management perspective at the overall company strategy and organization level. We then apply our industry knowledge to facilitate the integration of strategy, organization, and PSM. We draw upon our deep insights into possible suppliers, sourcing strategies, and opportunities to change or leverage industry structures and performance.

World-Class Problem-Solving Approaches

Our global team of experts has access to a unique collection of proven, tailored problem-solving tools, e.g., Linear Performance Pricing (LPP), best-of-benchmarking, core cost analysis, lean production systems, and contracting suppliers for performance.

Global Sourcing

We help clients source products from low cost countries, by identifying and prioritizing sourceable commodities, developing winning sourcing strategies, finding and building relationships with suppliers, organizing on-site audits, facilitating negotiation, and locating 3rd party suppliers. For companies with or without a presence off-shore, we can help build an effective sourcing organization, improve supplier performance, and engage suppliers higher up the value chain.

Performance Transformation of the PSM Function

We understand how to transform the PSM function into a source of competitive advantage by integrating it into core business processes that drive performance. Real-time organizational "muscle building" yields a realistic path to self-sustaining momentum. Here, we work with a focus on capability-building and the transfer of management skills to enhance performance.

4 Project Management

A project can be defined as initiative to bring about change. This is done in order to achieve specific objectives, within a timescale, in a given context. A project is normally allocated a budget.

Strong Bridge Project Management Consulting Services offers time-tested solutions to your firm's operations, financial and project management systems concerns.

Project Management is part of our core service and is a result of our understanding of our client's needs. We identify which configuration of our services will achieve our client's required outcome. We then provide solutions to achieve these objectives, while also adding value and completing projects within budget.

Many companies have yet to discover the very real benefits to be gained by using a specialist project management service.

Successful Project and Change Management are the keys to the lasting success of any new business initiative. In order to be successful careful planning is required in addition to a holistic focus that covers Political and Emotional elements in addition to the rational ones. We offer a full range of Project & Change Management related activities.

Successful Project Management is more than the completion of the task in hand. In order for a project to be successful not only must it be completed to time and budget, but more importantly the people affected (both internal and external to the organization) must adopt the change.

4a >Strong Bridge Project Management Objectives

These objectives are set with the aim of achieving client satisfaction

Coordinate the various interrelated processes of the project.

Ensure project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully.

Ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken.

Ensure the most effective use of the people involved with the project.

Promote effective communication between the projects team members and key stakeholders.

Ensure that project risks are identified, analyzed, and responded.

In practice, Project Management follows a Phased Approach for Project Execution and has a standard defined Project Life Cycle. Teamwork and Quality Assurance are few important inherent characteristics of successful Project Management.

4b >Strong Bridge Expertise

We believe in serving our clients with integrity and value added project management services with excellence and high regards to timeliness of deliverables.

Strong Bridge Project Management team provides services across India and beyond. With over a decade of rich experience in the industry and a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team, we successfully aim to execute projects across diverse sectors globally.

The benefits to an organization of using Strong Bridge Project management consultation include:

Our professional project management team helps to keep the project on track and to time.

Strong Bridge utilizes its Tools and techniques to overcome resistance, stimulate team-working, manage risks, and effect lasting change.

Our teams look beyond conventional PMC services by adding value at every step of the project and thereby enabling us to move ahead of our competition. Our value-adds are proposed as an advantage to both the developers and the future occupants of a project. The rich experience we have gained from successful projects that we have executed, constantly helps us to overcome complex issues in a project life-cycle.

Creating enforceable and realistic project plans for your team is essential for the success of any construction project. We can help you create those plans with our own planners or by setting up a proven process for your own project planners to use when they create their plan.

We helps our clients achieve success on projects so they can fully realize their expected business outcomes.

4c >Strong Bridge Project Management Knowledge Areas

This describes project management knowledge and practice in terms of the various component processes.

Strong Bridge includes the following project management processes:

> Project Integration Management

> Project Scope Management

> Project Time Management

> Project Cost Management

> Project Quality Management

> Project Human Resource Management

> Project Communications Management

> Project Risk Management

>Change Management

>Issue Management

>Tender Management

>Procurement Management

>Acceptance Management

4c i>Project Integration Management

It describes the processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated. It consists of project plan development, project plan execution, and integrated change control.

4c ii>Project Scope Management

It describes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. It consists of initiation, scope planning, scope definition, scope verification, and scope change control.

4c iii>Project Time Management

It describes the processes required to ensure timely completion of the project. It consists of activity definition, activity sequencing, activity duration estimating, schedule development, and schedule control.

By using the Time Management Process of Strong Bridge, you can easily monitor and control time spent on a project. You will be able to create procedures for completing timesheets, recording timesheet information and gaining an overall view of the status of your project.

4c iv>Project Cost Management

It describes the processes required to ensure that the project is completed within the approved budget. It consists of resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting, and cost control.

Strong Bridge Cost Management Process helps you manage your project expenditure. It explains how to document your expenses through the use of Expense Forms and then implement an expense approval process. It also tells you how you can update your Project Plan with your expense information, to help you to keep an eye on your overall project expenditure.

4c v>Project Quality Management:

It describes the processes required to ensure that the project will satisfy the needs for which it was undertaken. It consists of quality planning, quality assurance, and quality control.

To help you make sure that your deliverables meet the requirements of your customer, Strong Bridge offers a Quality Management Process. By using this process, you can implement Quality Assurance and Quality Control techniques to monitor and improve the level of quality within your project. You can set quality targets, undertake quality reviews and implement measures to improve the level of quality of your deliverables.

4c vi>Project Human Resource Management:

It describes the processes required to make the most effective use of the people involved with the project. It consists of organizational planning, staff acquisition, and team development.

4c vii>Project Communications Management

It describes the processes required to ensure timely and appropriate generation, collection, dissemination, storage, and ultimate disposition of project information. It consists of communications planning, information distribution, performance reporting, and administrative closure.

To help you communicate the right message to the right project stakeholders at the right time, Strong Bridge offers a comprehensive Communications Management Process. You can use the communications planning and process templates and examples to keep your stakeholders informed of the progress of the project at all times.

4c viii>Project Risk Management

It describes the processes concerned with identifying, analyzing, and responding to project risk. It consists of risk management planning, risk identification, qualitative risk analysis, quantitative risk analysis, risk response planning, and risk monitoring and control.

Every project entails a certain degree of risk. The reason is that you will have a fixed amount of time, budget and resources to achieve a set task. How you manage this risk will determine your level of success. By implementing the Strong Bridge Risk Management Process, you can manage your risks through formal risk identification, quantification and mitigation.

4c ix>Project Procurement Management

It describes the processes required to acquire goods and services from outside the performing organization. It consists of procurement planning, solicitation planning, solicitation, source selection, contract administration, and contract closeout.

It's one thing to find and hire the best supplier, it's another thing to then manage that supplier and ensure that they deliver everything that you have contracted them to provide. By using Strong Bridge Procurement Management Process, you can formally receive, inspect and approve every product and service that your supplier provides you with. You can then use that information to approve the payment of supplier invoices.

4c x>Change Management

One of the greatest risks in a project is "scope creep". It happens when uncontrolled changes are implemented without formal approval, and it often leads to delays, over-spending and poor deliverable quality. To help you avoid scope-creep, implement the Strong Bridge Change Management Process. This process helps you identify project changes and control their approval and implementation.

4c xi>Issue Management

Throughout the project, you will encounter a number of project issues. These issues will have the ability to impact on your delivery deadlines, so you need to manage them carefully. If you implement the Strong Bridge Issue Management Process then you can put in place formal procedures for recording and resolving issues before they impact on your project timelines.

4c xii>Tender Management Process

If you need to appoint suppliers to your project, then you will need a Tender Management Process. This project process allows you to select and appoint external suppliers, through the issue of tender documentation. This process helps you select one or more preferred suppliers, by issuing 3 documents; a Statement of Work (SOW), a Request for Information (RFI) and a Request for Proposal (RFP).

4c xiii>Acceptance Management Process

The determinant of project success is whether or not your customer signs off the project as complete and satisfactory. You will only gain complete satisfaction from your customer if you allow them to inspect and accept every project deliverable that you produce. By using the Acceptance Management Process, you can request that your customer reviews each deliverable produced by your project and signs it off as meeting their requirements. Your deliverables will then be 100% complete.

4d >Strong Bridge Project Management Strategy

Organizations are becoming more project-centric by the day - this means they are interested not just in running a business but growing it too.

But project growth inevitably means transformation - coming to terms with change and managing uncertainty in a dynamic environment.

Every professional is looking for the best project management strategy for his or her business. They want-and need--a project management strategy that will help them coordinate, and standardize project procedures, while maintaining organized document management resources. Business professionals want coordination, standardization, and organization without having to change the way they work.

Some of the key steps in designing a strategy for success include:

• Familiarization with the overall requirements of the project and its stakeholders

• Determining the key elements of value and success for the project

• Understanding the environment the project is operating within

• Determining the delivery methodology and agreeing this with the key stakeholders

• Determining the project management methodology and agreeing this with the key stakeholders

• Developing the project's strategic plan based on the available know-how, resources and risk appetite of the stakeholders (including the project management team).

• Under taking a formal project planning exercise

Project Management is the acquired knowledge and skills applied using a formal set of tools and techniques to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects.

In today's economy, all business lines have incorporated Project Management as an integral part of their operational practices. Project Management has helped businesses to accomplish their pre-defined objectives within the defined time limits. Project Management has facilitated all business sectors to make profitable decisions as well as operationalize strategies to bring their projects to completion.

4e >Strong Bridge Advantage

Project Management has brought profitability to various Business Lines in numerous ways. Few of the important ones have been summarized below.

Strong Bridge Project Management provides its clients:

A clear project framework for achieving project specific goals and business goals.

An emphasis on phased development i.e. regular and measurable progress.

A systematic approach to resolving high-risk factors associated with an objective.

A focus on team thus inculcating the concept of teamwork and skill specialization - delegating tasks to team members selected for their skills that correspond to the requirements of the project, leading to specialized input into the development process.

A built-in mechanism for assessing the feasibility of a proposed project - assessing requirements and matching available resources to those requirements.

A process for involving all concerned parties into project execution, ensuring that the end product perfectly matches the requirements and thus avoiding last minute glitches.

A measure for incorporating Quality Assurance within the project life cycle thus producing Quality Outputs.

5 Service Operations

Success today often means tailoring service offerings to the price level and expectation level of customer segments.

Successful businesses are clear about what their customers want and structure their organizations to deliver. They make customer service a management priority, recruit and reward for service and focus investment on the aspects of service that are most important to customers.

That places extra pressure on each business to deliver service at the lowest possible cost to ensure maximum profitability.

Developing a service strategy is key, but only the execution of the strategy itself will deliver long-term benefits to the business.

We start on a small scale by achieving a sustainable step change in performance. We build people skills and capabilities to set the condition for the organization to aim for the highest possible impact.

We work alongside our clients wherever they are based, through continual coaching to transfer the ability to lead change independently with similar ambition levels.

5a Client Servicing Domains

Client Understanding: We have been offering tailored solutions to meet the distinct needs of our clients through our well documented methodology which are in line with the international best practices

Relationship Management: Strong Bridge prides itself on its long term relationship. We are proud of the fact that we have many satisfied customers who will always turn to Strong Bridge whenever they need a specialist solution in business process.

5a i>Customer Experience and Service Design

Assisting clients in designing overarching CE aspirations, linking to meaningful goals and value at stake, understanding and managing the drivers that matter most, and delivering ROI through lean service operations. This includes applying traditional R&D principles to service design and building the capabilities for ongoing innovation.

5a ii>Frontline and Field Service Delivery

Capturing value by driving customer-facing, frontline transformation. We work directly with line management and frontline employees, using a variety of transformation tools and techniques to help develop lean operations and a culture of continuous improvement.

5a iii>Lean Service Factory

Using our end-to-end transformation approach-developed from our learning while working with the world's best operating systems-to bring proven techniques to significantly improve client service operations through uniquely tailored solutions. We heavily leverage practical lean and Six Sigma approaches and our sector-specific expertise in designing and implementing an improved operating system while ensuring long-term sustainability through effective management systems and building organizational mind-sets and capabilities.

5a iv>Business Support Functions

Implementing holistic transformation of business support functions (e.g., HR, finance, IT, legal) across improvement levers (e.g., demand management, outsourcing and offshoring, global shared services, lean, IT-enablement) to deliver significant and sustainable cost impact. We provide a unique set of tools and techniques to help clients identify opportunities for improvement and implement a new future state of business support functions.

5a v>Customer Care

Applying our transformation to any customer care-related processes .We cover multichannel management, network design, outsourcing and offshoring, and all technical aspects from service and sales to customer experience and cost productivity.

Differentiating your service

In addition, and the area where you can differentiate your service from that of your competitors, is in the way your customer facing staff behave at every interaction. Up to a point, your staff can often overcome the frustration caused by a breakdown in processes, but is a fact that although shortcomings in processes drive high levels of dissatisfaction, only behavior drives high levels of satisfaction.

Identifying opportunities for improvement

So in order to deliver what your customers really want, you have to have efficient processes and know what behaviors your staff must demonstrate, consistently and at every customer encounter. Our customer research methodology is highly effective at uncovering opportunities for process improvement and at identifying the specific behaviors that create satisfied customers.

5b >Strong Bridge expertise

We cater the customer service to variety of sectors including retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and business and consumer services.

The unifying thing is that we are all very passionate about the service experience.

At Strong Bridge, we have made a purposeful investment - in people, in infrastructure, in knowledge - to build a global operations practice. We invest in knowledge development, staffing teams as we would for a client engagement on issues that we think will be important for our clients in the future. We conduct roundtables with executives and market leaders to help us define what is shaping the industry and determine the most pressing current and future issues. And we actively recruit and hire top talent in the functional disciplines that are important to us.

Due to increasingly competitive and commoditized product markets, services have emerged as an important strategic thrust for many of our clients. More companies are looking to services to drive future revenue growth and profits. It has been exciting to be part of this shift in the global economy and we have seen clients build successful service businesses in every sector. We continue to push ourselves to try to define the cutting edge - and go past it.

Our services areas:

Strategic plans

Annual business/operating plans

People and organization strength

Productivity and lean manufacturing/management




5c >Strong Bridge Advantage

Strong Bridge is available to assist its clients in their operational, financial and project management needs.

We work closely with each firm's principal(s) and key employees to learn about their respective internal operating systems. Through this process we are able to develop a customized approach, develop innovative solutions, make recommendations for improvement and offer assistance with, or take full responsibility for the implementation of each activity.

We help companies to improve their customer experiences and our customer experience consultants help drive retention and loyalty through our proven approach to customer research and customer service consulting.

Our customer service consulting methodologies help you to achieve customer satisfaction; to improve productivity and create a more profitable business.

Strong Bridge offers services such as Strategic and Operational Planning Services, Review Firm's Goals and Objectives, Evaluate Organizational Structure, Analyze Internal Operations, Assess Strengths and Weaknesses of the organization.

Our approach combines research, consultancy, training and measurement to help our clients develop customer service strategies that meet their customers' expectations.

Our techniques improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, even for companies with an already outstanding reputation for service.