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Performance management forms a variety of different tools and performance used to drive improvement. We classify performance management as: "Taking action in reaction to real performances to make results for clients and the organizations healthier than they would or else be".

Performance may be of person, group, facility, and company or society level. Development to results should help facility users but does not always signify improved service levels; at times improved outcomes can be driven by better value for money. Dipping levels of facility in one region may open up resources to be used more efficiently elsewhere.

Performance management strategies will look different at different companies, but effective organizations share some general features. They are:

Up to date, usual and strong performance data

positive culture motivated by strong leadership

fixed lines of character accountability

clear review, combined by challenge and support

good rewards and bonus

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I am planning to do my dissertation on HR and its strategies to maximize employee performance in an organization. My area of research is how a HR department strategies impact the employee performance in a company, whether it's going to maximize or minimize the employee performance in an organization.

Human resource management is one of the line management that deals with the recruiting, managing and furnishing the guide lines for the employee working in an organization. (Susan m.heathfield, 2010).

Performance management aims at the worker presentation progress, its enhancement, guidance,

1.1 Research aims and objectives


1) What are hr strategies in an organization to improve the employee performance?

Strategies which are successful

Strategies which have failed

2) How are these strategies impacting the organization?

3) Derive different methodologies which can maximize employee performance

4) How are these strategies are going to impact the organizations.

2 Areas of theory

The areas of theory that will be mainly useful for this research area are Human Resource Management, Performance management, People management or man power management and organizational behavior.

3 Literature search and review

The areas of theory for this research will be undertaken from the learning Resource Centre at Bucks New University using a range of text books, electronic journals, electronic databases, Internet search engines, newspapers, academic journal articles etc. The six peer journal articles which will be useful for the literature review are as follows:

The HR department's role in organizational performance, a journal by Veronica Hope Hailey, Elaine Farndale, Catherine Truss, July 2005.

Veronica Hope Hailey is presently the Faculty of Management at Cass in 2005. Veronica also consults Morgan Stanley, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations, Rolls Royce and South African Breweries. Dr Elaine Farndale is an associate Professor at the department of toil Studies and Employment associations at the Pennsylvania State University in the USA, and part-time associate Professor in the area of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University in the Netherlands.

In this journal, authors have discussed some good methods about HR role in increasing organizational performance.

Human resource management and performance in healthcare organizations, a journal by Claire Harris, Penny Cortvriend, Paula Hyde. Bradford: 2007. Vol. 21, Issue. 4/5.

Claire Harris is hr manager in AXA Sun. She has done an extensive research in role of hr manager in organizational performance. Penny Cortvriend is organizational development manager at NHS, who was professor at the public sector management at Manchester business school. Has done an extensive research on human research management and performance of an organizations with respective to employees in health care organizations.

HRM, Company Performance and Employee Well-being

Sinikka Vanhala, Kaija Tuomi. Management Revue. Mering: 2006. Vol.17, Issue. 3.

Sinikka Vanhala is a Finnish professor who has done a deep research on human resource management and employee relation and has published many research papers on organizational performance. Kaija Tuomi is a Finnish researcher who has done extensive research on organizational practices and performance of employees.

In this paper authors have discussed in depth about human resource management in respective to companies performance and employee well being. This research can give successful strategies and failed strategies of organizations in connection with employee performance.

Employee wellbeing in call centre's a journal by David Holman. Human Resource Management Journal. London: 2002.

David Holman is a professor of work psychology in Suffield's University who has done a research on employee retention in call centre's and to improve their performance with respective to organizational behavior

5 Research methodologies

Collection of appropriate information is key to do any kind of research study. Without proper information, researcher cannot get desired results which they wish to get. The value and quality of data also depends on a variety of factors. The approach for data gathering is generally divided into two ways: primary and secondary sources.

I have selected the entire workforce of SAINSBURY Stores Ltd as the populace, which consists of 450 employees together with executive, supervisors and team leaders across three special shift-patterns. A logical answer rate for interviews (Kervin, 1992) will be taken into thought while doing out the research.

Secondary Data: I would like to collect secondary data first to write down research plan and soon after collect the primary data.

As I am with SAINSBURYS, so I have good understanding regarding managers and have good contacts among our colleagues. This should help me gathering data and have good understanding about my research.

Secondary data is taken to understand the performance maximizing methods used by HR mangers and its effects on organizations. The secondary data will present theories of motivation, employee retentions and appraisal methods. The data will be gathered from different websites, publications, journals from Emerald and proquest extra. Information collected will provide both formal and informal data which will be related to primary data to accomplish the given objectives.

Primary Data: To meet the objectives, a multi-level approach will be taken. For collecting the primary data I will conduct a survey among Sainsbury's collogues and it consists of the questions about the research area. I will conduct an interview which involve around 75 to 100 Sainsbury's employees. These staff works in different roles, departments and shifts. These workers will be of different areas and positions and some of them are from key positions. With some, I have set up appointments already. Opinions will be taken in the following ways: -

Face to face interviews: - I have scheduled an appointment with 20 people of the company, who promised to provide me with their valuable feedback.

Interviews: - I will also be making some telephonic interviews with those, whom I cannot meet up in individual to take their opinion through face to face interviews.

Observations: - I have planned to attend department meetings and huddles, to assess the motivational speech styles and observing the communication between managers and employee.

6 Choice of research topic

The issue of this report was preferred for the following reasons:

Firstly, during the recent credit crunch many companies have stopped hiring new employees, and some organizations have fired some of its employees still they want to achieve the same growth with its work force by increasing the increasing the performance of its work force to get the desired productivity. In this process the strategies which they adopt some times go wrong and sometimes yield the desired results. I have taken this opportunity to study and research different strategies which are developed and used in today's world.

Secondly, I have also thought of pursuing a carrier in Human Resource Management sector. This research will enhance my knowledge in this area and gives me an extra weapon in my armory towards my tomorrow.

7 A plan of action

Writing of this dissertation involves a large amount of data analysis. As it will be time intensive, it is essential to plan and give sufficient time to each work which has to be done. Hence I have made a plan of action which I will use as a foundation to proceed and complete my research. (See attached Gantt chart)


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