Strategic Retailing Enterprise and Management

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Strategic Retailing Enterprise and Management

Assignment -2

Question 1 Assess the importance of key external micro environment forces which will affect your ability to serve the customers of your proposed golf store. In particular give consideration to the following external influences of :

  1. Customers
  2. Competitors - direct and indirect
  3. Suppliers and distributors - supply chain management, traditional and modern, growth of outsourced logistics.
  4. Media - positive media attention, managing the media, reducing the impact of a negative event on reputation, consumer television programmes.

Segments micro environment variables are near a business that has a rapid improvement in their business operations and realization. Before choosing the system of business must complete an intensive review of its micro environment. This article considers the usual micro environment variables.


Customers have the microeconomic impact and not run a business. Assurance immediately is that you cannot work viably a certain income without association focused on customer’s blows. Knowing your ideal client types and brands and display showing fights weight is vital for building a customer base and revenue.


The name of fun in brightness is detachment. Does the affiliate offers attractions that are better than those offered by the contestants? Does the business have an offering extraordinary place. Contender examination and perception is fundamental for a membership is to maintain or improve their position within the organization. On the off chance that an organization is not aware of competing activities conjecture that is very difficult to measure "beat" their opponents. The part of the business can move quickly, for example, through a change in the terms of trade, customer behaviour or imaginative changes. As an issue that is critical to find the contestant answers to these movements so you can increase the impact of their response.


Sourcing used big as a feature to make or resale and ownership of their imparts customers are crucial too. Producers rely on suppliers of materials and resale associations rely on manufacturers or wholesalers for the transport of goods. To work effectively, you must obtain a special relationship and supplies and, therefore, offer an incredible quality to its customers with solutions.


Positive thinking of the media can "make" a partnership (or components) and negative media attention can "break" an organization. Associations should mange the media to the media help boost the positive things of membership and reducing the negative impact of weather on their reputation. Some even use known affiliations (PR) specialists to help them manage a special event or occasion. Buyer television programs with lots of wide and easier also may have a compelling impact on the performance of a membership. Some associations see this and change your reaction when buyers determine which buyer or daily TV program about the business will be contacted.

Question 2 Assess the importance of the external micro environment forces of the bi- cultural and multicultural nature of new Zealand society which will affect your ability to serve the customers of your proposed golf store

Bicultural Benefits:

Bicultural means a mixture of all kinds of people and religions. In the event that we will give a vocation of all kind of relatives of religion, there would be no more deal in our shop. From time client would not know English dialect so in the event that a representative who knows his dialect then we can legitimately understand what you really need. Those of us who have lived abroad know ostracizes fall in the models. There's the grumpy, the person who sees everything what is the matter with the new place, and everything is right with the former, and always comes to selecting newcomers to their perspective. There's the local past, who wears clothes near marries a neighbourhood, just speak the dialect closer (even with individual expatriates) and, following back home, gets into a bad situation office welfare for butchering a chicken in his apartment. At that time there the rest of us who end up somewhere in the middle. For a while, I thought that these classifications were self-assertive, with the principle of contrast is how well an individual hit the nearby dialect. In any case, I now realize that analysts have created a more complex understanding of how to manage life abroad. Each person has an individual reaction to the opportunities and challenges of living in another country. In schools, this is called a "system of cultural assimilation" and the one you choose depends on many things: your identity, your circumstances, and if you are a stranger, an outcast, or an "outsider," someone who arrangements to stay for a limited time.

Multicultural Benefits:

More hierarchical pioneers are trying to overcome the difficulties of dealing with a multicultural workforce, so they can reap the benefits. A multicultural workforce is part of workers with a wide variety of foundations. Age, race, place of birth, sex, type of binding are only a percentage of the qualities socially recognized representatives.

Question 3 Assess the importance of internal influence employee could have on the micro environment of your proposed golf store?

Importance of employees in golf club:

There unreasonable importance of workers at the golf club. The goal of business is profit. The prosperity of the partnership is based on executing their representatives; poor execution is adverse to the prosperity of your organization. Make a balanced methodology to monitor and instruct their jobs requires the expertise of a human assets pioneer and support of the official initiative of the organization.

Execution management begins when a worker joins its workforce. Worker set of responsibilities, the introduction of new contracts and speeches presentation to your boss are central steps in making a management plan implementation. Executives generally give direction and closer supervision amid initial torque of representative Month vocation. Amid this time, your representative will likely experience an expectation to learn and adapt. The adaptation of new techniques, partners meetings, participate in working groups and get acclimated to the agreements and guidelines of the Organisation time-consuming. Pioneers look new representative office successful execution so that any shortcomings can be tended to immediately.

Connection Management Services Client-performance:

Client management and enforcement of workers are interrelated. By the time your workers give great customer management, which are overcoming the desires of occupation. The ubiquity of its administration or article is based in part on the level of management to their clients get. For organizations that provide benefits, their reputation is based almost exclusively in the light of the implementation of its workers. By the time his association recognizes its objectives, consider the effect of execution management and worker performance. Representatives who have outstanding interpersonal and relational skills are needed before workers taking care of business needs of its customers

Question 4 Analyze the impact of key strategy factors which currently influence the macro environment of your goals retailing business. In particular give consideration to the following a) impact of legislation and trends in retail legislation b) Economic - patterns of trade, trade cycle; economic tools (fiscal; monetary) c) government attitudes to retail development example government assistance, government policies. d) growth of consumerism example organic food GM crops growth of lobby groups example green peace, shopping trends and changes in lifestyle example employment pattern Ethical trading/retailing. e) Role and impact of technology example smart cards, kiosk, Internet, Point of Sale, e-business, e-commerce, e-tailing

  1. Impact of legislation and trends in retail legislation:

When we opened our new efficient one golf club store; Enactment definitely affect the club shop. Since the rules and regulations may change reliably by law. Worldwide, the enactment risk appraisal has become a justification constructed of approved techniques. Officials, legislators and society in general everywhere progressively apply new laws to have a specific impact and no undesirable symptoms. Different instruments are constantly connected to everyone the same way they should anticipate the impact of the new enactment. As not long ago, most productions administrative acclaim valuation effect such instruments as being extremely valuable. The question, at any rate, is in place too. Is it correct to say it is not so difficult to anticipate the future impact of another set of principles in our complex society as is expected, where our public as a matter going? The search for an answer to this question is in the care centre of the book. The newly settled for Methodology of Law and Legal Research at the University of Tilburg (Netherlands) Research Group some of the best teachers in Europe joined in the field of appraisal bet enactment, with foundations in law, social sciences , policy and law and issues of trade and profit sciences. Creating positive verbal references is the most practical manifestation of advertising can be completed, and focus more ideal to do this is continually making with its customers. This is why keeping to the letter of the law in relation to the question of their customers is so essential. There is more or less keep away from punishment; besides helping her the strength of its business.

  1. Economic:

Economics factors related to the monetary term and the direction of the system of the economic. In this factor many things are includes like, patterns of trade, business cycle, monetary and fiscal policies and so on.

  • Pattern of trade: It means how we sale and bought the equipments from the industries. In this factor if we will not buy more products from the company and we will produce things by self then it is more beneficial, Due to this, we don’t have a mammoth competitors and we can gain more profits. In some countries this rules are going on these countries have no border and they can brought the things from their country to another country.
  • Business cycle: This is another big factor. If a company purchase some equipment which are durable goods and those can be postponed during the time of depression and recession. Because of purchase of new golf equipment if there would be a recession then our company cannot ear more profits, company will not hire more employees and productivity would be decreased.
  • Monetary and fiscal policies: this is that policy which is influenced by the federal government or business operations. Because of them, monetary supply and interest rate more affected because these are purchased by the federal government. For example purchase of those kind of equipment which we use for defence like weapons.
  1. Government attitudes to retail development:

There are some essential industry laws, regulations and other government regulations may have different positive or negative impact on the retail business advantages. Government Help For example, advances and provisions advocated by the government, can help retailers child develop or allow an organization built to keep costs to customers. However, government strategies can also frustrate forcing regulations expanding expenditures, for example, forcing improving and adding new frames or techniques or creating a lower wage allowed by law organizations most likely small retailers is that you cannot bear. The retail likewise depends heavily on the basis of the road, rail and water transport supported by the government to move merchandise and bring customers to retail stores. or not, regardless of what kind of government consumption will be distributed, in case you happen then the agreement of the organization has gone down and cut the financial plan.

  1. Growth of consumerism:
  • Organic food: It means a food which is grown without using any pesticides. Some people are very organic so when a company sale a products then that thing always be in their mind that some customers don’t use organic products so they always sale them organic foods.
  • GM crops: It means genetically modified crops, means those kind of food which is made by technology. These kinds of foods always grown very fast. Because some time demands are very high so company sell those products.
  • Shopping trends: This is also big factors of retail business. Because shopping trends always be change. If we would have too much stock of the equipments and customers want new kind of things then what can we do? So we should keep this thing in our mind.
  1. Role and impact of Technology:

Technology plays a vital role in every business. Whatever that is retail business or wholesale business. If we look at past, we don’t have technology. And that will take more time. But in era, we have lots of stuff of technology, because of it we can save our time and sale also would be increase. We have many technologically things. For instance, Smart cards, internet. And in point of sale we have e-business, e-commerce and e-tailing.

  • Smart cards: Smart card is just like a plastic small card but this is usually use for financial transaction. This is very easy way to do payment to the company. We don’t need to take money with our self.
  • Internet: This is a global network thing, which provides us lots of information, way of communication, and through this we can run business very easy. We can order the products which we want at the movement.
  • E-business: It is an electronic business. Through this we can run our golf business. We can do sale and purchase through this, we don’t need to go to that industry from which we want to buy our golf equipment. Mostly retailers do business with the help of e-business.
  • E-tailing: E-tailing is specially use for retail business. Retailers use this application to run their business. They can supply their products directly to the customers with the help of this. Like if we want to sale our golf products and customers can reach at our place then they can buy our product through this.


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