Strategic Planning and Implementation in the market

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Tesco is the one of the big retailer market in the Uk.This Company has 360,000 employees worldwide. Tesco stores are started from small Tesco express sites but now their stores are biggest one in United Kingdom. And around the 86% of all sales are from UK. Tesco also provides its services outside the 12 countries including China and Japan. Tesco provides a lot of services to its customers like online shopping, legal services, and marketing and information technology.

Tesco' aim is to ensure all roles work together. Tesco are ensuring that the member of Tesco is working in right place in right time. To perform these functions its processed for recruitment and selection process to applications for managerial and operational rules.

Customers are main part of any businesses growth. Tesco want the customer's life easier and better in any way. Tesco provide well and good services and this will give the reason to customers to come back to Tesco.

Planning and strategy of Tesco:

Planning is an important part of organisation, which they analyzing the future needs for people in terms of numbers, skills and location. Its helps the organisation to plan that how the needs can be fulfilled, because the company is growing, it needs to recruit on a regular basis both parts of a business.

Tesco provide a workforce planning for established for the demand for new staff. This will helps to both managerial and non-managerial positions.

Planning Process:

This process runs each year from the last week in February. Some are reviews in May, August and November, for this adjustment Tesco recruit for fulfilling for the needs where necessary .This allows the flexibility for demand of staff and fulfils the strategy objectives of company.

Tesco allows the many vacancies within company, which shows and motivating the staff for better work.,

Descriptions of job:

It's an important part of any organisation to show the clear and specific job description which as:

Roles and responsibilities description

Job title


A person specification sets out the skills, characteristics and attributes that a person needs to do a particular job.

The person who are applied for job should know about their specified job. They should ,

Set the target and standards for job performance.

Enough information about job

Chosen person are right for interview

Skills and behaviour:

Main structure of organisation is that customers are in top.The needs of Tesco are to provide the right skills at each level of this structure to its people.There are six main level within organisation.

Responsible for business

Frontline job is directly with customers.

Values and goals of business

Running an operating unit

Ability to manage resource to set the target

Supporting strategic changes

Tesco provides the framework that describes the behaviours and skill of employees to carry out of the roles.

Recruiting Process:

Tesco provide their service in different ways.This process varies depending on recruiting process.

Internal recruitment:

First Tesco looks internal plans for filling a vacancy .This is a process that shows the current employees looking for change and want new employee as a same promotion .If they didn't find suitable person for jib then internal management programmed take place.

For external Tesco provides their services through advertisement like net .Mostly people are interested to work in store based job.The Tesco provides and services through interviews to those who are right for a job available.Applicants are applied online for the position they want to apply.


Selection involves most suitable people for those position in which they applied for under the rules and regulations. Screening is an important section of any organization and in slection process because it helps to ensure that those candidate which are selected for interview is best and fit for a job recruitments.


Tesco is the one of the biggest retailer market in UK.The company has 360,000 employees worldwide.Tesco's aim is to ensure all role works together .Tesco provides a workforce planning for established the demand for new staff.This will helps to both managerial and non-managerial positions. The needs of Tesco are to provide the right skills at each level of this structure to its people.



Sainsbury was founded in 1869 and today comprises 502 supermarkets and stores.Its jointly owned by Sainsbury bank with Lloyds banking group and has two has joint ventures and the British land company PLC.

The main mission of Sainsbury is providing healthy safe ,fresh and tasty food to customers,Quality and fair prizes go hand-in-hand with a responsible approach to business ,In the field of supermarket business there are many competitiors like Tesco,Asda and Safeway.In retail banking the main competion comes from Tesco.

Vision of Growth

Sainsbury provides and focus to improve the performance of core UK supermarket chain .For this reason they provides services more and more develop growth opportunities in others markets.

Best quality product:

First priority of Sainsbury is provide good quality food to customers. Sainsbury provide retailing business in developing of best and good products to customers.For best quality product the company operates three stages.



Quality control

Employment policies:

Sainsbury provides range of policies to ensure that the employee is highly skills and good personality.Company has fair treatment policies for a customers and helped 24 hours services to customers.Staff has a choice of arrangement of work including :part time permanent and temporary schemes,special leave for personal development or caring responsibilities .

Goals and values:

Sainsbury deliver an improvement quality and great products in fair and best prices .The main aim of promoting customers is providing safe,fresh,and tasty foods

The focuses and values of Sainsbury's delivering great and fair prices, history of innovation and leadership and strong regard for social and ethical.

There are five cores of business.

Difference in community


Best food and health

Great place of work

Environment respect

Online Services:

Sainsbury's provides internet facalities for a cusomers. Sainsbury provides free services to customers. This services provides full products range which is available in large stores.

It was previously called 'Sainsbury to you' and after that it was called 'Sainsbury entertain you' and at last it's called 'Sainsbury order online'.


The main mission of Sainsbury is providing healthy safe ,fresh, and tasty food to customers. Quality and fair prizes go hand in-hand with a responsibility approach to business. Sainsbury's provide many services for customers, like online services .Sainsbury deliver an improvement quality and great product in fair and best prices.

99p Stores:


99p stores are family run business which was founded in january2001.The 1st Store was opening in Holloway London.Most of their stores are based on UK.

Although he retailer made a loss of £ 1.14 million in January 2007, they claim that consumer are more conscious to spend their money in right place in where the get the benefit.

The main mission of 99p Stores is to provide wide range of variety to its customers but yet the rate chain of 4.5/5 on average.

Sales approach

Simple way of promotion of any store is reduce the supplied on different item which is in small quality and sells some of the in bulks

The store introduces Epson's advances point of sales to operate such touch screens

Some important functions which are performed by 99p Stores are as follows:

Customers' base.

merchandise offered

score Expansion


99p stores are family run business which was founded in January 2001.The 1st store was opening in Holloway London. Most of their stores are based on UK.Although he retailer made a loss of £1.14 million in January 2007,they claims that consumers are more conscious to spend their money in right place in where they get the benefit.

Tasks 2

Deliberate Implementations and /Recommendation


FROM: Sweety mehta

TO: Director



99p stores are a family stored business which was found in January 2001. First store opening in London .In 2002 business are growing throughout the UK and rapidly developed many stores and serving more than 500,000 customers each week.

The main aim of 99p is to provide best services to its customers and when the customers talk about 99p stores they speak positively. Company had more than 3500 different lines in its computer controlled warehouse.

Most stores are based on south of UK,and only one in a north as Liverpool.Although retailers have a pre-tax loss of 1.14 pound million loss in year, for this loss customers are more cautious about their money that they are invested in the business.

Streategy and some Recommendations:--

For development of business growth the more as important step is taken by any organization are as follows:-





Time bound


They should increase through marketing campaing and staff morale should be improved through given them a rewards and implementating good suggestions.


Some things are difficults from measures in any businees s like reputation of business good will knowledge and quality. The stores increases the sales by spending 10% more on advertising 10% more on advertising .According to me they have generate 15 % in sales on advertising.

You should improve morale of staff by increasing salary in each additional year of services this will helps the store to get more staffs which provide better services to customers and management.Youe should have save money overall by doinging less recruitment and giving full attention and training for new staff.


Organizations should re-train who consistently does not meet sales target and offers a customers voucher of 5% of the faulty goods.

Result Oriented:

Organization should set up procedures so that new sales people are not allowed to serve customers until they have finished their training , and new sales people should always be accompanied by an experience sakes person for the first month of their services


The persons which are in training should not be served to customers until they get full training skills.

Direction set.

Most organisation will have a set of statement that describes the reasons for a mission and its existence and the way in which it operates. Set direction in a clear way what are the long term and short term goal. Put it into order

Step1 strategic challenges:

Every organisation fact different challenges and they have number of issues in business first of all we should decide what kind of challenges we are facing and give first priority according them .

Step2 .It should be Objectives:

Intended for every challenges should more practical and measurable .It should be more objective and objective should be more achieveable and SMART. This is meant for achieve each and every task.

Step3. Prepare the plans:

Planning is always necessary in Organisation in addition to step by step it should reach out the goal.Without planning manager cannot reach the goal.Organisation managed different plans and carryout these plans.

Step 4. Set up the Budget:

Budget is always essential part of every Organisation first of all we be supposed to assume all situation and think over it and make a clear goal for annually .Budget are based on objective and implements new strategies.

These approach will include with financial implication budgeting method be merely a way of preparation what possessions will subsist and are real looked- for .and for the organisation just before arrange its objectives..

Step5 Carry out the plan:

Once the plan has been approved it's in authentic and plan will be templated on all the way through with comprehensible objectives, proceedings all tasks will provide the roadmap and its used for strategic.

Step6. Regular review of the plan:

Any key part of implementation should be Integrated as element of the implementation plan. The purpose of review is first and foremost to establish for improvement however there is not end. Accomplishment is supposed to be in use as a consequence of review in the direction of either get the achievement support on plan or in addition construct improvement the plan during the track of imitate the new circumstances. Individual through for each activity should be carrying constant evaluation, along with the control within course of action is proper and make convinced with the impact of the goining on the strategic challenges and for understanding .

Step 7 Review impact and lessons learnt

Any management team should be learnt from lessons and gather more in sequence and set for future prospect this is the way should always carry on for their better organisation.

Implement a strategic plan:

Considered this plan and needs to be implemented a procedure with the intention of required for careful planning. The explanation to implementation of the objectives acknowledge is the strategic plan is toward assign goals and tasks with budgets as well as deadline responsible owner key human resource or department of heads In the concerning between implementation and strategy may not be great from the outset and you may find it necessary plans that can progress Monitoring the growth of the accomplishment for plan and their reviewing it against the deliberate plan will be process. Implementation is the key by resource of solution performance indicator and immediate targets and deadlines is superior ways of controlling the process of introduce strategic change. For the information business can setting and accomplish your business plan is a further introduction device within the performance process the business plan is characteristically and more tangible document than the strategic plan and it tend to center on consideration. Strategic plan can be put in the representation of your business plan .as long as with your ensure for the implementation and for development ..


99p stores are normally not very popular in field of retail marketing and also have a loss of millions pounds.Here I have give some recommendation to business for growth and development strategy planning process and some points regarding of my best knowledge which will helps them to become a good reputed retailer in field of market.


Core values of organizations


From: sweety mehta

To: Director



99p stores are a family stored business which was founded in January 2001.First store opening in London.In2002 business are growing throughout the UK and rapifly developed in many stores and serving more than 500,00 customer and when the customers talk about 99p stores they speak positively.Company had more than 3500 different lines in its compute controlled warehouse.

Most stores are based on south of UK, and only one in a north as Liverpool Although retailers have a pre-tax loss of 1.14 pounds millions loss in year,for this loss customers are more cautious about their money that they are invested in the business.

Core values of organisation:

Values and statement are developed through a process in where all staffs and board of directors are included.In these values they recommended that all nonprofits,mission,size, develop and disclose their values and ethics of organization.

The following are main core values of business:-


Organizationy should be known that what is right for client for a community and for profession.Organization should satisfied to customers and exceed the community and for profession.Organisation should satisfied to customers and exceed the expectations.Open and honest communication is main process of environment and has a first key to highly successful organizations.Satisfy the needs and demands of customers in timely manner.


The mission helps to compare that how the business is from its competitors.The mission tells about the objective and performance.It focuses for whole organization helps to ensure long term profitability.

To achieve customers satisfaction 99p stores employees the best experts across the world markets These highly skilled consultants work in safety and management, risk management and all fields regarding the business to providing better services to its customer.


An Organisation's values are main part of any business.It shows the behavior of the business.Some points are regarding through the values are as follows:

Progress:99p stores activities create progress to its projects for improving the living standard of local communities.Its aims to promote development in its projects and to lead all profession area in which they work.

Respect : 99p stores recruit staff from different cultures and the respect of local customes and cultures of the countries is encouring all staff to respect each other regardless of background or origin.

Excellnece: 99p stores want its activities more innovative and excellence..:

Ethical veaw:

Ethical is all about understanding our choice and doining the right thing for right person Ethical stress a social system in which moral values are applied.In other words ethics points out the standard behaviour expected by the group to which individual belongs Ethical principles tells you that how to decide the moral rules and values of organization.


Cultural plays an important and vital role in any business across the world. 99p stores introduce their market globally.Their recruit staff from different cultures which shows different pictures like some are muslims and hindu are from different countries and their different customs .


Social: aspects are also includes I any business and that always in the centre of the human resource department .In the business staff and their development are more important in any organizations.

The 99p store serve to the people their best .

Environment aspect: Due to the climate changes effect spread by all over the world this effect can be spread on companies atmosphere and their workers such as retailers food company always facing some environment issues they should be aware and give quality food for the society

99p stores are aware for the environment issues and tale one step ahead


Each and every Organization should be more alert and give wellness to the customers.This is focus on whole organization prospect and entire aspect of the business.Every client and staff is the part of the business therefore never underestimated them.

Task 4

Vision and Mission declaration:


Vision and mission are important and give clear ideas about the Organization .Vision should be always focus on the mission and target achievable. Therefore reports realize all aspect of future plan.

Vision statement also define organizations purpose, in addition to values of the association intended for employees, vision gives a direction in relation to how they have expected to behave and inspires to provide their most excellent mission declares the basic purpose and significance of an organization of an organization Classify the company's captivating.

.Come together and make different use of taking place purpose has entirely approval consequential by the customers. Each and every one the ideas in advance commencing regulars are important fraction of any association.

statement can be long-term statement of purpose so as to distinguish one business from other similar firms.

Classify the key measures of success means the affordable and reasonable prizes for a customers and providing a best quality and good quantity in which customers are satisfied.

Mission statement is too recognized as a leading brand for fresh foods and products offered to customers at the most reasonable and affordable prizes and healthier and totally satisfying item.

Reason for a good mission statement be supposed to comprise verbal communication that helps to communicate one organization from another that will be benefit and advantages offered by competitor toward customers.

Sound mission statement.

Sound mission statement business carry out covering forces of prompt from the purpose of an association .quality itself is able to carry on more than in organization dedicated to a strong reason.

Outstanding mission statements can be:--


Decision making

Purpose of statement

Resource allocation


Vision statement:-

A vision statement gives desired outcomes that inspire the organizationand helps to create a picture of a target.statement is the clear target of the organisation intends how organization would follow these objectives.Diversity among mission and vision is those give a brief decription and tells with the objective of anywhere do we want to go in future that shows the long term view of the organisation.

The same as 99p stores aim develop into the Uk's leading retailer of non-food produce by the beginning of this year it could well are looking to recruit more sales and marketing staff.

In the company of such a dynamic plan that emphasis on developing the non-food suppliers part of its business and promoting its products all the way through innovate displays 99p requirement strength of mind can be required several help to achieve for displays,99p requirement strength of mind can be required several help to achive for their goal with the advertising and promotions.


Objective of organization


From:- Sweety mehta

To :- directore



Business objective are mainly set out to achieve the target.The business creates plans to enables to achieve these ends.Values of stakeholders in an organization are main objective and plan of business for developed.The stakeholders are those individuls and groups that are effected by and have an intrest how the business is run and what it achieve .Every business has a range of stakeholders including all business.

Main objectives:-

Some of main objectives of business are as follows:

Employees happiness

Purpose is to give returns to the shareholders

Customer's satisfaction

Falling misuse share

Market share

Toxic waste should be in controlled

There are number of issue comes to fulfill their objectives

They should impractical

They should be comprenhensible consequently that may be without problems communicated with anyone.

Objective should be real

Business Plan:-

Any business must be target oriented and achieved their goal.During the time limit organize every plan and it should be put in practical way in a various foam with objective organization get good improvement and achieved the whole target.

Effective Business Objective:--

By clear Objective gives view of target it lead to emplyees .inspiration

The most successful business objective meets the following criteria

S-Specific Objectives aim is what the business does.

M-Measurable This can put it into business measurement can be value of any criteria.

A-Achavable It canbe agreed by those customers which are trying to achive the objective of business.

R-Realistic any busioness should be including any challenges through resources

T-Times It should be in time limited objective will be achievable .

There are several objective for the organization when they enter in market.

Shareholders main aim to make profit .

Any business has important part to make growth in market and expand their business worldwide.

Deliberate deal is creating vision of the potential and managing toward that expectation

It does in service under a mission statement that focuses on organization challenges and their development .

Three answer for the strategic planning:--

Focusing on today and make clear idea about future prospect and think about What are the future plans.where we are today ?

It is straightforward process with long-term prospect and its bridge between long and short term plans . Plan should be toward days by day.

The process of plan is always set plan in proper direction .Management should think about future and implement toward the goal and management should be creative and expand their plan for the future prospect

If you confuse than set up steps one by one and re-think than put it in action.

There are always problem with communication when you enter in new market .lack of opportunities but create new strategy and move toward in a right way.

Almost certainly the additional if you are in extended confusion then the setting up meeting is an exceptional opportunity to receive small number of step back and triage the situation.

Almost certainly the only way out of adversity approach is to provide during varying the status through an upgrade of the communications ,entering a new advertises ,create a new product, developing a aggressive strategy, replace a team member in over their head, increasing the impartiality base, getting out of legacy products, market, attain smaller magnitude chance to attain it right .Occurrence is squat and resources typically limited when you're in crisis .delibrate planning is not about predicting the future, Interpretation crystal balls or business some supernatural hotline .Tactical is asking the people whose dealings might of characters create the future what they wish for that future to be.It is very important to re-establish what the vision,mission,strategy is so you not merely solve today's problem but start building durable value.Where do you want to take charge of to survive in five years? Definitely contradiction single has increasing asked the question before? Several time this identifies where they want to be they ask the next big question. What has to change in order for us to acquire there? Individuals changes are expressed as a small set of strategic goals with implementation plans that start immediately .while we talk about anywhere we would like to be in three to five years the focus on the plan is on what did you say? We are goining to do during the next 1-12 months in the direction of obtain us there production objectives are mainly sets exposed to achieve .A business creates business creates business plans to enables to achieve these ends. Business can change their objectives from side to side diverse method approximating ecological vary might start on innovative products from competitors .know how might change product and propose of sales and construction target strength be change.


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