Strategic management within Coca Cola and the NHS

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Executive Summary

This project covered all the important factors of strategic management define all the key points, function, procedures, objectives , benefits, and these all issues are deeply descried in this assignment & related to each other these are also define two organization as financial or non-financial these are totally deferent to each other and all functions & procedures defined of these two organization these companies are Coca-cola & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust-Charitable. With complete conclusion & references

The Defination of Non-Financial Organization & Financial Organization

There are two types of companies and one financial organization is 1 and the other is a non-financial. This was kind of two umbrella organization for all work in the world in a comprehensive manner, and financial management and all related financial activities and profit and loss for the company. The company's organization working for financial gain and the promotion of business in the world and try to open and run more business in the cities and respectable respectable even states that could determine the esselly profitable in these words. A business or organization whose main objective is to get the money (profit), instead of the non-profit organization which focuses on a target such as helping the community, and the money is just as much as is necessary to keep the organization running. Most of the companies of the companies and organizations for profit, and that includes everything from retail shops and restaurants, insurance companies and real estate companies. . 

There are many kinds of business, and because of this, enterprises are classified in many ways. One of the most focused on income-generating activities is essential to work:.

We are concerned with mining companies and agriculture, which produces raw materials, like plants or minerals. 

Financial companies, including banks and other companies that generate profit through investment and capital management. 

Companies the information in the first place to profit from the resale of intellectual property and include movie studios, publishing houses and software companies and packaged.

Manufacturers for the production of products, from raw materials or component parts, and sell them for profit at a later date. Companies that make physical goods, such as cars or pipes, and manufacturers. 

Real estate companies to generate profits from the sale, leasing and development of real estate, homes, and buildings. 

Retailers and distributors, as it did in the middle of the men in access to goods produced by manufacturers of consumer, and generate profits as a result of the provision of services and sale or distribution. Most of the shops and consumer-oriented companies, distributors or retailers catalog. See also: Franchising

But in Non-financial organization it is also called NGO

Hemenzmp non-governmental organization legally arising from natural or legal persons that work independently of any government. In cases in which non-governmental organizations funded in whole or in part by governments and non-governmental organizations to maintain their own non-governmental organizations through the exclusion of government representatives from membership in the organization. Usually this term is applied only to organizations that seek some broader social purpose, which the political aspects, but this is not openly political organizations such as political parties. In contrast to the term "intergovernmental organization", the term "non-governmental

organizations" has no universally agreed definition of the law. In many jurisdictions, and called for these types of "civil society organization" referred to by other names. 

The estimated number of non-governmental organizations working internationally in 40000 [1] and national figures the top: 277 000 Russia non-governmental organizations; It is estimated [2] may be in all parts of India 1000000-2000000 non-governmental organizations. [3] What is a non-profit? Is it a loss-making companies? Are companies that are run badly to do something or make something instead of earning more money and more Any type of organization we are talking about that you want to do something rather than make money?

Well, is there a youth club near you? Or the Assembly and the garden? Or men working in the club? They are probably examples of non-profit institutions. The following is a list of the top! • Assemblies • Unions 

• Charities


Association a group of people who have joined together for a particular purpose, ranging from business to social development, or a non-profit making kinds business and that usually means that the organization continues. It can be formal and in accordance with the rules and / or regulations, and conditions of membership and other decoration of the organization, or it can be a group of people without structure. Association is not a legally established company or partnership. To make this distinction the term "unregistered association" is used in many cases, although redundant, technically.

Social justice

Generally refers to the idea of creating an egalitarian society or institution that is based on the principles of equality and solidarity, that understands and values human rights, and that recognises the dignity of every human being Was drafted by the modern concept of the term and "social justice" by Luigi Taparelli Jesuit in 1840 based on the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas and are subjected to more in 1848 by Antonio Serbati - Rosmini. The idea was developed by the moral theologian John A.. Ryan, who started the concept of living wage. Coughlin's father also used the term in its publications in the 1930s and 1940s and. Has expanded the concept by John Rawls, and John Stuart Mill in the 1860s. It is part of Catholic social teachings and social gospel of the Episcopal is one of the four pillars of the Green Party endorsed Green Parties all over the world. Have adopted some principles of social justice through those on the left of the political spectrum. 

It is based on the concepts of social justice, human rights and equality and involve a greater degree of the concept of economic justice through progressive taxation, income redistribution, or even re-distribution of property. These policies aim to achieve economic development refers to greater equality of opportunity may be found currently in some communities, and equality of the outcomes in cases where the inequality cross appear in the system in terms of procedure only ..


For as long as there have been people on earth, I have been helping each other, looking after those in need. But all attempts to make it a fair, the world is still far from perfect. Most people feel the need to respond to those who are lost, act as friends to those who do not know mercy, and because they care. Why? 

While you may be used to help from friends, and lending and ear and the sharing of money or give time to help, what about helping people you do not know? Sometimes it takes more than one person make a difference.Charity is an organization exist to enable one group to help another group, whether it's on people, animals or nature. And put many of the charities known by people who felt passionate about the situation that they believed was wrong or to prevent them. There are 180,000 charities in the UK! Most charities want to get rid of the problem, which was established to address and would prefer not to have a presence at all! Work through the Charity Commission in the UK, it is very easy to create a charitable foundation, and put some measures in place to effect change. People can raise money and engage in their own way and adopted by the government to make sure that this happens as it should.

Here are some causes that charities work to support:


The Elderly

The environment


Victims of disasters

Stopping prejudice

Education and Art



Some ways charities help:

Speaking out for people

Providing services and care that no one else can provide

Running campaigns

Researching cures and treatments

for serious illnesses

Empowering people to change

their lives for the better

Raising money

Employing professional, well

trained staff

Organising volunteers

Building facilities that meet 

the needs of the cause


Providing products and services

With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds. 

Abraham Lincoln

Coca-cola has been defined down as a Financial or profit making Organization

Coca-Cola Company is the owner of the world's leading marketing and non-alcoholic beverage brands and the world 

Largest producer and distributor and marketer of juices and concentrates used to produce non-alcoholic beverages. We Private or driving license and more than 500 brands of non-alcoholic beverages, drinks starred in the first place, but also a variety 

Still drinks such as water, improved water, juices and juice drinks and ready-to-drink tea and coffee, and energy 

And sports drinks. Finished beverage products bearing our trademarks, which are sold in the United States since 1886, is now Sold in more than 200 countries. Side by side with Coca-Cola, which is recognized as a brand in the world in terms of value, we have And four of the market in the world five non-alcoholic sparkling top brands, including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite

Benefits of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning serves a variety of purposes in organizations, including to:1. Clearly define the purpose of the organization and to establish realistic goals and objectives consistent with that mission in a defined time frame within the organization's capacity for implementation.2. Communicate those goals and objectives to the organization's constituents.3. Develop a sense of ownership of the plan.4. Ensure the most effective use is made of the organization's resources by focusing the resources on the key priorities.5. Provide a base from which progress can be measured and establish a mechanism for informed change when needed.6. Listen to everyone's opinions in order to build consensus about where the organization is going. Other reasons include that strategic planning:7. Provides clearer focus for the organization, thereby producing more efficiency and effectiveness.8. Bridges staff/employees and the board of directors (in the case of corporations).9. Builds strong teams in the board and in the staff/employees (in the case of corporations).10. Provides the glue that keeps the board members together (in the case of corporations).11.Produces great satisfaction and meaning among planners, especially around a common vision.12. Increases productivity from increased efficiency and effectiveness.13. Solves major problems in the organization.


The strategy for the future of the company is very straightforward. The marketing strategy for the year 2010 is as follow,

Accelerate carbonated soft-drink growth led by Coca-cola

Selectively broaden the family of beverage brands to driving profitable growth

Grow system profitable together with our bottling partner

Serve customers with creativity and consistency to generated growth across all channels

Direct investments is to highest potential areas market

Drive efficiency and cost-effectiveness everywhere


In addition to the other information contained in this report, you should carefully consider the following factors, which could materially affect our business, financial position or results of operations in future periods. Description of the risks below are not the only risks facing companies. Additional risks not currently known to us, or that moment, we see that the matter may also materially adversely affect our business, financial position or results of operations in the future,

Obesity and other health concerns may reduce demand for some of our products.

Water scarcity and poor quality could negatively impact the Coca-Cola system's production costs and capacity

Changes in the nonalcoholic beverages business environment could impact our financial results.

The recent global credit crisis and its effects on credit and equity market conditions may adversely affect our financial


Increased competition could hurt our business.

If we are unable to expand our operations in developing and eme

Fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates could affect our financial results.

If interest rates increase, our net income could be negatively affected..

So these are some important risk condition which is have to face all financial organization

The objectives of Coca-cola

Our goal is to use our assets is enormous - brands, financial strength, unrivaled distribution system and the global reach, And a strong commitment by management to our partners all over the world - to achieve sustainable growth in the long term . Our vision for sustainable growth include the following

      • Population: being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best we can be. 

      • Portfolio: Bringing to the world a range of brands that you expect drinks and satisfy the wishes of the people

         and Needs. 

      • Partners: Nurturing the winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty. 

      • Planet: As a responsible global make a difference. 

      • Profit: Maximizing return on our shareholders and bearing in mind our responsibilities in general. 

      • Productivity: Managing our people, time and money for greater effectiveness

Strategic Priorities

We have four strategic priorities aimed at creating sustainable growth in the long term for our company, and Coca-Cola System and value for our shareholders for us. These strategic priorities and global leadership, leadership, drinks, and accelerate the process Innovation; to take advantage of our portfolio geographically balanced, and the system leadership of Coca-Cola Company for growth. To enable the Full Coca-Cola system so that we can achieve these strategic priorities, we must strengthen our core business Consumer marketing capabilities; commercial driver, and leadership excellence

Challenges and risks

Being a global company provides unique opportunities for our company. Challenges and risks associated with those


The Department has to have some challenges and risks that require the attention of non-alcoholic beverages

Part of the beverage industry and commercial companies. Of these, and discusses four major challenges and risks


Significant accounting policies and estimates

The consolidated financial statements we have in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the 

United States, which require management to make estimates, judgments and assumptions that affect the amounts 

Announced in the consolidated financial statements and accompanying notes. We believe that we have the most important accounting 

Policies and estimates relate to the following: 

     • Basis of presentation 

     • Principles of consolidation 

     • Ability to recover assets Noncurrent 

     • Revenue Recognition Taxes on income

  • Emergency

Controls and procedures 

Evaluation of disclosure controls and procedures 

Company, under the supervision and the participation of management, including the Chief Executive 

Officer and Chief Financial Officer, to assess the effectiveness of the design and operation of the company 

Controls and procedures for detecting''''(as defined in Article 13a - 15 (e) according to the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as 

Amended) for the 'Exchange Act'')) as of the end of the period covered by this report. Based on this evaluation, the President of 

In conclusion, the Executive and Chief Financial Officer, which controls the disclosure of the company and the procedures As of December 31, 2009

So these are some important rules , procedures ,plans, risk bearing condition ,accounting control and procedures ,strategic planning's ,objectives & opportunities, risk factors so after control & bear all these condition the organization gets the optimum point of profit , goodwill & the satisfaction .But Non-profitable organization is totally deferent from this its also has been defined blow .

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust-Charitable

M Create Imperial College Healthcare NHS trust in the October 1, 2007 through the merger of St Mary's NHS Trust and Hammersmith Hospitals Trust NHS and integration with the Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College in London. Now one of the largest trust the National Health Service in the country, and we got together with the College to create one of the UK's first Academic Health Science Centres (AHSCs) ..

The protection and promotion of equality and diversity is a priority at Imperial College NHS trust for health for health care. This section of our website outlines our plan of equality, which includes the main sections of equality and diversity:

• race / ethnicity

• Disability

• Sex

• Religion / belief

• sexual orientation

• Age

• the rights of human.

imperial College Healthcare Foundation raises and manages charitable funds for all five hospitals in the Imperial College Trust NHS health care: Charing Cross, Hammersmith, Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea, and St. Mary's hospital in the Western eye.

Charities welcomes and actively encouraged to collect donations and grants, which enable it to increase the support they can give to medical care, science and training

Use the funds generously by patients and visitors, and a charity working with the Trust to achieve three main goals

Great science 

Excellent patient care 

Community health 

Great science 

The charity that supports the philosophy of sound research translate clinical care in bed and achieve the best results for patients. Contribute to charity in ways that would start the good ideas, whether in the field of research and development of services or education. The first example to fund three research fellows for one year in important areas of cancer, HIV and obesity surgery. The charity to enable talented researchers early in their careers to do initial research necessary to gain more donations from large donors such as the main Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.

Great science

The charity that supports the philosophy of sound research translate clinical care in bed and achieve the best results for patients. Contribute to charity in ways that would start the good ideas, whether in the field of research and development of services or education. The first example to fund three research fellows for one year in important areas of cancer, HIV and obesity surgery. The charity to enable talented researchers early in their careers to do initial research necessary to gain more donations from large donors such as the main Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust.

Excellent patient care

Charity places special focus on supporting patient care and improve the experience of the patient. And pay for improvements on the wings and clinics. Is to purchase medical equipment for the state of the art and fund staff training and development. It is already funding a study on the benefits of automated techniques in vascular surgery. And the treatment of premature infants and has provided the video endoscope, which allows doctors to see respiratory minute when you insert a breathing tube of plastic

Community health

Trust serves the community where the rich and diverse deprived families live side by side. Life expectancy varies across the division over ten years. Charitable Society supports pilot projects that try to address the inequality in access to health care and treatment of these diseases and conditions that are more prevalent in this part of London

Business Plan

Plan of confidence in the current work determines our strategy for the next three years (2011/12 to 2009/10), including the next steps in the development of confidence as one of the UK's first academic centers for Health Sciences (AHSC). The plan also includes information about our performance since the establishment of a new fund in April 2008, and analysis of the risks that we face as we move forward

The basic difference between nonprofit and for profit organization

The following are some differences between business and non-profit organizations to: 

When you start a business, is a financial interest of their respective owners and / or shareholders. Profit is the goal and the business and pay taxes on that profit. 

Non-profit entity has a job that benefits the "greater good" of society, and society, or in the world. It does not pay taxes, but also can not use funds for anything other than the task that was set up. 

Organizations can not-for-profit and for-profit, but should only be used to run the organization or, in the case of the Foundation, and grants to other non-profit organizations

When a non-profit organization out of business, assets can be liquidated and the proceeds distributed to owners or shareholders. When a non-profit goes to work, the remaining assets must be given to another not-for-profit


The above analysis and strategies shows the comprehensive pictures of profitable and non-profitable organization and completely analyses & described all points , differences, key point's ,controls of business, strategies policies.

Two companies has been described completely above . Coca-cola company defined as a financial / profitable / profit making organization all strategies ,planning's, products, differences, shown blow & Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust defined as a charitable organization its also has been defined comprehensively all differences profit making organization & non-profitable & charitable organization.