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"Strategic management is the art, science and craft of formulating, implementing and evaluating cross-functional decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives." It is the process of specifying the organization's mission, vision and objectives, developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs, which are designed to achieve these objectives and then allocating resources to implement the policies and plans, projects and programs. Strategic management seeks to coordinate and integrate the activities of the various functional areas of a business in order to achieve long-term organizational objectives. Strategic management is the highest level of managerial activity. Strategies are typically planned, crafted or guided by the Chief Executive Officer, approved or authorized by the Board of directors, and then implemented under the supervision of the organization's top management team or senior executives. In case of HR Department in every industry, the main strategies are made for the compensations to be given, to retain the employees and for employee welfare too. Thus all such kind of policies that falls in region of human resource department are made by strategic planning committee of the Organization with approval from higher authorities. The Strategies of HR department includes all the strategies being run to ensure the availability of better human resource in the organization in the long term.

Company Profile

Trident Group is a dynamic and continuously growing group of companies creating a buoyant economic climate focused on generating economic prosperity for the stakeholders, while growing harmoniously with the community and environment. Leveraging business from an expanding product portfolio, Abhishek Industries Limited, the flagship company of the Group is one of the largest towel manufacturers of the world,

one of the world's largest agro-based paper manufacturers and one of the largest yarn producers in India. Strong business ethics, excellence in business, creating a productive work environment, continuous improvement through sound corporate governance and dynamic employee engagement have been at the foundation for the continuous success of the Group.

Making way in Punjab as an agro-based manufacturer in 1990, the Group has diversified and expanded multifold giving way to business based on sustainable growth. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Rajinder Gupta, the CEO and MD of the Group, Trident continues to grow

Embracing new challenges, expanding boundaries and creating new opportunities

With business spanning across 40 countries, Trident today is Rs. 15 billion enterprise with the employee headcount more than 9,000, and providing indirect employment to 20,000 people. Implementing sound Corporate Governance as the basic management principle, Trident is a pioneer at it. It is the recipient of ICSI National Award for Excellence in Corporate Governance, 2006. Abhishek Industries Limited has been awarded the prestigious 'International Supplier of the Year' for 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2006 by Wal Mart, USA and 'Supplier of the Year Award' for 2006 by JC Penney Corporation. Achieving a CAGR of more than 30%, Trident group are one of the fastest growing Group of companies of India.


To provide customer satisfaction, through teamwork, based on honesty and integrity, for continuous growth and development. "The core values of Abhishek are four strong pillars of its governance system. Abhishek is of the firm belief that building a culture of compliance is more than meeting regulations and standards. The Company has always been proactive in meeting mandated standards and practicing corporate governance in spirit".


Driven by the spirit of challenge, Trident group will add value to life, and together, prosper globally.


Trident group is into the business of Home Textiles, Paper, Yarn, Chemicals, Energy etc. trident group is in the production of world class towels those are highly appreciated abroad.

Also the organization is into the expansion in Sugar, Construction and Consultancies work to recently Home Scapes retail outlet has been opened in Ludhiana too.


In the HR department of Trident group, prior to Strategic management, first of all let us do SWOT analysis of the organisation.

SWOT Analysis of Trident group

SWOT analysis involves evaluating a company's internal environment in terms Of strengths and weaknesses and the external environment in terms of opportunities and threats and formulating strategies that take advantage of all these factors.

SWOT analysis means analyzing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and it is a useful strategic planning tool and is based on the assumption that if managers carefully review internal strengths and weaknesses and external threat and opportunities, a useful strategy for ensuring organizational success can be formulated. It is a simple technique for getting a quick overview of a strategic situation so that such strategies can be formulated as to produce a good between the company's internal competencies (strength and weaknesses) and environment (opportunities and threats). Such analysis is an essential component of thinking strategically about a company's situation.

Strengths and Weaknesses

A "strength" is a positive characteristic that gives a company an important capability. It is an important organisational resource which enhances a company, competitive position. Trident Industries Limited having 39 plants, gives the Company a very strong footprint in this particular industry. Some of the internal strengths of an organization are:

1. Technology: With the technological advantage and knowledge expertise, the organization is open to flexibility, change and innovation.

2. Highly skilled work force: Availability of highly skilled workforce too is another strength of the trident group.

3. Projected growth of textile industry: The projected value of the Indian textile industry is estimated to grow from USD 47 billion in the year 2005-6, to USD 115 billion by the year 2012. This gives a great futuristic hope for companies like trident who have implemented process and technology of global standards and are ready to meet future demands.

4. Access to raw materials: Cotton is sourced locally, helping in lean manufacturing. In a nutshell, the Company has really established synergies between raw material sourcing, manufacturing facilities and markets. Agro residues are sourced locally leading to saving in logistics cost for paper industry.

5. Environmental friendly: The Company has already been complying with the CREP environmental norms and saves 5,000 trees per day as compared to 100% wood pulp based units. Also the Company has adopted ECF technology.

6. Capacity Enhancement: The Company has expanded its manufacturing capacity which would enable it to widen its product basket.

7. Reliability: A strong client base and a great track record in terms of client servicing and on time delivery is a key strength.

8. Better Realisation: Excise duty on paper has been cut from 12 percent to 8 percent, giving manufacturing companies a better realisation benefit.

A "weakness" is a condition or a characteristic, which puts the company at disadvantage. Weaknesses make the organization vulnerable to competitive pressures. These are competitive liabilities and

strategic managers must evaluate their impact on the organization's strategic position when formulating strategic policies and plans.

Weaknesses require a close scrutiny because some of them can prove to be fatal. Some of the weaknesses to be reviewed are:

1. Too narrow a product line: As trident is dealing in limited number of products although, they are planning to diversify in the coming futures.

2. High work pressure on Employees: As work pressure on most of the employees is very much higher.

Opportunities and Threats An "opportunity" is considered as a favourable circumstance, which can be utilized for beneficial purposes. it is offered by outside environment and the management can decide as to how to make the best use of it. Such an opportunity may be the result of a favourable change in any one or more of the elements that constitute the external environment. It may also be created by a proactive approach by the management in moulding the environment to its own benefit. Some of the opportunities are:

1. Possible new markets: New markets are also arising because of increasing purchasing power of Indians.

2. Emerging new technologies: New technologies are coming in textiles as well as Chemical industries that need to be utilized in future times.

3. Expansion and diversification of products: As Trident is diversifying into the business of Sugar, Consultancies etc.

A "threat" is a characteristic of the external environment, which is hostile to the organisation. Management should anticipate such possible threats and prepare its strategies in such a manner that any such threat is neutralized. Some of the elements that can pose a threat are:

1. Increased competition: The increase in capacity in the yarn spinning industry in recent time and globalization momentum have led to manifold increase in competition internationally as well as domestic.

2. Logistics: The distance between plant and ports increases supply time and cost.

3. Crop pattern: Movement for changes in crop pattern and environment factor may lead to raw material scarcity.

4. Raw Material Sourcing: Cotton sourcing is creating challenges day after day as the demand is increasing drastically and sourcing opportunities are getting limited. Seeing the inflationary trends in the market related to cotton and other such commodities, the raw material cost is posing a possible threat for manufacturers.

5. Recession in Economy: As recession is having an adverse impact on the exports thus having negative impact on exporting organization like Trident.


Trident Industries strives to provide the best work environment with ample opportunities to grow and explore. Trident Industries maintains a work environment that is free from physical, verbal and sexual harassment. Every initiative and policy of the Company has buy-in of all its employees. The human resources development function of the Company is guided by a strong set of values and policies. The details of initiatives taken by the Company for development of human resources are given in Management Discussion and Analysis Report.

1. Compensation Strategies:

There are set certain compensation strategies for different levels of managements, As the different levels set in Abhishek Industries Energy Plant are Below M4 level (i.e. Includes workers, officers and working staff etc.) and Above M4 level (i.e. Includes Supervisors, managers, VPs etc.). Thus as per the categories compensation strategies are designed, in a common practice, the rise in the compensation is higher in case of Above m4 level employees.

Also another strategy being followed is in case of Above M4 level the revision of the salaries is done every half yearly while for workers strategy is to calculate it weekly and pay every month. For the persons with skills and knowledge in TRIDENT salary is not a constraint.

2. Employee Retention Strategies to retain skillful employees for future Employee retention is the prime objective of Human Resources department of every organization, As if the organization cannot stop its skillful and knowledgeable employees from leaving organization, such organization cannot survive well for the long term. Various Strategies to retain the good performers in the organization are as follows:

a) High Salary

Higher salaries around 1.5 - 2 times to the employees are being provided by the trident group as this is the basic strategy not only to retain but also to attract good employees from other competitor organizations. Such highly paid employees get automatically attracted towards better work culture and also for attaining the set targets.

b) Exit Interview Strategy

This is a very recent strategy that has been recently introduced in the organization, as under this policy, the persons above certain levels in the organization will be interviewed by the MD himself as to find out the main causes behind this shift of organization for that employee. Such practice not only help in finding the suitable causes behind employee leaving organization, but also increase the morale of employees that MD of the organization is very much interested in handling their grievances.

3. Rewards & Recognition

This strategy is known as R&R Strategy. Trident group guarantee high motivation levels at Trident through stimulating work environment, growth-oriented job profiles, outstanding development opportunities, competitive compensation packages and an innovative recognition mechanism:

• Family Dinner with CEO for Muskaan Centurions

• Best SGA Award for promoting a spirit of internal competition across work groups and fostering teamwork

• Department/ Unit Award for Shaan (Their own nomenclature for 5 S, a housekeeping methodology aimed at keeping the workplace neat and clean and maintain the discipline necessary good performance) and Muskaan (Their own nomenclature for Kaizen - small continuous improvements in workplace. When a member completes 100 Muskaans he becomes a Muskaan Centurion)

• Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver Stars for Muskaan Achievers

• "Prerna Award" for members upholding their values and setting an example for others

• Performance Par Excellence for High Performers

Additionally, Trident group have a Performance Management System (PMS) in place, wherein high achievers are recognized and rewarded. The PMS follows a biannual cycle and appraisals are done on the basis of Individual Performance Measures.

At Trident, Trident group provide immense opportunities for personal and professional growth to their members giving them freedom to excel on their aspired career paths in tune with their strengths, competencies and skills. All members are provided superior training to explore, develop and sharpen their capabilities and skills for excelling in their roles. This is accompanied by accelerated career path in an environment where learning and growth is accorded high priority. Creativity, innovation and freedom to accomplish tasks in novel ways is always encouraged.

4. Maintaining the Trident Culture Trident Culture that is basically based upon the idea "Kuch bhi assambhav nahi hai, sab kuch sambhav hai" is very much prevalent in the whole organisation. Energy, innovation, performance and joy collectively define the work environment at Trident, which is based on their core value of teamwork. Spirit of camaraderie binds them all together, supporting one another to rise further. All members are provided superior training to explore, develop and sharpen their capabilities and skills for excelling in their roles.

This is accompanied by accelerated career path in an environment where learning and growth is accorded high priority. Creativity, innovation and freedom to accomplish tasks in novel ways is always encouraged.

Trident group believe that "Together We group Can, Together We Will"! The spirit of their anthem "Kuch bhi assambhav nahi hai, sab kuch sambhav hai" (Nothing is impossible, everything is possible) is a perennial source of inspiration for them and Trident group live by it in letter and spirit. Trident group have freedom at work and application of mind is always encouraged. This encourages young aspirants with innovative and fresh approach to get ahead and rise in their career paths quickly. The concept of big "W" defines the work culture of the company. This ensures that the path for achieving goals is identified by members and top management collectively.

5. Learning and Development Strategies "Face and Create challenges" Another strategy of Trident Group is for continuous growth and development of its employees. Continuous Growth & Development being an integral part of Trident's Vision, learning is accorded a high priority. Training is provided to members to expose them to new ideas, concepts and expand their horizons. This equips them to face all kinds of challenges both at personal and professional front. A special emphasis is laid on growth and development of their members. Trident group conduct and participate in an array of training programs and workshops that comprise the technological, managerial and behavioral growth of their members.

a) Takshashila

To prepare ground for future leaders and cater to the increasing requirements, the company has given shape to its Centre of Excellence, TAKSHASHILA. Housed amid lush green environment, the Learning Centre is equipped with ultra-modern training facilities. This is ideal for nurturing of talent trained and developed according to the demands of the industry. Subsequent to the Capability Development Initiative,

Trident aims to transform Takshashila into a world-class Corporate University.

b) Internal Trainings

Trident group conduct various internal trainings for their members that include both technical/ skill based as well as soft skill trainings. Leadership development, time management, negotiation

Skills, communication skills, supervisor training, daily work management etc. are few of the internal training modules from the vast pool of development programs Trident group offer to their members.

c) External Trainings are also being arranged at certain training or educational institutes if required.

6. Employee Welfare Strategies

1) Worker's Colony

Worker's colony provision to the workers and certain levels of officer is a kind of strategy to do employee welfare and also by this mode the employee get much benefits and feels that organization is thinking a lot for the welfare of its employees.

2) Insurance plans

The life of every employee at Trident Group is insured as they are maintaining an insurance policy for each of them.

3) ESOPs

At very high level management the concept of ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plans) are also present. The basic strategy behind these plans is to create interest of high level management in the business as being a stock holder too they will get profit share also and secondly such ESOPs lays down certain conditions those are helpful in retaining the employee for much longer periods.

4) Health Camps for family

Certain health camps are being organized on regular basis for the employees as well as their family welfare. Recently on 22nd and 29th March 2009, health Camps were organized for the employees and their families health check up, such camps improves the trust of employee in organization and also build their morale too.

7. Reducing Absenteeism

The strategy to reduce the absenteeism includes proper attendance system by use of cards scraping and also the set procedure to get holidays in the organization.

As per rule when any employee needs holidays he have to explain the reason to Head of Deptt. Thus the leaves are granted only in the case its necessary.

For taking care of late coming like problem the strategy of usage of card scraping at the entry of the organization is being followed.

Another more secure method of biometry is to be adopted in coming times to strengthen this procedure much more.

8. Other Approaches


ASMITA ia an approach which was started around three months back by Mrs. Deepika Sharma (VP {HR}) for women welfare. This approach is basically to support the women employees in the organization and also to make them feel that they are an integral part of the organization and organization is very serious about their presence here. ASMITA is also helpful in grievance handling of the women employees of the organization.

OHS: Occupational Health & Safety to ensure safety at work places. Under this strategy the proper information related to safety at work place and also related to health there is provided to every concerned employee.

Thus these are various kinds of strategies being followed at trident group of industries.


Strategic management is an integral part of every organization, As with proper strategy making and also with proper implementation, an organization can achieve wonderful results. In HR deptt. of trident group the basic strategy used is to create a strong bond between the Organization and employees. It is done by various strategies like high compensation, welfare activities, arranging their training programmes, enhancing the Trident Work culture etc. By adoption of all such strategies, the employees is made to feel that organization is working a lot for its employee and they are integral part of the organization. Thus all this is related to Strategic Management in HR Depts. of Trident Group.