Strategic Management Change in the Coca Cola Corporation

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First Coca-Cola franchise in the worlds leading packaging companies who fill is manufactured by. Its strictly for Coca-Cola franchise is controlled by. 

Soft drinks industry is a business competition.Technology continues to improve. The lowest cost production using technology products meet the highest standards of quality helps. For example, it is a form of production costs that could save millions of dollars in canning factory very small changes can result. 

Coca-Cola products are two major issues: 

• the creation of packaging materials 

• Packing and canning of the last drink. 


Coca-Cola Company (Coke as it is said here), the most recognized brands on the planet is one. This business two weeks to sit firmly on top annual list - the value of dollars (67.3 billion dollars) by 100 international brands IBM Microsoft, and General Electric's choice hit. It's brand recognition that the company itself a symbol of the United States for the rest of the world worship him as the first spread is established by management. 

Cook and his hand was close to 400 brands, the Civil War, Atlanta, pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886 by former soldiers was established in 200 countries found. Company's annual revenue since a long time compared with Pepsi Cola at the top between two industry leaders puts it. Cook on a surprisingly full of life themselves enjoy amazing paint products for the world to promote production.In fact, however, there is one thing, a company with profit, and nothing hindered by global expansion will be to achieve. Coke aggression on any occasion a company of leather products for the beverage industry continues to dominate the world campaign will jump is. In Germany in the United States school children, and sometimes in India water resources management and suspected stolen Nazi regime for an embarrassing marketing deal with examples, and show how an institution, a cooking clean and healthy, generous, for which claim is not. The company proved, however, that authority continued aggressive marketing and public relations and advertising campaigns have heard carefully managed to prevent approved brand. Flights begin on their faces cries of innocence, this indicates that the file is a Coke and a weak position companies for reliable position for an organized campaign carries risk. 

This file, a strong commitment to corporate irregularities as Coke's fair share to provide a snapshot of this organization is comprised of all aspects. Cook profile operation covering 5 parts, and economic situation and political and social, environmental, and finally record company owners, divided into institutional and suppliers. 

Operational profile of the company's operation areas is designed to describe is different, and how the company organizes in this world. This part company with brands that Coca-Cola and packaging processes are associated with contacts between the covers. Executive file which is ready and how the company actually provides information about. Those with annual salaries of Executive Committee and Board of Directors nominated by.And Coke in this section and public relations efforts with universities in the United States appeared to be extensive links. 

To change strategy in the event problems 

To change strategy in the organization on issues related to clean water and focus on the company's production line to bring about change in plans, and beverages artificial world to promote health and safety. The mission and vision the company with the highest level for its implementation at all levels is that the transfer of employees is due to a change.

Coca-Cola and diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite - Coca-Cola soft drinks company in the world of five high-selling brands, owns four. Its other brands include electricity, and Fruitopia, made minutes, and PowerAde Dasani water (tap). Cook Australia, Europe and North America out of Crush, Dr Pepper and Schweppes sells. When it comes to bottled water, their overall Dasani addition, the company in the U.S. spring (Dannon Sparkletts, and Evian) in Groupe Danone sells water brands. Coke sells coffee drinks brands in the world, 200 countries juice, sports drinks and tea in all parts, including near 400. 

Cook in all parts of the world's bottled water has become a major player, mostly in the last five years, dozens of countries as soon expanded. Last three years, water and coke and 68 per cent sales increase includes an incredible 59% is developed, he has dozens of different brands, it's powerful, fast-growing brands Bonaqua is being with (in most countries of the European countries, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Dasani in the United States, Canada and India, Kinley, and the Franklin mountains in Australia, Malvern UK, and is also sold in Mexico. 

Coca-Cola for this increase has been in the water 'companies Coke, Coke, given that P. minor reduction in the brand has been very good for health, we developed a fully saturated market do not see a lot coming. Coke, water real cash cow, it will help other difficulties which were mitigating.However, the water company remains only a small portion also Coke and soft drinks account for 85% of the market. 

Non-carbonated - drinks, and especially water, soft drinks, despite its growth strategy in mind, sure, why not, sales and production base will remain. 

It often said that a merger bottled water industry, where they players or expulsion from the market by large number of small brands still is in the middle of purchase. I hope that three senior players in the global market, Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, and a gallon of bottled water for 30000000000 on war and growing market and as a major player in 3 years left for come.3 will have 

Measured in size, and sales of Coke and 70 percent came from outside the United States. The company estimates that every 10 non-alcoholic beverages sold in the world is responsible for 1. 

Fungi associated with the following is the complete list of trademark. And other companies on the list of products are equipped with some, but in some areas is distributed by Coca-Cola Company have. 

Coke and close to 400 different products worldwide causes. 

And generally spread over the Coca-Cola is the drink right from the beginning to give her name causes. Coca-Cola products in the first place and concentrate juices that are mixed with water in bottles and sell to some retail outlets. 

The company mainly produce and juice concentrate, sells, and they are competent and dynamic canning operation that package and distribute the final product. Separate contracts or agreements, canning, and there Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola products sold in connection with production and packaging are between each.Agreements and Coke's brand packaging and canning, and his ear for a beverage container production allocated beverage companies have the option, if identified in the final product sell. Full company authorized by the suppliers of all trade mark and focus for Coke and juice drinks at night and need to buy. 

Stakeholders to develop strategy 

And water industry stakeholders a data company believe in health strategy to change very interested in developing. In the past I worried about the company's image and profit picture of the organization want to take to improve and we need to know that investment in the region to get users to trust. 

United States as the largest voluntary contributions and lobbying companies and former officers and public works, and contrast between the turnstile deeply concerned by the political process. Coke is no different, and political file, provides this information. In addition to this section in 1930s and 1940s Nazi Germany disturbing to consider the case of Coke relations. 

Social file three cases where business strategy and a Coke and staff is incredible influence was considered and the general population and environment begins. Department covers and anti-Coke coalition, Colombia right-wing paramilitary forces with activity Packing 'to participate in. Then India is a summary of the company's operations, where he lost population and surrounding environment of drought stricken areas are eating large amounts of water runs. Thirdly: This section looks at results and race discrimination class action by a group of African Americans in the state of Georgia filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola Company to mark the land behind the motives.Finally, without strict rules in the use of recycled plastic work and determination by way of reduction in coke profiles section. 

Photo institutional investors, Coke and major suppliers with information about ends. 

The purpose of this file from the perspective of a major coke deal in many aspects is to see. The information provided here and order a Coke identify specific areas of strength and weaknesses analysis as tool for dissection will work. File against the company as front-line activities will be useful for strategic information and intelligence in the Coke provides. At the end of each section in a file menu and how future campaigns against Coca-Cola Company to use the information in particular is home to discuss strategy. 

Nothing is forever. Regardless of how strong and successful organization, regardless of how long-term success was organization, and this needs to change is essential. In some cases, and the need for change in environment due to changes in. This change in customer tastes and preferences are due, and may change in technology, competition administration out of control, or other external factors change in the nature. And also may need to change because of the success of the organization's time. Market success and growth in size and complexity of regulatory changes result in organizational structure changes create the need, and maybe, and culture. 

"Secret" for long-term success is the ability to accept change. 

Organization a "success formula" or "winning business model," which last for a period of time will develop. Then, in the event of change of environment or circumstances change, and we must adapt with the institutions. If they do not successfully adopt, however, it faces difficulties and perhaps failure, regardless of its capacity would appear or how many resources it has. To our ability to change 

Some organizations are better for us to change others. 

Some successful "invention" in, while others will. 

Coca-Cola Company 49,000 people work in the world. Framework for companies in 6 sectors in Coke is divided, the list below and company strategic business units means the first five. The company's internal structure makes money based on the reports. 

Cook reset the group structure in Europe and Asia and the Middle East for the revised structure. The company European Union, the EU's current member states and European Free Trade Association countries with operations in each group will consist of a set is. 

North America - 30%, and Coca-Cola company for 6.64 billion dollars in annual revenue - This business unit consists of two parts: food services, hospitality and retail sales. Coca-Cola products are sold in North America since 1886. 

Europe and Eurasia and Middle East - 32%, and Coke's annual income of $ 7.19 billion - and this unit of seven parts, namely: Central Europe, Russia, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Germany and Nordic countries, Iberian, Italy and the Alps, North West, Europe and South East Europe and the Gulf region. Coca-Cola products in bottles in the region after 1919 are packed. 

Choose a model and process 

"Our company manufacturers and sells beverage concentrate (sometimes referred to as beverages we drink spring. And sale of some drinks when you are finished building, including airports, both carbonated and juice products and drinking waterFor some products, including drinks and noncarbonated,. " 

Cotter logic model for change 

Quick Create 

Be changed, it helps if you really want this company all. About the need for change to create a sense of emergency. 

A strong Alliance 

Persuade people to change is necessary. Strong leadership and the most important people within the organization supports the visible. 

Create a vision for change 

When you first start thinking about change, but their big ideas and solutions floating around will be very likely. Link the overall perspective that people can easily understand and remember these concepts. 

Delivering this vision 

What you do with your attitude after you make will determine your success. Your message to the company within days after strong competition from other communications may be days, so you often need to discuss and hard, and everything you do in the context of embed. 

Remove obstacles 

If you follow these steps to change the process to reach this point, I see your point about talking and construction traffic from all levels of organization.We hope your staff to get busy and benefits that you've been promoting a sense of want. 

Create short term wins 

Nothing motivates more than success. Change your company in the process of giving a taste of early success. Within a short period of time (one month or one year, I could change based on type), you results that we can see our staff will be. Without it, critics and intellectuals could affect negatively our growth. 

Based on this change 

Kotter says that many change projects fail because of the victory in a hurry. Real change in depth. Quick win for it to achieve long-term changes should be started are. 

Overall change in corporate culture 

Finally, anyone want to make changes stick, the essence of your organization should be part of.Corporate culture often determines who can be fulfilled, and therefore the values behind the vision work day after day will also affect. 

Coke has relationships with three types of packaging: Packaging independent owned company which has no ownership, packing, where the company has invested, but its ownership is for Almighty, and packaging, where the company's capital investment and has a control part. The company also makes products for investment in storage and distribution, Marketing selected to expand, the process just to ensure easy operation. 

The company and consolidated supervision where bottles of Coke products a company sells a collection of operations is limited and - in all parts of the world 8% of the size of the company - and most products and Coca Production Cola packaging operations are distributed by Coca-Cola by the company are owned by not completely. 

This does not mean that the institution of private companies is not immersed in the process of deployment does. Canning through contracts, the company ensures that products and their products are distributed correctly is capable of. Agreements allow the company's packaging and power over a certain amount of influence use. 

According to Cook, an independent production company in all parts of the world the size distribution of 24 per cent trigger, while 58 percent control of operations where Coca-Cola Company has no interest in investment and operation fromownership. Regardless of what Cook says the company control over the packing interests' of, in his report, control "are effectively large stakes and heavy presence on their boards by maintaining (bottlers], provided the main source of business, but it retains its shares in packaging is less than. 50%, and thus getting a heap of debt and any mess, with responsibility to avoid death. " 

Do you have a worldwide sales volume of production and the remaining 10 percent of the company's completion by spring and drink is distributed. In some cases, the company's advertising services and marketing, and to fill bottles provide necessary funds. Coca-Cola and the price of freedom and focus sales sold to bottlers outside the United States to assess the situation. Coca-Cola North America about 80 there in the system of group ownership are canning option. 

Coca-Cola juice concentrate is produced and owned by 30 major companies around the world working at the factory used in this work drinks.Production process strictly confidential, which limit the availability of production sites. 

Coke's public relations agencies, and strategic relationship, directed donations and research institutions and instruments is set to reduce the risk of tooth decay or her weight can look at the use of their products by Results. The fact of the foundation is to some extent the public that their product is really good for you to explain. Shows that some of Coke's public relations company on behalf of their special efforts in public relations campaigns as something used, the following companies. 

Resistance to change arrangements Strategy 

Institute for Health and Wellness Beverages - Research Institute for the obesity epidemic so Coke formation and about the role of the soft drinks to counter criticism. Coke claims that the primary focus on beverages Nutrition Research Institute will cooperate with. Coke claims that the organizations "such as water, sweeteners, and micronutrient deficiency, weight management and physical activity in a range of subjects as consumer education and will support health professional." It is clear that the company's public relations initiative that Coke's public health care problems not aim to celebrate. Meanwhile, the Chinese company on ads for beverages with caffeine target is young. 

Appropriate model for monitoring progress