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Mobilink is the leading organization in telecommunication sector of Pakistan, providing voice and data services to the customers. Like other areas of business Mobilink set an example of best human resource practices by treating the employees as assets of the company. The best human resource management of Mobilink has been the competitive advantage for the company since its launch. When Mobilink was launched in 1998, there was only one competitor of the company named Paktel and the company did not require changing the policies and procedures rapidly in order to cater the market needs. However in the last one decade, telecommunication sector of Pakistan has seen several changes and the environment has become highly dynamic and competitive as now Mobilink has 4 other major competitors in the same market providing the same products and services to the customers. In such scenario the company's policies has to be very flexible and competitive to meet the market needs. The human resource strategy refers to the activities and actions which are followed by an organization to achieve its goals and objectives. The following HR plan will elaborate several human resource activities which are followed at Mobilink to achieve the organizational goals and to formulate and implement the HR policies, procedures and practices.

Resource Based Strategy

The internal capabilities of the organization are emphasized in order to achieve the sustainable competitive advantage in telecommunication sector of Pakistan by using resource based strategy. By configuring or reconfiguring an organization's resources and capabilities, competitive advantage in the market can be obtained. In this way the resource based strategy is an inside out approach as the internal capabilities of the company determines the strategic choices, which are required for the competition in the market. The capabilities of an organization allow it to add value to the customers and to create new markets. Mobilink has a widespread network/coverage all over the Pakistan, which makes it the holder of largest market share. The profitability of an organization is determined by the position of the company in the structure of that particular industry developing and outside-in approach (Porter, 1980). However, resource based strategy is opposite to this, as it suggests that it is not the industry rather it is the unique cluster of an organization which determines its position in the market and the profitability.

Identification of Resources

Resources refer to those inputs which are required for the operations of an organization. Resources are almost same for all the organization in the same industry, but the difference occurs in their utilization. Resources are of no use themselves, but their utilization determines the difference in performance from the other organization having similar resources.

Tangible Resources - The financial resources, physical resources and human resources come under the category of tangible assets. Mobilink possesses hundreds of cell phone sites, offices owned by the company and financial assets, moreover the company has more than 7000 employees all across the country serving in different departments. The physical resources are flexible enough to respond to the market change.

Intangible Resources - The resources like technology and reputation comes under the category of intangible resources. The technological resources include the ability of an organization to innovate and the speed in which the innovation occurs. Mobilink is equipped with latest technology and the company's innovation ability can be determined by the different products and value added services which are being offered to the customers. Mobilink has been the pioneer in offering new value added services to the customer; the biggest example is balance share from one customer account to another. The reputation or goodwill is one of the major intangible resources of the company. Mobilink brand name itself is the huge asset of the company.

Identification of Competencies

Competency refers to the attributes required by an organization for competing in the marketplace. In this way all the organizations possesses certain level of competency. However, competency does not enable an organization to obtain competitive advantage. Mobilink possesses the knowledge and technology to provide the telecommunication services to the customers.

Core Competencies - The most critical task of the management is to enable the organization in way that it produces the product fulfilling the need of the customer, but has not been imagined yet (Prahalad & Hamel, 1990). The core competency of Mobilink is to provide the post paid services to the customer. Mobilink post paid service named as "Mobilink Indigo" is very popular and is unique as the company also provides blackberry services to its "Indigo" customer.

Distinctive Capabilities

Identifying Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Valuable Resources

Rare Resources

Social Complexity


2. Human Resource Strategy

Human Resource Systems

Recruitment and Selection

Employee Training

Performance Appraisal

Rewards and Benefits

Career Development

Health and Safety Management

Discipline Management

Human Resource Development

Career Path (Promotions)

Defining Job Descriptions

Conducting Job Analysis

Industrial Relations

Human Resource Relationship

Human Resource Utilization

Human Resource Audit

Linking Human Resource Functions with Business Objectives

3. Organizational Design/Structure

Every organization to be effective must have an organizational structure. It is the form of structure that determines the hierarchy and the reporting structure in the organization. It is also called organizational chart. There are different types of organization structures that companies follow depending on a variety of things; it can be based on geographical regions, products or hierarchy. To put it simply an organizational structure is a plan that shows the organization of work and the systematic arrangement of work.

Functional Structure at Mobilink


Different Departments/Divisions of the Company

Marketing and Business Planning

Products and PMO

Consumer Segment

Operations and Maintenance

IT Segment

Corporate Solutions

Human Resource


Strategy and Career Services

4. Human Resource Planning

It is the responsibility of Human resource department to ensure the proper planning by keeping in view the future prospects and engagements of the company that involve the people. Moreover, it is very important to maintain the sufficient staff in order to add the value to organization. The shortage of resources not only decreases the productivity of the business unit, but also reduces the motivation level of the existing employees. On the other hand HR should also ensure that there is not an excessive staff in the company or in a particular department. As the excessive staff is a direct load to the accounts of an organization. Moreover, HR is responsible to plan for future in accordance with the organizational goals and these organizational goals should be very clear to the employees.

Telecom industry in Pakistan is very competitive, as there are other big companies like Telenor, Warid, Ufone and Zong and they are also pretty good employers. So, in this scenario it is very hard to keep an employee loyalty with the organization. The employees are always seeking for the better job and opt the opportunity when arises. The future perspective of the company is not very visible to the employees; the reason behind this is that most of the strategies are defined by the parent company i.e. Orascom Telecom. Mobilink needs to give a much clearer picture of future planning of organization to their employees to reduce the uncertainty among them.

Short Term HR Planning

Forecasting Demand and Supply

Establishing Objectives

Design and implementation of short Term Programs

Evaluation of short term Human Resource Programs

Intermediate Term HR Planning

Forecasting Intermediate term Demand

Forecasting Intermediate term supply

Establishing Intermediate Term Objectives

Intermediate-Term Programs to Help Employees Adjust to Changing Organizations

Evaluation of intermediate term Human Resource Programs

Long Term HR Planning

Forecasting Demand and Supply: The Challenge of Succession Planning

Program Design and Implementation

Evaluating Long-Term Programs