Strategic Human Resource Management In Firms

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In this report it is discussed about the collapse of Beaconsfield gold mine in Tasmania were one miner was killed and couple of the others were trapped for fourteen days. The case created a big sense in the media about the work place safety and several issues were raised in the safety measures system of the organisation. The first question for this case discusses the major steps to be taken and consideration which should be learnt by the human resource practitioners from the tragedy. It describes about the recruitment and selection, employee relations, managing performance and health &safety measures. The second question explains about the how the human resource might prevent these tragedies in the future. Finally it gives the suggestion to develop and avoid such kind of incidents in the further organisations.

What do you think are the major lessons for HR Practitioners to learn from this case?

"An attempt to forecast how many and what kind of employees will be required for the future, and to what extent this demand is likely to met" (Graham and Bennett,2009, p163).

Human resource planning is the basic need of an organisation for the development of organisational goals. It is the process of analysing the needs of an organisation and it act as a key for the optimum use organisational resources. Human resource planning in the mining organisation was not implemented well and caused a major incident which indicates the major concerns about the organisation.

Recruitment and selection are the activities mainly concerned in employing the right employees for the organisation. Both the activities are closely linked to each other and each activity needs a different skills. In this case study its learned that employees are not selected properly for the development of the firm's goal. The accident in the gold mine clearly indicates that employees were not planned well and there is no good communication with the low level and high level management functions. HR practitioners will learn many lessons in this case by analysing the factors like recruiting the right people for the right job and applying the proper steps of implementing the organisation plans.

A rational approach was not involved in this case like, what is to be achieved and how; this should be concerned by the HR members for the development of the firm. Jobs description, are not clearly used and employee skills, knowledge, level of experience are not mainly concerned in this case study. Employee specification must be determined and it should be compared with each applicant where from that they should be shortlisted for the better outcome of the workforce. The HR practitioners will now concern these major issues to avoid the fatal accidents in the future.

Health and safety measures are the most important factor to be considered in an organisation. The report describes that there is no health and safety measures were used in this gold mine and thus lead to major accident. The company mainly concentrated on reducing the cost expenditure and due to that several problems has raised and previous manager had left off. Maintenance in the work place was not maintained well and there is no adequate welfare facility. HR practitioners will consider these factors in developing the health and safety measures. Providing information, and training about the jobs were not used to create awareness among the employees. General duties of employees like, taking care of own health and safety measures are necessary in an organisation. Human resource practitioners will now look into these factors and will learn how to provide the adequate facilities through this case.

Management performance is the examination of the work place and determining the efficiency. Well in this case the higher level management was not well organised and not used effectively. The case study determines that organisation was not monitored well and instant feedbacks were not considered as the main issue. Performance appraisals also plays major part and it was not considered in the given case which makes employers to hate their work. Employers should be encouraged in getting their ideas and views to develop the infrastructure.

"The appraisal is an opportunity to take an overall view of work content, loads and volume , to look back on what has been achieved during the reporting period and agree objectives for the next" (Margaret, et, al, 2008). Performance appraisal can be used in two ways like central tactical activity and standalone activity where both are important for a human resource management system to lead better employment relations in the organization. The employees should be rewarded for their ideas and other incentives should be given to those who all come up with their new innovative thinking. By analysing these factors human resource practitioners will have an idea about the facts happened in the mine and they will learn to develop the firm strategy's.

Relationship between the employers and employment decides the outcome of the organization. Employee relations play a major part and in the case study there was no relationship between the employees and higher authority personals. There were conflicts between the employees and management. A legal common frame work was not maintained in the mine and there was no mutual obligation to supply and accept the works. Due to these problems a major accident was happened and the human resource department will consider this for the further development of organisation. The organisation should maintain mutual confidence and be lawful to the employers.

The employer must consult with employees regularly if there is any change in the contract. These are the main factors where they failed to concentrate in the mining company, through this the human resource practitioners might understood a clear description. Employee learning and development helps in the development of firm which can be done through identifying the needs of the employees. Job satisfaction can be achieved through learning and development. It is evident from the case study the employees lack in their work due to inadequate source of knowledge about the mine. If the management is encouraging the learning the development the employees will learn in different ways and they must have wide experiences about the field. Human resource practitioners will now consider these and will have idea about the further development of the organisation.

How might a strategic approach to HRM help prevent such tragedies in the future?

Strategic human resource management is a process that is performed in the organizations which facilitates the best service of employees to satisfy the organizational and individual goals (John, 2007). Human resource management exists in every organizations and it is mainly concerned with the people. It is mainly based on future development of the firm, if this is used properly in each organization accidents can be prevented and it is the basic need of an organization.

"Recruitment is a process which aims to attract appropriately qualified candidates for a particular position from which it is possible to select and appoint a competent person" (De cieri & kramar, 2005). Better recruitment and selection helps in the organisation development and prevents the future accidents. The recruitment process has two steps the internal and the external activities. Were the internal activities has the benefits like, cost effectiveness, time effectiveness and familiarity of the candidate. The external activities like acquisition of new skills knowledge and innovation. By analysing these factors in a candidate and recruiting the candidate helps in development of the firm (Charmine, et, al, 2007). "Selection is a process which involves the application appropriate techniques and methods with the aim of choosing, appointing and inducting a competent person" (De cieri & kramar, 2005). Selection process is to familiarise the employees which helps in reducing the errors in employee selection. It has several methods to select an employee by selecting a right person for the right job improves the efficiency of the firm and helps in preventing the tragedies like the mine accident. Through the selection process we can evaluate the ability of the person and we can develop an employee specification.

An organisation must consider the health and safety factors of employees to make a work force better. This refers to physical, physiological and psychosocial functions of an organisation. Health and safety measures are not mainly concerned in all the organisations and that should be made mandatory to avoid the critical situations like the Beaconsfield gold mine tragedy. Good health and safety factors create an environment like improved personal safety, reduced retraining and e increases the efficiency of the organisation. It also helps in reducing the mental stress of the employees (De cieri & kramar, 2005). If the health and safety factors are not good it reduces the production and leads a disability with the employees. Hence by providing the safe systems in the work and maintaining the workforce in safe condition helps in developing a good relationship between the employer and employees as also prevents fatal incidents.

Management performance can be measured by measuring the employees outcome relates to the organisational goals or not. The management performance has several systems to measure the performance and this should be regularly monitored to improve the outcome of firm. This uses the strategic purpose and development purpose which it links with the performance of individuals. Through open communication, listening and giving feedbacks, managers can able to measure the performance (Margaret, et, al, 2008). Going through all these factors a better knowledge can be obtained for the future development and helps in defending major problems.

Employee learning and development specifies job satisfaction and creates change as a result of practice experience. The firm must find out the employee skills through regular assessments and should provide adequate training for the employees through that employee can have job satisfaction which leads to greater productivity and flexible work force. For the future development a firm must analyse all the factors and this helps in preventing the problems. Proper training and development gives clear idea about the organisational goal and that should be used in every organisation to employ the right people at the right place.

Employees should be encouraged in giving their ideas and they should be rewarded for the performance in their work. Performance appraisal is one of the ways of giving feedback to the employees about their performance. It is to improve the performance by motivating the employees through incentives and helps in clarifying the job objectives. Every employee should get some benefits according to their performance. Through this the relationship between the management and employees grows well and increases the growth of the organisation. The problems may also occur by keeping the information secret from the employees so the management must clearly indicate all the terms to the employees to prevent the problems in the firm for the future development. Rewards can be linked with the employee salary or with their jobs promotions satisfies the employee needs which might help in increase the productivity and reduces the risks in the work force (Margaret, et, al, 2008).

Employee relations in the organisation creates good work environment and helps in providing knowledge about the issues which are mainly concerned in the outcome of the workforce. Higher authority peoples should accept the feedback about the employee problems and must take prior steps to stop the unnecessary events in the workplace. If the management has well organised system of relationship with the employees, it increases the productivity. The management should consult with the employees regularly when there is change of needs for the demands with the product, where it gives a clear idea about the employee role due to this it will help in the precaution measures for the future. The management must have an employment law for the employers like guaranteed payments to the part time workers which creates a good name for the company. Mutual trust and reasonable orders might help the organisation in achieving the goals.

In order to reduce the incidents like the collapse in Beacons field gold mine, every organisation must consider all the factors which are mentioned above. Human resource plans have to be described well and the procedures regarding the health and safety measures must be followed by every person. Rewarding system should be well organised and through employee satisfaction can be achieved for the betterment of the firm. Proper training should be given to all the employees before going to the development of

Finally in this report it is discussed about the