Strategic HRM issues for organizational growth

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This essay will analyse the purpose of Strategy Human Resource in an organisation and the contributions it makes towards the success of Reliance Industry LTD. The case will address the human resource needs and plans for this company and also culture and structure. Finally HR policies and legal requirements will be discussed.

Case study Reliance BPO

The Reliance BPO is a world best company which provide outsourcing services. It is also very big company of India which doing different businesses.

Reliance BPO is service provider company which offer end to end solutions of different sectors like the Telecom sector, different Utility and Indian film industry verticals. The Reliance BPO team made of a 9000 employees across various places having ability in various progression, different project, and Technology & CRM. Reliance BPO has been facing problem related to high level of poor performance and low productivity due to poor management and bad leadership.


Explain the purpose of strategic human resource management in your company and critically evaluate the contribution of strategic human resource management activities towards the achievement of the company's objectives.

The strategic human resource management links the Organisation strategy with human resource activities. The purpose of Strategic human resource management is to help companies best meet the needs of their employees while promoting company goals. According to Boxall P. and John P. (2000)

The purpose of strategic human resource management is to support BPO is on issues related to structure, quality, value, culture, commitment and matching resources to future need.

Reliance BPO is India's big company in Information and Communication sector since foundation Reliance BPO has used a proven methodology for managing operations of outsourced that is applied to BPO arrangements across all sector.

Strategic human resource management is generally concerned with people problem and practice that affect or affected by the strategic plan of the company. The critical problems facing an organization in contemporary environment are mainly human problems, such as ensuring the availability of people, retaining, motivating and developing these resources.

Strategic human resource management provide the method to Human Resource manager which divides the monthly work target in sub targets and divides among the sale employee. The target is distributed in weekly target. This improvement is the way, in which employee good working in the organisation.

Strategic human resource management have enable Human Resource manager in the Reliance BPO to recognise the best positions in the organisation and which effect the production. And the customer care employee is one of they who related with the customer before selling. They are well trained, they are provide better service them customers.


Need of Human Resource in Reliance:

All organisations need skilful workforce to achieve its goal. The human resource need for this organisation reliance are skilful workforce, an effective training and development, effective recruitment and selection practices, good reward management etc.

Strategic human resource management can be consider as a general approach to the strategic management of human resource in accordance with the intentions of the firms on the future direction it wants to take. It is concerned with longer-term people issues and macro concerns about structure, quality, value, culture, commitment and matching resources to future need and it has been defined as all those activities affecting the behaviour of individual in their efforts to formulate and implement the strategic needs of business. The pattern of planned resource deployments and activities intended to enable the forms to achieve goals.

practices that affect or affected by the strategic plan of the organization. The critical issues facing an organization in contemporary environment are mainly human issues, such as Strategic human resource management is mainly concerned with people issues and ensuring the availability of people, retaining, motivating and developing these resources

Organisation main need is planning for company. For example, in production department few intelligent workers are identified from company recruitment staff from out side. This i need for job design and recruiting the employees in the organisation. Reliance BPO Human Resource recruiting team select experienced worker in organisation.

Maslow's Motivation theory is Hierarchy of needs could be recognize the needs and needs to motivate the employee

Reliance BPO Human Resource team provide communication skills training, improvement training, sales and customer care.

Recourses requirement- Reliance BPO main requirement is funds, for advertisement for the sales positions and interview for the employee.

Employee Development: Here this need is ability of employee and employee skills and plan for enhancing skills of employee. This skills need to employee could be working in change environment and new technology.

Employee Law: Reliance BPO responsible for employee safety, good environment. Reliance BPO gives to protective clothing and equipment, and enforce its use Reliance BPO gives information and training for their employees evaluate all threats before the starting of works on new areas of procedure, for example, buying new instrument and setting up new work techniques, and regularly examination of these risks.


Impacts of the culture and structure on the management of human resource:

The culture and structure are much more important to remind in core while the operation in the organisation. The reliance is also continuously improving its human resources by appropriate training of the employees. There may be different types of the cultures at a same place where the company is operating its operation. The firm can make its human resource powerful by teamwork and co operation among the employees and make them valuable for the company.

There may evolve two cultures at a place where it can be challenged for the organisation which needs to critically managed and shaped actively by right way. Poor culture and structure can badly affect the management of human resources in an organisation particularly in the case of BPO. The attitude of the leaders can affect the management of employees and their behaviour. Also to bring changes can also be influence by the attitude of the employees which can in turn be negative. An effective culture and structure need to be in place in order to manage human resource effectively.

The cultural change can't be managed accidently by the organisations in quickly. It needs to adopt appropriate strategy to control and involve in that particular process. There should be measurable action plan for the human resources to achieve best among different cultures. The high level strategy like the involvement of human resource and measurable action plan should be taken place at the time. The total service quality should be used in the company.

The companies like Reliance should learn how to evaluate their intangible assets like employees that actually be alive the organisation's civil rules. That type of ideals profit of company and employees moreover suppliers and clients. To reach at company target, the Reliance organisation must change the treatment of its employees and improve it at most efficient way. It does not need to hire a culture consultant. However; the supportive culture that facilitates entrepreneurship. On the other hand, The Economic theories suggest that the company's human resource matters for its policy choices. Along the way, the culture effects are for long-standing and strong for on the inside grown business units and older firms in the organisation which must be maintained fairly.

The strength of human resource considerably affects business policies like the employment policy, management structure, and financial structure. To improve the human resource management, the company must examine various cases from a selection of organisation and industry show up the important role that culture plays in the achievement of modern company. This after, it must be evaluated at true level. The firm must held surveys for the measurement the impact of corporate culture. In the company's operational management, the management culture, transformation, and the cultural change are presented properly. At that moment, they applied to the improvement of the mechanics of cultural change. In that aspect of the relationship with the employees, overcoming personal, unusual behaviour can be known as the basis of cultural change.

As a manager, we must aware of that cultures of the company, we are unconfident about how it is maintained, transmit, or subjective. The remuneration method for employees symbolizes a mainly effective means for controlling a Company's culture. In the modern age, the manager must be known to identify different cultures and able to work with the different types of cultures that present with the firm or business group. This is useful to plan to assist organisation in understanding their Company's identity unmistakably and control them successfully.

The question arising in mind that Where does corporate culture come from? In fact, the political and economic realities are trying to force public administrator to put into operation new different operational changes to exclude or include expenses of Company.

Modern high-profile bed cases raise the importance of identifying or that organisations have the potential for bed behaviour. Certain characteristics of a organizational culture can indicate the potential for deception.

Usually, culture has been considered by qualitative methods. However, quantitative approaches like culture surveys offer main benefits for both cross-sectional organizational research and knowledge-based cultural change ideas. The Organizational Culture Inventory, an instrument designed for such uses, profiles the culture of organizations and their sub-units in terms of behavioural norms and expectations.

The company should manage different criteria of shared assumptions about different values; different language, different symbols, various meaning, and variety of firms norms should be create a framework for the non profit can implement its vision and its programs. In addition, the lifecycle concept which use in corporate culture should be assessed. The tests measure of the fit between person and company group must be taken.

In the company, the structural changes may also serve as the main involvement for changing culture which leads the company to achieve their target or predefined goal. It should not be forgotten for the role of national culture and firm features on the relationship between different managerial human resource values and cultures to get suitable outcome for the company. The leaders in the company need the sophisticated understanding of human resource and most powerful tools for rally executives and managers to work successfully with the different cultural variables in market.

The business should be held through the gathering of various operational, different executive and latest engineering cultures which is greater plan. The organisation risk reducing the people whose tacit information in fact runs the company growth by imposing togetherness and teamwork across divisional areas. The Reliance Company must have the capability to continue an ethical corporate culture that is a vital part for the retention, different attraction, and more productivity of employees. It can in turn an evolutionary way to reciprocity in the build of employment connection. It will help to consider about the company culture as well as company culture in a suitable perspective.


Purpose of Human Resource Management Policies in Reliance

Reliance BPO HR work with concerns related to hiring, compensation, safety and security, and employee training etc.

Reliance Human resource policies give the company with an idea to manage risk by keeping latest current trends in employment standards. The policy should be outlined in a way where the firm's vision and the HR management help the firms to target it or give effort to work achieve and at all different stages benefited and at the same situation it's not move away from their main purpose.

Reliance BPO Human Resource Policies can be very useful for support and build the required company culture. For example, recruitment and retention policies may be point out the approach of the company values flexible employees, reimbursement policies might support this by offering the appropriate ratio of amount pay option to their employees, where workers use additional four weeks holidays per annual and get less pay during annual. The personal efficiency and abilities of the company can also be improved alongside by the core human resource.

Reliance BPO should follow human resource policies in order to address issues like probation, occupational health and safety, Equal opportunity, pregnancy at work, flexible working arrangements, leave policy, performance management, performance improvement. Reliance BPO should consider give a safe working environment to their employees, company visitors and company's contractors. Policies are needed in order to maintains and develops secure working environment to employee.

The hr policies will guide reliance to deal with these issues mention below: Reliance BPO consult with employees and health and safety reps on safety Reliance BPO gives to protective clothing and equipment, and enforce its use Reliance BPO gives information and training for their employees evaluate all threats before the starting of works on new areas of procedure, for example, buying new instrument and setting up new work techniques, and regularly examination of these risks. Reliance BPO removes unacceptable risks to safety for their employee. Reliance BPO give their staffs and contractors with enough services like tidy restroom, clean drinkable water and hygienic food and eating places. Reliance BPO Give a Legal wages to their employees as fixed by government should be paid to the worker. Employees are entitled to paid leaves in some circumstances like illness, public holidays, or dealing with emergencies. Without a fair reason an employer cannot dismiss his employee.


In conclusion, we have learn the human resources are very important for the organisation. Every organisation managing people in correct way is very important for the companies like Reliance BPO. Human resource management is one of the important functions of company. Right from workforce planning to their career development and exit of employees, it very important deal with employees carefully.