Strategic Analysis within a business organization

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The capstone organization is basically deals with the development of new associations with care. They believe in enhancing the relationships with the existing clients. The team of the organization is consists of the specialized engineers and highly qualified professionals. The previous records say that their team is fully dedicated in achieving the satisfaction of their clients. They considered people as primary assets and they work with them as a team. The Capstone organization follows emiratization strategies. Emiratization is a strategy develops by the government of United Arab Emirates to give the employment to the national employees and try to reduce the dependency on the foreign employees. The Capstone Company adopted the emiratization policy so that they can benefit by the tax beneficiaries policies. This policy helps in strengthening the economy of the company and the nation. Capstone organization has adopted two methods for achieving the goal of emiratization. Government has approved the quota system in selecting national employees. In this system, fixed quota is provided to the UAE employees. This system may be harmful for the organization in various situations. Sometimes they have to compromise with experience and skill set of the workers because there might be a possibility when other national workers have more skills and experience. Another approach towards this strategy is by providing training to the local workers so as to improve their technical skills. Capstone basically encouraged this policy to get the benefits in the various taxes and provides overall advantage to the origination. Capstone basically follows this policy carefully so that immigrant employees do not feel lonely and de motivated. Capstone awards special incentives to the national employees to encourage other local workers to join the organization. (Strategic business goals)

Mission of the organization

The existing projects of Capstone contracting company are project A named villa Mr. Waheed, project B named Villa Abdulla Al Shamsi, project C named Villa Salem Al Shamsi, Villa khalifa Al Mansoury etc. There are various projects under construction such as Project D and Project E.

SWOT analysis to gain strategic perspective

SWOT analysis is a planning process that allows Capstone organization to focus on their strengths, opportunities and their weakness and threats involved in a business. It helps in specifying the goal of the project or business and in identifying the external and internal factors that are favorable or unsupportive so that the organization can able to achieve their prescribed objective. This type of analysis helps the organization to evaluate its current position and try to determine different management strategies for the future. The SWOT analysis helps the organization to analyze their business on global, national and local levels.


Strength is a characteristic of an organization that gives them an advantage over the other organization. The main strength of the Capstone is its motto construction with care and building is our business. The organization has highly skilled workforce and have high level of performance due to the good human resource management. The organization follows the policy of emiratization. According to this policy the company will give employment to the local workers and trained them to increase their skill sets. They provide special incentives and rewards to their employees according to the work. The company also provided medical facilities to their employees. The dedicated nature of the employees helps in fulfilling the requirements of the customers. According to the previous record, clients of the Capstone Company are satisfied with performance of the employees and due to this the market values of the company has increased. The foundation for Capstone success is their mutual respects between their employees and their clients. The company follows such strategies that help in improving its overall performance and economy rate in the market.


Weaknesses are characteristics or qualities of the firm which makes them less competitive then their competitors. There are various weaknesses of the Capstone Company. As the company is following the policy of emiratization there might be a case when they have to compromise with skills and experience of the workers. According to this policy the company has to give the employments to the UAE nationals so that they can be benefitted by the various tax benefits. To be benefitted by these tax beneficiary policies the company gives employment to the local workers even they have less experience and skill sets than the immigrants workers. Capstone Company is organizing various training session for their employees to improve their skills. These training sessions increase their investment cost. (strengths and weakness)


Opportunities are external chances to maximize the profits of an organization. There are various steps taken by Capstone organization to improve their customer relationship. Capstone organization provides maintenance facility to the projects which has already finished. The company is using different technologies to fulfill the demands of customers in better ways. They provide the customers with the best building plans according to their demands and needs. They are using various technologies such as internet sales or ecommerce to provide their services outside UAE. This will helps them in increasing their market values and opportunities to improve their customer relationships. They provide various health facilities and incentives to expand their team of multi skilled professionals and engineers. The strong financial position and good reputation helps the company to get bank loans and borrowings. Capstone organization is trying to invest more in the national economy so that they receive various benefits.


Threats are external elements which causes various troubles for the firm. The threats may cause due to increasing and large competition in the markets. Capstone is also facing such threats. Their main competitors are Arabtec construction, Dani construction, speed house construction etc. Another threats for the organization is rising cost and demands of the employees. The employees of Capstone are also demanding for various facilities for them and their families. Another threat to Capstone occurs at the time of construction. There might be a case when local people or authority refuses the plan for further extension of building or do not allows them to build commercial building in the residential area. Capstone is also facing problem due to increased interest rates by various banks. As the company has to take bank loans to start any project but due to high interest rates there profit margin get reduces. The existing project or building becomes unpopular or unfashionable due to the upcoming innovative construction plans. The company has to organize the special training session for the local employees to teach them the way of working and to increase their personality development. These types of session will waste the company’s time and money. (opportunities and threats)

Alleviating the HR situation using SWOT

Human resource management is the coherent and strategic approach towards the management of the most value assets of the organization that is employees. To maintain the high level of performance it is essential to make good human resource management. The basic building block for an organization is an effective human resource management. This system helps the employees to known what they are going do, get feedback, and feel respected and valued, and the opportunities to grow and learn more on the job. The two barriers for the effective human resources management are fragmented and politicized management systems and the lack of managers in charge of HRM. Various initiatives are taken by Capstone Company to improve human resource situation. They appointed a senior manager to take the in charge of the human resource management. Manager allows flexibility at work. According to this workers are allowed to choose their working time so that they can give their best and able to spend some time with their families. Capstone has different staff for the human resources management and provides them training how to manage human resource in the better ways. The company also has health care staff for providing the medical services at the time of emergency. The company provides incentives, allowances and extra benefits to the employees according to their work in achieving the business goals. Capstone conducted a SWOT analysis with their employees and HR workers to determine the various requirements of human resources. This analysis helps to known about various policies that are working effectively and those that are not working well. It helps them to recognize the weaknesses of human resources that leave the firm vulnerable to voluntary resignations, employee relation issues, succession concerns, etc. Capstone company can able to known whether the right people are in the right department or not. They ask as many as questions with respect to the human resources opportunities, strength, weaknesses and threats of the organization. In the next step the employees of the origination conduct a group discussion on each and every point and try to find out the solutions to maximize the opportunities and strengths and to minimize the threats and weaknesses. This type of analysis is conducted by the company on a quarterly basis so that they can create or re asses the new plan if necessary. Rather avoiding the threats and weaknesses of the company, they should try to find the solutions. While working on the opportunities the main concern should be on what is happening today and what could be happen in near future. By honestly evaluating the human resource management will help Capstone Company to stay ahead in the competition while maintaining its overall strategic objective and goals. (SWOT analysis of human resource)

Achieving the business goals

The main objective of the organization is to satisfy the customer requirements. The team of Capstone is consisting of the highly skilled professional and experienced engineers and architects. If company want to achieve the predefine goals then they have to give proper attention on the human resource management. The employees are only responsible for the uplift or the downfall of an organization’s performance. Capstone Company should provide flexibility at work to increase the performance of the employees. According to this workers are able to decide their working time according to the predefined schedule. The company will hire the employees for the part time job at the time of construction of any building. The company should give first preference to local employees than the foreign workers. Another option of working is job sharing. According to this two or more workers share same functions and position but they works at different period of time. Another option is telecommuting in which the employees can take their work at home. The best practice for an organization is to maintain the correlation between the cooperative strategy and human resources management strategy. The HRM strategy of an organization should able to manage human resources in spite of disturbing the personal needs or the objectives of the firm. The human resource function of an organization may possess selection and recruitment policies, reward policies, disciplinary procedures or learning policies. These functional areas of human resources management should be correlated and aligned in order to achieve the overall business goals. The employment relationship is a link between the employees and employers. It exists in the case when a person has to work in the predefined conditions. It is a main tools through which the employees are able to known their rights and try to find out the benefits associated in the areas of social security and labor laws. It helps in influencing the social, psychological and economic lives of those who are working in an organization. Capstone should considered employees and the customer as one happy family. This type of thinking will helps the employees to understand the problem of each others and try to find out the solutions. This increases the under stability among the employees and the workers. So the company should give first preferences to their human resources to achieve their goals and objectives. (achievement of business goals)