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Now we talk about the solar industries, this is the top level company. How to develop this company? In this company which is the important points are required? As per my advice you use my opinions and my statements, this is very helpful to you. First of all we describes to main point of the company, for HRM theory and learning - development process, and finally then after you lookout my group presentation slides. This is the real demo of the company, we show in slides. In slides we cover the main points for HRM work.

Human Resource Management Theory

What is the H.R.M.?

The HRM (human resource management) is the modal within an organization that focuses on recruitment, managements, providing direction for the people who work in this organization. They can also be performed by line managers.

In this job the organizational faction that deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation communication, administration, and last but not lest good training.

3 keys

Company environment



Getting the best employees:

Workers become more engaged when they see their ideas being used. Managers seeing the impact of employees' ideas give employees more authority - which leads to more and better ideas. It effect of the work and our job profile.

Paying employees (revenging benefits):

More than 50% of the UK workers would take revenge against a former employer if they were unhappy about losing their job. So in your company do not required paying employees. This is a temporary employee; they have no idea about our company work. They cannot work properly, and they disturb the company rules and regulations.


You should provide very good training. Each and every employee, they have idea about her work. In your work have knowledge and proper understanding. Then after you work very fast and confidently. This is the effect of our company.

Safe work environments:

When employments are working in any electronic work, so company elector work is good, computers are working properly, every instruments a reworking good with required shaft products. Company construction work is very good. Rain season we have no problem with computer and networking.

High - performing employees:

This is the main points in the solar industry, you should select the very high qualify employed, they are very intelligent, they are responsible employments, working method is very nice. Every work is very clear. Quick reply, every day feedback. That is the quality of high performing employees, but this employee's wages are very high.

HRM activates


The company main aim of staffing is to provide an adequate supply of qualif8cation individuals to fill the job in an organization. By studding what worker do through there steps - job analysis - job decryption - job specification - recruiting.

Equal employment opportunity:

Individual should have equal treatment in all employment - related actions, so compliance with equal employment opportunity laws and regulations affects all HR activities and integral to HR management.

Planning and analysis:

Hr planning is a process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of hr so that the organization the organization can meet it is objectives, so manager attempt to anticipate forces that will influence the future supply of and high demand for employees.

Solar industries required this types of activate. This is the "HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT."

McNamara, MBA, PhD

As per the example; if the evidence - based.

(e.g. If any origination) technology - now you start the company, do you have proper instrument and power. You have big organaction and do you have no technology in company, so it is not good. Do you have fast work instrument and power with good networking? How to use and how slow this problems. Your staffs know about this technology. They use very well.

New updates; employees have good data for your job, and government rules. They working in this origination, but they have no idea about the company background and government. Employees are very knowledgeable for this matter. This is the commenting.

Discipline and miss behaviours: some staff are very knowledge but there problems is they beehive not very well, they speak very ruffle, they have no manners, they have no idea about how to talk with manager and others employees.

Individual objectives help employees in achieving their goals, in turn which contributes their individual performance to the organization. Societal objectives it endure that the organization is responsible to the challenges, needs and change of the society. It is supported to functional objectives.


For the solar industries, learning and developing solutions focus on developing or enchasing the competencies and behaviours needed by individuals and terms in order to accomplish meaningful goal and create a positive work climate that encourages and values clarity, interaction, openness, diversity, community and results.

Team supports the solar industries mission by growing the capacities of C.E.O. and employees to build a motivated engaged and high performing workforce. Learning and development provide holistic learning and development opportunities and solutions at individual, team and organizational levels.

But in civilised world modern approach is given more importance when it comes to learning and development. It helps to create a smart workforce which helps the company in returns to earn their rate of investment. It makes sure that randomness is reduced and work is performed in a structural pattern or framework. Previously the company use to the traditions that managers are not made but are born.

USA, Princeton University, 2010,

Importance of leaning and development:

Development of skills in employee increasing job knowledge and the skills of an employee at each level. It also helps in increasing the intellect label and the overall personality of the employees. Working environment how to manage the whole things. Morale it helps in improving the morale of the workforce. Vision statement tells the organization where the company is after few years up the line. It may include by setting a role model, or brining some internal transformations. Mission that about the position and motivation in spire the people. Then after achieve the goal quickly. Values in inculcates the values of the organization and indecent history of the organization. It may include like social culture, excellent customer services etc.

Improve the strategy:

Performance management

In solar industries need to be planned for in the same way as other organisational activates, through the performances management process. Responsibilities will be allocated to line management specialists, target set and individual performance measured against achievement. This applies to the solar industries function and to line manager who achieves business targets by amongst other things, making sure their teams have the right local of capability. Find out more about the performances managements process in our factsheet work.

Setting learning and development:

In this sector as per the business part making a planning cycle, translating overall strategy in to the next period, and based on the individual class workshops to data produce a learning method and developing systems. In this work time scaled plan must be include. Development systems are effort this solar industries.

Management staff:

Staffing and staff management include the recruitment and selection of staff, with their appraisal, personal and professional development, and welfare. It also includes effective methods of working and good working conditions of solar industries.

Putting the workforce in place. Assuring staff of the job satisfaction.

Developing that workforce so that staff can meet the changing demands of patient care theorem role redesign and personal development.

Patient and build invornemnt - is the process to improve patient care though regular review of care against public and patient expectations and patient experience. For example through feedback from complaints which include implication for staff training.


ENTRY - determine the key leverage skill sets required by the organization in order to move in to future. The organization's strategic plan should give an indication of these as well as what constitutes the core competence that will ensure a future for the organization. This will all in turn direct you to what talent you should be sourcing.

Source the required people from the aspirate avenues.

Be sure to have detailed job descriptions that include specific competencies required.

Apply behaviour - based interviewing to select the best candidates'.

RETENTION - retaining your talent will not solely depend on what you pay them. We have found from exit interviews that many high performing individuals will leave an organization for the same or, in some cases even less remuneration if other of theirs is not being met.

The most important things is relationship for any individual in an organization is the relationship with one time immediate manager.

Involve individuals in decision - making in their areas of responsibility. Involve high perfumers in cross - functional projects.






PERFORMANCE - this is the best part of the after totally refurbishing our store last year we decided to take the advised from partners for growth. We needed to replant and restock all our shrives and the pangrams were especially useful. In the toiletries section we have found a 15% increase in sales and very pleased with the result.

PASS IT ON - Indentify high performance individuals who display characteristics favoured by the organization. use this pool of talent to help transition new employment into the organization. This will speed up acculurization and ensure the entrenching of desired ways of operating.

Reference - KEVIN CROOK


Solar industries as a virtual organisation should follow resource based workforce planning as it takes into account the feathers that features the firm should processed with in order to increase their economic rent and also for the benefit of the company. it helps the firm to realize the needs of the employee by undertakings the need of organizations. It helps in reducing our time by concentrating more on quality and not on quantity. Helps motivating employees who in turns help the employees to achieve their individual goals and also the goals of the organization, as in order for the organisation to prosper it has to have the best people within it is field of expertise, as the higher the level of performance the more profits the organisation can generate.

1] There (hr policies and practices directed at the management of cadres of international employees) and global HRM (the development of more globalised people management processes at all levels of the organisations in the context of competing demands for optimisation and localisation).

2] More there is an opportunity for this company to broaden their skills worldwide.