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The leader is inspiration and director of the action. He / She is a person in the group that possesses the combination of personality and skill that makes others want to follow his or her direction, you may be seen as a leader because you got this position but you can only become an effective leader if you have the right leadership skills.

In business Leadership is welded to performance. Effective leaders are those who increase their company's bottom line.

A Leader deals with two things. Firstly the job or the task at hand and secondly the group of people performing the job. It is the responsibility of the leader that how he / she divide work into group or how to use people to complete a job. Some people believe that leadership skills are God gifted and if you are born with those then you can become a leader otherwise not. According to my point of view, everyone has a brain and we can learn all these skills with some hard work.

Leadership skills:

The key objective of leadership is to achieve goals more efficiently with in given time frame by using limited resources. In an organization, leaders are responsible to manage group of people, divide tasks and analyze out put & performance of individuals or group. Planning, decision making, motivations & communications are the basic skills required by all leaders.

How to become a leader is not the big deal. Actual thing is how good your leadership skills are and how effectively you can manage your jobs and team. We will discuss here, what are the most common and key skills required by good leader or what skills we need to become effective leaders.

Good Listener:

It's not really too hard to be a good listener. You just need to follow some basic rules. When somebody talk to you, be alert and make sure you are not going to miss any single point and give them face expressions. Don't try to interrupt unless he finish. For the time being, forget your vision / thoughts about that person otherwise you can't concentrate. Make the points or find key words to remember what that person is saying to you.


Planning is another key area need to develop. How to achieve the targets with in given period of time and limited available resources. Planning needs detailed data and information about the goals. Otherwise you would not be able to make a good valuable decision. Understanding with the company's policies and the procedures is also important to make a plan. Keep your plan simple, clear and foolproof and make sure everybody understand the logic with ease. To make a proper plan, you need to process data efficiently, define priorities, and make changeable / flexible plan if there is any change in requirement with the passage of time.


Team motivation is another important tool to get maximum output from your each team member. There verity of ways or techniques are available, how to motivate. You can give them incentives like bonuses, promotions for their outstanding work. If someone doing very well, then announce their name in public and give them full credit. Assign them new challenges, so they can improve their thinking power and let them think dynamically. Encouragement is must to motivate them. Get their suggestions and reviews about working environment and particular tasks and do appreciate to win their confidence. If they feeling comfort to work with you then they will try to give maximum result.


Good leaders must have a strong communication skill. Effective communication is required to understand the given task and collect the information related to job to make efficient task plan. Fine communication skill also needed to communicate with top management and stakeholders to inform them about current status of given job. Your team can't generate required output if they are not clear about the job. Good communication skill helps you to convey your message to your team.


It is not possible to perform every task by yourself. As a leader you need to spend more time on planning (task management and team management) and supervision. Sometimes, leaders fail to divide job into team members due to lake of confidence. They assumed that his team is not able to produce required quality output. You need to divide tasks into your team and communicate with them how to do this. If they are not doing as per requirement then need to tell them the technique to do that particular task. You can handle big responsibilities or not can be asses by analyzing your delegating skills.


Empowerment is closely related to the delegation. Make your group or team members responsible and liable for the assigned tasks. In other words, transfer full responsibility and power to team members related to the particular task and they will be responsible for every action. It will help them to improve their creativity skills and how to handle the jobs. It will also help to boost their self confidence and their performance will be improved. Good leaders always try to shift the responsibility of a task or process from supervisor to a team.


If someone fails to do their job, they may react abnormally. How to handle the situation like this is an art. When you find something going in wrong way then try to discuss with relevant person as soon as possible. Discuss issue in private place where nobody can see or listen to you. Do not insult that person or embarrass. It is better, to listen what he / she is saying with out any interruption and tries to find out / understand the reality. Try to control your feeling and make sure he is committed to do better next time.

(Pardey, 2006, P.61)

Task 1 (Part B)

Professional and Personal skills:

We will see in this section, what are the required professional & personal skills to meet your personal and organisational goals. And how these skills can be help to boost your career?

Professional Skills:

Communication Skills:

Communication is the most significant area to improve. You can not accurately express your feeling or present your ideas in front of your colleagues and top management if you lack this skill. Lack of confidence and communication is the biggest hurdle in the way of career promotion. My first language is not English that is why I desperately need to improve my communication skill to get better position in my company such as team leader.

Effective communication skill will also improve the efficiency of the task to be performed thereby fulfilling the organisational objective of finishing tasks accurately and on time. Effective communication will also help one the manage relationships better thereby contributing to maintain better harmony in the organisation. This, in turn, will fulfil both personal as well as organisational objectives.

(Ellis, 2009, P.9)

Computer Skill:

Nowadays, technology changes very quickly to make life easier. Organizations are adopting new technologies to improve and make their processes more efficient. Keep up-to-date yourself and try to learn new things in computer related to your job. If you have Microsoft office 2000 skills in today's Microsoft office 2007 world, it means that your career is standstill.

Word processing, spread sheet modelling, graphics presentation and database management is the basic need of my job. Like other organizations, our company is also using database to store key data such as employee's profile, payrolls, products information, and so on. To make my position stronger and secure in organization, I have to improve my computer related skills.

Problem Solving

Problem identification, finds the actual reason behind the problem, and solution making is another valuable skill for professionals. There are so many ways to gather good information about the problems from dry facts such as cause and effect diagrams. Problem solving skill is required since we have to make decisions. I want to improve my problem solving skill to help my company to solve their business challenges.

Personal Skills:

Time Management:

Personal time management means how to utilize your time effectively. How to manage time for your work and family? There are different ways to improve this skill such as priorities your work. Make groups like urgent tasks, non urgent tasks, important, and non important work. I just realized that I am wasting my time too much in non important activities. I think, need to find out those time waster elements such as watching too much movies, gossip with friends or spend lot of time social network sites like face-book.

(Stewart, 1998, P.13)

Stress Management:

Work overload and time are core causes for stress. If you are not able to handle big jobs or don't know how to handle pressure situations, you can't get any success in your career. Stress could affect both career and health. It is very important to reduce your stress as quickly as you can. Firstly, you need to highlight the key reason of stress then start planning what are the ways available to reduce stress. And also need to manage our time properly according to the given tasks.

In any work environment there is bound to be pressure at certain points in time. A small amount of stress is sometimes even beneficial. However, being able to manage or cope with larger levels of stress is extremely important in terms of contributing to the organisational goals of efficiency and productivity. Further, as individuals we all wish to maintain a proper work life balance. But the inability to manage surmounting stress can lead to a breakdown in either personal or professional life thus failing to meet the objectives of one or the other.

(Crandall, 2006, P.263)

Decision Making:

Life and time management skills are based on quality decision making skills. I believe that everybody is decision maker. But question is, are we bad or good decision makers? It is an art that we can learn by some hard work, dedication, and exercise. Decision making skill is required when the alternative options are available. First of all, we need to get maximum information (objectives, cost, scope, output, and risks) then analyse which one is the better available option for you, your society, or your business and having low risk etc... Qualified people for decision-making are the demand of modern quality management systems with in the organizations.

(Priest and Gass, 2005, P.280)

Task 2

Undertake a personal skills audit, identifying preferred learning style, which focuses on the skills required for effective management and leadership:

Following is the average of the surveys which are conducted by my friends and colleagues. This is the average evaluation of my skills evaluated by myself, Mr Muhammad Ibrahim (Friend as well as colleague) and Mr Ali (Friend). They evaluated my skills and from their rating the following average evaluation table is extracted.

Avg. Evaluation:

Rating my Management Skills



Very Good


Needs improvement


Not tested
































IT skills



Decision making skills






Goal setting



Problem solving














Diplomatic and tactful





According to the average survey of self confidence I am quite good in the planning, IT skills and knowledge skills and I can use these skills on the batter way to attaining the desired goals.

I am also satisfactory in the supervision, listening, and presentation, decision making, problem solving and organised skills. And I am trying my best to achieving the goals utilizing these skills.

Bur I need improvement in various skills like diplomatic and tactful, goal setting, coaching, communicating, persuasive, and appreciable to gain the organizational goal and personal goals as well.

I am poor in many skills which are clever, assertive and coaching, I need to work hard while learning these skills, so that I can achieve my desired goals.

Self Confidence Analysis:

Situations that cause me to experience lack of confidence

Reasons I feel that way

What I can practically do to address these reasons

I do worry overly about the future

In business you must plan about your business standing in better place. (Because I have not researched fully into my business potential and do not have a well developed plan)

I must undertake research and plan about my and my business future by struggle and hard work

I am not excited at the prospect of meeting new people

Some time you asses people good and friendly but in real they aren't. (Because I have been let down by people; I have taken people at face value and discovered that they are not what they appeared to be)

I shall deal with every person in different and such way than can be helpful to understand him/her. I will be more cautious and not take people at face value. Because all the people are not the same

I am not in complete control of my emotions

"There is no room of sentiments in business"

There are no sentiments in business". But I tend to take business decisions based on my emotions as well.

I should control my feelings, and keep them away from my business. Because in business I have to earn profit not to share my sentiments/feelings.

I am troubled by rejection

I had applied for a contractual mobile service to O2 and Vodafone. They refused me due to some of their internal. I feel bad.

It is very difficult to express your views. Some time you plan and other don't understand your view and refuse. To overcome this situation I should explain every thing in simplest words that the other person can understand easily

Time Management:

Time management is doing right thing in right time. Assigning time into different number of tasks increases performance and efficiency. Especially time management is very important in this business. You must deliver good and services to the client according to given time. In the past I was not a good time manager but now I have improved this skill and now I manage my time and tasks in batter way.

I am living scheduled life. Before scheduling/ time management, I was not able to arrange time for gym. Then on day get a pen and paper to schedule my daily tasks. I assigned time to my daily tasks and got time for my gym. Now my health and my daily tasks are going smoothly.


Counselling is a way of helping others to improve their performance to achieve desired goals.

Task 3

Personal development plan:

"To develop, deliver and operate transportation facilities and service; valuing the cost effective, safe, and efficient movement of goods in a manner that protect and enhances all natural environments and quality of life, nothing is more than customer satisfaction"(5)


To be leading transport and Shipping Company not only of UK and Europe, but also of the world.we can deliver goods within UK and Europe. We make full package of transportation, custom duties, insurance and all other documentation


"we do at your desire. If you already quoted, we are ready to compete"

To establish sub offices in all the cities of UK, and expand the business to the cities of Europe. Hire highly qualified and responsible staff (including solicitors for legal matters) to achieve goals; Compete the markets of UK and EUROPE within three years by exploring a shipping business. Provide secure, fast and confidential services to the customers, complete the documentation on top priority, showing full and complete access to control on the markets and all relating matters, provide all possible solutions to the customer, Always give worth to the interest of customer. Deliver goods in time with proper care.


Starting Business of just transportation of goods by keeping in touch with our regular and valued customers offering cheapest fares and quickest delivery by defining shortest routs and using fastest means of transportation i.e. Serviced vehicles used for transportation of goods, which don't have any bad impact on atmosphere. Allocation of 10% of profit for the exploration of new markets and taking advantage of location having few competitors also take part in atmosphere friendly activities organizing workshops and seminars to motivate people in planting. Managing and operating all the business activities from head office in London.

Finally Hiring staff of about 30 people and acquire 25 delivery vans and 10 long vehicles for the effi`ciency and expansion of business which will cost $2.5 millions. Maximize the profit by utilizing all the available resources. Construction of vehicle stand bit away from city for the comfort of people.

Skills required:

Communication skill:

I must need good communication skills to communicate my employees and my clients as well to achieve my desired goals. Although according to survey my communication is not up to level required so I need to improve my communication skills


The most important skill to obtain goals is batter planning. But while making plan you must be realistic and you must have worked on every aspect of your tasks. Considering the leadership survey I am very good in planning which is plus point for achievements of my goals.

Time Management:

Time management is doing right thing in right time. Assigning time into different number of tasks increases performance and efficiency. Especially time management is very important in this business. You must deliver good and services to the client according to given time. In the past I was not a good time manager but now I have improved this skill and now I manage my time and tasks in batter way.


Yours planning and all others skills may be wasted if you have not supervision skill. You must be careful while making a plan but you must have supervise your business either it is going in the right way or not. Your planning was effective or you need to make some changes in it. And according to survey I have satisfactory rating in the supervision


I have also satisfactory rating according to the survey. I need to do just a little effort to be very good in this skill. Through this skill I can encourage and motivate and persuade other my team members to utilize their best skills to the organization to meet the proposed objectives.

IT Skills:

I am quite good in the IT skills. And it skill is very compulsory in this age because this is the age of computer and the whole information is just on your finger tips. To you can communicate very quickly through this skill and you can also find out each and every information and market behaviour towards your business.

Decision making skills:

While running a whole entrepreneur one should have ability to make quick decision and I have satisfied decision making skills. You can also consider your past experience, trend of market while taking decision.

Problem solving:

A good manager must have problems solving techniques. He must have the ability to solve any problem arising at any time. He should me aware of all the obstacles coming into the way to the accomplishment of goals.

The leadership skills table shows that my problem solving skill need to improved. I have to improve it using my knowledge and experience.


A good leader must have the skill of assertiveness. He must know the tasks being performed by him and his team. He should be aware of performance and outcomes.

The appendix shows that my Assertive skill is poor and need to be improved.


A good team leader / manager must have enough knowledge of the achievement of the goals. The table above shoes that my knowledge is good and I have the ability to achieve goals using my knowledge.


Predicting future business standing on the basis of past experiences is calls business forecasting. A good manager must have the ability of forecasting. He must judge that what will happen in near and far in the future. I am quite well in business forecasting.

Where is your Personal Development Plan? Please use the table that I have provided at the end of the Assessment to make a Personal Development Plan. Look at the skills that you have said that you need and select a few that you can develop in the short term. Put those in the first column and make realistic plan about how and by when you can achieve it by filling the rest of the columns.

Task 4

Evaluate and review the effectiveness and impact of your learning:

Learning styles:

My most preferred style according the questionnaire survey that I carried out is that of Activist. However, I also use other styles to some extent under different situations. I have presented below an analysis of which style is my predominant style and how I can also learn using other styles.

AN ACTIVIST: (doing)

Activist is a person who learns through putting himself into experience. This learning style is best because I interact with new things to gain knowledge and experience. The knowledge I can gain through this style can never be wiped out from my memory/mind. This is my most prominent style of learning. I can learn things easily and quickly through this learning style. Infect I prefer 90% this style of learning.

Converging: (doing and thinking - AC/AE)

This learning style is better than other learning styles. In this style I learn through interaction and conclude on my findings i.e. Experiments. In this style I am performer and learner at the same time. I can make better decisions on my findings which are concentrated from my practical experiences. This is my second prior learning style.

Accommodating: (doing and feeling - CE/AE

In this learning style I first of all analysis the people's views and than practice them personally to find out the real answer to solve problem. In this learning style I put targets to achieve and actively work on them personally to achieve them. I prefer to adopt this learning style when I face hard and complex project to conclude.

A PRAGMATIST: (Planning)

A pragmatist is a person who likes to find out solution to the answer or problem through practical experience. This is good learning style, through this style I can learn things by experiencing problems and solve them in a limited time scale. In this style I can make better and quick decisions.

Personal Development Plan:

Name: Mr. Hanif Date:

Your plan should identify the learning need and how this will help the organisation achieve its goals. You need to consider all the resources needed to help you achieve your objectives, and build in realistic timescales for both achievement and review.

Learning and Development Need

How does this support the organization's goals

Learning actions to be taken including resources needed to achieve them


for achievement/review


If I start appreciate the work done by my sub ordinates than they will feel good and try to work more efficiently. This is just like high energy booster.

Every time I have to appreciate my sub-ordinates on their excellent work. And I have to encourage them for that and by practicing this I will be perfect in this skill

December 21st,2009


English is my third language. It is used widely all around the world as a medium of communication. I am lacking in it and to improve my communicational skills I need to improve my English language.

To improve my English language I need to take English language classes and should read newspaper, novels and digests ie Sydney Sheldon, Readers Digest etc.

December 21st,2009

Goal setting

Organisation is combination of different sources that are used to achieve goals. Achieving goals is the main objective or lifeblood of an organization.

To improve my goal setting skill I need to understand the organisation's objectives first, and then I have to evaluate different tasks that lead towards organisational goal.

December 21st,2009

Diplomatic and tactful

Being diplomatic and tactful I can achieve the organizational goals and can resolve big matters of the organization. Any dispute among employees and customer.

I have to analyse the issues and disputes arises in the organization thoroughly and try to find out the best solution of these issues and always practicing this I may perfect in this skill

December 21st,2009