Selection and recruitment Process in Organizations

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Human resource is one of the most significant things the company be supposed to have to be able to accomplish growth. HRM will help the company in selecting the best potential applicants that might help in attain its goals. The main goal of study of HRM Process will help in the recruitment and selection process for best employee of the company.

Recruitment is a function that involve business perspective, expertise, ability to find and match the best potential candidate for the company, diplomacy, marketing skills (as to sell the position to the candidate) and wisdom to align the recruitment processes for the benefit of the company. The HR professionals - handling the recruitment function of the company- are constantly facing new challenges in Recruitment. The biggest HR challenge in Recruitment for such professionals is to source or recruit the best people or potential candidate for the company.

The Company selected for research is IBM.

IBM today introduced business intelligence and planning software product for the mid-market that it described as low-cost and able to be deployed in a few hours.

International Business Machines Corporation reduced IBM and designates "Big Blue", is a international computer technology and IT discuss with business headquartered in Armonk, New York, United States. The corporation is one of the little information technology corporation with a permanent history date reverse to the 19th century. IBM manufactures and sells computer hardware and software, and proposes infrastructure services, hosting services, and consulting services in areas ranging as of mainframe computers to nanotechnology.

"IBM has to be well known throughout the majority of its recent history as one of the world's largest computer companies and systems integrators. With over 388,000 employees worldwide, IBM is one of the largest and the majority of profitable information technology employers in the world. support Technology Company and has 8 research laboratories worldwide. The company has consultants, engineers, scientists, and sales professionals over 170 countries. IBM employees have made Five Nobel Prizes, four Turing Awards, five National Medals of Technology, and five National Medals of Science." [IBM/services]


The Main Objective of the current research on requirements and selection process in a company. And some recommendable research through which are required in selecting the worth able candidate for the company.

Sub topics:

1. How to advance the recruitment process of the company by utilizing HRM.

2. To analyze the efficiency of the existing recruitment process of the company.

3. To know the reimbursement of utilizing HRM in recruitment process.


"Recruitment is the process of penetrating for potential employees and motivating to apply for jobs in the company."

In the past, the job market has undergone some primary modification in requisites of technologies, foundation of recruitment, struggle in the market etc. In an already soaked job market, wherever the practice like poach and raiding are gaining forces.

HR professionals are constantly facing new challenges in one of their majority of significant function- recruitment. They have to face and overcome a variety of deal to find the most excellent candidates for their organizations.

The major challenges faced by the HR in recruitment are:

Adaptability to globalization - The HR professionals are expected and involved to keep in tune with the changing times. HR be supposed to sustain the appropriateness of the process.

Lack of motivation - In this the recruitment is measured to be a difficult job. Even if the corporation is attain outcomes, HR sector or professionals are not express thanks for employing the right employees and performer.

Process analysis - The immediacy and speed of the recruitment process are the most significant concerns of the HR in recruitment. The recruitment procedure be supposed to also be cost effectual.

Strategic prioritization - The up-and-coming novel systems are in cooperation an opportunity in addition to a dispute for the HR professionals.

The recruitment and selection is the chief function of the HR department and recruitment process is the initial step towards generate the competitive strength and the recruitment strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to assemble and conducting the interviews and involves a lot of resources and time. A general recruitment process is as follows:

Identify vacancy

Prepare job explanation and person requirement

Advertising the vacancy

Managing the response


Arrange interviews

Conducting interview and decision making

Identifying the vacancy:

The recruitment process begins with the human resource department receiving requisitions for recruitment from any department of the company. These contain:

Posts to be filled

Number of persons

Duties to be performed

Qualifications involved

Preparing the job description and person specification.

Locating and developing the sources of involved number and type of employees (Advertising etc).

Short-listing and identifying the prospective employee with involved characteristics.

organize the interviews among the selected candidates.

Conducting the interview and decision making

The recruitment process is instantly followed by the selection process. Recruitment is the process to discover the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing the sources of manpower to meet the requirements of the staffing schedule and employ effective measures for attracting the manpower in adequate numbers to facilitate effective selection of an effective working force. Recruitment is the process of decision and attracts capable applicants for employment. The consequence is a pool of applicants from which new employees are selected.

Recruitment Process::

Manpower Resource Planning Considering Job-Analysis Feedback

Specification of Job Requirements & Identification of Vacancies

Developing Employee Profile and Selection of Recruitment Method & sources


Once the potential applicants are identified, the next step is to evaluate their

qualification, qualities, experiences, capabilities, etc..&make the selection. It is the process of offering jobs to the desired applicants.[1,2]

Selection means choosing a few from those who apply, It is picking up of applicants or candidates with requisite qualifications and qualities to fill jobs in the company.

Selection Process:

first screening interview

Application blank or application form

Written examination & other selection tests

Comprehensive interview

Medical examination

Checking the references

Final employment decision and Placement

Quality Recruitment at IBM:

IBM HR is specializing in recruiting top performers and Experienced in handling a wide variety of assignments. We offer a range of outcomes driven, total Quality recruitment services, tailored to company specific requirements. Utilizing our top performer selection process we identify top quartile performers who will deliver the outcomes you seek, Increase the capability of company business, stay with you and fit with company team and culture.

The Main process followed by IBM in Recruitment for company vacancy:

Permanent Recruitment: IBM max recruit the best candidates those are possible for permanent positions across the entire sectors.

Contract/Temporary Recruitment: Supplying temporary workers on payroll for long or short term contracts, enabling company business the flexibility to source staff as and when involved.

International Recruitment: is to find specialist professional, trades and general workers from diagonally the globe for stable, temporary and contract positions.

HR Solutions: Full Vendor Management, Project Management & Outsourcing utilizing a team of highly skilled HR professionals.

Office Specialists: IBM is having a database of office professionals, for short and long term contracts covering reception and specialist admin and accounts positions ensuring company business can react to change rapidly when people leave, are absent or to deal with heavy workloads.

IBM HR produces a wide variety of human resource services focusing on the two the majority of significant aspects of business: People and Processes. Human resource management practices are thought to progress staff morale and to form an essential element in successful business performance. Our Consultancy involves the provision of information, advice or support to an company with a essential. We produce in-house custom HR services for companies who want to outsource their functions. We produce human resource services including HR outsourcing, performance management, organizational development and procedure development etc. Our most significant concept is dedicated to helping employers manage every aspect of creating there best team.

With our strategic procedure consulting, they support work in personnel department. They assist the human resources department turn out to be a valuable instrument of business management. IBM creates idea for human resources topic to achieve business goal and assist in sensible completion. IBM also assemble additional services such as following:

CV / Candidate Verification

Payroll Processing

HR Support Facilities like Yoga and Personal Counseling

Employee Exit Interview

The selection Process at IBM follows as:

The Main Objective of a selection procedure is to determine whether an applicant meets the qualification for a specific job, and then to choose the applicant who is most likely to perform well in that job.

The entire process of selection starts with a preliminary screening interview and concludes with an ultimate employment decision. When a selection policy is formulated, managerial requirement similar to technical and professional dimensions are kept in mind.

Employees work agenda vary from full time to part time to job shares. All work schedules have one thing in common; the employee is doing work involved by an employer. Today's employers understand that flexibility is what employees involve in their work schedules. You'll lose company best employees to an employer who understands that flexibility in work such…

Background Checks:

Background checks are a critical component in hiring. In fact, for the majority businesses, one bad hire can make the difference between success and failure. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 30% of small business failure is caused by employee theft. Successful background checks alleviate company risk of appoint objectionable, or even dangerous, employees.

Free Email Class: Recruit and Hire the Best:

Recruiting the best employees for company company is an ongoing challenge.

Ways to Get Great Candidates

Develop a pre-qualified candidate pool before them essential to fill a job. You can develop relationships with potential candidates long before you essential them.

Job Interview Match Dance

Job interview is to discover whether company talents, abilities, interests and direction are a good fit for the job, the company, and the company's mission. Learn more about the match that needs to occur during a job interview for a subsequently successful employment relationship.[1,2]

Recruiting Activities:

Hiring decisions that result in "bad" hires sap company company's time, training resources, and psychic energy. These are the top hiring mistakes to avoid during company recruiting and hiring process.

Utilize the Web for Recruiting: Recruit Online

The majority of job sites allow you to reject resumes with unwanted keywords and locations. Managerial recruiting is occurrence now in online. Utilize the power of the web to recruit online.

Utilize Company Team for Recruitment: A Retention Strategy

How would you like to increase company candidate selection pool, add value to interviews, heighten employee loyalty, build supportive peer relationships, and progress retention rates simultaneously? By put into practice a team recruitment strategy, you can achieve this.[1,2]

Best Practices in Interviewing

You want to interview potential staff and effectively select the people who best fit company company's needs. For gaining this, company interview process, interview questions, and interview connections have to be legal, ethical, and not offer guarantee that potential staff can understand as promises.

Interviewing Styles: Tips for Interview Approaches

Interviewing is often just as stressful for the interviewer as it is for the job seeker. Knowing the dissimilar kinds of interviews, and why and when they are winning, can help create interviews more contented for both parties.

Recruiting and Staffing Success Tips - Utilize a Point Person for Salary Negotiations

A salary negotiation window exists from the time you offer a job to a candidate until company candidate accepts the job. The outcomes of this negotiation leave a candidate feeling wanted or devalued. The outcomes of this negotiation leave the employer excited to welcome the candidate or feeling as if he lost. A positive employer and a positive employee are the result of a successful salary negotiation.[2]

Post Jobs Inexpensively - Get Job Posting Outcomes

You can post jobs online and get the attention of hundreds of potential job candidates. Post jobs online inexpensively and reap the value that online job posting can produce. Post jobs online easily and get outcomes as the online applications roll in. [4]

Reference Checking:

Reference checking is frequently consigned to Human Resources in organizations. He or she has the majority of to lose if the needed skills and cultural fit don't work out. Managers own reference checking.[2]

Deadly Mistakes Job Searchers Make:

Sometimes the simplest mistakes make all the difference in the potential joining together of an employer and a job searcher.

How to Retain Company Best Employees

Retention will be a challenge, according to a recent study. Retention involves a competitive salary and great benefits. However, retention of company best involves a whole lot more. Employee involvement, recognition, advancement, development and pay based on performance just get you started in company quest to retain company best.[1]

Initial Phone Screening: Telephone Interview

The telephone interview or candidate screen allows the employer to determine if the candidate's qualifications, experience, workplace preferences and salary needs are congruent with the position and company. The telephone interview put aside decision-making time and do away with unlikely candidates.

Job Candidate Evaluation Form

You want samples and examples, so, this featured tool is a Job Candidate Evaluation Form. Useful for comparing candidates, it also offer company interviewers information about the skills they essential to assess in each candidate.

Internal Job Application for Career Opportunities

This form will offer you a head start as you develop company internal job application and career opportunities process for current employees. Take a look and feel free to utilize or modify the form to meet company company's needs.

How to Reduce the Cost of Advertising: Ad Adventures

It's expensive to advertise available positions in newspaper and classifieds. You can considerably decrease the cost of online promotion and classified promotion with a bit of attempt and rewrite. The cost investments is absolutely value company time.

Successful Retention

Others like to accomplish goals and feel as if they are contributing to something larger than themselves, something significant. Whatever company personal reasons for working, the bottom line, however, are that almost everyone works for money. Find out the latest thinking and research about what people want from their work.[3]

For recruitment and staffing, the job description is a communication tool significant for Company's success. A poorly-written job explanation makes workplace puzzlement, hurts communication, and makes people experience as if they don't know what is predictable from them. Read words of wisdom and warning for company recruiting and staffing process and employee retention, about job descriptions.

Recruiting and Retention Special

Finding the best possible people who can fit within company culture and contribute within company is a challenge and an opportunity. "Keeping the majority of excellent people, after HR find them; it is simple if the right things are done in right time."[1,2]

Utilizing Humor in Employee Retention

As more organizations reengineer, merge, downsize, and even capsize, employees confront uncertainty daily. The rules keep changing and since the majority of have little control over the rules, the result is often a sense of powerlessness. This explains into improved stress, reduced wellness, discouragement, absence, and minor productivity.[2]

Free Agents on the Rise

A current trend in HR is the rise in the number of people who are free agents such as consultants, telecommuters, and temporary help.

Help for Firing Right

The Help for Firing Right termination process offers twelve steps for the manager to follow. A checklist for an employee exit interview is also available as is information about final paychecks, ending benefits, and more.[1]

Interview Advantages/Disadvantages

The article provides the advantages and disadvantages of interviewing as an employee selection technique. Interviewing is such a common method utilized that the disadvantages and potential pitfalls are the majority of interesting. [1]


When recruiting, selecting, staffing and hiring, pick the smartest person you can find. Retention of company best employees starts with company recruiting, staffing and hiring strategies, policies and procedures. "Recruiting, testing, selection and staffing are the focus of these resources."

Enable reform of regulation through simplification, which increases job mobility

Provide regulatory proposals that allow business to grow and operate in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Promote & support knowledge based economy - right skills in the right place at the right time,

Draw on technological skills rather than low wages - encourage private investment in R&D and skills development,

Avoid barriers to businesses embracing a global enterprise model that allows deployment of skills and other assets globally and in the most competitive way

Ptomote mobility and flexibility of workforce,

Pre-employment Questions during Recruitment:

Click on Unacceptable and Acceptable Areas of Pre-employment Inquiries to access a useful summary of questions that you can legally asked job seekers in company recruiting process.

Succession Planning:

Progression or succession planning best practices consists of selecting the main leadership criterion believed essential, screening candidates cautiously to focus possessions on potential leaders, and providing opportunities for development.[2]

Succession Planning Best Practices:

Best Practices research succession planning and found some commonalities in the approaches of successful succession planning processes. The first is to select the main leadership criterion.

HR Staffing Tool: Ask Right to Hire Right:

Looking for a simple, yet effective way to instantly progress company recruiting and staffing process? Define the characteristics you'd the majority of like to have in a new employee.

Tests and Assessments: Can You Afford Not to Utilize Them?

Companies engaging the best person with the majority of significant "fit" within the company's culture are additional and more turning to testing instrument and processes. Don't engage the wrong person who will dissatisfy you and cost you to rebuild the recruitment process.

Video Resumes:

The buzz is mounting and video resumes are the next "cool" thing to do. Indeed, the discussion has previously moved from whether to formulate a video resume to how to make a specialized video resume to progress job applications. Consequently, employers will be considering video resumes - whether you need them or not?. [1]

The Difference between Recruitment & selection is:

Recruitment is the process of searching for prospective and it helps to create a pool of applicants from which certain involved number is selected.

Selection is the process of choosing the majority of suitable candidates from those who apply for the job. It is a process of offering jobs to desired candidates. [4].


The conclusion of this report is Human Resources Management (HRM) is appropriate for every company to have a development of their enrollment process. A deep study of the job explanation and the behavior of the potential employee are being done utilizing HRM. By doing this process, companies will have a better choice of the best workforce that can contribute to the company's growth. Utilizing HRM in the recruitment process is too cost effective. HRM Process can reduce errors in employing incompetent individuals, thus, saving money for the company.