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Tesco is biggest name in the market at United Kingdom. Lots of store available in UK and around the world. Various stores at Tesco as like Tesco, Tesco express, Tesco regular etc. So i can say that Tesco is the leader in the market. As per my opinion 50% of selling at Tesco in the market one side Tesco and other side all the store. So I chose Tesco metro who located in Luton and it is rural area. There is also lots of another store. Total 100 employee work in this store. So different competition with this store. So it is sufficient for HRPD assessment. Tesco provide healthy and wealthy food to its customer and it also maintains quality. In last year's Tesco awarded best quality food. And also provide cheap cost. I want to do job in Tesco after finish my study. Because i am interested in retail sector. So we i chose Tesco. Tesco believe in good service to its customer. This aim they maintain proper in the store. In my chosen store is the employee work as a team work and try to punctuate all the rules and regulation. And must also try to keep care its employee. And also provide necessary training team. Tesco recruit person both way outside and inside from the store so as manager it is my duty to select sufficient candidate for proper job.

Introduction Task-1 PM &HRM

PM &HRM is burning issue in modern time what is the different between it, and which one is best source theory says that PM is the best as per my opinion HRM is the best because if you have occur any problem you can try to solve it throw man power because manpower is most important for any org. How human resources work and what output they give to the org. Without HR any org. doesn't get success Pm is old concept with a practical way and i can also say that PM is base of HRM.

PM is connected with mgt. And employees relationship its two way process. How to organize, monitoring the org. Goals PM used there. If proper relation with employees &employers then PM is successful. So is chain for employees and employers maintain both in the org. In Tesco no more usual PM because it is old concept and we live in modern world. We should proper concentrate on HR. So PM is not more useful for us.


HRM is managerial function of management. We use HRM in many ways like how to motivate people, performance appraisal, and teambuilding ,stress management, to create healthy work environment, how to higher use, and maintain man power in org. This is the main functions of HRM so i can say HR is blood of the org. Any organisation can be healthy with proper use of money, management, man power highly motivated man power can work with higher productivity and maximum output so main function of HR is motivate the people so company can get maximum reword of its paid money. In short we can say the main function of HR is planning directing originating recruitment. They production the side they concerted raw material into finish goods. Tesco is also believed in this theory. They proper care of its employee and maintain them for future.

Different Between PM & HRM

PM is piecemeal.

PM is separate and managerial tools.

PM is personal procedures.

PM is proceeds at HRM.

PM is slow process.

PM start after HRM.

PM is management and labour.

PM is division at labour.

PM is a job evolution process.

PM theory case subject.

HRM is integrated.

HRM is integrated and key task of human.

HRM is wide ranging, culture, structure and personal strategies.

HRM is the latest in the evolution of subject.

HRM is fast then PM.

HRM start before PM.

HRM is must at customer.

HRM is team work.

HRM is performance related process.

HRM is practical subject.

So all the discussion focus a separated subject. I can say that HRM is stronger then PM. And also used in practice. In modern world employee know about right. So they tried to achieve maximum. PM is based on HRM. So it is not more usually as like HRM. If you procure care of human resources that means you secure your future. In Tesco management try to care at human resources. Because HR is one type secure investment. Man is most important than all other features and human is also social animal. So suggest management at Tesco to proper focus on HR.



Recruitment is basic step to find the employs in organisation it is very tough to find because various candidates available for lost of skill. You have to choose right type at candidate as a manager in Tesco it is my basic duty to provide best candidate for store. For the purpose at this i choose specific process.

Recruitment is process to find the employee for various jobs and simulated them for the job in our store. Recruitment is the process to higher proper employees at right place, at right time.

In any chosen store we saw various tasks for new candidate, as like they able for work or not time punctuality, behaviour, English knowledge, professional attitude, habit, nature, background, experience, education qualification etc. And we also make some rules and regulation for new candidate you have to seen small things proper rally because you are directly reflected with people. So behaviour of employee is most important for your store. Our organisation growth is depends upon our employees. Our store was recruited see post due to vacancies. We give advertisement in newspaper and also online job vacancies. So all above discussion for recruitment. I can say that it is very important for us to recruit right candidate for this we follow certain process for recruitment.

Process of Recruitment


Management is interested to take internal employee, employee who already works in our store. We transfer them for one job to another job or one store to another store. It is like interchanging and we also give them promotion and move them your level to upper level because they know culture and work environment at our store. So it is emesis for us. And we also recruit employee who work as temporary to keep them permanent job. If any employee who who has retired we give them some in our store. Some employee who working since long time we give them special job and also other responsibility on his or her solder and recruit them. If any employee who is disables but more skill them other we recruit them for separate job. Imnter challenging is our main policy.


External means candidate who came from outside, not work in our store. We used method to recruit external employees.

>Direct Method

Under this method we move to some sources we contact professional institute and find candidate because we find better knowledge candidate than other and also recruit from seminars.

>Indirect Method

In this method we give advertisement in newspaper and TV and radio. And also in sourball and magazine. Online recruitment is our big sorceress and also recruit some candidate from job centre

(3)Third Part Method

Under this method third party we used for recruitment there are

Employment Agencies.

Professional Association.

Consulting Firms.

Friends and Relatives.

(4)Miscellaneous Method

Under this method we may include

walk In

Talk In

Write In

Data Bank

Business alliances

Tele Recruitment

Our internal and external sources. We recruit person in our store for various job and also seen them resume work experience, skill ability etc. And then we select candidate for various type of job.


Selection is very tough process because you have lots of candidate. And you have to choose right candidate for right job. After recruit the candidate we select them for job. For the purpose of these we used specific process for selection.

(1)Invite Candidate:-

We invite candidate for interview who apply for job in our store. We send them letter or email and telephone them about interview day, date & time.


When candidate come for interview we ask them some question and also check ability, behaviour, knowledge, skill, appearance, we take 20miutes interview of per candidate. We also ask them about Tesco store, experience, education, English etc.In online job we put some multiple question on our website and this way we take candidates interview.

(3)Employment Test:-

We aks candidate about work experience, genral knowledge past work his or her position, what is the reason for leave last job etc.