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LAMM (Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon). Weight is one of the most important factors for the carrying device. A rucksack is used on LAMM by the competitors, and Gore-tex is the material that it is made of. The product is called Contour Hike 25; it is a multi-functional day-trekking pack utilizing the legendary Lowe Alpine ‘Contour' shape to give total stability. (Thompson, 2006)


  • Tear-drop' shape keeps the load in your lower back, ensuring stability
  • Zip entry allows easy access
  • Elasticized front stash pocket with additional zippered pocket
  • Body-shaped harness
  • Sternum strap
  • 40mm web belt
  • Molded ventilated back
  • Easy-access front pockets
  • Mesh water bottle pockets
  • Reflective front logo
  • Hydration system compatible
  • Key clip
  • 25 litres
  • 0.72 kg

There are couples of features that can be criticized about this product such as the weight and its size. Also, it can be contaminated by mud as not the right material is used.


Type of ECD

The present product used on LAMM is a rucksack, which is the most ergonomically designed ECD as everyone uses a rucksack, however, there are different shapes that it could be changed into such as a hold-all, stuff-sac, bum-bag, leg-bag, or any other carrying device. I have decided to go for a rucksack, as that is proven to be the most ergonomic shape, so it perfectly suits the person, however, it is not going to be an ordinary rucksack. The rucksack will have an additional ‘bum-bag' attached to it, which will be for things like a mobile phone, a map, and other important things that need to be easily accessible.

The rucksack will have to carry the following items:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Waterproofs
  • GPS or Map
  • Mobile phone
  • Hat
  • Sun glasses
  • Sun cream
  • Anti-insect spray

Rucksack - sketches


The sketch below shows the picture of the rucksack with all the pockets on the outside. It is going to have a first pocket which will be slightly small, however, able to be filled with things such as food and an anti-insect spray. Above the first pocket, there will be a thermal pocket, which is going to act as an insulator. It will store a drink to keep it cold, for example, a can of REDBUL. When it is sun shining, the drink will still stay cold for a long period of time.

Above the thermal pocket, there will the second pocket, which will be approximately twice as higher in volume than the first pocket. This pocket will be used for storing a hat, and sun cream. The third pocket will the biggest one of all of them, and that will be used to store the waterproofs and other clothes as that will require most of the space.


There will be another pocket on the back, which will be purposely created for any papers such as maps, flyers, catalogues or magazines. The rucksack will have two straps which will hold it on one's back, and another strap across the chest, therefore it is going to act as a belt, which will hold it tight on one's body. Furthermore, a bum-bag will be a part of the rucksack. The bum-bag can be removed and wore without it. The bum-bag will be attached to the belt.


The bum bag is going to be a part of the rucksack, and it will be used to store frequently used things such as a GPS, wallet, mobile phone, and sun glasses. These necessities need to be easily accessible.

An additional drink and snack bar pockets will be attached to it, thus a person walking can have a snack, and a quick drink while walking and does not have to stop and have a break to reach the rucksack.

Rucksack - Material

The main characteristics of the material used are: Fully waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and relatively cheap. Waterproof/breathable is the main concern as water should not get into the rucksack under any circumstances. All breathable microporous membranes comprise an extremely thin man-made film whose physical structure contains microscopic pores that are large enough for water vapour (perspiration) to pass through but small enough not to let water droplets through. Thus the membrane is breathable, waterproof and windproof. Modern microporous membranes are usually laminated to a face fabric, and available in two and three layer versions.

There are four materials that are perfect to make the whole carrying device and all have different features:

  • MERKALON (THERMAL POCKET): Weight: 195g/m² Double brushed superior quality fabric with the highest thermal insulating power of any fibre. Light, hard wearing, quick drying. Ideal for intense cold weather sports e.g.: ski-ing, riding, walking and parascending. Useful for activity underwear and bag liners.

PRICE: £6.60 per metre

  • Featherweight Breathable NYLON: Weight: 70g/m² The newest lightweight breathable fabric. Machine washable using Thunderguard.

PRICE: £5.50 per metre

  • Three-Layer Membrane: Weight: 190g/m² Top quality hydrophilic fabric. It takes constant abrasion and is crease resistant. The membrane has no pores to become clogged and cannot become contaminated by mud, grease or detergent. (HEAVY)

PRICE: £11.30 per metre

  • Breathable Microfibre: Weight: 160g/m2 Medium weight hydrophilic PU coated polyester with Teflon on the face. Ideal for making high performance clothing. The latest in high performance fabrics.

PRICE: £11.50 per metre

The new featherweight breathable Nylon would be perfect material to use due to its lightness and price, however, the Three-Layer Membrane will be used as it is the top quality hydrophilic fabric, which makes it fully waterproof, and it cannot be contaminated by mud, grease or detergent, which is very important as there will be a lot of mud on LAMM when it rains. This material is twice as expensive and almost three times as heavier, however, it is a better quality fabric and has more functions as well as is more waterproof.

Three-Layer Membrane will be used for the rucksack and the bum-bag. The thermal pocket will be produced from a different material as it needs to be insulating heat; Merkalon is the perfect material as it has the highest insulating power of any fibre. Merkalon will also be used to make the drink and snack bar pocket. The snack bar will melt if it is chocolate and the drink would not stay cool.

The new design will have the following advantages over the current product:

  • Better material (quality)
  • More waterproof
  • The material has more functions
  • More user-friendly
  • Better Ergonomics


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