Roles of Importance of Operations Management

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Operation management is a group which intercommunicate with human recourses and if want to generate more sources to support the organization, it should help such department, finance, marketing, technical support and research and development, recovery and data transfer department. It gives more importance to business strategy, implementation and control, some understanding of advertising and knowledge is important for efficient operation management, well managed documentation and work flow helps to assistance in controls and identification of risk. It is an important part of business operations since it establish the heart of the organization by some controlling system of operations. It deals with organization's strategy, design, operation as well as controlling system that make and deliver a firm's initial products and services, such as financial and marketing.

Some management is connected with operation management such as human resources management which include to appoint the workers and then settle them in particular area according to their creativity and knowledge, and to give support them in their work, other is Asset management which include the knowledge of it's property, facilities, machinery and stock as well as about equipment, and last is cost management which is very important for any organization because it's related to all cost which are occurred in production, delivering and in service, most private sector are trying to reduce the cost by effective operation management.

Operation management is helpful to achieve organizational objectives by equity and effectiveness and managing efficiency in the meaning of how the resources are converted into output. It is also gives importance to risk focused control, mean while it's help to provide guidance and enforceability to minimize the risk, inventory control is essential for any organization which are manage under operation management, it is controlling and managing inventory by different method like innovative method which is very popular and effective for this purpose. It involves to provide particular work in different team so that they can utilize their skills and efficiency of each person and it also design particular distribution channel.


Particularly operation management is connected with every part of the organization's activities so that it plays important role to achieve organizations objectives and goals.



Strategic objectives define the key areas to be targeted to achieve long term goals as well as mission and vision are defined in measurable terms and are associated with management group. Every organization has its own mission and goals and for that they try to achieve. Because of their goals they are made their own policy and strategy, and each and every strategy have its own objectives. Objectives are made by board of director, CEO, as well as project manager and main manager.

The organization which is choose is donear pvt ltd which is garment company and it is producing jeans and trousers, it is popular in India and particular in Gujarat, which has some objectives like:

to achieve long term goals

to expand current business

to modernize the business

to refurnished the policy

to improve efficiency and productivity

To maintain image and reputation

To make good profit

To achieve long term goals: Every organizations have its own long term goals, actually this organization has only national level market but it wants to expand its business on international level.

To modernize the business: It tries to change its machinery and policy and work pattern as per the market condition and changes its machinery and equipment day by day so its objective is to modernize the machinery and equipment.

To make good profit: profit is the heart of any organization so its main objective is to increase the net profit, because reputation and goodwill is depending on its profit.

To make good working condition: It is very important part of the organization, because every organizations have to give more concentration on location and working condition, because workers and employees require good environment for working so my organization is try to improve the working condition.

To provide customer satisfaction: customer is god for business , so that all the organizations are try to provide good services as well as sale after service. If any organization is not able to provide good customer satisfaction then it can not sustain in the market.

To refurnished current policy and strategies: company's main heart is its policy because whole business is depending on the policy. If our policy is good and well furnished then our business can pick good advantages, so this organization's objective is to make strategy according to the current market condition.

To maintain image and reputation: organization's popularity is depending on its image and reputation. My organization is maintained its reputation and image by providing good service and customer satisfaction.

Smart goals for donear pvt limited:

S= Smart= defined clearly and well, clear to anyone that has a basic knowledge of the project.

M= Measurable= know if the goal is obtainable and how far away competition is

A= Agreed upon=agreement with all possible what the goal should be

R= Realistic= knowledge time and available recourses

T= Time based= time is enough for achieving the goals



Operations objectives are heart of the organization, every organization is made its own objectives according to requirement of particular task. Operation management is the main part of the operation function, it is important because it influence how operation manager can understand their customer and transfer their in needs of customer into performance objectives.


Donear pvt limited is one of the biggest company in textile industry in India with more than 100milllion of turnover and 1000 of workers. It has national level business but they have strategies to expand business on international market, It has monopoly in jeans industry because of its quality and quality is the first objective of this organization, its main objective regarding quality is that customers who purchase goods and services will have less to complain for goods, so it's a one type of revenue of company, it has different type of quality goods according to customer requirement. It has some quality control strategy which can help to maintain the level of the quality, it has skilled manpower and modern machineries which are helpful to maintain quality and cost, because cost is very important factor of the organization so it has some cost cutting strategy which is helpful to provide cheap and best product. so its main objective is to provide good quality goods at reasonable cost.


It has mix flexibility which allow to produce more variety of goods and to preserve some recognizable qualities in response to change, it can change according to market condition, It has some strategy for future market threats because it is flexible in manpower, machine and technology, its main business is in jeans but it has strategy to produce other product like shirts and trouser. it can Because it has man and machine power.


Its other objective is to provide goods on time so that they can save time so it tries to increase the chances of customers came back with more order, Donear pvt ltd has good reliability because of continuity of correct service and integrity because of it has absence of improper system alteration, as well as main ability in meaning of it has capacity to undergo repairs and modification, it shows its dependability.


Speed is the time between an internal and external customer requesting a goods or services and then getting it and it is concerned regarding how long the customer has to wait for their order. donear gives more importance in speed of response; it provides services fast as soon as possible.


After all the good strategy and operation management of donear they provides best customer services in account of customer satisfaction so when any people want to purchase jeans only one name is come that is donear.

TASK 2 (A)


A Business is a commercial organization and business process means that process which one is concerned with many activities in structured line for getting output or finish goods and reach to the customers. So many process are associated with the business process like management process which concerned with a operation of a system and operational process which is concerned with manufacturing and sales and marketing and supporting process which deal with the customers need and requirement and generating revenue.


I am talking about donear pvt ltd which is textile industry, so many resources are associated with a business, like financial recourses which is heart of the business, donear took 100millon loan from HSBC in 2000, as well as it raise the money by promoting shares. For daily activities it always keep 10 million pound in its account, on the other hand it has more than 50million of creditors and more than 40million of debtors. As well as it has well working capital for regulating business. It has more than 1000 of workers and also it recruits more than100 workers on each year according to requirement. It has good marketing strategy as well as good system and method for production and its distribution channel is in whole India. Theses are including in physical resources. It is very popular in India it's brand value is very good in local market as well as it has good reputation in current market and it has very high amount of goodwill, so these are some part of the intangible resources.

Generally the tools for supporting business are its strategy, management, operations and its also called physical or unphysical assistance by equipment and machinery as well as employer assistance, employee training, funding. Donear has its own strategies and plans, prepare for it and make the plan into action in business process. it also required a strong infrastructure of maintain all the activities which are going on in the business. In this organization machinery and equipment as well as business strategy are changed according to the market


Systems which are required to support business are production system which is concern with manufacturing of goods and services, some systems like:

Production system: mainly involves the procedure of the production

Maintenance system: mainly involve maintaining equipments and machinery as well as maintain current workers.

Monitoring system: to check teach and every department is running smoothly.

4. Marketing system: to promote sells by understand market and customer demand and use the different type of the marketing like door to door , advertising and promotion etc.

5: quality control system: to maintain the product's quality at cheaper rate and also improve the quality according to the current market with new machinery and strategies



It is the process of methodical examination of a quality system carried out by an external and internal quality auditor and by an audit team. All the sub parts of total system is included, policy of quality, training process, documentation, operating procedures. It's a essential part of any organization's quality management system on the other hand it is a key element of ISO quality system standard, ISO 9001, quality audits are generally performed at predefined time intervals and result of the institution has purely explained internal quality monitoring procedures connected to effective action.


Donear is an Indian textile company which makes pent and shirt. It has 20 branches in all over India. Its main product is jeans trouser; Its total turnover is around 100 million pound. Quality management system is very important part of this organization, it 's quality management has only two management system, internal and external which will be implemented to monitor and managed quality standards specified by the organization and process operated same in donear's management system is function with effective audits and reviews which need to be carried out systematically and periodically but meanwhile they are also conducted to ensure that, the systems got the required effects while the audits are carried out to confirm the actual methods are adhering to the documented procedures.

Donear pvt ltd's quality management system is instituted in every 12 months with the aim of:

= Improvement of the standard of product quality and customer satisfaction and relationship,

= To confirm that the system is successful to achieving the desired results.

= Revealing mismanagement or irregularities in the system.

= Checking the top, middle and lower level's management

= Verifying that improvements or corrective action is effective.

= To identify the necessary improvements as well as to reduce waste or loss.

Donear is a strong organization but it has strong competition from other brands so it is pressurized to improve business performance with quality system management. Statistical process control is the total quality management so they have advance strategy which explained to get good performance by the involvement of all employees in continuous improvement of their process; donear pvt ltd has their own criteria of:

= Leadership style

= Policy and strategy

= Partnership

= Capital, investment and resources

= Customer service and relationships

quality is a distinctive feature, donear is tries to maintain its quality, and provide product with good quality at cheaper rate, this one is its policy, according to this organization quality menace goods are clean, well designed and in good condition and well stored.


after all great quality system and good operation management, donear is a popular in Indian textile market, it has 50% market in jeans and trouser in Gujarat. People are crazy for this brand just because of its quality and rate.

Task 2(c)


Quality culture is normally part of quality in the overall system of company which leads to creating of delighted customers, a basic tool for implementation of a culture is changed midset at all part of management. process of quality culture is starts with manager who can know the importance of the system's view, quality culture explain in a organization where all workers and employers have knowledge of the value of quality and about its upgrading.

Body of quality culture:

My company is donear pvt ltd; it is Garment Company which mainly produces jeans. It has seven branches in India. It produce jeans and trousers, it gives more importance on quality because it has good market so it tries to improve the process of quality culture. A reputation of this organization is depend on service which provides, quality is a core value and giving good service has to be embedded in the statistical organization's culture, monitoring of staff is done by its duty and general manager for checking of their assessment work and inspecting them, so they can improve their work pattern. My organization set a training and development session so it will help for fresher and weak employees also take a help of this session so employees are keep in touch with the manager and organization can assess the particular's work ability. Process development of this organization is depend on quality control and continuous monitoring because if they are not monitoring their staff and work, then they can't know about exact profit or loss and they can't predict anything about their business.

For success, any organization has to change their current strategy according to market condition; they may require particular procedure and culture as well as manage events. My organization maintains the level of quality culture by its own step:

Developing culture: The culture which my organization takes to identify the difficulties of particular's person or group so that they can know how much interest is taken by particular employee, so they can solve the problem and efficiency of employees and they can increase the productivity. This way of monitoring is important for restructuring.

Plans as well as measures: it is helpful to reduce the problems and identify the needs of customer and reduce the problems of organization very fast, and then try to improve the situation of organization culture.

Improvement of the organization by effective quality culture process and different strategy.


Quality culture's main aim is to improve the awareness for development of internal quality culture in institution and promote the quality management's introduction for improving quality levels. So quality culture is essential part of any organization for its development and its improvement. So by this way my orgaganization maintain a quality culture.