The role of network marketing on international logistic companies

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Research Background-Multi level of the marketing has been the successful form of the marketing strategy and it does reflect the sales forces that has been compensated in multiple level of the compensation. Multilevel of the marketing has been the main concerning matter for these days. Incredible market has been the main reason for the growth of the internet technology that has been changing in the businesses of the corporations. From the collection of the data it has been seen that the findings of the e-logistics system is known as the main network for the value processes. There has been the effective thing in the market which has been the reason for the growth of the market in the businesses. For reaching all theses purposes there have been several research questions. There have been the facility of the in-depth interviews and also the facility of the collected data. On the other hand the availability factors and the economic factors do play an important role in the development of the companies these days. E-logistics are also defined as the big process for the implication and also for the interactions. For the E-logistics there need to have several processes that had been the main reason for the e-logistics integration. There have been the common alliance layer, adaptation layer and the dynamic data binding layer for the mechanisms. These types of the template can be made for the design template and also for the solution templates.

There have been several aspects of the network marketing. There have been several aspects of the network marketing. There are several concepts behind the network marketing theories and those are to whether the company has been well capitalized or not. Because a company needs to attract the entire solid infrastructure for the talented management. This will keep up the pace with the technology. The companies have some of the unique products for the services that have been unique. There have been genuinely need for the technologies. The distributors need to have the purchasing products in the not touched market. The company had the opportunity for being in the strong side and also there have been the strong products for the marketing of the companies. There have been several strategies in the network marketing. There have been lots of people those who are interested in the online information. The network marketing strategies have been good for earning some quick moneys. Social networking site have been the great place for the network marketing. Blogging has been the other strategies that are also important for developing strategies in the market. There have been effective strategies for the network marketing companies. There have been some of the certain opportunities for applying them in the business. The strategies and also the tactics of the network marketing have been effective for the rookies in the business. The network marketing has been the problem for the opportunities of the wealth creation.

Research Aims and Objectives- In my research topic of "The role of network marketing on international logistic companies' business development" I need to understand several aspects of the network marketing. For this topic I need to understand about the importance of Logistics companies. There have been several aspects into the strategies of the companies, so for these many aspects I need to have several key objectives and those are-

To review the main concepts of the network marketing.

To identify several aspects of the logistic companies.

To investigate the marketing development of the companies.

To evaluate a suitable planning for future development of the companies.

Research questions

For the development of network marketing of the logistics companies they need to have several strategies in the marketing. The company's need to have several developments in the network marketing strategies. Those companies are developing several aspects of the network marketing strategies.

What are the main aspects behind the network marketing concepts?

How can the logistic company's develop their markets?

Is there any issue related to the company's performance and future development?

How do the company's respond to the customers?

Literature Review

Relationship marketing has been defined as the main developing and also the relationship marketing for the customers. Above all there have been the interest from the side of the stakeholders as well (Berry 1983) There have been the motivation of the consumers that for the engaging of the relational exchanges for the perception that of the benefit of engaging in the relational exchanges. Morgan and Hunt(1994) did suggest that relationship benefits plays as the key antecedent for the relationship commitment for the characterizing of the consumers those who engages in the relation exchanges. Consumer's desire relationship can also play as the trusted partner and it does cost the business as the most successful one. Those are related with the reliability, integrity and also with integrity (Hunt et al. 2006). There are several reasons for the customer satisfaction and also the companies have the extra logistics benefits which are also of the trust to the customers. These will help to achieve the objectives of the companies. Multilevel of the marketing can be observed in the techniques which do work as the proper for establishing all the strong relationship in the distribution companies. Multi level of marketing which is also called as the network marketing is the form of sales that depends on direct sales for the people of the recruit (Barrett 2008). The parent companies do promote product directly for the customers for the means of the relationship with different kind o the referrals. There have been independent distributors those who develops the customer base for their wholesale retail price. Typically the down line of the network of the member that has been grown in the fashion of the pyramid. It does help to form the both the selling and also the promotional activities. The down line network of the member grows with the fashion of the pyramid. They can also invite members. The network has been developed in the binominal system. They can also invite the members of the company for the distribution of the next level under the named individual. Thus the distributor has been forced for help in the down line for expanding all the business. The distributors do earn a commission that has been based on the effect of the sales in the organization. This does independent efforts of the sale and it will also be leveraged as the sale efforts in the down line. The arrangements do franchisee arrangements for the royalties that will be paid for the sales of the individual operations to the franchisers. This will also be used in the area of the regional managers. The commissions have been paid for the multilevel of the marketing to the distributors on the basis of the plan of the compensation. There can also be multiple level of the people those who does receive royalties from the personal sales (Gonzales 2008). There are many distributors and they do think about the down line and the higher amount of the investment for the hard work. Maloney(2006) did write about some of the tips of the business. Leaders do create some changes in the company culture. They do have the employees for performing in those cultures. In the market circumstances the leadership style has been effective. There are also the other types of the managerial and executive leadership styles that has been based on the leadership styles in the marketing practices.(Harris and Ogbonna 2001). Hult et al.(2000) did suggest that the leadership behavior in the relationship commitment. Marketing practices has been changing ever since the beginning. The competitive market has provoked the company's to do changes in the market. The companies do offer the customers the value proportions for their effective studies. The group has developed and also identified the companies for looking at retaining and also developing the customers in the competitive market. There have been the relational research into the transaction marketing and also it does emphasize on the attracting the company's (Beverland and Lindgreen 2004, Brooks and Palmer 2004 and Coviello et al. 2002) The relationship approach of the marketing has been contrast for the transaction marketing and it does emphasize on attracting the business. Different types of the marketing has been independent and also it has been mutually very much exclusives. Traditional framework has also been established in the leadership styles. There has also been the difference in between the transactional and transformational marketing. Recently the research has suggested that the leadership in the portfolios (Vera and Crossan 2004). In the marketing practices there has been the practice among the company's for attracting the company and also to satisfy the potential customers. Marketing resources has been the focused on the process of the service, price, distribution, promotion. The marketing activities have been carried out in the functional marketers. That does include the sales manager. In the communication with the customers there has been the formal level of the business. Hult et al.(2000) did posit about the market relationship for becoming increasingly complex. There has been the research based on the Malcolm Baldridge National quality award. They also find that Hampden-Turner's(2002) did suggest on the leadership styles. There have been the leadership styles based on the contextual circumstances in the relationship marketing. There has been the research that has been linked to the business performances. Palmer and Pels(2005) discussed about the issues related to the measurement and also the issues of the studies do describe that the business performance measures will be cross grained and also argued that finer grained measures will give more insight and explanation of the linkages. There can be the research based on the different countries that has been different from the UK. The contemporary practice in the marketing has been demonstrated in the differences in between the companies. Clustering techniques have been enabled for the most common combinations of the offer. The relational approach has been in relation with the companies. In addition there have been previous cases of the work which has been identified as the main difference in the practices. The future differences have suggested that there must be some of the examination in the difference in the relationships in between the marketing practices. The opportunity has been in the work for the leadership styles in the specific basis of the management transaction practices (Rigby et al. 2002, Zablah et al. 2004)

Research Methodology-The main important thing is to know all the real facts of the research. Research methods need to be valid and correct. For this research methods of the topic there needs to have more modification on the network marketing on the international logistic companies.

Research Paradigm (Interpretivism)

Paradigm does mean that there needs to have different kind of postulations in the different environment of the world. They need to know it acknowledged. In the conceptual and general stages there are several concerns. Out of all the concern the main concerns are the positivisms, Interpretivisms, Constructivism, Realisms etc. On the individual stages there are several kinds of the conceptual stages in the research process. There are several important theories in behind the research paradigm. In that the most important theories are the Interpretivisms and Positivisms. Positivisms is the belief that does tell that the correct knowledge and familiarity does differ from the theories. Scientific form of the methodology is the one of the main important criterions of the Positivisms. The research has been the strict and the researchers will be able to ad it in their proper ways. The scientific knowledge has been fashioned due to the fact of the real world. The positivist's data does analyze the quantitative data. The positivism does analyze different types of the numbers and it does also use extensively the case study, statistics and the surveys. In this form of the research the resear4chers do find several forms of the researches. Those forms are the surveys, questionnaires, Case study and also the quantitative analysis (Saunders et al. 2009)

On the other hand if we consider the Interpretivisms approach then we will find that there is different form of the approaches. Qualitative types of the research approach have significance for the political sciences and also for the social science subjects. In addition there are also the detach and also the impartial values that will help the investigator for the analysis in the traditional ways. Social form of the research has also been the main concern for the Interpretivists approach. There are also the subjective meanings for the socio-political and also the other kind of the symbolic actions.

Research approach: Inductive

For the research topic of the "The role of network marketing on international logistic companies' business development" I need to employ the Inductive kind of the research approach. In the inductive kind of the approach there are several systematic patterns of the procedures that will help for analyzing the qualitative data and also the context of the research is also concerned more. If we see the inductive approach, it does help for the development of different types of the research methods. On the other hand it has also been seen that the inductive kind of the research approach has also been applicable more to the complicated research process. The qualitative data are also analyzed in the research process. (Saunders et al. 2009)

Data collection process: (Questionnaires)

In my research topic of the "The role of network marketing on international logistic companies' business development" I need to use data collection method for the questionnaires. The questionnaires methods of the data collection have been very much effective for the collecting of the data in the sample. There are two types of the questionnaires and those are the Open ended questionnaires and the other one is the closed ended questionnaires. In my research I need to use the closed form of questionnaires for the employees of the networking logistic companies. I think it will be easy for them to share their views on the network marketing. It will be effective for them to discuss the views and this will help me in my research process. In the closed form of the questionnaires there are only one form of the question and answer pattern, and the views of different employees are tested with full view of the perceptions. Multiple choice question patterns are the only best one for the questionnaires form of the process. Closed form of the questionnaires is basically very much effective for the data collection process. It is used on those persons who are basically busy with their schedules. In addition the Open ended questionnaires are also important for the research purposes. Open ended questionnaires will help to make the data collection process also very effective. In the open ended process the flexibility is that the interviewer will be able to use the questionnaires method more effectively as there is not any formal question and answer pattern. So the issues related to the research topic can easily be discussed effectively. Both forms of the questionnaires are very effective. (Saunders et al. 2009)


In the interviews philosophy we will be able to find that there are several forms of the interview philosophy available for the research process. In one of the philosophy there are both Non Standardized and Standardized Interview process. In other form of the interview process there are Interviews of Semi-Structured, Structured and Unstructured Interview process. Semi-Structure Interview process is the way in which the interviewing person have the flexibility to add her or his own view which does help in the interview process. This process of the interview is much effective than the structured interview process. In the structured interview process there is not a single opportunity for the interviewing person to add his or her own view. The interviewing person is asked to comment on the formal set of questions and answers pattern. It is not that much effective like the Semi-Structured Interview process. In the unstructured interview process the interviewing person has the ability to add everything about the issue of the interviews. In my interview process I am going to use both the Structured and Semi-Structured Interview process. The Structured form of the interview process need to be employed on the employees and the customers of the company's and will have to take their views more seriously. On the other hand the Semi-Structured form of the Interview process will be used on the marketing managers of the Networking logistics companies. The marketing managers of the company's will be able to use their own views on the research issues. (Saunders et al. 2009)

Data analysis: Thematic

The data which are collected form of the data collection process need to be analyzed in effective ways. There are some of the effective techniques and those are called as the thematic analysis, Content analysis, template analysis and the grounded theory. When we are considering about the data analysis process for the research, thematic and content analysis are the two of the most used one in the research process. Grounded theory is the inductive form of the qualitative research which has been introduced by the Glaser and Strauss. Grounded theory is the approach that develops the theory for the collection of the data. Grounded theory has been the popular approach for developing the theory from that the data has been collected. Grounded theory has been the approach which develops the theory for the collected data. It is hard for applying the data. It is a popular approach for exploring all the new ideas. Strauss and Corbin(1990) did suggest that there are 3 stages of the analysis which is completely based on the grounded theory. There are open coding, axial coding and also the Selective coding for the research process. During the open coding process the researchers read the questions for the identification of the theoretical and also the analytical approaches. In the grounded theory there is another form of the approaches that has been used too. (Saunders et al. 2009)

In addition when we are discussing about the template analysis, then we will find that the template and the themes those are raised from the data and also they organize it in the meaningful ways. In this approach there are also a small section of the data set are involved. The themes then form a meaningful ways for the template. The template then analyze the whole set of the data. During all the part of the analysis there is also the emerging of the other form of the themes. The important part of the qualitative data is to deal with the content and also the thematic form of the analysis. It is always very much important to deal with the different kind of the events and also it does facilitate the different kind of meanings which in turn deal with the understanding of different kind of the events. This does facilitate different kind of data. Thematic form of the analysis does depend on the qualitative form of the data. Literature Reviews and also the qualitative data have been always important for the primary phase of the analysis. Thematic form of the analysis does help the qualitative research and also for generalizing all the themes. The themes can also be calculated and those can also be put in the table. The analysis process does include both the qualitative and quantitative data.

Qualitative data that does encode some of the effective process for the thematic form of the analysis. Thematic form of the analysis has been the combination of different number of themes. The theme has been the outline of the information and it will also explain several of the facts and features. This can also be directly related with the observable data. There are different types of compilation of codebook. The main form of the analysis is to have the organizing effect on the researchers. It does show various forms of the methods that are needed to be carried out. This is also need to see whether the findings from the thematic form of the analysis will reflect the frequency for each kind of the procedures. Overall it has been reported as the explanatory significance. (Saunders et al. 2009)

Ethical issues of the research

In the research process it is needed to take the issues related to the ethical perspectives. The researchers need to make some of the protection and also the researchers need to make it sure about the privacy of others. In the voluntary basis they need to take part in the interview and other data collection processes, they will only share their own views about the issues related to the research topic of "The role of network marketing on international logistic companies' business development". I will keep it in mind about all processes that has been related to different research processes. All the individuals who will participate in the research process will only share their own views that have been related with the network marketing of the logistic companies. All the identity of the people will be kept secret if they are not interested to share their name. (Saunders et al. 2009)

Time Frame of the Research