Role Of Human Resource In The Development Of An Organization Business Essay

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Human resource is the basic and the most important asset of any organization. It plays the most important role in the development of any company. It is to be believed that if it was possible to access the value of this valuable asset in numeric form than most of the organization may have reflected it in the Balance Sheet as the most expensive assets.

One question that may arise is "Why human resource is necessary". Science had made marvelous development in modernizing the operation of an organization. We can find the most modern and computerized operating systems and even robots replacing the human resource. In Japan, particularly we can find organizations where most of the jobs are done by Robots and computers. To some extent it is agreed that machines can replace the human resource but it is universally accepted that computers and robots are man's creation and they require human to operate them properly. Without an intelligent operator even the most intelligent machine is just a piece of metal and nothing more than that. Thus it is necessary to have proper managers and human resource to run an organization.

The three factors of production are Land, Labor (Human Resource) and Capital. To start production it is necessary to have proper place and proper employees who can operate the organization efficiently. When we say Labor we mean all the human resources managers, working labor, janitors, operators, staff and etc. In an organization we can find different types of jobs done by different level of employees.

The theory is "right people at the right place at the right time are necessary to get the job done". by right people we mean that the job must suit the qualification and abilities of the employee .even getting further it doesn't mean that the most highly qualified person will suit all the jobs .Efficient manager is a person who can control the activities of an organization in the most efficient manner .we cannot appoint a person without proper studies of medicine for a job of doctor and similarly we cannot hire a doctor for a job of a janitor though he is highly qualified person .

After selecting the right person its necessary to appoint him at the right place .Placement of an employee is one of the most difficult job for the manager he must analyze the abilities of his employees before placing them for any specific job .There are chances that the whole job may be ruined due to the wrong placement of the employees moreover the employees may know there direct reporting person so that in case of emergency or prompt decisions they may refer to the right person .Similarly he must know the person to whom they have to communicate the job so that the job may be timely implemented .Most of the jobs remains unimplemented due to the communication gaps or miscommunication .It is necessay that each employee must know his position in the company .

Timely placement of an employee at the right place is also very necessary .In a modern organization radical changes are commonly noticed thus manager has to take quick decisions to enhance profits or sometimes to prevent losses .Managers must know where to appoint a specific employee timingly .Wrong timing may result in extensive losses or even disasters .

As discussed human resource are the most important part of any organization thus it is correct to say that employees of any company are the building blocks for that company. Employees play a vital role in development of a company .Hiring is the first step for employing any human resource.It is really important to improve the human resource by hiring the right person .To improve the Human resource of any company it is compulsory for a manager to monitor the right hiring process .In big organizations we can find separate hr departments whose major responsibility is to hire right person at the right job .The process of hiring starts from receiving a CV or a reference from an existing employee now the manager's job should be to select the right CVs and arrange for a proper interview.

Interviewing in itself is one of the most complicated job .Manager interviewing the candidate must keep in mind the job for which he has applied too. It is to be suggested to start up with open ended questions and narrow it down to close ended questions during the interviewing process .Managers must ask related questions to the job and some IQ related questions to judge the ability of the candidate in performing the job efficiently .Managers must be tricky and try to analyze the behavior of the candidate during the process of interviewing. It is suggested for more technical jobs to arrange written tests and trial tests for operation of specific machines. After interviewing it is highly suggested to arrange for an orientation of the company.

Orientation is very important for the new employees. After selecting the right people it is necessary to give orientation of the company to them. Orientation must include the introduction of the company, introduction of the managers and employees of the company with the new employees and it must include the introduction of the jobs to be performed by them and if job is related to operation of machinery than it is better to give a visit to the place of job.

Now it is time to allow the employee to start his job. It is recommended that the manager must create an organizational chart of the organization so that the employee must the know the direct reporting manager and can communicate the jobs to his sub ordinates.

There are many techniques and theories for motivation of employees. After hiring and employing the right person, now it is time to motivate the employees in order to improve their efficiencies. Motivation of employees is necessary to increase efficiency of the employees. Increase efficiency means increase production and promising to their jobs and ultimately the managers can achieve the goals of higher gains. Higher benefits make the employees more motivated and result is higher efficiency. It is noted that the success motivation techniques varies in various level of organization.

Different motivational techniques involve increase benefits by increasing salary, allowances and facilities. There are different techniques like promoting and demoting an employee. If the employee shows the specific abilities and manager is satisfied with the performance of an employee than it is recommended to promote that employee and if the manager is disappointed with performance than it is recommended to demote the employee. Promotion is motivating for the employee and it is proven fact that appraisal results in motivation. Demoting on the other hand is punishment for poor performance and acts like a yard stick for the minimum performance of an employee.

Job rotation is another motivational technique. Employee gets bored from their monotonous routine work and they want some different creative working. This is human nature to experiment different job. Regular and similar jobs may result in boredom and ultimately reducing performance. Managers must intelligently rotate the job among the employees but must keep in view the technicality of the job. More technical jobs means less or no rotation or otherwise it may result in bigger loses. Simple and easy jobs can be rotated more oftenly.

Employees must be given the job description properly and timely. Job description means that the employees must understand their jobs completely before they begin. They must know the environment and culture of the company before they start.

Organizational Environment and culture plays a very important role in the enhancement of the performance of the employees. Organizational environment is the environment of the organization. It is recommended to make spacious and airy the place of the job to get maximum performance from the employees. Small, dirty and less airy rooms results in the low performance. Organization Culture Is the atmosphere created in the organization. Strict rules and regulations must be implemented to define the parameters. It is recommended to implement such rules that help in performing the jobs efficiently. Moreover safety rules and general rules must be implemented for creating healthy environment. Managers must keep in mind before imposing any rule that it may not create hindrance in performing any job or cause unnecessary delay due to long procedures for easy jobs.