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In the current Market scenario there is little difference between the product offerings from various companies and thus the companies are making effect use of the people as an important resource in creating the difference from others. HR managers have been an important part in making the strategic decisions of the company rather than just being a supportive faction that it used to be a decade ago. This has become all the more important as managing the work force can help the companies in improving the internal competencies of the organization and the at the same time better the competitiveness of the companies in comparison to others in the market. Since the role of an HR have grown to these levels in an organization it is imperative that the HR managers should possess some important qualities that is necessary to support the expectations that the company has from them. Their roles have become all the more challenging in the wake of globalization where in they had to manage people from different origins and cultures which is a difficult task in itself. It is also found that the work culture in various nations also differ so the HR managers is loaded with the work of getting the productivity from all the employees and ensure that they are moving in the same direction (Horgan, 2003).

Increase in the competition and easy entry for multi nationals have made sure that the companies have to ensure that they are up there at the top in terms of the human capabilities and the dynamicity in the industry have made sure that the companies have to be nimble and adjust to the changing situations in the market. In earlier days HR was merely seen as a function that carried out the administrative tasks but in the current market scenario they have a much more important role to play by being the change agents in the organization and being a part of the strategic decision making.

HR earlier was seen as a generalist function which was used as a support for major functions but in the current business scenario there is increased business pressure and the competition breathing down your throat, the companies are forced to make it a specialist role. One of the most important things that they have to do is that they have to get the right talent on board and at the same time they should look at having them for a long time (Renwick, 2006). There is a shortage of talent especially in jobs that would require technical skills and hence the company has to make sure that they get the resources place and make sure that they stay with the company for long as the competitors are also offering them an equally good compensation. Also there is a lot of emphasis on the knowledge management in the organizations these days as the organization have to make sure that the knowledge that they have obtained after making several mistakes needs to be documented so that they can save on the cost and effort that is being put into the same. HR managers have to play an important role in maximizing the resource efficiency that they have and at the same time they have to make sure that they allot the right resources to the right departments so that the company is able to manage with the available resources. In these times when the work schedule is so hectic they also have to make sure that the employees are up to the challenge and have to make sure that the work environment is complementing the nature of work that they are in. thus HR has become a holistic function of late right from identifying the right set of talents from the talent pool to the facilitation of the employees on ensuring that they get superior services and work facilities. Of late it has also been seen that the HR professionals have started looking at themselves as the strategic professionals who also plays an important role in the operations and the strategy of the company.

One of the main things that an HR is looking at these days is to get the right people on board. Earlier this was not a big issue for larger companies as there were people who themselves wanted to be a part of the organization. But it has been seen that now that hiring is not done based on the talent alone but now the companies are looking at people who can match their company culture also so that it becomes easier for them to be trained and they would adapt well with the circumstances rather than getting somebody and then making them adapt to the same (Kendrick, 2007).

One another major change that we see in today’s world is the need for training. Class room trainings that used to take place in the company once in a year is no longer sufficient to keep the employees informed about the changes that are happening in the industry instead they have to look at the dynamic changes that are happening in the industry and at the same time make sure that the employees are being trained to the levels that they are ought to be. There should be a mix of on the job training and class room training to mix the practical learning with theoretical learning. It is the responsibility of the Hr managers in making sure that they design the curriculum based on the requirements of the company and the managers have to make sure that this training programs should be designed in such a manner that are pro active in nature rather than being reactive.

Companies these days have been looking at expanding into other nations also and this would mean that they have to adapt to the culture and way of doing business when they are shifting their operations into a different nation. The company has to make sure that they have their HR managers are equipped to handle these cultural differences and there would be a lot of changes that would be needed and the existing employees would find it difficult to adjust to the situation currently. One another major factor in which the HR managers have to play an important role is the change management in the organization. Adoption of technology in organizations have been taking place and this is also a difficult thing for the existing employees to adapt to the changes that have been happening and at the same time they have to make sure that they train the employees and educate them about the importance of the change and why it is suggested. Change management is thus one of the most important things that these companies have to consider and HR managers have a key role in the same. Also as mentioned above it is the responsibility of the HR managers to identify the patterns and the work style in various counties and at the same time they have to make sure have that there is a seam less transition of the same so that the employees also doesn’t feel the difference much about the same (Martocchio, 2006).

The role of HR in this change management as they move into other nations is critical and hence they have to ensure that this change happens in a smooth manner as any change in an organization would cause a lot of confusion and turmoil in an organization. They should have the skills in managing the resistance that is bound to happen with any change management system and at the same time they have to carry out the same in a disciplined fashion thus acting as facilitators to the organization. One of the common things that we would see in such a scenario is that many employees would move into a shell of non action and thus becoming non productive for the company and thus the HR managers have to make sure that make the proposition look exciting so that the employees are lured into accepting the change in the organization. This can help them in reducing the chances of failure that is associated with the change management process. One of the things that the company has to take care is that they have to be fully prepared while they are planning to make the changes in the organization. They should develop the skill sets that help them in making sure that they identify the possibilities of the problems that can crop up in the system and at the same time anticipate them and make the necessary changes in the system.

It is because they are the part of the more important decision making in the organization that they have to be more of a partner rather than an administrator in the modern day organizations. This would require them to be an important part and hence made a part of the entire major decision making in the organization. One thing that they would need in becoming effective thus is to have unrelated support from the top management and this can happen only if the HR managers are ready to take up the changes that are there in the organization and at the same time they should be innovate and pro active in demonstrating they are capable of operating outside the world of HR domain.

Thus we can say that in case of a key process like that of shifting into a foreign nation and one thing that we have seen is that in many cases the companies are good at strategizing and initiating the change process but they often fail when they try and consolidate things and this is where the role of an HR comes into play. They have to take sure that once the change process is initiated they have to monitor the process and at the same time they have to make sure that they are doing a proper consolidation of the same so that there are minimal hiccups that is a common factor in case of such changes. It has been found that the main difference between a winning and losing organization is the way in which they manage the change and deal with the pace with which the same is happening (Ram all, 2006). HR practioners should make sure that there should be proper framework so that the employees are also aware of the changes in the system and there comes a responsibility on the part of the employees also to confer to the changes in the system.

To conclude one must say that HR is no longer a supporting function and they have to play a pivotal role in the way in which the business is going to operate. They have to become the face of the organization by developing a culture in which the employees are comfortable with and thus improving the productivity of the employees. They have to be made an important part of the strategy of the company and this can help them in reducing the attrition that is one of the biggest problems in the organizations. To get a new employee on board and getting them trained would be much more costly as compared to that of retaining existing employees. HR also has an important role in making sure that the communication in the organization is open in nature. This can reduce the interdepartmental issues and the flow of information freely in the organization. HR managers have to anticipate the changes in the organization and they have to identify the changes that are happening in the industry and make necessary changes accordingly. Thus they have an active role in the organization rather than just having a passive role of just managing stuff in the organization