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Retail Management


A golf club is used to hit a golf ball in a game of golf . Each club is

composed of a shaft grip and a club head .Over an thousands of

years ago , Golf was presented by Scottish pioneers in new Zealand .

New Zealand is a regular play area with its emotional view and

greenery This wonderful have been used by kiwis and also

constructed golfs by them .

The atmosphere in New Zealand makes it conceivable to playing

game golf in any time of the year almost all the year .

There are almost 400 golf courses in New Zealand . In the whole

world golf attracted people to play this game . It becomes the

gigantic fascination for individuals around all over the world .

The people who are above 18 years of age like this game to paly

elederly people more likely to play this game is near about 5 lakh .

This game is good game and favourite game of many people . There

is a very big history of the golf course .

New Zealanders can afford this game due to strong economy . Its a

popular game between kiwis .They are fond of Playing this

wonderful game .

As a part of our presentation and task we got a great opportunity to

learn about the golf business in New Zealand . We have done a

research on the retail golf business of New Zealand . After doing a

research on the golf course we had experienced different retail

experiences . The owner adopt different strategies and methods to

run their business in a right way and very efficiently . They use

proprietorship models to run their business successfully. They

use different variety of products for their customers .

New Zealand has a big history with golf Scottish pioneers

Introducing this game over a decades ago . it becomes state of

the art facilities with beautiful scenes , green area .

In New Zealand there is literally a new golf course to try around

every corner . Its not wonder that golf is the highest participation

sport for New Zealanders , for both men and women .The People

highly take part in the golf tournaments The golf business on the

peak of its success

In last few years Asian population in New Zealand is increasing day

by day . As an entrepreneur wants to establish a golf business in

New Zealand then One can use different retailing business

strategies to run a golf business effectively an a right way . There

are many retailing management approaches which Can be

differentiate by using the Mckinsey’s 7 ‘S’ Model for the ownership

models :

The seven Mckinsley model is identified as :

Strategy –The plans to make strategies and giving advises to people

to compete with

Structure – Making a good sturucture of Systems – The daily

activities and process that staff members Involved in to get job

Shared Values – It is related to business culture .

Style – The person which styles used for maintaining leadership

Staff – The employees and their general capabilities

Skills – the actual skills are needed to run a golf business

There are some questions which can bring more ideas about the

Mckingsley 7 s framework

What’s your strategy

What is hierarchy

How strong are the values

As we all know that asian population is increasing day by day in

New Zealand so establishing a golf business in New Zealand is

effective and beneficial for a retailer and also for the golf lovers .

Independents –

independent retailer is one who builds his business

from the ground up . From the business planning the independent

retail owner does it all . He may hire consultants , staff and

others to assist in the business endeavour .

A retailer is fully responsible of his business is running in a right

way or not. The retailer Is managing the independent store and has

built the business from the ground up by assess all needs of the

store which can include staff and merchandizing sales goods and

services .

Co-operatives -

This type of business is run collectively by its

Staff members , who share the profits or benefits . And members are

the owners

Departmental stores –

It is a retail establishment with a building open

to the public , offering a wide range of consumer products and

goods . It typically allows shoppers to choose between multiple

merchandise lines at variable price points , in different product

categories known as departments .

Department store usually sell a variety of products , including

clothing , furniture , home appliances , toys , cosmetics , gardening ,

sporting goods , paint and hardware and additionally select other

lines of product such as healthy fod , books , jewellery , electronics

stationary , photographic equipment , and in the departmental

stores there are customer checkout near the front of the store or

alternatively , sales counters within each department .

Mail order –

It means if anyone order through mail then a retailer should

fulfil there mail orders Its somewhat like a online marketing of a product.

but not similar to the online shopping . One can order goods or products

at just one click on the internet while sitting at home . In mail orders

people spend money on the product to attract the customers with flashy

advertisements and catalogues .they check the range, price of the

product . After looking these things they order the products and pay for it

online .

If we want to place a golf business in New Zealand as an investor

as we all know that golf is mostly played by the asian population in

New Zealand which is increasing day by day we will choose the

independent retailer ownership model

The biggest advantage of establishing business as an independent

retailer is that there are no restrictions on who , how or where an

entrepreneur should set up his business . The freedom to do what

one wants to do is the biggest advantage in this form of business .

Independent is a business which is free from outside control .

shared values – The central premise behind creating a shared

values is that the competitiveness of a golf store and the products

are mutually depends on each other . Recognising and capitalising

on these connections between societal . it includes business

culture and ethics and give the mission statement means to clearly

identify the mission of the golf course .

skills – The establishment of a golf business need skills like

compete with the environment . And one should have the skills to

run the golf business . An independent retailer is a person who is

has a power to do anything in his field . The knowledge of staff is

also important .

style – The leadership styles and quality is must in a person who is

going to establishing a golf business

Staff – There can be two types of staff members one is general staff

and the other is specialised staff . General staff is not trained by

the experienced person they are not well trained . Specialised staff

is hired by the golf manager in the retailing entrepreneurs .

There are some hard elements in the golf business in this process

one have to give the answers to the following questions that how

the strategy can be implemented , how the store is structured .

Strategy –

We will make new strategies and implement in our

golf business . Its a good way to Building a competitive advantage

over competitors .

Structures –

Before establishing a golf business the most important

factor is that to see how the store is structured . The proper

management of the store should be there and reporting

System – In the store daily activities should be handled by the

manager . and if any problem occurs then he should try to resolve

that problem as soon as possible .the tasks should be clearly

identified to the store keepers .

Evaluation of Strategic locations

1 Neighbourhood -

It is a geographically localised community with in

a larger city , town , suburb or rural area . Establishing a golf

business in local communities like neibourhood is a topographically

confined group inside a big city , town ,suburb , or country zone

.Neighbours are frequently social groups with significant golf

association among parts . Specialists have not conceded to a

definite definition . Neighbourhood spatially as a particular geo-

graphic range and practically a a set of interpersonal organisations .

Establishing a golf business in a location where shopping malls is

not much profitable for the retail store . and Home shopping has

also expired from the life of the golf lovers .Most of the people love

to shop by visiting that particular store . Internet strategic method

of locating a store is also changed the mentality of the people .

If a golf store is established near the shopping malls one man can

not play the game comfortably .people come to buy the household

things . that area will be fully noisy than the neighbourhood area

Impact of merchandising factors

product range width, depth- Asian target market has more

spending then the general market . The percentage ratio of business

products would be made of high quality and top brands . 50 % of the

asian people middle people ratio is 30 % and 20 % entry level . and

the target asian market purchase products 60% and general

domestic is 40 %They Get datas from department of statistics .

Business plan half of our product should be of high quality . 25% of

our product should be mid range and 25% of our product should be

of entry level .

Store layout – Its clearly understood that layout means location,

price positioning , regular purchase .All customers should leave the

store with an intention to purchase something in near future .

The window is the first thing which attract them they only see

window supply is particularly speculator .

Product display and point of sale-

The primary motive of the retail

store is to display products to sell them.They have great opportunity

to guide that person into deed zone . The proper management of golf

store is mainly important . The golf material should be set up

properly . Here is a product and its displaying characteristics . the

FPOS machine is also define the features of the product

Reason to purchase –

There are two types of purchasing or we can say reason to purchase -

1 Considered purchasing

2 impulse purchasing

The investment should be done on purchasing baskets for shopping

for the customers for that we need to increase doller spent and

units purchase . Its very strong thing . The flow Of market and

energy is needed to setting up a store . if we need to understand

ourtarget audiencewe have to consider all these things .

Point of sale and point of transaction Now a days technology and

many other tools are used to get information quickly . For instance

in a big retail store if one person demands a particular product then

we can get information about the product at just one click all

products , place and prices will be displayed by the computer . So

gathering data information is very important . Establish a system

that can track a data for us in the store .Loyality programmes has

become a part of consumerism . The retailer Gather data on their

customers because loyal customers are their best and regular

customers .

Promotions – The golf retailer gives gift with purchase to the

customers to feel them special or favourite customers . Also greet

them with caps of their particular store or by doing this they are

securing the loyality of the customers For instance they also give

golf umbrella with their special logo on it . so that customer will

keeps in mind about the products and services the store offers .

Golf club day pass –It means to say the customers that give your

name address and phone number . We need to register you on the

day pass .

Members only tournament They organise some tournaments only

for members of the golf clubs and it is necessary to participate

Hole in one competition The retailer demand the BMW card of the

customer to get them insured if they lost it then company will pay

them .

VIP exclusive nights –

The golf clubs also organise exclusive

programmes The retailer spend 10% of their budget on advertising ,

reduce 5% on christamas , People never buy this kind of stuff . They

can enhance staff wages and availability of stock in the golf course

we need to figure out how much favourable and how much are more

favourable to that particular product . The customers want to be

treated as a special person a customer so the retailer shoud greet

them with nice and glossy invitation cards .

Here is a advertisement of the discounts or special offer in the retail store --


After doing all the research on the golf store I came

to the conclusion that independent retailer is a best recommended

golf business in the locality . The advantages are no confinements

on who , how or where a business person ought to set up his/her

business The option to do what one needs to do is the greatest

preference in this type of business . It can be amazingly satisfying.

The disadvantages is because of the simplicity and adaptability of

beginning , there can be a tone of rivalry in a specific zone for a

certain kind of client in a golf store . Each golf business choice

rests on the owner . There is no marking , no preset rules and a lot

of danger in this plan of action is invoved .

Establishing a golf business in the neighbourhood is easier for the

customer to buy a product near the store at home . these stores

should be nearly lacated in busy area .


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