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This assignment is based on the QuickServe Restaurants UK case study. QuickServe is a very popular international chain of restaurants. In this particular case will concentrate on the UK's QuickServe restaurant chain that consists of more than 1,000 outlets, employing 50,000 people both full time and part time. The company is expanding in a very quick rhythm opening about 100 restaurants per year, creating 5,000 new jobs, which means that there is a big demand of recruiting qualified candidates in very essential positions as restaurant managers. The company was focusing mainly on young qualified final year under-graduates and graduates providing them with a very good opportunity, as their first year job.


Even though things seemed really good in the beginning having 3.300 applications, it proved that outcome didn't meet with the company's expectations. Only 540 managers trainees were qualified enough to be recruited. One reason is that the advertisements that supported this opportunity were not targeting the right market. Furthermore the job description that specified the qualifications needed for the place was deficient, without stating what the real needs and requirements for the position were.

By studying closer this specific case we will see that some of our best trainee managers, who were actually doing a very good job by training our future managers, decided to leave our company because their qualifications attracted other companies who valued the competencies they had developed on our programme. Therefore we can understand that there is a major problem on protecting our company keeping our best employees. The problem obviously lies on the fact that our employees are not motivated enough or probably we don't give them enough benefits to remain in our work force. Even though we have very good and very motivated young trainee managers, still we need a mixture of enthusiasm and experience to make the most of it.

Reading through the article, we observe that the majority of young potential (quality) candidates are not taking our brand seriously. The main reason is that they see the QuickServe Restaurant from the guest point of view. They think that, if they would work there, job would be boring, because they feel that if they ask for a very simple service as a guest (f.e. ordering a burger), it is the only work they would have to do in their daily job as an employee (; to only “compose” and serve burgers). As a result we have to say that there is a key problem on what we call “employer branding”.

Problem Outline

  • The advertisement made didn't target the correct market. In addition the job description was not clear to the candidates.
  • Not enough motivation and benefits given to our valuable staff. Therefore, even though we have very good young trainee managers, we lack of experience.
  • Our employer branding is not in the desirable level.

Proposed Solution

Brands are very essential element of the company, it not only can use in developing product, however also can use in human resource management, therefore we called it “employer branding”. Normally, the company use employer branding to employ recruits. In addition, the company also regard employer branding as “a targeted, long-term strategy to manage the awareness and perceptions of employees, potential employees, and related stakeholders with regards to a particular firm” (Sullivan, 2004).The employer brand also can provide a good environment to employees. In order to make this work in our situation we need to take several actions.

Step 1

The first thing that we have to consider is to create something new for the company. Therefore we considered of making a new logo for our restaurant. A logo that will be launched everywhere by advertising it in posters, on magazines, on newspapers on TV. It has to be something that when someone watches it, our company will come on his mind. We decided the new logo to be the following :

“SmartServe the world of QuickServe …It's not just a restaurant…”

With this logo we want to make people think and be curious about it. Analyzing that, we could say that “quick” means something that is very fast and the first thing that it comes in mind when hearing this word in terms of food, is the phrase “fast food”. With our new logo and by using the word “Smart” instead of “Quick” we gain two important things. First of all it's something new to our company, so people will pay attention. The most important factor though is the following: The word “smart” has the following meanings:

  • Having or showing quick intelligence or ready mental capability: f.e. a smart student
  • Sharp, as a person in dealing with others or as in business dealings: f.e. a smart businessman
  • Clever, witty, or readily effective, as a speaker, speech, rejoinder,

As we observe all three meanings are about the same. Mainly the word “Smart” combines “Quick” and “Intelligence” which is the main reason we selected it. We want to give another tone to our company. In addition by using the phrase “It's not just a restaurant…” we gain a lot. What we mean is the following: QuickServe is a fast food restaurant but it is still a “restaurant”. If we would ask someone where would he like to work (from a prestige point of view), between fast food and a restaurant he would most probably choose the restaurant. As we demonstrate in the chart below, we want people to approach our business as a restaurant and “something more”.


This is one technique that we will use to enhance the prestige of our brand.

Step 2

Because of the fact that we have started something new in our company, we have to continue doing innovations. So the next step we have to accomplish is to reconstruct our website. To reconstruct it in a way, that it will mostly attract our main target market; final year undergraduates and graduates. That means that we will have to build a website that occurs to young people, our future labour force. This is a very important step, because we will have to “catch” the pulse of young men that are ready to make the first step forward (and probably the most important) in the career. As everybody knows the majority of young people are very familiar with the Internet. So to “hit” in the heart of information is something that can only bring a lot of benefits and will give a big boost to our employer branding. Advertisements, event organized by our company, and information like that could be distributed to our target market “with just a click”.

Step 3

In association always with the previous opinions, we believe that the step that follows is the most vital one. It will give us direct contact with our potential candidates, thus we will always be in touch with the “cream of the crop” of our target market. It is usually used as a football term and is called “Scouting”. As we know we open about 100 new restaurants per year. So we need to recruit the best employees, in order these restaurants to remain in top position as they are right now. Our proposition is to make a new department, the “Scouting Department” that would be in relation with the HR department. The staff of this particular sector would be hired to help us find the best candidates for the position needed. There will be people that have good connections, teachers of high profile colleges, institutes and universities. They will be our representatives and they will make indications of students that are one level up than the others to the HR department, which will take immediate action (f.e. interviews).

In general we will have to make good networks not only in UK but also in places that could offer us good potentials, such as Switzerland that is the leader in the Hospitality industry. Additionally we will design high-levelled recruiting events at target colleges and we will develop a web-based gateway exact to campus recruitment that spotlights the candidate experience against managerial functionality.

Besides, everything must be very professional. From the presentation to the interview. We must give the best impression to the candidate, to make him feel flattered and honoured that he has a proposition like that from the QuickServe restaurant. Everything must be perfect. For these kinds of matters we can even hire a psychologist and a communicationist to make the best out of it.

Step 4

Last but not least is the matter of motivation. According to McGuffey's (1988) waiter is the restaurant star. Managers should help employees to grow. Today, restaurant managers realised, that it is cheaper to focus on retention than work with high turnover.

So, how to motivate your staff? Is it money only one factor what will motivate? We do not think so. Today, on a market where are a lot of different motivation techniques. We decide to concentrate on most important ones

  • The sum of the whole....

One of the easiest methods of motivating staff is make the employees archive the same goals as the restaurant has. As soon as employees understand their goals, they will perform well and they will try to find additional ways to become more productive.

  • equal to its parts

Once employees recognize company's goals, ensure that each one knows how individual task will bring more success. As soon as job was done on a high level, identify, what exactly was done well. Also we have to provide regulars meetings with employees; on those meetings, feedback will be given personally to each employee.

  • Do not afraid to ask

Ask employees what can motivate them to do a better job. Give them opportunity to participate in decision making process.

  • Develop an Award program for managers

Based on the Applebucks method of retaining their best employees we will give extra motives to our restaurants' managers, by giving them bonuses if they are able to retain the best employees that work in their restaurants. This is a win-win situation because we motivate our managers and they will motivate the employees on retaining their job.


Overall, the “employer branding” not only can enhance this restaurant's reputation, but also can attract high quality staff to want to work in our restaurant. By being. But this is a long-term target and it will take some amount of time. If we want to develop a successful “employer branding”, we must first understand what perceptions and beliefs current employees and candidate market already have about their organization's culture and brand promise. So, we should be honest to who we are as employers and give people to understand how is it like being an employee in our restaurant. We should pass the feeling that it is a great experience and we should use our networks to work on that. With the word networks I mean everybody that could even give us the smallest boost. From suppliers to costumers, from vendors to employees. We should be aware of that everybody can contribute to our company. Finally, they must base upon the research, to make sure what steps need to be changed.

In addition, motivating the staff in this restaurant is also a key point. It can manoeuvre the enthusiasm of the staff and the true motivators that will help your employees tap into their natural ability to be motivated. Furthermore, good motivation also can absorb the high level employees and retain talented staff. We have to make every single member that works in our company feel important, feel that he can contribute some more thing than he does in his daily job. As one great man said before (and that's true), “if you have an unhappy costumer, he will tell it to 10 people. If you have an unhappy employee he will tell it to hundred. So we need to understand the value of keeping our employees happy. To sum up, if we give the motivation to the staff and also we built up well “employer branding”, for our employees they will get a great work environment, a great work experience and we will most probably achieve our targets.