Responsible management, Governance and Leadership Problem

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The first step in the problem management process is problem identification. Problem identification is simply the processes or method and tools used to identify the problems. The key objectives in problem identification are to:

entify as many problems as possibly proactive.

Make communication to the service centre easy to resolve the problem on timely manners.

Identify situations before they become problem.

Corporate governance argues for independent leadership even though many firms choose to allow CEO to serve as chairperson of the organization. We examine differential financial implications of the choices for more than a 100 corporation over a 5 years period of time. And the result in this study indicates a significant difference in performance between the two groups along with different performance measures, more specially firms for independent leadership consistently outperformed those relying upon CEO duality.


In this study it is assumed that a responsible management, good governance and leadership tends to develop a solid rock corporation/organization, thus assumed that good management Leeds to organizational success.

Key Question

How do we measure top management involvement in a key objective of firm/organization or corporation?

This theory discus the duties of corporate governance and its nature, the role and responsibilities of corporate boards, performance evaluation of board and board members, the importance of providing information to the board they need and ways to improve how the businesses are conducted by the boards. Also we are going to discuss the sub optional leadership at the board level that can compromise the entire corporate governance system.

How do we measure the success of a good governance

Success of good governance can be measured by conducting a research of the leadership programme which focuses on the issue of corporate social responsibilities, corporate governance and risk management. Also to conduct literature search as data collecting (by interview, focus group and survey) and data analysis by using appropriate quantitative or qualitative techniques. Another way is to present search finding to business audience and act as an expertise with members of the board to get the trust of the business authorities. With the help of production approach we can find weather the production process has run smoothly with the timely manners and quality assurance, with the collaboration of communication department in designing and executing communication planes.

The term responsible management refers to the activities involved in the general function of planning, organizing resources, leading and controlling or coordinating. Term planning is a process of identifying goals, objective and methods which help us in achieving organizational goals and the completion of different tasks. Where organizing resource means to achieve those goals in the optimum fashion, for this purpose they organizing new departments for example human resource, for the office and file system. The term Leadership includes setting direction for the organization to achieve the goals in the optimum fashion, for example they leads to make groups and individual tasks and influence to follow the directions. Controlling or coordination is an organization structural system to reach effectively and efficiently for achieving the organization goals. This includes ongoing collection of feedback and monitoring system, for example use of financial controls, policies and procedures, performance management process and measure to avoid risk. The term 'Leadership' is also used to refer the one who accept change and lead the change of organizations for the sake of betterment of stakeholders. Leadership occurs in the top while managing occurs in the levels farther down the organization.

Importance of Responsible Management with organizational prospective

In today's global marketplace it is important to understand the connection between business, organization, society and the environment, because they are now essential to cope with the role and responsibilities of a global force and they are now enough complex to cope with, it is also important to recognize the social responsibility and sustainability as an essential element in the business management.

Existing complex and interdependence environment require new approaches, integrative management tool required by organization which helps to cope with social environmental and governance concerns in their daily operations and strategic thinking.

Importance of Governance and Leadership

Governance is an act of leading and managing investment to optimize performance of the human and capital assets of the organization. Some important factors of governance and leadership are following.

They fulfil fiduciary and financial responsibilities of the stakeholder in contrast with their expectations. In the wake of global corporate governance crises mostly organizations are focusing on ethical leadership. We sometime appoint people having great CVs and thus miss the board with corporate governance. Mr Jones says all companies gain the value for stakeholders by generating profit, but if they don't follow the rules they don't belong into the ball game.

''Bad decisions are usually not the result of bad people doing bad things, but rather good people doing nothing''. Most boards struggling to acquire goals and objective of three fundamental values of good governance, accountability, honesty and transparency to the stakeholders.

An important observation is that corporate governance is considered as a strategic objective to attain organization governance that is a systematic approach to management which enables the function to achieve strategic and operational objectives and performance results. With the help of organization governance we can improve and measure the business productivity and can derive organizational change.

Research Methodology

Figure below show the process which we are going to use to develop a list of background and experience variables, here we began to examine the literature to determine identified potential variables we then combined literature, experience and knowledge to determine background and experience variables, empirical data is will be used with the refined list to determine the proper background and experience variables.


Empirical data

Background and experience variables

Refined List


The first step of research is to conduct a comprehensive literature review through a questionnaire survey combined in line with the interviews to collect information on fundamental principles of governance and leadership in a corporation which depict a true and significant value of the existing governance and leadership experience, which is considered as an appropriate method for investigating and implementation status of fundamental concepts in term of responsible management and leadership. A survey based on the questionnaire and followed by interviews is the most efficient kind of research.

The research design

The research design in this thesis will ultimately Leeds to accepting or rejection the hypothesis that good governance and leadership tends to the development of the organization in all manners, in terms of management as well as in terms of productivity, thus it shows the correlation of good governance to that of organizational success. The process will be carried out through a hypothesis followed by the appropriate questionnaire and interviews process in order to find the outcomes of the research.

Survey sample Demographic

In the survey we develop scale for rating leadership effectiveness and care quality assurance. Collected data and information will then be distributed in top management, officers, line supervisors and workmen at any level in the vicinity. The only requirement for each of the respondent is fully participate in the survey within their organization.


Responsible management, governance and leader ship plays a vital role both at individual level and organizational. The study will focus on the relationship of responsible management governance and leadership with that of organization success. It explains the value of responsible leadership to the individual response. In the study we discus three steps those are very important. Responsible management in an organization is very important to achieve organizational goals. Leadership is a quality and quality leadership in an organization is the base for achieving the organizational goals and maximizing profitability. Leaders are supposed to prepare the planning in organization and then to implement them in a proper way to achieve organizational goals. However it is not enough only to make the planning and to implement it, but apart from implementation the monitoring of the planning is more important. Leadership also includes setting direction for the organization to achieve the goals in a systematic fashion. Organizations are governed by the leaders with a specific purpose and direction, for these purpose leaders makes groups and set the tasks and refers the directions to the individual or to the group. Thus the above theory represents that leadership and governance are interrelated to the responsible management. This is not possible to achieve any objective without responsible management and leadership.