Research Project on Business Problems of Pure Dew Limited

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Pure dew limited is a water production company and famous for its high goodwill and customer service. The company was established in 1996 and company is still run by paramjit and his one other partner(Tony gallin) have share in business. its head office is situated in the industrial area of east tamaki (Auckland) which helps company to make contact with its existing customers and potential customers .The company has small formal organisation provide employment to 10 full time staff and also depend on some casual worker when required.

On the other hand, financial condition of the company is not so strong. Company is maximising its profit as well as customer satisfaction and employees satisfaction without compromising the quality of product and services. Paramjit and other one partner highly focus on increase the sale of production , cash reserves and collect big part from the profit every year which is the major cause that employees turnover is increasing year by year .Kiwi bank which had been playing supportive role in the growth of the organisation loans, bank overdrafts and other liabilities which the company is unable to settle on time because of bad debts and outstanding debtors.

Company focuses on the taste of the customer, their service rates is reasonable and affordable but after that company is not much successful in market. Company provides trained workforce and provide training to new employees. Product and services of this company do not have high demand in the market because it is a new company comparision of the other company like pump etc. company provide six type of water packing model like 15liters, 6liters etc. Customer can buy water according to his need. But company mostly depend on 10&15liters packing because it is cheap than other packings.

Company also fulfils its social responsibility towards the society, government and other stakeholders. It is performing according to international standard and highly aware among environment, health and safety measures.

However, company do not has high market demand but in the summer the company make huge profit because of seasonable demand. But, in the winter company's sale decreases every year.

Selection of business-

I would like to talk about pure dew Limited because I am engaged with this construction company from five months. So it is easy for me to identify and describe the problems that the employees face while work or in the business. I also describe the solution to the problems that might be beneficial for the business.

(a)i Identification of business problems- (others)

The organisation is facing many problems in the competitive market which are related to

Lack of inspiration

Lack of communication

Lack of structural structure


Lack of consultant


(b)i Problem identification with rationale (others) and scope

Staff inspiration-

Every business entity knows that motivation is the key to explore the business by using the efficiencies, different skills of employees but we can see clearly that this organisation has lack of motivation among staff members. The company does not provide share to the employees, employees are complaining about the low rate of allowances and about no commission on the extra work hours.

There is two main ways to motivate the employees .financial and non-financial but company is not following none of them. Company does not distribute profit among the staff .Employees do not get any allowance, share in business and financial methods of motivation. Secondly, the employees do not get opportunities to use their creative skills because owners take all the decisions without advice with other staff members of the company which brings demotivation in the organization. So company should motivate employees with the help of -

1. Gifts

2. Allowance

3. Commissions

4. Perquisites

5. Admire

6. Share in the business

7. Promotion

Communication -

The Company is working like a small formal organization but company has no effective communication on its different levels .It is mainly because of unorganised way of communication. So there should be proper channel of communication .Employees do not know who will make decision, who is their superior and whom they have to respond. So company should follow the formal way of communication and should focus on replies and feedback. It will help in fast decision making and effective communication in the organization.

Many other things are also influencing the communication. One of them is culture difference, different people have different values, culture and religious beliefs are working under this company and sometime they fail to understand each other that creates hurdle in the way of work and also create delay in the work. So people should avoid informal things to make communication flexible and easy.

structural structure-

As we know that the demand for products and services of this company very high in the market but company sometimes fails to complete the demand. So company need to improve their planning and should set direction and target through proper planning.


As we can see clearly that, the owners and staff of the company blame each other for any delay and cause. At this stage it is necessary to fix accountability for purpose to know the mistakes and accountable person that they can do by fixing duties and roles in organization.

Authority and responsibility-

In this construction company the employees do not have much authority .only top level management make all the decision and responsibility is not clearly defined by them. Lack of authority among staff members has many limitations staff members ask every time to their superior for any work, project and decision. This is only wastage of time. So staff members should have enough authority to complete the objective and requirements of the company. Company should be aware among the excessive authority because there is some chances misuse of authority.


The main objective of this research project to clearly identify the problems that company is facing and how it can be solved after research methods. I have discussed the questions that why these problems are arising and suggestions to these problems.

feedback and benefits-

Because of this research, company can better utilise its resources and increase its productivity and services.

Students can improve their searching skills through research project.

Students get opportunity to use their invaluable decisions

Students gain experience free of cost


Relevance of business problem-

The problems are relevant to the business because these problems have an impact on the overall services of the organisation, which affects the sales revenue. The problems also badly influencing the working efficiencies of employees.

Limitations of research project -

The information presented and related with research project is limited because of the company's privacy policy and government act to avoid plagiarism and other web frauds.

(b)ii Research methods and projects -

Methodology and research instruments-







Problem solving with the help of SWOT analysis-


1.High value service


3. High goodwill in the market

4.Multi-service company

5.Strong communication network with customers

6.Trained labour force

7. Strong awareness of health and safety and environment.


1. Employee turnover

2. Unable to complete the demand

3. Lack of motivation among staff

4. Customer turnover

5. Lack of channel of communication

6. Delay in decision making

7. Lack of authority and responsibility

8. Lack of accountability

9.less demand in market


1. Develop new strategies of business

2. Increase human resources in company to gain new projects

3. Develop new range of product and services

4. Follow the taste of the customers


1.Competitions with other organizations

2. competitors with superior skill, knowledge and experience

3. Resist to change

4. government restrictions strict rules and regulations

5.ethical issues

Research instruments-

For the accomplishment of this research project I have used student notes, internet information sites. After studying different aspects of the company I have made some suggestions for the company that might be beneficial in the problem solving. Three main research instruments that I have used to complete this assessment are -

Student notes


Magazines and the newspaper of the company.

Choice of research instruments-

The research instruments like magazines and local newspaper of the company provide the information of every activity going in the company. So I count this source of information is better than any other research instruments. Secondly the internet is the best and the fastest way of gathering data about any organisation.


The company is making good use of financial resources but the current situation shows the company is not effectively using human resources. A company never grow without using the inspirations and new ideas of employees. Company can best consume its human resources by doing following things-

1. Personnel development opportunities

2. Effective leadership

3. Appreciate the transformation (culture)

4. Employee motivation

5. Workplace training helps in increasing productivity

6. Salary and other beneficial plans

Other resources -

Internal resources -

1. Staff

2. Product and services

3. technology

External resources-

1. Customers

2. Distributors

3. Marketing plans

4. Suppliers

Goals, project plans and time frame -

The chart describes future plans and objectives that can be done on a specific period of time and the steps that require doing it.





Recruitment of staff

Provide training

Assigning responsibility

Giving authority

Action for desired results

Customer perception

Act on feedback

The Gantt chart generally used to gain the creativeness of employees, time management and improve the feedback level of an organization and improve the quality of the product through the customer perception.