Report on the Organisational Direction of Religare Securities Ltd

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RELIGARE Securities Ltd. (RSL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of RELIGARE Financial Services Ltd. (RFSL), a Company promoted by the late Dr. Parvinder Singh, Ex-CMD of Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

As on date the Company is empanelled with UTI, IDBI, IFCI, SBI, BOI-MF, Punjab National Bank, PNB-MF, Oriental Insurance, GIC, UTI-Offshore, ICICI Can bank MF, Punjab & Sind Bank, Pioneer ITI, SUN F&C, IDBI Principal, Prudential ICICI, ING Baring and J M Mutual Fund.

RELIGARE was founded with the vision of providing integrated financial care Driven by the relationship of trust. The bouquet of services offered by RELIGARE includes Broking (Stocks and Commodities), Depository Participant Service, Advisory on Mutual Fund Investments and Portfolio Management Services.

RELIGARE is a pioneer in the concept of partnership to reach multiple locations in order to effectively service its large base of individual clients. Besides the reach of RELIGARE, the clients of the company greatly benefit by its strong research capability, which encompasses fundamentals as well as technical knowledge.


RELIGARE in recent years has expanded its reach in health care and financial services wherein it has multiple specialty hospital and labs. Which Provide health care services and multiple financial services such as secondary Market equity services, portfolio management services, depository services etc.

RELIGARE financial services group comprises of Religare Securities Limited, RELIGARE Comdex Limited and RELIGARE Finvest Limited which provide services in Equity, Commodity and Financial Services business & Religare Insurance Advisory Ltd.

Quality policy:

To achieve and retain leadership, Adroit shall aim for complete customer satisfaction, by combining its human and technological resources, to provide superior quality financial services.

Quality Objectives

As per the Quality Policy:

Building a best relationship with clients and upcoming investors to give good high quality of service

Build a perfect relation with partnership ,investor, vendors and agents which helps to stay in touch of promise to the customers

Providing best in quality way of work life in need of knowledge .

Keep all stake holder in safe in there targets { shareholders,clients,employees, business people

Undertake an evaluation of the component parts of a strategic plan

SOL: The evaluation of the component parts of a strategic plan are:

Vision: to spread there business all over in international market brand in various services of financial matter presenting the best investor in great gate way of india

Mission : offering good financial care value by millions of diligence and clearance of visible

Brand Essence: Core brand essence is Diligence and Religare is driven by ethical and dynamic processes for wealth creation.

Our Brand Identity:


Religare is a Latin word that translates as 'to bind together'. This name has been chosen to reflect the integrated nature of the financial services the company offers.


The Religare name is paired with the symbol of a four-leaf clover. Traditionally, it is considered good fortune to find a four-leaf clover as there is only one four-leaf clover for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers found.

For us, each leaf of the clover has a special meaning. It is a symbol of Hope. Trust. Care. Good Fortune.

For the world, it is the symbol of Religare:

Hope. Trust. Care. Good Fortune. All elements perfectly combine in the emblematic and rare, four-leaf clover to visually symbolize the values that bind together and form the core of the Religare vision.

Analyse the factors affecting the strategic plan

SOL: The factors affecting the strategic plan are:

It goes without saying that any organisation is a sub system of a super system or environment. The environment variable are classed broadly into social, task or industry and internal environment.




The Social Environment is the outer layer covering the external variable or forces namely:



Political and legal


The Task Environment or Industry Environment is the middle environment layer that connects the outer and the inner environment namely:






Trade associations




Special interest group and governments

The Internal Environment is the forces namely:




Competitions of Religare :

There are several financial security companies playing their roles in Indian equity market. But Religare faces competitions from these few companies.


Share Khan (SSKI)


India Bulls

HDFC Securities

Motital Oswal



About Religare Securities Limited (RSL):

One of the leading integrated financial services groups of India

Diverse range of offerings

Client base of more than 5000,000 and growing across the retail, wealthand Institutional Spectrum.

Pan India and global footprint.

Width and depth of management leading a formidable employee base.

Best-in-class Research.

"Sweetly placed" to spot new opportunities and power ahead.

The Religare Edge:

Diverse offerings

Dynamic Management Team

State-of-the art technology

Vast Distribution and Reach

Robust Brand Recognition

Synergistic partnerships

Innovative Initiati

LO2: Evaluate alternative strategies to meet the desired future strategic position.

Assessment Criteria

2.1 Apply a range of strategic analysis tools to audit progress towards strategic aims and objectives



The SWOT Analysis is a conceptual framework for a framework for a systematic analysis that facilities matching the external threats with the weakness and strengths of the organization. It has been common to suggest that the suggest that the companies identify their strengths and weakness, as well as the opportunities and threats in the external environment. But what is often overlooked is that combining these factors may require distinct strategic choices. To systematize these choices the concept of 'SWOT ' has been proposed: where





Simple rules for successful SWOT analysis

The organization should be realistic about its strengths and weaknesses.

Analysis should distinguish between where the organization is today, and where it could be in the future.

Organization should be specific in its approach towards they do.

The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firm's resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates. As such, it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection. The following diagram shows how a SWOT analysis fits into an environment scan.



Religare has a centralized system so that it seeks advice from the top management.

It has a BEST SOFTWARE in India.

Good corporate values are adopted to reach objectives.

Good support from parental Company, i.e.( RELIGARE ENTERPRISE LIMITED).

Company with well diversified portfolio.

Marketing: Religare has an excellent distribution channel and reaches to customers.

The funds are professionally managed and the return on investment is good.

Management is committed and confident in achieving their vision.


High rates of attrition.

Many competitors.

No direct marketing strategy.


Scope for expansion of the company in new places.

Attractive investment opportunity.

Scope for export trade and globalization.

Scope for capturing domestic market in all securities.

New innovative techniques to service faster to the clients.


The major threat is cutthroat competition.

Always fluctuation in prices.

Fast change in customer preferences.

There is large number of market risk on investment in scrip's.

2.2 Review and assess the expectations of all stakeholders and their influence upon the organisational strategy

SOL: The expectations of all stakeholders and their influence upon the organisational strategy are:


S. No. Name

1.Mr. Malvinder Mohan Singh

2.Mr. Shivinder Mohan Singh

3 .Dr. Mrs. Sunita Naidoo

4. Mr. R.K. Shetty

5 .Mr. Padam Bahl


Number of Equity Shares Held








Mr. Deepak Ramchand Sabnani (Independent Director)

Dr. Mrs. Sunita Naidoo (Independent Director)

Mr. R.K. Shetty (Alternate Director to Mr. J.W. Balani)

Capt G.P.S. Bhalla (Alternate Director to Mr. Deepak Ramchand Sabnani)


Member of National Stock Exchange of India and Bombay Stock Exchange of India.

Depository Participant with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

A SEBI approved Portfolio Manager. RSL provides platform to all segments of the investor to leverage the immense opportunity Offered by equity investing in India either on their own or through managed funds in Portfolio Management.

2.3 Analyse, interpret and produce a structured evaluation of the organisational strategic position

SOL: The interpret and produce a structured evaluation of the organisational strategic position are:

A framework for Strategic Management, which has received substantial attention of management consultants and strategists. The frameworks first appeared in "The Art of Japanese management " by Richard PASCALE and Anthony Athos in 1981.It was born at a meeting of four in 1978. The framework rests on the proposition that effective organizational changes is best understood in terms of the multipart relationship between STRATEGY , SYSTEM,STRUCTURE, STYLE SKILLS,STAFF AND SHARED VALUES in 7-S.

The company found that neglecting any one of 7 key factors could lead to doomed strategies. Each of these factors are equally important and interacts will all other factors. Any numbers of circumstances may dictate which of the factors will be the driving force in the implementation of any particular strategy. Stated in general terms the proposition of the 7-S Model suggests that there are multiple factors, which influence an organization's ability to change and its proper mode of change. Since the variables are interconnected, significant progress cannot be made in one area unless corresponding progress is made in other areas too.


"It is more important to do what is strategically right than what is immediately profitable." It is the means to achieve organizational purpose. Strategy refers to decisions bearing on the future of an enterprise defining its direction and scope In the long run. These decisions ideally involve matching of resources to the changing environment and determining what the enterprise ought to be doing in the years to come and how it should position itself to take advantage of the future market opportunities.

Strategy is the course of actions through which organization relates to itself with its environment so as to attain its objectives.


It was seen in the past that employees would join the work and would resign after 3-6 months. This was due to increased rate of attrition. The employees would join competitors after gaining experience and knowledge. So in order to retain the employees company formulated a strategy. The institutional original certificates of the employees have to be deposited with the company. This is done strictly to retain employee for at least 1 year.


Structure is an additional to the organizational tool kit. It is comparable with the super structure of an organization, which indicates to what extent the activities are specialized, and the ways in which the organizational tasks are integrated and coordinated. It can also be defined as the way in which organization's unit relates to each other.

Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director-

Deputy Vice Chairman-

Regional Manager-

Department Manager-










Country head

Managing director

Joint Managing Director

Branch Manager

Front Office

Back Office



Rules, regulations and procedures constitute 'Systems 'in the 7-S framework. System can be described as the procedures, process, and routines that characterize all the important work is to be done. A system is an assemblage of things connected or interrelated so as to form a complete unity; a whole composed of parts and sub-parts in orderly arrangement accordingly to some scheme or plan. A system is not merely the totality of parts and sub-parts but their arrangement is more important. The whole becomes greater than the total of individual parts, because of the type of arrangement made in these parts and sub-parts. Thus, a system is an interdependent framework in which various

parts are arranged.


System followed is Merit rating system

Staff Appraisal:

It is very important that appraisal and reward systems support the types of behaviors the organization desires from employees. Organization links compensation to actual job performance through merit rating system. The size of merit rating depends on the both performance and the employee's current position in the salary range established for that job.


It is another variable, which may determine the effectiveness of organization change effort. It tries to explain the culture and style of working in an organization. It also explains about the behavior and attitude of key person or manager in achieving the Organization's goals.

It is the process of influencing people so that they will contribute to organization and at the same time in achieving its goals.

Company Style:

Top down


Branch manager gives a target for turnover for the day & it is the task of dealers & Branch Manager to achieve it.


Staffing is the process of acquiring, developing, employing, appraising, remunerating, and retaining people so that right type of people are available at right positions and at right time in the organization.

It is clear that staffing must be closely linked to organizing, that is, the setting up of intentional structures of roles and positions. To be sure, this department provides valuable assistance, but it is the job of managers to fill the positions in their organization and to keep them filled with qualified people.


Prospecting, Recruiting Interviewing, Training, Formulating company policies, Staffing, Computation of staff planning, Evaluation & reporting to higher authority.


Skill refers to distinctive competence; which reflects the dominant skills of an organization and may consist of competence in terms of customer services, quality commitments, market potentiality and so on.

Skills refer to expertness, practical ability or facility in an action or doing something. It is also the capacity of doing or performing something individually, independently, or in a group so as to attain some pre-determined goals.

Company skills:

Religare has variety of skills in doing its business. The company analyses the potential market so that it can market its securities in efficient manner. The company Stock Broker is trained and provided with skills to deal with customers personally to know their needs and wants. Company also strives in providing the better services. It has skilled staff which also provides market information regularly, which helps to study about stock markets. It also informs and makes customer aware of market conditions. Skills are parallel to core competencies and whenever there is a shift in the strategy, firm may have to acquire expertise in new skills and older skills.


INTEGRITY: To conduct the business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything the company does must stand the test of public scrutiny.

UNDERSTANDING: Must be caring, show respect, compassion and humanity towards colleagues and customers around the work, and always work for the benefit of the communities we serve.

EXCELLENCE: Must constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day to day work & in the quality of the goods and services we provide.

UNITY: We must work cohesively with our colleagues across the Group and with our customers and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.

RESPONSIBILITY: We must continue to be responsible, sensitive to the countries, communities and environment in which we work, always ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over.

LO3: Decide upon a strategy and identify how, if required, you would justify your selection to meet the required future strategic position.

Assessment Criteria

3.1 Identify and develop a range of alternative strategic options to meet strategic aims and objectives

SOL: The alternative strategic options to meet strategic aims and objectives:

Religare has achieved a lot in the field of finance. Not much can be suggested in regard to the policies and principles it has. The good success rate is a clear reflection about the company's strong rules, coupled with dedicated work put in by its employees.

The following could help the company to become a pioneer in its field:

Religare offered IPO's but found it not quite profitable. The present year has seen a boom in equities and a large number of IPO's are being issued by a number of companies. This could be a good segment to tap with. Entry into the IPO allotment procedure could be quite helpful and profitable.

The company lacks publicity. A good portion of the general public is not quite aware of the existence of such an investment firm like Religare, which caters to most of the available investing instruments. The company could undertake promotional activities with the general public as the target group. They could make aware of the services they render to the public. This could attract new customers which can be transformed into a long lasting relationship. This could be put into action by having print advertisements in papers like The Economic Times, Business Line, and Financial Express etc. Advertisement in CNBC-India could give a very good brand image to the company.

The company acts as a mediatory for most of the investment options. It gives people access to a wide variety of mutual funds, Insurance schemes etc for third party companies. The company can start its own mutual fund and start investing in stocks, debts and government securities. It has a special and dedicated Research Desk who is into constant monitoring of the share markets. It can take advantage of this and start a separate mutual fund. People will have good confidence in this and the business can also be profitable.

3.2 Determine and justify the strategic option that meets the revised strategic position

SOL: The strategic option that meets the revised strategic position is:

Religare Is One Of The Leading Broking Houses In The Equity Market.

Religare Has Good Success Rate As Lead Managers.

It Has Branches All Over Country.

Its Biggest Strength Is The Presence In The Field Of Finance For A Long Time.