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There are various complex demands for taxation and all the related issues associated with the same. There are problems relating to planning with the compliance and also the various tax policies across the globe for various people in various countries. There are problems regarding International Taxation and Global Compliance and Taxation Issues as well. With every opportunity comes risk. And with every risk comes a requirement for an additional professional mind which works with facts, figures, experiences and judgment based on sensible analytics and make calculations regarding the same. For all these complications and many unthought ones as well, there is a one point solution that we provide. We dedicate ourselves to working with clients ranging from potential entrepreneurs to well-established worldwide organizations, developing a wholesome knowledge of tax and business skills to advance your services. We can advise you solutions on the problems faced with the International Revenue Service and other business operations. There are several problems that you face in your business. It may be related to diminishing or growth or any other important matter. We help you to focus on more important problems because we take care of all the problems which act as hindrance block for you, so that you can focus well.

Every Penny saved is hard earned. And we assure you of saving more than you could dream. We help you grow money the way it should.


As the manpower starts to grow, and the expansion of the organization depends upon improving and displaying our talent globally, the competitive edge you obtain is from employing the right workforce driven at the right time. In the process, you need to make your manpower mobile and also making this mobility equally attractive with lesser complexity. Achieving this might take efforts in the long run, complying with a complex system of rules and regulations in areas such as employment law, tax, social security, corporate governance can help. Several pay policies have to be devised to compensate your people for the charting costs associated with global mobility and to make the business profitable, making them join the workforce. Strong Bridge can find you a way to this complexity, so that you move with the laws of the companies you are complying with. We can turn this situation through our learned professionals into a competitive advantage for our clients. Our human capital services team is sound in making market leaders in crafting solutions advising the global employers, and to those who have just taken a step forward in the new ventures.


Every Country in the world works with various kinds of taxes. All the people focus always more on the direct taxes.

But it is the indirect taxes which decide how well your product or service sells. It is very crucial for all to know as to how well priced you are. It is also essential that you realise how and where to position your product. Developing Countries have several slabs of taxation. The other crucial factor is that every canton and every city has different slabs and level of taxation. Also there are different indirect taxes within the same canton or country or city. And this indirect taxation can decide that you can launch a premium product at a competitive price and sustain good profitability if launched well in good area and proper scheme taking correct advantage of all the government taxation.With proper taxation planning on the indirect taxes you can increase your sales exponentially by remaining competitive without compromising returns.

We, at Strong Bridge understand these complexities very well. We resolve to ensure that all our clients get maximum benefit with this with a detailed analysis.

STRONGBRIDGE's indirect tax professionals while working with the clients advise you on how the different kind of taxes such as the value added tax (VAT) or the goods and services tax (GST) affect the clients' accounting and the supply chain management systems. They undertake categorizing and finding the risks, giving advice to clients on the tax implications of foreign trade and support them in complying with customs regulations. Working with us in Indirect Tax, our customers will gain wide-range experience across industries, and receive assistance that makes you an efficient tax professional. Our customs team can manage your customs declaration and can evaluate the import and export documentations. While working with our satisfied and trusted clients, we manage their indirect taxes effectively with all the support they need in their indirect tax requirements. The services provided by us include the advisory and compliance services, due diligence tax audit related assistance service etc. Strong Bridge helps to improve your reporting and handling of indirect tax reducing the attribution errors and costs.


To seek and maintain a competitive advantage and to provide a shareholder value is done by our international tax professionals with the all-round business strategy helping multinational companies holding their tax position globally. The tax teams help in clients' in almost all the international transactions, analyse their taxation strategies, and provide a range of services including policies based on transfer pricing, and supply chain management. Our services have the opportunity to work with the international tax services players on involvement in some of the world's largest international organizations. Knowledge of the current international tax scenario encourages us to operate in environment of continuous scrutiny and challenge with our executives looking to align the standing of the global tax with their business ideologies to provide value to shareholders. The multidisciplinary teams that we work with assure to work with clients to manage operational changes and revolutionize the way we offer these international services. Our dedicated teams of professionals assure you in building hands-on strategies and other international tax strategies. We formulate a framework to manage your global tax risks reducing the tax burden.

Multinational Companies have a significant need to hold their tax positions globally. The only difficulty is to play with vast differences in the mentality of various countries in their planning of economic finances and recovery across the globe. This will always be the case. Always, some economies are in recession, some are in boom, some are in correction, some are in consolidation and some are in the abyss. This situation will remain forever. As a global player, the first requirement is to be capable of taking benefit of this situation as per the need of time.

We are omnipresent in a majority of the countries and hence we are in a position to know these countries better and deeply from within. Every client gets an opportunity to work with one of the best brains in taxation locally as well as global consultants in every field.

This is an endlessly explorable service area to benefit every client need from where-ever they may arise in whichever way they may arise, always.


Financing for new transactions in the new market faces challenges, a study of the future target financials is crucial along with the identification of the operational improvement is an advantage for the private equity funds. Corporate transactions such as Merger and Acquisition, investments, restructurings and cash movements can make way for new opportunities that many companies overlook. Rendering to this, technical expertise and advice of our transaction tax professionals is necessary to identify the potential opportunities. At Strong Bridge, we work keenly with our clients to make sound and knowledgeable investing decisions and also to improve their asset performance while taking our services. Our corporate acquirers provide operational to financial and also the pre and post transactions re-organizations.



Our Merger and Acquisition professionals work in liaison with the clients at the nascent stages of the transaction phase, identifying transaction opportunities and developing implementation plans. We work with a no. of clients, including private equity houses, management leader s and other large corporations. Our clients will gain experience of transactions ranging from the disposal of a small business to larger deals in the tax business, giving you the foundation for a successful transaction advisory career. We offer the latest M&A advisory services identifying the opportunities and competition, considering either side i.e. strategic and financial; managing the project of the whole transaction phase. We offer the right transaction expertise and an all-round knowledge in a wide range of specialized sectors with extensive funds and the private equity players. Our exceptional standard of services largely is the outcome of the M&A expertise constantly being accessible to our clients. Services that we provide are process-driven accessing opportunities for better mergers and acquisitions.


Our transaction real estate professionals cover all the possible sectors, including public or the private sector. The involvement of real estate forms a key factor in complex and high-profile transactions. They help clients raise funds for projects, conduct M&A advisory services and advice on transactions of the real estate. Our advisory services will assist you in different types of valuations and feasibility studies. We help you find solutions to acquire a range of experience across different organizations, with equipped skills you require which in turn helps you to become a successful real estate transaction advisor. We also assist you with the third party oversight of remediation activities to reduce the potential liability. In addition to the services, we perform task-taking issues related to investment in properties and also other real estate related assets. For better real estate transactions, our experts follow the on-going cash flow trends for all types of property to which the services have been provided.


Given the scope of the task, to procure and to implement the operations is imperative. Our project finance professionals can keep you informed with the valuable insights of the finance structure. We work closely with our project sponsors and are on the frontline of project finance to assist you in enhancing the transaction outcomes. Our project finance professionals consider various transaction decisions and issues based on the interaction with our other transaction services professionals. We build our project finance services on the public-private partnership market. When it comes to project finance, we have a service-specific approach to our clients' requirements. Working in the finance environment, we make ourselves capable to deal with the social and the environmental policy issues to help our clients to work more efficiently with us. Managing risks in project finance has a vital role in creating an impact on the project costs and the investments.

We advise on the commercial and financial aspects of projects and analyse the funding market and develop funding strategies. We help our clients perform risk analyses and evaluate options for delivering various projects. This enables us to develop financial models and public sector procurement documentation.

STRONGBRIDGE assists in negotiations with the funding community to obtain the most competitive terms and also review the performance of bidding companies. We run an effective process to buy or sell project finance assets by employing our financial modelling skills.


From a client's perspective, foremost we make sure whether the client is making the right acquisition. Transaction is one of the most risky and complex endeavours in business that needs a supports team to tackle the intricate issues related to it. Our transaction support team helps the clients to identify the risks and anticipate them and also validate the operational assumptions. Acquisition is important but as important is to precede the same and our dedicated teams are the forces that drive the transaction support services. Our teams work with elite organizations, companies with an evolving pace and private equity dealers on the most complex deals in the recognized world market. In terms of analysis of finance and operation, transaction support professionals provide insights to key decision-making of transacting firms, helping them to maximize value and lessen the risks and uncertainty of transactions. Our teams categorize the key drivers, challenge assumptions about future performance and work with other Strong Bridge service teams to deliver an intense solution to our clients.

We analyse the historical performance of companies targeted for sale by undertaking financial, accounting and operational analysis and interacting with the company's senior management. In addition, we also analyse prospective financial information and forecasts and challenge assumptions, at the same time identifying any potential risk and identifying and validating opportunities.

STRONGBRIDGE helps its clients prepare reports that may be shared with various stakeholders and their lending institutions and deliver an integrated service that helps clients make informed strategic decisions.


The companies and private equity investors are advised by our transaction tax professionals on all tax aspects of their transactions. They assure clients with structuring transactions tax efficiently and accept tax due diligence reviews of the future potential targets. They also help companies in financial difficulties along with restructuring colleagues. This involves assisting those in formal liquidation proceedings, to restore their balance sheets by advising on sales of non-core businesses. Our transaction tax professionals look after clients of all sizes all over the industries, working in proximity with colleagues in different service areas throughout the world. In this dynamic and fast-paced environment, we'll help you work on a variety of transactions. This ranges from acquisitions of small self-owned businesses to major, newsworthy deals, including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, demergers, joint ventures, refinancing or stock exchange transactions such as IPOs. All of which will help you grow your future plans in regards to your tax.

Our transaction tax professionals work with clients to help them identify and mitigate tax risk inherent in potential transactions and assist in the design and implementation of complex cross-border acquisition and disposition structures. We provide advice on the future tax implications of proposed acquisition structures and assist in reviewing a sales or purchase agreement for a transaction.


At Strong Bridge, the business modelling professionals in a way help decision-making assessment and further plan the efficient share of resources in organizations. Using refined modelling and qualitative analysis techniques, they assist in developing the business and financial models for structuring a business or a new project. Valuation experts provide an perspective for crucial assumptions and uncertainties so that the clients and the investors identify and follow-up the deal better. In this, you will experience the services for a variety of sectors. Our strength for providing valuation services comes from our expertise performing high quality valuations of various companies and assets, knowing the need for flawless and robust valuations, which in turn satisfy the corporate and accounting requirements. We promote top class modelling that comes with better decision -making. Our professionals cover modelling support for miscellaneous areas such as M&A, strategic valuation, project finance, private equity deals, pricing and bid evaluation, and restructuring. We deliver the enhanced building of decision support developing models using different operations that take into consideration the risks and uncertainties involved.


The restructuring professionals help clients understand what is going wrong, recover liquidity, justify, stabilize and implement options that will regain the profits and enhance returns to their stakeholders. Working with us, will give our clients the opportunity to understand the standings of the market on a global platform. In the underperforming and critical operational environment, Strong Bridge offers a leadership and a problem-solving approach to manage transitions in crisis and change. Our restructuring services help to handle queries and the problems of our clients. We assure you to fortify processes, operations, people and systems. We as a team, represent leaders in a wide range of restructurings. Deploying top level skills from our practice, helps our expertise deliver a wide range of restructuring services. Strong Bridge aims at giving you an outstanding and a successful outcome to your restructurings.


Transaction integration covers all the Mergers and Acquisitions or the Carve-out services on an agenda. Carve-out transactions create an innovative and a unique transition challenges bringing real value and insights to the clients. We give support in terms of pre-close and post-closed with transaction advisory having a strong transactional background to our services. During the whole transaction cycle, Strong Bridge strives to perform, accelerate, realize, and support of deal benefits helping to reduce the spaces in the transaction outcome and achieve the expected. The key in finding solution in transaction integration lies in solving the operational issues with sustainable insights where we are a potential service provider. It is integral to assist our clients and help them from our side to succeed with their transactions. Our transaction integration professionals understand the needs of the clients and help them achieve a suitable outcome to the service provided. They accelerate the factors that are necessary for a successful transaction and make sure to learn about the pin-points of each organization participating in a deal. We give you a vast exposure to a breadth and width of deals and to ensure and deliver best transaction advisory services. Being partners globally, we aspire to leverage the shortcomings so that each team is structured in line.