Relationship Between The Company And The Stake Holders

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A stakeholder can be said to be anyone or any group that is being affected, or that affects either directly or indirectly the operations of a company. A stakeholder always extend as far as the business environment extends to and also it can cover the future generations. There are various challenges that arise as a result of trying to balance the interests of various stake holders in program evaluation. The views that arise from a stakeholder are frequently diverse. The views tend to reflect on the different organizational and political interests. The company needs to come up with better negotiation skills so as to maintain perfect relationship with the stake holders. A stake in a company tends to refer to the value one has in a company. The stake one has in a company shows an individual s aspirations, reputations and political influence. There are various types of stake holders and they are as listed below

The community or practitioners who have an interest in the company.

Clients, representatives and service users.

The senior staff in management and policy makers.

It is clear that a multiple stakeholder is of importance since it reflects a democratic process whereby the diversified interests and values that the society desires are addressed. In addition, there is an improvement in the evaluation process, increased commitment. There is determination in the evaluation process and enhanced opportunity in the evaluation use

The dell company was initially founded in the year 1984 by Michel dell, he was a student in the University of Texas and his main aim was to meet consumer with their needs. At first the company was known as PC limited and its first computer that it made was known as turbo. What made dell successful id because it used to sell its products through its websites. Each year the company s performance is becoming better and better. The main goals of the company are to create technology that can change the world and technology which can have a positive impact in the lives of its customers. Through the use, of its stakeholder the dell company is a force that brings about positive change around the world.

Dell is a multinational company which has its branches in various countries. It has many stake holders who have an interest in the way it deals, operates and performs its duties. The company s stake holders are not only limited to the company s customers, shareholders, suppliers and academic communities. For the company to have a better understanding of its stake holders, it always has regular meetings between the socially responsible investors and the dell business. These meetings are of importance as they help to address various issues, for instance the environmental risks, accountability and also community risks. Through the meetings, the company is able to enhance its sustainability efforts.

The dell Inc has come up with an initiative to engage with its broad range of stake holders in performing its corporate responsibilities. This is done as it is vital for the company s corporate responsibilities. The dell company has various stake holders and they are.

Donation partners for instance the goodwill industries and the national Christina foundation.

Government and nongovernmental organizations include European union commission and the ministry of economy, industry and trade of Japan.

The united states trade associations which comprises of business software alliance and the Information technology industry council.

Investment influences that are socially responsible.

The investment advocates who comprise of the green century capital management and the evangelical Lutheran American church.

There were goals which the dell group announced to its stake holders. These goals adressed the achievement of an annual increase in its products recovery rates in the year 2005. This goal was founded or implemented after working in conjunction with the socially investment funds. The goals of the socially investment fund were to create product recovery rates.

The dell group together with all its branches is striving in implementing the above stated goals. Part of the company s plan is to provide regular reports of its progresses to the socially responsible investors. Its other role was to share its reports with the other stake holders of the company. The company is thankful to the socially responsible investors for their help in trying to achieve the company s goals. These investors have assisted the company in establishing the measurement systems. The dell company has come up with a global team which engages one on one with the stake holders. There are various models that the dell companies use so as to ensure there is a balance in the stakeholder s management. The models that this company use enable it to listen to the stake holders, inform them and also involve them in the formulation of the business plans.

The company has been striving to improve the stakeholder engagement model over the past five years. This is done so as to ensure that the company takes into consideration the views of the stake holders. This will ultimately help in building ways that will assist in the communication between the company and the stakeholder. Dell has joined other multinational companies in the sustainability consortium. It has become a multiple stake holder company over the past five years. Its sustainability consortium is aimed at improving the latest methodologies and tools so as to come up products that tend to address economic, environmental and also social imperatives.

Dell in the past five has been properly managing its stake holders through providing responses to the issues that are being raised by the stake holders. This has come up due to the engagement of the dell company with a group known as Ceres and also a team comprising of external stake holders. These external stake holders were initially chosen by the Ceres group. The main reason for this engagement was to provide solutions to the ever increasing issues of social, governance and environmental. This team was to assist in reviewing this year s report on corporate responsibility.

The team reviewed this report so as to determine whether the company adequately reported on its key impacts and sustainability performance which comprises of targets, goals, initiatives, data and finally system. Through this review process, the team was to provide feedback to the company as to the response that the company was expected to come up with so as to be able to address the issues that the stake holders have against the company. The company s feedback to the stake holders was to be included in the preparation of the company s final report. Some of the issues that the company commonly gets from the stake holders are listed below

An explanation of the company s business case when it comes to sustainability. The company s response to this issue was well indicated in the environmental responsibility part of the final report.

Provide a detailed report on benchmarking and results The company s response to this was provided in the annual reports and results of the company.

Sharing of information on the company s public policy. The company s response to this issue was an increase in the information that was being availed in the environmental responsibility section. The main reason why the stake holders are demanding an increase in the information on public policy was because policies change very fast with the occurrence of events. The challenge the company is facing with this issue is that it is difficult to address this issue.

Come up with more features on the success stories of some of its employees and partners .The company s response to this was inclusion of successes stories in every section of the annual report.

These responses are of importance to the company hence the company has made it a priority to engage with its multiple stake holders. Through the past years, the company has form alliances and agreements with various stake holders for instance involvement with the Ceres group, involvement with the social responsibilities investors and also involvement with business so as to acquire social responsibility. Therefore through engaging with stake holders, the company has been able to develop. The company has also made progress in the corporate responsibility initiatives

The dell company values the stakeholder s voice in the performance of the company. The company is committed to having future engagements with the stake holders of the company. In addition, the company has an established stakeholder group. In the year 2009, the company engaged with the stakeholder group. There were various partnerships that were formed during the year, for instance, the international engagement which was sealed in Berlin regarding the company s environmental strategies. The company also sealed another domestic partnership in Boston Massachusetts.

The company has had seven stakeholder conferences which were used to discuss various topics that had a direct impact on the company; topics such as climate leadership or also known as sustainable operations, services and solutions, employee engagement, global recycling, stewardship and product packaging were discussed. These issues are addressed so as to ensure that the relationship between the company and the stake holders is maintained and ultimately it impacts on the better performance of the company. In addition to the above conferences, the company in the year 2009 had a forum with the social responsible investors in which there were discussions covering corporate responsibility initiatives and the financial performance schedules.


The relationship between the company and the stake holders is not always smooth sailing. At times there are disagreements and at times alignment but ultimately there is an understanding

between the two parties. Therefore to minimize the misperceptions the company ensures that every decision made is well calculated and researched. The company is always thankful for the stake holders who always devote their time to working with the company. The company has ideal stake holders and this include those stake holders who are said to be the subject matter professionals when it comes to material issues that are always affecting the company. These stake holders always take part in detailed and candid discussions with the management. The corporate responsibility team of the company always takes into consideration the advice, feedback and guidance that the stake holders bring up. The information obtained is used presented to the executive leadership team. Therefore through the stake holders that the company has together with the strategies that the company is undertaking as outlined above, it is therefore possible for the company to achieve its goals in the near future.