Examining a positive relationship between leadership and employee job satisfaction in Sri Lanka

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The objective of this research is to study the practical aspects of the theories behind whether there is a positive relationship between managerial leadership and employee job satisfaction and how theories have been developed for practical application. It is also intended to see the significance of practicing these theories in the Sri Lankan private sector and the benefits that could be derived when employee job satisfaction is on the increase.

Human performance is a significant driver of organizational success, profitability and growth. Globally, the private sector and apparel industry is going through a very tough time, and as a result the manufacturers are facing severe competition. At a time like this an organizations' ability in motivating and retaining the right talent will be of enormous help to the organization in order to sustain the challenges and be in business with a future expectation of growth. Therefore, it will be of paramount importance to study the dynamics and linkages of human performance.


Major dependable variables in Job Satisfaction which indicate the Job Satisfaction are as follows:

a. Wages and Benefits. Wages and benefits play a major role when workers become satisfied with their jobs.

b. Supervisor. The ability and capability of supervisor to provide necessary caring and guidance to worker will give good motivation to work in satisfied manner.

c. Work environment. High quality of work environment improves the quality of work life of workers. Its establish the good objectives and will be able to achieve good Job Satisfaction.

d. Job. When the workers are doing some work which they like and interesting to do they are satisfied with the Job they are doing and will result of high performance from the workers.

e. Career. Now a day's workers are interesting about the career opportunities provided to them. When they see the opportunities available to them they work to achieve their goals.


13. In order to excel in business an organization has to put in to practice appropriate Managerial Leadership practices in par with the other organizations in the area as well as the industry and country at large. Good Leadership practices will motivate the Employees thus leading them to better performance. Therefore, the Managerial Leadership that an organization adopts in its business environment becomes very important when achieving organizational and personal goals. In the private sector and apparel industry most of the Employees work in small teams and therefore, leading them in the right direction will obviously make them satisfied in their respective roles and help the organization grow.

14. According to Peter F Drucker "Leadership is not magnetic personality, which can just as well be a glib tongue. It is not making friends and influencing people that are flattery. Leadership is lifting a person's vision to higher sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations. [8] 


15. In this study the researcher has identified the following leadership styles. Those are :

a. Participative Leadership Style. It's very difficult to order and demand someone to be creative, perform as a team, solve complex problems, improve quality, and provide outstanding customer service. The style presents a happy medium between over controlling (micromanaging) and not being engaged and tends to be seen in organizations that must innovate to prosper.

b. The Laissez Faire Leadership Style. The style is largely a "hands off" view that tends to minimize the amount of direction and face time required. Works well if you have highly trained and highly motivated people in the organization.

c. The Autocratic Leadership Style. The style has its advocates, but it is falling out of favor in many organizations with the changes that has taken place in the business world and awareness created in schools, print and electronic media.

16. In today's context an organization in the private sector companies and apparel industry will have a mix of above three styles in order to achieve its organizational goals whilst keeping the workforce motivated.


17. Based on the literature review and considering the practical aspects the writer has developed the following conceptual framework. The researcher's argument is that there is a positive relationship between managerial leadership and employee is the key to success in private sector apparel companies. Considering the two important factors (managerial leadership and work motivation), the conceptual framework is developed illustrating how job satisfaction is achieved through this process.


As this research is focused on the relationship of Managerial Leadership on job satisfaction, the writer intends discussing the two subjects in brief. Basic functions of management are to plan, organize, direct and control the operations of their organization. Unfortunately, these functions describe 'what to be done' and, not 'how to be done'. On the other hand the new workforce will not respond to traditional management practices. Therefore, effective managers have to use different methods, to influence and motivate them to perform at a higher level. Understanding their attitudes, personality traits and core beliefs can use to develop their job satisfaction in the long run.

Motivating and maintain the right talent is a very important part of the Managerial tasks. Sometimes in an organization has to cost very high amount of money for replacing a good worker. Costs of , advertising, recruitment, selection, hiring etc, there could be many hidden costs such as vacancy cost until it is filled, costs resulting from the interruption in work flow, temporary loss of production, quality issues etc. Therefore, always organizations must find ways to motivate and keep satisfies their workforces at all levels and get the optimum contribution from all concerned.