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HR in Pakistan

This article is written by an HR professional who has worked in HR department of various private companies over the past 5 years. In this article the author has elaborated on views about HR departments in the country. She explains how HR department is still a misunderstood department. The major reason for this begins at the top because the top management and owners of private firms who start HR departments in their organizations are themselves not aware of the importance of efficient HR practices. Mostly the top management expects that by creating an HR department all problems will be gone. This confusion starting from the top ultimately leads to the feeling among the employees and management that HR is reducing their authority and thus creates conflict. This feeling of being unwelcomed by the employees and pressure of top management diverts focus of HR people and lead them to confusion and thus improper HR operations.

HR in Pakistan

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Human Resource Management In Pakistan Has Many facet, Claim Some Of The Top HR Managers In Pakistan

In this article views of various HR Managers of Pakistan have been presented regarding the HR practices in country. According to those views, HR departments in Pakistani organizations have evolved from administration department. This evolution and some understanding regarding the functions of HR department has grown due to the adoption of HRM by the multinationals coming to pakistan. As compared to internatonal scenario, HRM in Pakistan is still at immaturity. For HRM practices to benefit, it requires joint effort of all three parties; sincere efforts of professionals in HR department, realization of the company that its employees are its most valuable asset and loyalty and dedication of employees towards their jobs

The elongating work hours within Pakistani corporate culture is increasing the need of an effective HR department. Required is a department that not only works as a bridge between the employees and management but also goes an extra mile to give a feeling of care to its employees.

Human Resource Issues in Pakistan

In this article the author exclaims that the unprofessional and mal practices of HR departments in Pakistan have lead to generation of qualified but unskilled employees leading to unproductive organizations. If we analyze HR department issues , problems will be identified in management of al functions of HRM discipline. Some major problems include improper recruitment, wrong employment leading to no respect of job by the incumbent, personal interests obstruct organizations interests, leadership quality is poor, innovation and diversity is discouraged, the general behavior is passive , there are not many opportunities, no motivation, improper performance management systems, pay for performance is missing, communication problems , centralized decision making, shortsightedness and lack of vision of the top management

Human Resource Issues in Pakistan

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Promote work-life balance through employee assistance programme

The author explains that in order to have a progressive organization, the employer needs to create a respectful workplace and have healthy employees, which is achieved when employees are mentally and emotionally stable. Healthy employees lead to increase in productivity, better quality of output and creativity.



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Balance between work and family or personal life.

The study reveals that one-forth of the wok-force in Pakistan, especially Karachi, rate there job as biggest stressor in their lives. Employees rate their design of task, a lot of work, small and improper rest breaks, long shifts and lack of depth and control of the job performed as some of the causes of stress . Centralized decision making management style along with absence of employee-friendly policies also add to dissatisfaction and stress in work places. Employees feel that the management has given them unrealistic targets to achieve, also that they are uncertain of their job responsibilities and are provided with improper working environment.

Workplace stress leads to health problems

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Human Resources Excellence: Optimizing Employee Potential Through HR Department Efficiency.

Author explains that considering the importance of human resource asset , aligning the human resource departmental goals with that of organization are of utmost importance. Innovative Human Resource practices application has been proved among best practices of top performing companies and an important driver towards productivity gains in business. Efficient HR practices include recruitment and selection of best employees, having strategically directed development programs, creative compensation and recognition programs. As President & CEO of LLC Chris Bogan shares that a company’s performance is in the hands of its employees so investment in human resource assures gain in profit and productivity.

Human Resources Excellence: Optimizing Employee Potential Through HR Department Efficiency.

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What Are the Most Common Workplace Issues

The author explains that improper communication between employees and there managers is the most common workplace issue and needs to be addressed on regular basis as it has vital effects on both parties and job performance. Team meeting and creation of respectful work environment can help coping up with this issue.

What Are the Most Common Workplace Issues

Employee Demotivation â€" Causes and Solutions!

Employee dissatisfaction and de-motivation is a common workplace issue and very contagious in work environments where it is not taken care of instantly. Constant cribbing of one employee may lead to de-motivation of others. The effect of lack of motivation is directly upon job performance and productivity, therefore, immediate tackling of this issue is important.

To tackle such situation effectively , an organization must understand the root cause behind the lackluster attitude and find out way to create positive attitude in the employees.

Employee Demotivation â€" Causes and Solutions!

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So is pay really a motivator?

Compensation is considered as a motivator, but without a solid strategy which is applied consistently ,the compensation can become a de-motivator. This area needs consistent focus because the reality of compensation is much more complex than the theory.