Reflective Essay - Operational manager at a Hotel Management Company

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1. The squeaky door gets the oil

I haves such experience a few months ago. At that time, I was an operation manager at a hotel management company. We plan to start a call center department to support our business. The call center employee will call back to our customers who have stayed our hotel and received our service. I have no proper employee for that position. And we can’t find a good professional telesales in such short time. So I just choose one employee who was new hire named Doris at another position, I decided to training her by myself. So I became her leader. Also I continued to hire more people to choose. We worked together for a period. It seems that she is not so good at that position. And she always complains to other employee. I know that she is just temporary for that position. I will replace her with another new hire as soon as I find the good one. But at that time, it is so hard to find a good employee for that telesales position.

One day Doris come to me, she said, I want to talk with you. I replied, OK. Then she said, when I was hired, the HR manager told me that the salary of your department employee is 5000.(actually we did not have such position for 5000,we just try to look for good people. And she is hired not for that position, so she got less than 5000).But she was already at my department, at that position. So I just replied with no thinking, OK, when you come over probation period, I will give you 5000.I just said YES to her. When she left my office, I even did not know what I was saying, she never deserved that, why I say yes. But at that point, I just said it. So I said to myself, OK, she gets what she want, maybe she will do better at work. At least, she can solve some problem for me for the moment when I have no other people to use.

The time flies, there was another day come. When I arrived the office, I found that she looked so bad. Then she asked me for a period leave. I was shocked, she said that she was sick and wanted go back to look the doctor. I did not know how to response her. I just comforted her, take care of your self.Is everything goes OK?I can’t find any other excuse to refuse her special treatment.I was afraid that If I said no, she would leave the company, I have not find new hire for that position.So I said YES once again.

A few months later,she left my company at the final.I should have other respone to replace YES to slove the employee’s special treatment.

Homework and Assignment 2 “Nice guys finish last” “Nice girls don’t get the corner office.” From your observations of the workplace, are these statements mostly true? Give examples of what you have seen or heard about that either proves or disproves these statements? [Remember: No Names!] Why does this happen in some organizations? ~ Minimum 300 words ~ In the same Word document as the first topic

2.Nice guys finish last

In the work environment, there are many kinds of guys who do very different behavior when facing the same situation. It always leads the different results in your career. I have a colleague in my company who is one of the co-founders of the company. So the fresh employee may think he is powerful and rich of ability in dealing with tough things. But actually, he is a totally nice guy. Most of the employees would like to work with him since he is soft, thoughtful and never angry with others. The fact is that he never solve the problems directly, never make someone embarrassed in the work place. He likes to organize parties for the employees and have fun with them. Maybe he thinks it will be good for building the company like a family. But there are many problems for the company to go forward with that nice partner. Since he is the second co-founder in the company, the employee thinks he can decide something avoiding the company rules such as sick leaving or some other things. When the employees have some requests which is not permitted at the company rules, they will go to find the second co-founder directly. The nice guy never says so. So the employees thought that means YES. Finally, when the big boss knows, if it is already done, the big boss is so angry with him, if it is denied by the big boss, the employees all complains the co-founder. So nice guys acts like soft but not good to both of the company. When the boss has a meeting with the employees to discuss the promotion issues, no one support that nice guy. The boss feels less powerful to lose some eyes if he promotes that nice guys. The employees cannot have trust with him since even he says yes, it does not mean yes, the requirements may be still denied by the big boss.

So for the nice guy himself, he gets slower promotion to behavior as a nice guy.

In my opinion, I think the people should divide the company with the personal life. What he behavior should be more professional to avoid the nice guy event.

Homework and Assignment 3 Reflect upon the test methods you have experienced or heard about. For example: •Do you think they were useful? •Did they give a good understanding of your personality or your skills? •What is your opinion of the usefulness of employment tests? ~ Minimum 300 words ~ In the same Word document as the first topic.

The test methods

There are kinds of test methods for the company to hire people. Some are useful for the position, some not. When I was graduated from university, I had an interview with the state-owned company. There are nearly 10 people who sat in front of me, on the other side across the big desk, just myself. It was like 1 VS 10,I should beat them all if I would like to join the enterprise. Then they began the test, introduce myself first, then they would ask some questions according what I talked about myself. So the total progress is just talking. I was nervous in that situation.Finally,the people who sat in the middle did some suggestion with body language. The assistant told me that they would let me know the result as soon as possible. In another work experience, I had worked as a consultant in a foreign company. The entry test left a good impression on me.When I was given the phone-interview, I was not prepared. Maybe that could find out my personality in normal life. When passed, I did the exam by paper work. Then I had the interview with the manager. Then the big boss. So it is totally different with the state-owned company. The one to one talking made me feel relax. I could show who am I really. The manager will know me better about my skills from the paper test.And they also could know personality from face to face chatting.

The usefulness of employment tests should include the hard skill test and the soft skill.It is easy to make a hard skill test by kinds of exam. But it is very difficult to know well about the employee’s soft skills. That’s why we need HR and managers. The industry and personal experience of the managers will help them to find some personalities about the employee.

Homework 4

Reflect upon the training methods you have experienced or heard about. NO NAMES PLEASE!

  • Do you think these training methods were effective?

Why or why not?

How was the outcome or value of the training measured?

  • What type of training, in your opinion, is lacking in the workplace?

(These questions are only a guide to what you might reflect upon)

I have experienced some training methods as follows: instructor-led training, hands-on training.

The instructor-led training may be the most “old-fashioned” method, but it can still be effective, especially if you invite trainees to write on the board or ask for feedback that you write on the board.

This method is increasingly being replaced with PowerPoint presentations, which are less manually demanding, but overheads do allow you to write on them and customize presentations easily on the spot.

PowerPoint presentation is also one of the types of instructor training. The training materials are displayed on a large screen for any number of trainees. Employees can also use the programs individually, which allows for easy make-up sessions for employees who miss the group session. This method is one of the most popular lecture methods and can be combined with handouts and other interactive methods.

The hands-on training included cross-training, coaching and so on. The cross-training allows employees to experience other jobs, which not only enhances employee skills but also gives companies the benefit of having employees who can perform more than one job. Cross-training also gives employees a better appreciation of what co-workers do and how their own jobs fit in with the work of others to achieve company goals. The goal of job coaching is to improve an employee’s performance. Coaching focuses on the individual needs of an employee and is generally less formal than other kinds of training. There are usually no set training sessions.

We should select the exact training methods fitting the job according to the requirement and type of the job in the workplace. There are numerous methods and materials available to help us to prepare and equip employees to better do their jobs. The key point is combining the various methods into an effective blended learning approach to achieve to goals of the company.


The Dunning-Kruger Effect & Irrational Optimism

What is your experience of these phenomena in the workplace?

Either from your observations or from what you have heard, how do these concepts affect the operations of companies and relationships between colleagues?

Can you give some examples?

Why does this happen in some organizations?

The Dunning-Kruger effect is around us everywhere especially in the workplace. When I was hired in a big IT multinational company a few years ago. I met some interesting colleagues in my team. Since we all come from the same level university and have very few experiences in the past work area. It is very difficult to judge our work performance when we had not started the real work. The guy who had most confidence won more attention and took more leader work in our team. The first program we had cooperate together and we permitted the guy’s lead responsibility. So when we had different ideas about what we would do in the next step, we will consider the guy’s opinion even we thought it was terrible. We told ourselves that we should encourage him to do better. And everyone will have first try. But actually the final result let us upset and disappointing. We were shamed to blame him according his over confidence. We hoped the guy would realize his problem himself. A few days later, when another task was assigned, the guy still so confident to get the opportunity to be a leader again. The reason he said to the manager was that he had led a good team-work performance. The manager checked the result and asked him why the result was bad. He explained that the team members’ level was so low that he should pay more attention to finish the job. If there were some other team members worked with him, the result would be good. When we heard of this kind of excuse, we just laughed and did not want to talk anything. We finally realized that the most stupid people would have the most Irrational Optimism even though the others did not think so.

It is difficult to work with such kind of people. It will hurt the team’s passion in the work. But actually some people use these tips to get higher position. So we need some career promotion test to check the people’s real ability.

Homework 6

What part can games play in improving productivity in the operations of your organization?

Note: This is not a question about training programs. It’s about integrating games into the daily work of employees.

When people say they are overloaded or cannot keep up with their works, it is usually the result of taking on too much. Most of the time, people in the work need to “Say No” more often than usual. Being able to “Say No” is a key to avoid being overcome by obligations others ask us to take on. So there are a few games played in the work to improving the productivity.

I work in a hotel management company and we have several branches all over China. The head office is based in Beijing to support the operations of the whole hotels connecting and transferring. When the cleaners and first line employees came to work in the morning, we could encourage some competing games such as running or rope-skipping within 10 minutes. The winner will get a small present or some reward in the work. The game not only takes some functional to the team work building, but also encourage the employees to become healthy.

In the IT team, we could encourage the IT guys to be game players in an internet game after the dinner time. Since there are always more work to be done with the IT team, they cannot get off work on time. They usually need work more after dinner. So the game competing is a good way to motivate their energy in the job.

For the middle management, they need some games playing in the meeting. The meeting time is always so long for the middle management. When they are discussing some problems needed to be solved, it takes longer than they expect. If the meeting sticks because of the issues, they need a game to relax the environment and adopt the managers’ mood. It makes them to get back again in the meetings.

There are stills kinds of parts games can be played improving productivity in the operations. It depends on the real industry business what we are operating on.

Homework 7

Reflect on how classical conditioning operates in your work environment.

What are some examples?

How well does this work?

How does it change behavior?

Are there some other changes that could be made to your work environment that would provide the positive effects of classical conditioning?

There are many kinds of classical conditioning existing in my work environment. The different types of the classical conditioning operate as different functional part to affect our behavior in the work. Currently we are doing hotel management in the company. The target customers of our product are young and creative people, who are enjoying trying something new and relaxing. So we paint orange as

our major color to affect the product brand. The customers feel relax and full of joy when they see the product with that type. We also use that color to make up our office. It reminds us that our main business is hotel management, and it encourages us to be more joyful at work.

We also use some model reward to encourage the employees doing better. We give reward to the best branch every month and we put a flag in a very good place to make sure everyone can read it. The employees will do better performance in the job when they see the flag in their branch.

For supervising the daily work of the employees, we also set up the video in the work environment. It might make them feel nervous at work. But it also helps to make sure the security protection when they are dealing with customers. So they feel safe in the work environment, then they can performance better in the work.



Whichofthesebiasesaremostobviousinyourcharacterandwayofdoingthings?Howdoyourbiaseshaveanimpactonyourworkandworkrelationships? Whatcanyoudoaboutthat? (Minimum300words)

I have some experience bias when I am doing things with people. For example, when I was divided to a group, I did not know anything about my partners. Then we started to take a task. I would rather observe my partners’ behavior and point in our team work. If someone did a really poor job, I would evaluate the guy as a lower level. Maybe he is just not good at this thing. But in the following team work, I would just judge him as a lower level guy. So I would not pay much attention about his point. I cannot be patient with him in the cooperating process. If someone cannot be able to get to work on time, and sometimes be late. I would just take him as a bad attitude guy in the work. Maybe there is really something happened to him, he was forced to be late. That is not his willing. But I just trust what I see, he is late. So I put that kind of guy to a late pool.

This bias impact me a lot in the work. Even the boss thinks I am excellent and I have good vision about how to do the work. But it is difficult to choose someone I like to finish the job. The guys who I thought with lower level would be ignored by me. They feel hurt and cannot work good with me in the feelings.

I think this is the most obvious bias I have in my character. I realized that I cannot change others and I cannot make all of the others to understand me with the same level. So I need change myself to encourage the guys even they did not performance good at first time.