Reducing Cost By Improving Work The Efficiency Of Integrated Hr Business Essay

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Integrated HR which made up of aspects or part that work well together in ministry of finance. As per author of Irene Jones integrated HR provide improved service to directorate of international relation by different ways like,

Reduce cost: It can reduce cost by improving work efficiency,

Reduce turnaround time: just in time is no longer wishful thinking; it is becoming a reality. The reduction is a result of operation, round the clock operation, round the clock operation, and segregation processes into effective time buckets helps reduce they cycle time of process transaction.

Integrated HR team will actively participate in all activity which will show progress and implementation aspect of new HR unit.

Close cooperation and collaboration between all integrated HR team including executive, consultant and staff achieved the obligatory commitment and continuity on the part of member involved.

It will increase staff moral including all level of staff will automatically increase performance of the department. Traditional appraisal system can be easy for directorate because of integration of team, which help to achieve ultimate goal of department.

Increase process efficiency will ensure desired levels of efficiencies are contractually achieved. Many of the contracts these days require committed continuous improvement. Incorporated staff can give assurance to directorate that performances will not remain stagnant at the agreed levels as per stabilizes.

Ensure compliance: Compliance, more importantly data security and privacy seems to be biggest concern got back ground screening firms like finance ministry department. Numbers of complain will be also decrease, which directly improve services for the directorate of international relations.

These are the quite a few aspects that show that how integrated Human resource ream will provide better and improved service which ultimate leads to best and fast service providing by directorate of any company or department.

Part 2:

Moral is define as "State of mind, a mood, a mental condition" (Bennet & Hess 1998), Moral and productivity are different term so, it cannot be judge by that the productivity of company or department goes up means moral is also higher. In fact there is often dialectic between morale and productivity. The two are not necessarily causally related (March & Simon 1958; Perrow 1988). Staff productivity is directly proportional of staff moral whether higher or lower level of staff does not make any difference. In HR department of ministry of finance they implement change through action plan to boost up staff moral most them are lower level staff, but they haven't mention much about higher level staff morale is get change or not ? Direct and indirect are two different way to measure staff morale. As per author of Productivity and staff moral author Glen Pinna (2004) Sick days available as individual or department is good tool to measure morale. Sick days available less than 3 indicates low morale if the department. Opposite of that six to ten sick days available shows high moral of individual. When evaluating group morale numbers of sick days available per member of a group which can be calculate by total sick days available divided by number of staff. This is direct way of calculating staff morale.

Indirectly higher staff moral can be measure by anonymous survey these can be very specific such as staff evaluation of their superiors. Survey must be anonymous otherwise it's been difficult to get correct result. Effectiveness of higher staff morale can be measure by number of complain they receive and how fast they get solve. Attendance of the higher staff is one way to measure their morale, poor attendance leads to one conclusion that they are not interested in progress of department or company shows poor interest. High moral can be reflected by numbers of overtime hour in any company. Overtime directly associated with staff interest in company's progress. These are number of way which gives idea about positive or negative higher staff morale, though accurate measurement is not possible of any firm.

Part 3:

As per Greek Philosopher Heraclitus "Change is the only constant" nothing else in this world remains constant because each and every major institution, including government, industry and finance are seeking ways to restructure. "The rate of change is not going to slow down anytime soon. If anything, competition in most industries will probably speed up even more in the next few decades."(Kotter, 1996) Change is a common thread that runs through all business regardless of size, age and industry. It could be anything like working patent, operating system because it will increase their flexibility and effectiveness in this climate of change. Change makes thing better and provide better service by that particular firm or department. Changes not only reduce cost, but it also keep organisation or institute up to date in competitive edge. Its normal human behaviour that they resist change but, normally change is good for any organization. Change helps organization to grow, improve lives and keep staff or member of that organization motivated and energized.

Ministry of finance need change because of several reason which leads to change like lack of insufficient effort from work and management system. Ministry of finance Department also falling behind in adopting responsibilities. HR system was not established in past which not utilising skills and ability of staff or manager of department. Main dilemma which leads to change is in past inappropriate work related culture, lack of vision and the inability to act as managerial role model for other to follow. Assistant manager wants changes which gives higher quality of work with improved relationship with senior manager. Opportunities in training and development overtime will increase and numbers of staff who attend seminar will also increase after department get change.

The change in Ministry of finance will be explain by different model which include basic and easy to understand Lewin's model with three phase of unfreeze, change (motivation) and refreeze. Another will be eight steps of kotter's Plan which explain most of all criteria that how to manage change in any organization. The last will be Gerry Johnson's cultural web which is powerful tool for managers of any organization to address the challenges of strategy driven cultural change.

Lewin's Change Model:

Figure 1 (Lewin's change model)

"In Lewin's three step model, change is a systematic process of transition from an old way of doing things to a new way. Inclusion of an unfreezing stage indicates the importance of preparing for the change. The refreezing stage reflects the importance of following up on the change to make it permanent." (Moorhead, 2007)

Kurt lewin In 1950s gave model of change which is still simple and easy to understand and most of change can be easily explain by three step of model. Model is known as Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze.

Lewin's model of change can be easily understood by basic example; cone of ice will get by cube of ice.


First step of model involve preparing the organization to accept that change is part of cycle, which involve break down the existing working process before new way of operating build up. Aim of this is to develop convey message that, why the existing way of doing thing cannot continue. This can be start from core part of department. Unfreeze process is usually the most difficult and stressful for change managers.

Ministry of finance will get change by combine effort of the manager and staff members. It will done by several steps which include, the senior management of the department should reform and set up four division include HR unit. Core team of management is made up with Assistant minister of HR they deal with all issues related to the present and future work of the director. System will be established for conference and same work will be issue for both department and division level of work. Entire activity will be monitor by integrated HRM system.


Unfreeze stage create uncertainty, but in change part of model people involve in change will get solution for their uncertainty and look for new ways to do things. People start to believe and act in ways that support the new direction. This change does not happen suddenly. Member of organization take time to embrace the new direction and participate proactively in the change. Some of the staff members get harm by change particularly who get most benefited by status quo. Some will be harmed a lot by change. Change may take a long time to recognize the benefit that bring. As change manager they have to manage all this situation well.

Assistant manager has decided that change will be implemented by organizing series of management training workshop, seminar and individual coaching for staff and core management team. Documentation will be prepared for new HR system. Updates on change will be monitor on regular basis and other staff member will get inform on that as well. Depend upon ability of staff new and core team will get form. Traditional evaluation system will be replaced by new 360Ëš integrated appraisal system. To make change smooth new proposal has been proposed that staff member and core team member have direct excess of head of the department during reform process.


This is the stage where organization can celebrate success at sense of stability. During change people have embraced the new way of working, the organization is ready to refreeze. Stable organization chart, consistent job description etc… are outward sign of the refreeze. Change is constant even though refreeze stage is important, without this stage new change can't be possible for any organization. This is the stage which explain that actual change occur or not after all effort of change manager.

New develop four vision including HR unit, get restructure by senior manager. Improve communication, allocation of work get supported by the action taking in change phase of model. Staff overtime and attendance in seminar is also increase by number. Establish new HRM system to maintain and operate the total activities. New activities and routine staff work is also observe by system as well on regular basis. Staffs get update with all current and future activities through seminar. Through Lewin's change model it easy to understand and management change. By recognizing these three discrete stage of change, organization can plan to execute the require change.

Kotter's 8 stage process of creating Major change is explaining change with help of different stage. This stage are more likely plan so, it must roll one after other. Urgency, merging, vision change and it communication are first four initial stage of that plan. Every change been resist by obstacle and which can be overcome by short term wins, continuous change can achieve by kotter's plan.

There are eight stage of kotter's plan which will be very helpful to understand AM change process in ministry of finance.

The eight stage process of creating major change

Figure 2 (Kotter, 1996)

Establishing a sense of Urgency: New AM has identified potential threats of department likes insufficient and unfortunate work related management style. Old department and its management has not proper vision that need urgency to get change for better serving in international relation by ministry of finance.

Creating the guiding coalition: Change can be occur by knowing potential problem of the staff which is obstacle for progress of department, obstacle can be found out by holding interview and survey of staff. Ministry of finance required new management role for other staff and management person to follow.

Developing a vision and strategy: new recruit assistant manager of ministry department got higher vision and more optimistic, she determines hidden opportunities of the department as it is finance department and need better management because it has to work with international level. She has to develop strategy which gives best managers and under their direct supervision performance of the department will improve. To start new and more division for direct supervision of the staff.

Communicating the change vision: Assistant manager of ministry of finance didn't communicate any change with staff member, which is not following kotter's change model in this stage only.

Above four stage can be compare with unfreeze stage of Lewin's model. These stage are explain about status quo of any organization this is just vision but yet not achieve by organization.

Empowering broad based action: Inadequate and inappropriate work approach of recent manager is major obstacle of department. This can be change by staff awareness and training which can be achieving by training. Staffs have to attend English and IT seminars. Non traditional ideas, actions and activities needs encourage like overtime, appraisal system introduce.

Generating short-term wins: There are no such a short term win in department, people who has accept the change not neither rewarded by anything nor get any allowances as well. This can be taken as negative or not plan related strategy of assistant manager of department.

Consolidating gains and producing more change: New manager for new improve division including HR unit will get hire, who will monitor progress of their division.

Change is taking place during these three stages 5th, 6th and 7th of the kotter plan. These can be same as 2nd part of Lewin's model, where actual organization gets change and reform.

Anchoring new approaches in the culture: New behaviour can be communicated and celebrate by different reward system with staff, which encourages other staff members of the department as well. Staff will get paid more for overtime and extra effort for department.

Last stage of kotter's plan is same as last stage of Lewin's change model, Freeze. New reform department of ministry of finance staff member shows high performance. Functional documentation to ensure the necessary future learning gets by combine effort of HR team and core group team.

Kotter's plan is step by step process of change which cannot be comparing exactly with Lewin's change model. Kotter's plan can be fail if one or more step not works out for any organization. It also get fail to build a substantial coalition, it cannot fairly communicate the vision, not anchoring changes in corporate culture.


As per Peter Senge says that "People don't resist change. They resist being changed!" (Huszczo, 2004). Niccolo Machiavelli the price also quotes that "Whosoever desire constant success must change his conduct with the times" (Sargent, 2006) Assistant manager of ministry of finance has also vision of success; she decided to bring change in department for good international relation which help public sector. Change can be made but it can be easily explain by Lewin's change model which is simple to understand with its three phase. The three phases explain change but it got its own limitation that not gives idea how change will occur in organization. Kotter's change plan is well advance than Lewin's model because it covers more aspect of the change management, but its plan and people will resist plan and change because they have to strict follow the upcoming steps. Change can be achieved and explain by kotter's eight step plan.